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Cartels and Combinations - Paperback

If the Book of Mormon were written in our day, this book would fit nicely into references to Gadianton Robbers and secret combinations. As we read a few verses of scripture each night, I pull this book out and read it. The family is most intrigued by what takes place. This is all tongue in cheek, so to speak. Seriously, the book isn't that great. Just another trite novel put out by the company with low standards.

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And why is Mike arranging firesides to tout his book? This seems inappropriate.

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One interesting sidenote to mention is that a retired police officer in my ward, our SA Rep, also helped set that Fireside up since he worked with Mike when they both lived in Pendleton, Oregon and that Mike was Don's Bishop. Anyway, Mike has hit a homerun with his first novel. This riveting novel is an eye-opener to the world of drug cartels and drug lords and how and why they do what they do.

Cartels and Combinations Paperback – Mike McPheeters

This novel is based on a true story. While standing at a Youth Conference to bear her testimony, she feels a warm feeling as she shares her feelings.

A few hours later, while her grandfather is sharing the family history with her, a drug cartel abucts her and whisks her away deep into Mexico. Elena learns how her Uncle Ruben and another relative, who work in the orchards and being treated by two white teen brothers. These brothers felt that the Mexicans should not be getting the jobs that the white people should be getting.

Elena's father, Enrique, is a DA and has been working very hard in convicting these drug traffikers and sending them to prison.

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Enrique's nephew, Tito, son of Ruben, takes over The Brotherhood, promising his father to run the business without shedding any blood. The competition is The Vultures, the head drug lord having been kicked out of The Brotherhood by the Crocodile, who dies, leaving Ruben to take over. The reason Elena has been taken is due to El Gordo's three sons being in jail in San Diego, so Elena is being held in exchange for releasing his sons.

Federico, one of The Brotherhood, has infiltrated into The Vultures, has promised to look after Elena and to help her escape.

Cartels and Combinations Paperback – Mike McPheeters

Before Ruben dies, he has Tito attend a meeting with other drug lords and he, along with Ruben feel uncomfortable with all the secret oaths, signs and secret combinations that these evil men are doing because they are doing Satan's bidding. In one particular chapter, I bring the Sunday School lessons in. I flesh out how those combinations could've been passed down from ancient times. This is fiction, but it shows how it could've happened and does happen," said McPheters, who lives in Moses Lake, Wash. His first book told the stories of crimes solved and investigations explored while he was a special agent for the FBI.

Former LDS bishop writes novel about drug cartels

He weaves reality into the fictional story of a young woman whose family becomes entangled in the drug world after her brother is brutally murdered. McPheters is anxious to get information out about the drug world and the danger it represents to today's society. It's really interesting to see how people turn around and I bring to light the terrible effects of prejudice," he said. McPheters is not happy with the present effort to curtail drug traffic from Mexico into the United States and uses the pages of his book to take the current administration to task.

He suggested building a much better fence between the two countries, one that goes down as well as up.

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They have tunnels you can drive a truck through," he said. McPheters said the first order of business is to shut down the border then figure out how to care for illegal immigrants in America.