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If you want to share the ebooks you've bought with friends and family members, you can add another adult Amazon user to your account and enable sharing access. You'll be prompted to add the Amazon account ID and password of the person you want to add. Once your friend or family member has entered their info, Amazon will ask them to confirm that they wish to gain access to your library.

As a final confirmation, Amazon will ask you to enable sharing, too. After you've completed all those steps, you can choose which books you want to share. Be forewarned that you must trust the person you're adding because they will have access to the credit cards associated with the two Amazon accounts. Sharing ebooks with your kids is also easy. After that, you'll enter your parental controls password and your child's name, birthday and gender then tap Next.

You'll then pick the books you want to share with your child and then tap Next and Done. Amazon lets you lend one book from your Kindle account for 14 days without any account linking. Go to Amazon. Then, choose who you want to share the book with. Note that some books do not allow this kind of sharing, so if you don't see the option, it is unavailable. If you want to get a PDF or another document on your Kindle for easy reading, you can use Amazon's special Send to Kindle email address.

It should be something like this: johnsmith kindle. If you want to change the email address, click Edit next to your device, enter a new email address, and then click Save to save your changes. Now that you know your Send to Kindle email address, you can use it to send yourself PDFs, documents, and ebooks that you download on sites like Project Gutenberg. Simply go to your email, enter your Send to Kindle email address, and attach the file you want to read on your Kindle. It will send to your Kindle as soon as you sync your device over Wi-Fi. If the file you want on your Kindle isn't a supported file type, you can write Convert in the email subject line, and the file will be converted into a Kindle-Friendly file.

If you like to read articles online but you wish you could get them on your Kindle, you're in luck. There are plenty of apps that help you do that, though Amazon's methods are the simplest.

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You can also use Instapaper and Pocket, two third-party apps, but we find Amazon's methods the easiest. To highlight quotations as you're reading, simply press down on a word, maintain slight pressure, and slide your finger along until you reach the end of the passage you wish to highlight. You'll see options, but highlighting is the default. You can look back on all the parts you've highlighted at any time or even share them on Goodreads , as we explain below. If you read a lot, your friends read a lot, and you all like to share, review, and talk about what you're reading, you'll love Goodreads.

It's an app and website for book lovers to review and share their thoughts on what they're reading. Goodreads is built right into the Kindle, so it's easy to use. Just create an account with an email address, log in, create your profile, and get started.

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You can share your reading progress, reviews of books, quotations you've highlighted in your Kindle, and more. Your friends' reading may inspire you to read new things and inspire you to read more. It's a good idea to grab a case for your Kindle to prevent scratches on the screen and damage from drops. Amazon's Kindle case selection is wide — you can choose from fabric or genuine leather cases that fit every model of the Kindle.

We've used both the leather and fabric Kindle cases from Amazon over the years and we love them. They're sturdy and they protect the Kindle's screen and back cover. There's also a nice magnetic closure to ensure that the screen stays covered and your case doesn't pop open in your bag.

The cases may be a bit expensive, but they will truly protect your Kindle from daily wear and tear so that your ereader lasts for years. You can also choose to buy Amazon's Kindle bundles, which net you the case and the Kindle for a good price. If you don't already have a wall charger and a Micro-USB cable, you'll want to buy a set for your Kindle. Kindles don't come with the wall charger — you only get the Micro-USB cable in the box.

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It also has lights, is Bluetooth-enabled, and supports Audible. I could easily read one-handed, and it took up barely any space at all in a backpack. Amazon also sent the new magnetic fabric cover with our test unit. It protects the Kindle and automatically wakes the device when you open it. It has a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen, with E-ink and pixels per inch.

When I compared it to the ppi screen of the latest Paperwhite , the font Bookerly in size 3 was a little grainier, but not to the point where I found it distracting. One of the big differences between the new Kindle and the Paperwhite is that it has four front LEDs instead of five. If you squint, you can see them under the edge of the bezel at the bottom of the display.

Amazon uses its "light guide" layer—a thin, imprinted sheet—to distribute the light evenly over the surface of the display. Surprisingly, it doesn't look bad! It is noticeably less bright when compared to my Paperwhite, but I didn't see discoloration or blooms of white near the bottom. Amazon also claims that the front light is easier on your eyes than most backlit screens.

One of the Kindle's big selling points has always been its long battery life. What I meant is that, I will create a membership site, put the link in my amazon ebook, the ebook will be worth more than the price on amazno at least x20 so that buyers or those who get for free can subscribe to my membership club. How is the sales of your book going? My first attempt at the Amazon KDP was a couple of days ago.

Yesterday was the first promotion I ran mine was a weekday. I hit the same results on the downloads that you did. The high numbers sent me through the roof. I ended the promotion with about 18 reviews which were all good. Will follow up when I get more data on actual sales. Your post is right on target though as I indirectly definitely replicated it. Great stuff! Do you have any good tips for getting readers to write reviews?

Thanks, this is great advice and noteworthy tips. I am sure some niches fare better than others. It never happened before. Hey Chas, Thanks for the shout. There was something a little strange happening with the comments on this post and this post only a few days ago, but it seems to be fixed now. Seems to be just a one-off glitch. Cheers, Tristan. I tried this as well.

One of my books got as high as number two in the Mens Adventure Category Free. It is a great program. I have been on Kindle since , I find it the best platform to be on. I am in the second time around now, sales are good but not as high as last time. I have seen an increase in my sales after the free promotion as well, I only charge.

Great advice for any writer. Hey Thom, Thanks for the comment. Great content!!! I think its a real good information even though its not a fun topic dealing with death and the matters pertaining to it, from a planning point of view I will have reviewed several times and hope to really make an impact with it. Will let you know when I launch it. Thanks for the Great information. Fantastic post! Very helpful, thorough, and inspiring as well. I wish you the best with your book s. Thanks Donna, glad you enjoyed it.

Having sold nothing since, though — despite my continuing promotion through my own website and blog as well as Facebook and Twitter — I decided to try the KDP Select free promotional route after reading a number of articles, such as yours, by various authors who had achieved some considerable success in boosting paid-for sales after giving away large numbers of downloads. So I was quite pleased. Since then, though, I have not sold any paid-for copies.

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Also once I came off the free list my overall Amazon rating quickly dropped back to where it was before the promotion. Meanwhile a business colleague was also keen to explore the possibility of using a free promotion to boost sales of her own book, which is on a more mainstream and general-interest subject. Once I had a couple of reviews there, I found that sales started getting better and better. I think this is because after the free days, the book sits towards the top of the charts for a little while, and people are then using their Kindle over the weekend.

This is sort of enlightening to me. Okie, I will give it a try.

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Very interesting article Tristan! I actually put my book up on KDP select and had over 5, downloads. The next day I had 40 sales! Unfortunately today, I have zero sales and am baffled as to why? Anyone have any thoughts? Two suggestions: 1 Play around with different price points. Set it up for 4 days or so; then change the price and see what happens over another 4 days. Old hat, sorry. Already in May, Amazon changed their algorithm meaning that freebies stopped affecting sales.

KDP Select was arguably the worth thing Amazon could have done to their writers many of whom now quit the program, disappointed. Good to hear another point of view — there are definitely two sides of the story here. The metrics tell me that this still works. If a book is really worth its value, I believe people will still pay for it. I am days away from pushing the button myself just getting the book formatted for kindle right now. I was planning to enroll in the select program but currently offer my book as a free download somewhere else.

I will have to remove it from that website.

How To Make Money With Kindle Publishing On Amazon In 2019

Thanks for all the great info. Tristan, good site and very informative. Goodluck to indies. In the KDP program, you get 5 promotional free days every 3 months. Good luck with it! My book was self published on Amazon and enrolled to kindle select. Had VERY few sales up to now… at present am investigating when and how to use the promotional days. Nice one Ani! Would love to hear how it goes. Experimenting with these things is good fun. If you can, also try to encourage a few people to review your book, as that helps your rankings and encourages others to buy.

Good luck! I wanted to follow up with what I had thus far. The book is doing decently. When I was consistent in running my promotions, sales remained high. Something that was interesting, is that while I have not been persistent at doing either, I found the author central to be very helpful. I gain a lot of traffic from that to my blog. As well, I was able to promote webinars and other events I was doing. So there was some balance. Even when sales were low on the book, I could easily pack out a webinar with traffic from Amazon.

These were the key points I found and certainly would be glad to share further details for those interested. Great to hear it Michael — thanks for the update and really interesting to hear about Author Central! You have certainly sold me on this idea. I will hit the button in a few minutes and get my debut novel published. If all goes well, I will send you a signed copy.

I have more butterflies in my stomach now than a garden in the spring. Please acknowledge, so we can stay in touch. Hi Nebolisa, Woohoo! Thanks for the advice. Trying it this week on my debut novel. Intersering post. I have a book that I have been selling on Clickbank for a few years now on a very small niche topic. I am wondering if I am allowed to sell it on Amazon, if I already market it through Clickbank?

Not sure if you know, but I thought I would ask. Clickbank and Amazon are very different animals. Kindle sells much more fiction than non-fiction. Novels are very hard to sell, especially long novels where people have no idea who you are. Small books spread over a greater amount of books tend to work much better. Hey Halavaras, Interesting to hear. Best of luck with the sales — stick it out!

Thank you for these tips. Actually read them here first. I came upon this article researching some questions I have had about Amazon and my book sales for Junior Size Faith. Thank you, Tristin! I have recently enrolled in the KDP Select program and the first 24 hours I had over 1, downloaded. Your story was the same as mine. Hey there, 1, downloaded in 24 hours is huge! Thanks a ton for posting my book onto your page — I really appreciate it. I did the free promotion and gave away downloads. After it was over, no sales. I have 32 positive reviews on Amazon, have sold over paperbacks.

Why is the kindle version not selling? I am on Kindle Select. Hey Bill, How long ago did you do the free download? Sean, great article! However, bigger mind blow when I scrolled to the bottom of the article and the tab for the next article slid onto the screen. No really, did you build your own site and who is hosting? Thanks in advance — Jacob. Those are for sale at Barnes and Nobles Nook store. It seems that there are two sets of rules. Only the indie authors have to give up their rights to sell elsewhere.

And those free bestsellers are getting all the funds in the pot. This whole promotion is about putting everyone else out of business. Has no one else noticed this? Interesting point. I imagine the rules for KDP select only apply to self-published authors. As self-publishers, we also have the option NOT to choose to given Amazon exclusive publishing rights.

You sell millions of hardbacks first and then you might be worth something to amazon. Until then, your getting a way way way way way better deal then they are. Thank you for this sound advice. My book just recently came out on Kindle. I plan on having soft cover edition availability soon. Royalties are directed towards assisting those in need. Anyway thanks. I have often thought about writing a book about local history — which I have been researching for over 30 years.

Bolton Lancashire Is there a place for such a book on Amazon? How long should a book be — or could you write several shorter books? Can a book have photos in it? I am very excited about this idea and wonder if it would be possible for you to itemise the steps needed from writing the book to seeing it published on Amazon. I am a complete novice re Kindle as I have only just bought one. I think they are brilliant. May I wish you continued success with your book, and a prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards Christine Crumblehulme. Hi Christine. I love history. I would buy it. Anyway, yes there is quite a niche for history. Write not to make money as a priority but because it is a passion you wish to share the world with. Write a good product, have it edited, get an amazing cover design, get your book in MOBI format.

How to Lend a Kindle Book: A Step-by-Step Guide | Book Riot

Be willing to market. Things take time. Createspace does a wonderful job on making print on demand books. Kickstarter is a good place to gain exposure also. Maybe set up a blog. Preview chapters for the audience. Why are you passionate in it? Who weigh on the Tribulation, the dyfunctional church systm, the living practically in uncertain times, and positively integrating into their respective communities….

Do it because you believe in it. Let everything else sort itself out. Be practical and study thoroughly. Good luck. Any ideas how to promote it? I read stories like yours and wonder how you got your novel noticed in the first place. I am unsure if the last post was to me Eileen? I would attempt twitter, facebook, other social networking entities. Network with your friends. Thinks take time!! Writing an excellent product is half the battle. You still have to network and make it known. Look online for places where you can promote a preview of your book for free.

Write to journal magazines, etc, etc. Nothing spectactular. Most people I have spoken with want to have my book in paperback so next month it will be vailable in paperback for the sailors, soldiers, college students, and college faculty that want to purchase my book. Once and a great while people become best selling authors overnight, the most it takes time, a repoire and build up using promotions, previews of your book, youtube trailers, etc, etc. I guess you could do some advertisements but I am unsure how those go. Everything from writing to journalists, magazines, facebook, twitter, etc will help in the long run.

Be patient. If you wrote a great product people will take notice. Get really good honest positive reviews as well. Those are essential. Social networking through different media outlets and gaining 4 and 5 star reviews on your book will help immensely. Those are my two cents. Take care. Thanks for the great info Tristan.

I took your advice and have published my book on Amazon with a free offering scheduled for Jan 10 to I hope I can get some reviews — good or bad. This was the best information I have found about Kindle. I have 5 books almost ready to upload and while I planned on using the KDP offer I had no idea it could be that effective. I had also questioned if the free books would count in the sales volume which you answered. Thanks for the links as they are very helpful. I am in the process of doing a 5 day promotion. It has downloads today. The first day.

Prior to this promotion it was selling a day on Kindle version. Plus I have a paperback version. It works people. Thi Exposure works. Hoping to hit over 2, byy the end of the promotion. With four 5 star reviews as well, hopefully will get more. Be an author for the long haul. We shall see. Hopefully a few more good reviews also. Press frowrd people. Keep pushing friends!! Royalties go to orphans, widows, veterans, and families in need. If one family is positively impacted than mission accomplished. The promotion went well. Placed me 1 in my primary genre of Messianic Judaism and 60 in Christianity.

The sales have been positively good thus fr from the fallout of the promotion. Word of advice someone will always have something bad to say about whatever you publish. There will be fans and critics alike. How ever that was a nice trick, glad to read. You can also promote your book free at kindlepromoter on twitter. Just foolow them and they will follow u back and promote your ebook for Free………….. Loved the story! New to this book writing thing and just published my first book.

I feel like a very tiny fish in a big sea. I have sold 2 books in one week and they did not rate it. I have not tried the free promotion yet but will starting tomorrow. Did you decide to do it one day at a time spread out or all 5 in a row. What do you think is best? Personally, I think you get more mileage out of this, because if the book does well on a free promotion day, you can get into the charts and more people see your book. Your article was inspiring. I am fortunate to have an average of 4. I wanted the title to stand out, but maybe I was a bit too aggressive. Still, sales have been similar to what you mentioned in your article, a month.

You gave me a bit of hope today. Thank you for sharing. Really glad to hear that, Katie. Best of luck with the sales and thanks for the feedback! I rather enjoy getting email updates when people comment on their experiences. Made me realize how important it is for me to set this feature up on my website. I completed a Kindle promotion 5 days duration a few months ago and the book was selected times. So now I have once again renewed by KDP Select and am trying the free book promotion just one day at a time spread over the three month period.

I am happy that the book is being read. My question is: Where do people go to learn about these free promotions? Where is the listing located? Do I go to the Kindle Store to find the free offers? How do they know the book is being offered for free? Could you please let me know where the offere is displayed on Amazon. I think I need an advertizing company that will do the promoting for me at a reasonable cost. Thanks so much for this website and your shared ideas.

Hope fully you can answer my question about where the daily free promotions are listed. I know some people promote their free book download via email and social media Facebook, Twitter etc. In addition to that, I imagine Amazon has several Kindle-based promotion channels about the free books, too, as you alluded to. This is extremely exciting because I prefer exposure over income.

I am lucky to have a great day job! Great, Katie! Good luck with it. Well, for some people KDP helped them out alot. As for me it was a waste of time. I got hardly any free downloads and the sales went nowhere. Update: I am running a two day promotion and Day 1 yielded downloads. Will these ever translate into sales? Hi, for one of my authors, we enrolled her short story in KDP.

Regular price 99 cents. It sold a copy or so. We did a free promotion for 2 days and had downloads and got a pretty high sales rank. But when the promotion was over, the sales rank immediately reverted back to what it was before the promotion and we immediately lost any momentum.

I meant to include a question with my last post. I know another author who had downloads of her free story, then when the free promotion ended, she sold another in the next couple of days. But that was a year ago. Hi Eric, Good question. Huge thanks for this article. I did a 5 day promotion and had over downloads. It became No.

Since then the book gets a steady 15 sales per day. So it definitely works! A lot of people advised me on the importance of an eye-catching cover too, and a first chapter that hooks the sample reader. What else did you do to promote the book? Hi Tristan, Thanks! I posted the link in a couple forums too, but none got any real traffic.

Is there a Top 5 high traffic magical places where e-book writers fiction can submit their book links and get real traffic? Thanks again, Dylan. Its pages, first i priced it at 9. I had a 5 day promo, and only recieved downloads. What am i doing wrong. Can someone please advise and give this rookie some tips. I want this book to a success. Please any and all suggestions will be embraced. Thanks and congrats to you all! Using a picture of a real person can be off putting to many. Although Harry Potter is on the cover, he is stylized and cartooned. I love the title but I agree that the cover is weak.

Is that what you meant to have in there? I suspect not. In the first three or four paragraphs, I found at least three grammatical errors. Great content poorly crafted will not sell. The problem with self publishing is that anyone can and does publish. It enables junk to muddy the waters. Maybe you can, but you need an editor. Consider this — even Hemingway had an editor, right? The cover is really quite off-putting. How many summers did you have in Brooklyn per year? I would highly suggest checking sites like elance. This may set you back one or two thousand dollars, but it will be money well spent if this book means that much to you.

Hi WJ, Just downloaded your book. I look forward to reading it! Best of luck with the sales and hope to see your next work soon. I also see that your book is 57 pages. Would appreciate your thoughts! Hey Dylan, good question. The only problem is that it was too short. Not too short for the price, not too short for the plot. For your sequel, I think a 50 page goal would be totally acceptable! Hi WJ. Thanks again! Are most books on kindle pages? Thanks for the article.

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I just finished my 1st book promo, well, my 1st everything. Newbie alert! So I quickly scheduled a 5 day promo, four days out and went to work. In hindsight, maybe a mistake, but I was excited. Additionally, it seems as though every time I want to make a change to my book s by way of KDP — no matter how big or small — they take my book down, put it in pending status, and I have to wait for it to go back live. I guess I need to have faith in your strategy and offer my new work, A Broken Rose, for free for a day or two and see what happens.

Hey Drew, Agree, it would be good if Amazon had some more detailed metrics. Yes I find them to be inefficient in regards to having an effective site — I can never remember how to get into Kindle so fish round in old emails forever.

Amazon finally supports Traditional Chinese books on Kindle

Thanks so much. Your information is valuable. I am new at this but very enthusiastic and excited about our book. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Our book is about Golf Long Driving. It is called Long And Straight. Hi Ray, Thanks for writing in. Glad you found the article helpful — best of luck with the book. You must be killing it on the golf course!

I just wanted to thank you for this. I did this for a period of 3 days and I got over 1, downloads. Sales have gone up since then. I do no less than 30 sales per week of my book Groupie Chronicles since the free promo. Thank you.!!! These are very good tips for publishing your ebook with Amazon. I have a problem and infact need help from anyone. I have 2 books published on Amazon.