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If you have become closer with your friends then success is not bad karma, after all. She worked in a little cafe, lived in a little apartment, and loved the people all around her in her little life. Of course, she was looking for love, but everyone does. She seemed a happy person with who she was and wanted everyone around her to be happy too. Garance, you did a great thing to all the followers in your blog. I love the post. I am from a small town in Taiwan in Asia and what you post feeds me just right!

Thank you so much for sharing and i know none of us is alone!

I hope you get a chance to check me out too.. Garance, tu me donnes des ailes! Do we really even know if happy is an adequate characterization?

Le bien-être en normes : les programmes nationaux nutrition santé

What if that is too simplistic? What would SHE say? This may be one case where it is better that the individual being discussed be asked to speak. I really feel as if I know her.

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If she is anything like me, she is other than …. It seems to be so relevant, as my son reaches fifteen — and the past two years have seen me trying hard to balance stepping right back and let him find what he loves to do at school and in his spare time, whilst still maintaining the loving, lovely and trusting relationship that that he, my husband and I share. I think the article also made me cry, because I remember being in the very same position as your friend.

Hearing you made me think about what my very closest friends and family members must have been thinking and worrying about me. Reading your article, I now understand what the other their! And, I am grateful for their love for me — and also that they eventually had the wisdom to leave me to do what I needed to do to be as happy as I am now.

Garance, This is my all time favourite post. So heartfelt and insightful. Comparing is irrelevant in the symphony of life, we all have our part to play,. Thank you for sharing this story. I think it is quite common to mistake success for happiness. My mother is the most talented person I have ever met. It took me a couple of years and a depression treatment to understand her point of view. Being the local baker is NOT a successful career or the English teacher that the kids love. The electronic version available in French only.

Newsletter every three weeks on news and events regarding the Francophone community. Contact Us. Active Offer Information Tools. Subscribe to our newsletter Newsletter every three weeks on news and events regarding the Francophone community. There has not been any such bug found in stable versions for the last 13 years , though it happened a few times with development code running in production.

HAProxy has been installed on Linux 2. Obviously, they were not directly exposed to the Internet because they did not receive any patch at all. The kernel was a heavily patched 2. On such systems, the software cannot fail without being immediately noticed! Right now, it's being used in many Fortune companies around the world to reliably serve billions of pages per day or relay huge amounts of money.

Some people even trust it so much that they use it as the default solution to solve simple problems and I often tell them that they do it the dirty way. Such people sometimes still use versions 1.

  1. Bien-etre L'Eau Parfumee des Familles : French Pharmacy Discovery and Review.
  2. Guide du bien-être cybernétique?
  3. See a Problem?.

HAProxy is really suited for such environments because the indicators it returns provide a lot of valuable information about the application's health, behaviour and defects, which are used to make it even more reliable. As previously explained, most of the work is executed by the Operating System.

For this reason, a large part of the reliability involves the OS itself. Latest versions of Linux 2. However, it requires a bunch of patches to achieve a high level of performance, and this kernel is really outdated now so running it on recent hardware will often be difficult though some people still do. Linux 2. Some people prefer to run it on Solaris or do not have the choice. Solaris 8 and 9 are known to be really stable right now, offering a level of performance comparable to legacy Linux 2. Solaris 10 might show performances closer to early Linux 2.

FreeBSD shows good performance but pf the firewall eats half of it and needs to be disabled to come close to Linux. The reliability can significantly decrease when the system is pushed to its limits. This is why finely tuning the sysctls is important. There is no general rule, every system and every application will be specific.

However, it is important to ensure that the system will never run out of memory and that it will never swap. A correctly tuned system must be able to run for years at full load without slowing down nor crashing. Security - Not even one intrusion in 13 years Security is an important concern when deploying a software load balancer. It is possible to harden the OS, to limit the number of open ports and accessible services, but the load balancer itself stays exposed.

For this reason, I have been very careful about programming style. Vulnerabilities are very rarely encountered on haproxy, and its architecture significantly limits their impact and often allows easy workarounds. Its remotely unpredictable even processing makes it very hard to reliably exploit any bug, and if the process ever crashes, the bug is discovered.

Régimes, yo-yo, privation, frustration❌STOP❌ Comment réussir à ENFIN bien manger

All of them were discovered by reverse-analysis of an accidental crash BTW. Anyway, much care is taken when writing code to manipulate headers.

The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer

Impossible state combinations are checked and returned, and errors are processed from the creation to the death of a session. A few people around the world have reviewed the code and suggested cleanups for better clarity to ease auditing. By the way, I'm used to refuse patches that introduce suspect processing or in which not enough care is taken for abnormal conditions.

I generally suggest starting HAProxy as root because it can then jail itself in a chroot and drop all of its privileges before starting the instances. This is not possible if it is not started as root because only root can execute chroot , contrary to what some admins believe. Logs provide a lot of information to help maintain a satisfying security level. The following information are particularly useful : source IP and port of requestor make it possible to find their origin in firewall logs ; session set up date generally matches firewall logs, while tear down date often matches proxies dates ; proper request encoding ensures the requestor cannot hide non-printable characters, nor fool a terminal.

HAProxy also provides regex-based header control. Parts of the request, as well as request and response headers can be denied , allowed , removed , rewritten , or added. This is commonly used to block dangerous requests or encodings eg: the Apache Chunk exploit , and to prevent accidental information leak from the server to the client.

Other features such as Cache-control checking ensure that no sensible information gets accidentely cached by an upstream proxy consecutively to a bug in the application server for example. Download The source code is covered by GPL v2. HAProxy Technologies' public patch repository for other patches stud, stunnel, linux, keepalived, Browse directory for other outdated patches. Browsable directory for other files not only patches Documentation There are three types of documentation now : the Reference Manual which explains how to configure HAProxy but which is outdated, the Architecture Guide which will guide you through various typical setups, and the new Configuration Manual which replaces the Reference Manual with more a explicit configuration language explanation.

The official documentation is the pure-text one provided with the sources.