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Select Frame. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Your Shopping Cart will be saved and you'll be given a link. You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time. Send Cart in an Email Done! Empty cart. Please add products before saving :. Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. They wondered if the dog was trying to go back to their old home. Three days later, the family rode in their car together to see some of the new city they lived in.

As they drove down a highway, they saw a little dog running along the road. It was their own dog. Be sure your children understand that Heavenly Father does not always bring back lost animals or toys but that many times he helps us in situations such as this.

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She was very excited. When he was born he had been very sick and had to stay in the hospital. Her father said they should pray to Heavenly Father and ask him to help baby Joshua to get better. Amy did pray. She knew that her father and mother were praying, as well as her grandparents.

The Meaning of Christmas Symbols

Her father had told her that Heavenly Father does listen every time we pray, but he knows what is best for us and we have to trust him. Sometimes he answers yes and sometimes no. Heavenly Father heard their prayers, and soon Joshua was better and was able to come home. Explain to your children that Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers. Sometimes we have to wait. They know what is best for us. Sometimes what we ask our Heavenly Father is not good for us, and he tells us no.

We have to trust him. Tell the story about Brother Robinson.

Share an experience from your own family when your prayers were not answered in the way you expected them to be. Explain that we must have faith when we pray and want Heavenly Father to answer our prayers in the way that he knows is best for us. The following story could also be used for teenagers:. Roberto joined the Church while he was still in high school. Though several years had passed since he had joined the Church, his parents still were not members.

Each day Roberto prayed that his parents would join the Church. He was grateful for the gospel. It had made a difference in his life. Surely, he thought, his parents could see the difference in the way he acted now. Surely they would want to know why the Church had changed him so. They even became angry with him when he tried to talk to them about the Church. Roberto continued praying for his family. He asked that the Lord would soften their hearts and that one day they would want to join the Church. Once his whole family attended a branch activity. Roberto felt as if his heart would break.

He loved his family; he knew they were good people. He continued setting an example himself, and praying for them. Explain that sometimes the answer is no or wait. We also need to realize that others have their agency. Though we can pray for them, they may not choose to do the things we are praying for them to do. Explain that we need to remember to do our part in getting an answer to our prayers, too.

Winter in Paradise (Paradise, #1) by Elin Hilderbrand

Point out that Roberto tried to do his best to help his family by setting a good example. Others were touched to help his family learn about the gospel too. Have you ever received no in answer to your prayers and later understood why? In Matthew —15 , the Savior gave some directions and a model for prayer.

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Ask family members to suggest different ways people pray. Discuss how these ways fit with what the Savior taught. Discuss what language to use while praying, saying silent prayers, using memorized prayers or repetitious wordings, what we should and should not ask for in our prayers, and relying on the Spirit as we pray. They may also wish to relate stories from Church history or from their own experience about times when prayer was needed and helped someone. Develop the idea that personal prayer ought to be a part of daily life, not just a bedtime routine.

Ask family members who they have the right to go to for help if they need something for school, need new clothes, want permission to use the car, want to invite friends into the home, or want something to eat. A candle, a mirror of starlight, is also a symbol representing the star of Bethlehem. Before electric Christmas tree lights were invented, families would use candles to light up the tree. Also, during this season, two other holidays share the significance of candles and light: Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, in Judaism, and Kwanzaa, a unity celebration of people displaced during the African diaspora, where one candle of the kinara candle holder is lit over seven nights.

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  8. The men who brought their gifts to honor the birth of Jesus inspired the concept of giving gifts during the holiday. According to the Christian Bible's New Testament , Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar brought gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus. A ribbon is tied around a gift to represent how people should all be tied together in bonds of unity and goodwill during the holiday season. The color red is used at Christmas to represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross. It's also reflected in the color of holly berries, which also had pagan symbolism during the winter solstice celebrations in ancient Rome.

    The color green signifies everlasting light and life.

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    8. Romans decorated their houses with evergreen branches during the New Year, and the fir tree symbolized life during the winter. There is also a legend that says that when Jesus was born in the dead of winter, all the trees around the world shook off the snow to reveal new shoots of green. Bells are rung during Christmas to proclaim the arrival of the season and to announce the birth of Jesus.