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Long ago, an ancient sea covered most of the southwestern United States. It was during this time that layers of gypsum were deposited on the seafloor.

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The rise and fall of the sea level millions of years ago started the process of making the gypsum sand that covers the monument today. Many factors, including the latest ice age, had an effect on the formation of this magnificent landscape.

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The following journey through time shows the gradual transformation from sea to sand, and the amazing factors that allow this dune-field to exist. NPS Photo 30 million years ago Eventually, the tectonic plates began to pull apart in opposite directions, causing the development of numerous fault zones. NPS Photo 24,, years ago During the last Ice Age 40, to 12, years ago, the climate was much colder and wetter. NPS Photo 10, years ago to present — formation of the dunefield As the climate became warmer and drier, the effects of sun and wind slowly began transforming this area into the modern Chihuahuan Desert.

I asked Nyango how to say "hi" in Cameroonian Pidgin English. A lot more will [ Warning: This song is extremely catchy! It goes; The shape of Italy is admittedly Often described as the shape of a [ White Sand and Grey Sand. White Sand and Grey Sand Cameroon.

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Songs in the English Language. Articles about Cameroon. Countries and Cultures in Africa. Songs by Continent. Order Here! Language Learning Made Fun! Darker sand comes from a number of minerals that are often denser and heavier than tan and quartz. A common mineral giving the beach a dark color is Magnetite. You may also be familiar with black-sanded beaches derived from volcanic sediments such as the beach seen in the cover image. Here are some different close-ups of sand grains from different beaches.

However, from afar these beaches have a more uniform color.

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For example, you can learn why there are pink beaches, red beaches, and even green beaches along with the more common spectrum of sand colors. This black sand beach has consistently powerful breaks, making it a must for experienced surfers. As the rips can be […]. Black sand beaches are particularly common in areas near volcanoes such as Hawaii, Iceland, and the Canary […].