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Thanks for all of your questions and feedback about features within the YouTube Music App.

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How do you give feedback within YouTube Music? Are there any improvements planned on "Your Mixtape"? My songs keep on repeating themselves. Yes, we are actively working to improve Your Mixtape in Please keep providing in-app feedback around what is and is not working for you. You can click on the thumbs-down icon next to the song to let YouTube Music know you dislike the suggestion. Songs are music. Why do you include non-music in a music list? If you encounter non-music in your Liked Songs list please file in-app feedback and we will investigate.

We heard your request to add in Lyrics at the last AMA and understand that many of you have been asking for this. We are working towards this feature launch, but don't have any timelines to share at this time. Are you planning to rework the Home and hotlist features to be more user-specific, tailored to the tastes of the listeners? Great question - we have heard from many of you the importance of personalized music, which is key for us!

We're continuously working to improve our recommendation system so that they are more relevant to you. A great way for you to receive more music for your taste is to use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down provided next to the songs. Lots of questions and feedback about Radio — thanks for this!

Ethics: Utilitarianism, Part 1

Good news is that we're planning to make a bunch of improvements to the radio experience in One of our focuses is to make sure that your Radio is more consistent and cohesive with what you'd expect when you start it. Work is in progress right now, stay tuned to hear more soon! The Hotlist is a programmed list of trending videos in your country, regardless of language or genre. We are seeing some questions around the difference between desktop and app functions.

Have a look below to see some answers to your questions. Agree this would be a super useful feature for people to discover new music. We are looking into adding notifications for desktop, so thanks for letting us know that it's something you'd like to see! Any way you could add a desktop offline feature?

I have more storage available on desktop than mobile. This is a great suggestion and definitely something that we're looking into! We'd love to find a great solution for offline playback. Hey YouTube community! I'm a product manager on YouTube Music, and for the next hour you can ask me anything. I joined YouTube about 4 years ago. I'd love to hear your questions and I'll answer as many as possible in the next hour! This will help us personalize suggestions for you -- the more thumbs-up, the better the suggestions! Have a look at some answers below.

The Sonos addition is the right direction but it's really limited. Will we be able to cast to a Sonos speaker from within YTM? Our initial launch was focused around a great experience in the Sonos controller app. I really want Android auto to not ask me to choose a new song every time I get in the car. For short trips this is brutal.

I find a new station, then get gas or whatever, and when I turn the car back on the station is lost and it goes back to the picker. Will this be fixed and when?

Sick of typing so much in English. We NEED to generate more target language to learn effectively.

Will there be fixes for music starting automatically when connected to a car's Bluetooth? Maybe there could be a setting for that where the app starts up and music plays where you left off once it detects your car's Bluetooth. Android auto: what about the ability to see artists, browse playlists? In Android Auto, you can browse your library to see playlists, and we are looking at adding artists to this view. We are starting to do some investigation in this area, but don't have any specifics to get into now.

Playlists are a hot topic for many of you. Check out some answers below based on the most frequently asked questions. We would like to give an exclusive playlist for some of our customers, is that possible? Great question and thanks for asking. You can already create unlisted playlists on YouTube Music to share with your customers exclusively. To remove ads, users need to be in a trial or paid subscription status.

Will I be able to view playlists for different regions instead of just the country I reside in? I would like to see a top Turkish hit list instead of a Belgian one. Thanks for all of your questions about downloads! Do you lose all of your downloaded music after the free trial of premium ends or can you still listen to it? We definitely want to make the downloads and offline experience smarter and more usable. A few things we're looking into include better search, sorting, playback, and the ability to browse all the downloaded content in your library.

Be wary of studies that link mental ill health with creativity or a high IQ

Once we have more concrete plans and details to share, you'll definitely hear from us. Before I sign off for the day, I just wanted to thank all of you for coming and asking us questions about the future of YouTube Music. We have a ton of great features in the pipeline, and it'll be fun to circle back before the next AMA with a summary of what we've launched. Hopefully they'll check most of the boxes of what you all have been asking for today.

We read through all your questions, and we love all your feedback. Thank you all! Thank you for all your questions and feedback on YouTube Music! We really enjoyed reading through all your posts. Please continue submitting your feedback within our YouTube Music app :. We heard a question around YouTube Analytics and statistics, and wanted to answer here:. Is there a way in YouTube analytics to see how many views are coming from YouTube Music on a particular video? We're always working with our creator tools team to make sure analytics are showing the information you need to make the right decisions on your videos.

We've recently started supporting a few non-Artist channels such as Coachella and Trap Nation , and are working to improve this experience and adding more channels. Hey everyone! I'm super happy to be back doing another AMA with you all. There are a ton of great questions here, and I'm hoping I can help answer as many as possible. Thank you! That's a wrap! Thank you so much for your great questions and feature requests, we enjoyed hearing from all of you.

Celebrate — Stop acting like you have all the time in the world. This is it. Cascades — I want the words I wrote to come through for you as much as the track does, the lyrics and the music one and the same, my voice completely submerged and fused together with the sound. I want this to be the kind of song that acts as a friend to you and gets you back on track when you fear you are losing your way. I want you to be transported by cascading waves of emotion and I want you to dance.

For Kicks — Consequences, people. I told myself, if I had the wealth I could buy my way out of everything. Smoke machines and huge pink bubbles. Other Side — Like you, I love it when Jimmy sings. More duets like this to come. I like the idea that this is a song with no face and no narrative, just the sound and the beat. It hurts more I was interfered with trying to do my thing by her and ran my chances, then actually what she did to me. We were young, high school lovers, and I tried to understand as her indiscretions were coming in from outside sources.

I saw it as a way to keep her near, and also to me. She lied she had stopped, just kill my actions on the same matter. Never knew she kept it going, even after I stopped. I hate that more than anything, I think or, I know I would feel so much better now knowing I had the chance to be permiscuis also. What to do? I am in the business of telling people how to live lives, I just always asked not to involve me. First, does have a legitimate claim it wasn't about me? Secondly, can I be mad at something coming to light now, happened last 8 years ago, but started in , even though we been together since ?

Many of your points hit home for me. My husband and I have been together for 11 years. He's my best friend but also my 1 enemy. He drinks too much and blames it on stress.

John Frewen-Lord (Author of THE CIRCLE MAKER)

He either passes out cold, or becomes vicious and emotionally abusive. It is draining. We've had the drinking conversation literally dozens maybe hundreds of times, always instigated by me. He either apologizes and we get along for a couple of days until the next episode, or he calls me names and threatens divorce. He's two different people and I've told him that - I said I don't like it when my friend leaves me and that jerk shows up.

Is America Actually Metric?

His mother has mental illness and has been hospitalized several times and some of her illness could have been passed to him through genetics. She also told me once that she drank a glass of red wine every day of her pregnancy with him which I was shocked to hear, but then things started making sense. I sometimes wonder if he is unable to stop drinking due to fetal alcohol syndrome.

He has the traits of an FAS adult. I feel responsible for him, like he's a child. He doesn't handle stress at all, and can't even make simple life decisions. I care about him and worry how he would pay the bills or live his life without someone to take care of him. He's an emotional guy and although he's physically in his late 40s, he's about mentally.

I make substantially more money than he does nearly 4x and he says it doesn't bother him but I think deep down, every man wants to provide for his wife. I wonder if part of the reason he drinks is to escape feeling inadequate. It makes me sad because I want to have a beautiful relationship with him, and sometimes it is but sometimes there's a lot resentment from both sides. The way I see it is I'm providing this wonderful life. We have a beautiful home, a yacht, and lots of "toys" and I think he should be grateful. What does he have to be mad about, why the escape using alcohol?

But on the other hand, I wonder if he would be happier with a plain house and a basic car. I don't want to emasculate him, but why do I need to reduce my dreams to fit in his small world? I am miserable but I also don't want to leave him. I have been married 4 years together 6. I had a disatraous short first marriage after being with my first daughters dad several years, after being broken, my new husband picked me up and rescued me in a whirl wind.

We were always going somewhere, having fun. We have had wonderful holidays, although he can be really funny, he can also be really moody and grumpy. Ive been brought up to be very happy go lucky. We now have a daughter together, and this has been hard work at nights as she always wakes. We love her deeply though. My husband has a good job which is stressful, hes overweight, tired and can be a bit of a grump. People have mentioned this to me, in the early days about how he seemed, but I thought he was amazing and funny. Now we are constantly bickering, never have fun, hes not particularly kind to my other daughter but has looked after her financially well for years.

I know he has lots of good parts but Im finding it hard at the minute to see them. He is a great provider, I just wish he could be happier. Its making me like him! Thank you so much. I am so frustrated at this point. I have changed virtually all my ways just to satisfy my partner, but still no satisfaction. No improvement. After a success of change, another problem or complain arises and the new change becomes a waste or seems like it never happened. I want to make up my mind on quitting finally because it's not the first time.

But I want this to be the final cause i am choked and almost losing it. Pls advise me on what to do. Andrea Bonior, Ph. She teaches at Georgetown University. When you've been hit with something difficult, here's what to remember. How we talk to ourselves shapes our experiences, for better and for worse. Screwed up? Here's how to have the best chance of making it better. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today.

Changing Paradigms in International Adoption. Andrea Bonior Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Thank you for an insightful article! That is great Submitted by Andrea Bonior Ph. I knew we both suffered from Submitted by Jacquie on December 28, - am. Jacquie Submitted by Lori on February 7, - pm.

Not sure Submitted by Harlee on August 11, - pm. Please leave, you deserve all Submitted by Juanitajuniper on December 21, - pm. Alone and confused Submitted by Tim W on December 3, - pm. Sums up my relationship perfectly. Submitted by Ailah A. Leave now before you get Submitted by Juanitajuniper on December 21, - pm. Not happy Submitted by Lan on January 26, - am.