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New challenges await as Nancy continues her charity work in aid of Canadian wounded soldiers, widows, and orphans. In , as the war appears to be coming to an end, renewed hope that the end of the war will bring prosperity and a new beginning, are dashed as tragedy strikes in the form of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic.

This book dispels any thoughts that the Pacific Northwest and its people were not affected by what became known as the Influenza Pandemic … and then, news of a special event finally brightens life in the Brown household. Read an Excerpt. Victoria — 3 mins. Lizzie Series is also on sale! Are you aware that Mr. Victoria Chronicles Trilogy Hardcovers are on Sale due to overstock! Joyce is also donating these books.

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Robert Whittle, Joyce Trending Items in Fiction. Elizabeth Gilbert. Gail Honeyman. Heather Morris. Kate Atkinson. Clive Cussler. Liane Moriarty. Nicola Moriarty. Armando Lucas Correa. But you are interviewing me. That lady sitting over there is Nellie Cornish. Meg hid her smile behind her handkerchief, squeezing closer to Jebediah as the redhead teased the reporter. Glancing around the room, Tom Wills grinned self-consciously and took a deep breath.

Brown, she owns a beautiful home in Gordon Head. They also own a shipping company on the docks in Victoria.

Jebediah had suddenly sat up straight on his seat, his senses alert. This interview had the smell of danger. What else does this reporter know? People want to know. All I want is a little background, the reporter pleaded. He glanced over at Nancy.

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How do the rest of you fit into this picture? And the rest of it is, Bill suddenly interrupted, we Jorgensens adopted the whole lot of them! My editor will love it! Jeb snapped. Driving away, his mind raced with the story he planned to write. An orphan, he mused aloud. I wonder how she met the Jorgensen family? There were many more questions to which he would have liked the answers. He could feel the strong bond between those people and their fierce loyalty to the redheaded girl but he felt there was still more to be learned.

Does some dark secret draw them all together? The phone rang several more times and Bill and Chris took turns dealing with the calls. Later, they all went outside to admire the beautifully manicured gardens until Nellie announced it was time for her to leave. I know how you feel. Meg commented as they watched several yachts running gracefully in the breeze alongside the San Juan Islands.

Nancy changed her mind about having the wedding so soon, realizing she wanted more time to plan the most important day in her life. After talking with Dan and Meg, she decided to have it on the 4th of May, when spring flowers would be blooming. She knew the months would pass quickly as her thoughts became consumed with wedding preparations. Not having to worry about her wedding dress, as Beth made it clear that she was looking after that aspect. Shipyards were once again busy with government contracts and skilled workers were at a premium as many tradesmen had long ago signed up and left for Europe.

Hospital ships continued bringing their cargoes of wounded soldiers into Victoria harbour and, due to food rationing, many more families were discovered suffering desperate hardships. Victoria continued to grow despite the hard times. During the summer and early autumn of , reports began reaching the Pacific Northwest of an illness called Spanish Influenza that was ravaging the war-torn cities of Europe. In the following months, local newspapers carried reports of British hospitals full to overflowing and, with no sign of a cure, the number of deaths reported was terribly alarming, even from so far away.

Do you think it will reach Victoria? Nancy asked Dr. Price replied sharply, but cases have already been reported in Quebec, Boston, and Philadelphia. Soldiers are bringing it home with them, Dr. Price replied shaking his head sadly. He paid his bill and, offering no further comment, left the restaurant.

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Nancy watched through the window as the bowed figure slowly crossed the streetcar tracks and disappeared inside the hospital across the street. What are you looking at? Kate asked, coming up behind her with a cloth to wash the table. What did Dr. Price have to say? Nothing good, by the look on your face. We live in troubled times, Nan. At least we have the happy preparations of your wedding to keep us from going crazy with worry. It certainly has given us more time to organize everything; I never imagined there would be so much to do!

Nancy exclaimed. Dan Brown!

(ebook) Loyalty's Haven: Victoria Chronicles Trilogy, Book 3

Nan retorted. All through March and on into April, as wedding preparations continued reported cases of influenza drew closer to their area. She tried to dismiss the danger as wedding excitement accelerated, especially among the women in her circle. General Greene, true to his word, promised the services of the Camp Lewis chaplain and then called again, enthusiastically offering their military ensemble band for the reception.

Harry Maynard insisted he was providing the liquid refreshments and Waldo stated firmly he was arranging all the transport of guests and hauling of supplies such as tables and chairs. Not having to worry about her wedding dress was also a great relief to Nancy but she talked to Beth by telephone insisting she keep it simple, worried that her small family wedding was quickly getting out of control. By mid-April Victoria was alive with rumours of the dreaded influenza arriving in Vancouver and local health authorities found themselves stretched to the limit as they desperately made plans to combat the arrival of the deadly epidemic.

Tubble, who made a startling request. Miss Wilson, he began very formally, I must ask you to cancel your future concerts until further notice. Are you serious? The influenza has arrived in Seattle, the health officer announced with a grave expression. I think your fans would take the news better if it came directly from you, Miss Wilson.

Yes, I have. Christopher gave her a solemn hug and also left. Last-minute makeup touches were applied and they were getting ready to leave when a knock at the door revealed a sombre James Moore, his normal bubbling outlook replaced by an obvious sadness. The girls gave him a silent hug before following him to the backstage area. Nellie hissed back as they walked confidently toward the piano, putting on their best smiles.

Nellie seated herself and set up her music as the maestro entered to the usual round of applause. When ready, she nodded at him and Nancy took a deep breath, placing one hand on the smooth surface of the shiny black piano. Nellie winked at her and Nan turned to smile at her audience. The maestro tapped.

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