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Content Marketing In 12222: Video Content Prevails

And after 12 years of publishing advice on those topics, Copyblogger has put together a focused course that will help you do all of those — to help you start your content marketing career, or take the one you have to a higher level. This course will help you join those ranks. One-size-fits-all productivity advice can be okay for people with repetitive, predictable jobs. But for creative workers and content creators? No system is going to fit you exactly right — other than the one you create for yourself.

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Solid content processes can cut the work of creating new content in half — or better. This module will help you create robust processes for blog posts, books, and podcasts, as well as the steps you can flesh out for other types of content, like infographics or videos. This module will give you the skills to check your work for embarrassing usage and grammatical errors, format your content for optimum readability, and do a few quick tweaks for SEO. The foundational best practices tend to remain consistent over time, and every qualified content creator should be able to implement them.

Sean Jackson returns in this second session to talk about his favorite SEO tools for various tasks. These tools do tend to change over time — this session is designed to give you the most efficient and cost-effective tools for content creators today. We talk about work stress, life stress, and how to make stress a less toxic part of your life.

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Small Business Marketing. Preview This Course. Videos can help you increase brand awareness and sales by allowing you to share compelling stories that resonate with your audience. In this short course, learn how video can play a critical role in your content marketing efforts. Join Luan Wise as she discusses who watches video content, what makes a great video, and how to measure your results. Luan also shares tips that can help you improve your content marketing with video. Skill Level Intermediate. Show More Show Less.

Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

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    Welcome 1m 9s. The benefits of video for marketing 1m 11s. Who watches video content? What makes a great video? Social video 1m. While planning your content strategy, prioritize visual content, especially videos. After all, why wouldn't you want to reach your customers using the most viewed content format? More brands and marketers will partner with influencers to create and distribute content.

    In fact, influencer content will be a key part of many marketers' strategies. Influencers already have a certain level of expertise and good reputations in their industries or niches. They are considered authentic, and their opinions have the power to influence their followers' purchase decisions. Smart marketers realize this and use it to their advantage. Brands will continue to leverage influencers to write blog posts, social media posts, product reviews and more. Brands are not just asking influencers to promote or mention their products, but also to create branded content to posted on the brands' websites.

    This essentially means that brands are using influencers as their ad hoc content teams. Stanley PMI, a retailer of bottles and flasks designed especially for the outdoors and adventure trips, brilliantly uses this strategy. It invites adventure enthusiasts and other industry influencers to write posts for its blog. It also asks them to mention its products and include links to its product pages to drive conversions.

    Authenticity and relevance are the key content characteristics that brands will need to focus on. This does not apply just to influencer content anymore: Authenticity and relevance are important to gain consumer trust and build a positive brand image. Relevance is equally important for the success of content marketing. Marketers are realizing the importance of prioritizing their audiences' needs over forcing their promotional messaging.

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