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As I kept on writing, it got longer, and I thought more about it I had no choice but to drop it to 3 stars. And it pained me to do so because I wanted to like it. I wanted to love it in fact. I LOVE the first two books in this series Highlander Unchained and Forbidden Highlander but in the end I could not bring myself to do more then tolerate it for the love of the first two books.

I know the back story. They are better two of my favorite romance novels I have ever read and I feel like anyone coming into this one without knowing Cree and Dawn's back story are going to be totally lost. Now, where to begin? There is so much to say. Let's talk about the main characters, Wintra and Torr. Or are the main characters Cree and Dawn? And there in lies the problem. This book is meant to be the story of Wintra and Torr but the previous main characters are SO present in the plot it's hard to tell who's book this really is at times. Especially since both are really quite generic.

I can see attempts at giving them some kind of distinctive personalities but nothing ever sticks. Torr had more of a personality in his appearance in book two. Also, their relationship just seemed to You never see them really talk to one another or get to know one another before they end up madly in love. Wintra flip flops on her feelings quite easily.

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In the span of a few days she goes from being head over heels in love with one guy to hating him though she had a darn good reason to falling right head over heels in love with another man that is a total stranger to her. There is no real reason for her to fall in love with Torr other then he helped her out.

The two don't seem to form an honest emotional relationship with one another. I also had this sinking feeling in the second half of the book like I knew the plot. Could I possibly have read it before? That's right!

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I did! In the book before this one! The first time around, it was different and unexpected. When I saw it again in this book all I could think was By that point I felt bad for Wintra that not only did she have no distinctive personality but she has no distinctive plot either. Just a whole bunch of Dawn's left overs. And this might just be a nit pick on my part but it might be the thing that bothered me the MOST about the book.

Even more then the generic characters, the battle of the main focus, and the repeated plot points. The thing that bothered me most It was mentioned more then once in previous books how Dawn had a private spot she would only share with her true love so I naturally was waiting for her to take Cree there.

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Never happened. It was mentioned by Old Mary that the woman that Sloan would end up with was already among them. So I naturally was waiting for him to start to notice her. I love that Fletcher writes short story for her characters after the books are over and I can only think now that she mentioned these things to eventually write short stories about them at a later date Don't place things in the books, bring them up multiple times, and not give closure to it in the main series.

I wanted to love this book. I was dying for the end of this series but in the end I was really let down. If Fletcher wanted to make the book about Wintra and Torr, then Cree and Dawn should not have been so large a part of their story. I understand they are family. But come on! I would have rather the third book entirely about Cree and Dawn once again with Wintra and Torr just being side character in it because in the end Cree and Dawn were far more interesting characters both in personality and in plot.

I feel sorry for Wintra and Torr that they are totally overshadowed in "their" book. Jul 05, Marie rated it it was amazing. I very much love this book. Great I loved the whole story line, would love to read more, captured the personalities of characters, just enough spice with out getting porn Thank you.

I enjoyed this read.

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I enjoyed it, however, as in the first book Please hire a proof reader!!!! Feb 18, Sorhija rated it it was amazing. Really liked it. Nov 18, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: highlanders , romance-readers-group-challenge. I have been anxiously waiting for this story- the third of Ms.

Fletcher's Highlander's trilogy.

The first two books focus on Dawn and Cree - very entertaining - two of my favorite books. The third tells the story of Cree's sister Wintra and her relationship with Torr, Dawn's brother. Wintra is innocent and very inquisitive -having grown up for the most part in an abbey.

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Torr is a strong warrior but has a tender side that shines through with Wintra. When o "Highlander's Captive" by Donna Fletcher. When obstacles get in the way of their love, can they overcome? Despite this being Wintra and Torr's story, I've grown to adore Dawn and Cree and wish there was more of them in the story - this might sound a bit strange, but I missed them. Dawn especially, was not in the story much.

And when she was, she seemed a bit subdued compared to the Dawn from the other books. There wasn't as much action in this book as the others, but that was ok - it tells the story of love between two that didn't expect it. I would recommend this book, however, you might want to read the first two, "Highlander Unchained" and "Forbidden Highlander" first. You don't necessarily have to, in my opinion though as this is more of a stand alone story. Thank you, Ms. Has his captive now turned the tide, and became the captor instead? Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. He must find the powerful warrior Cree's sister and return her home, but it isn't as easy as he thought it would be. As much as he is determined to complete his task, she is even more determined that he doesn't, until