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They press on, regardless. And they succeed.

The secret to happiness is all in your head

They only see limitations and envision only failure. The more they focus on the negative aspects, the stronger their beliefs grow about the improbability of successfully meeting the challenge and the futility of investing any effort in its pursuit. They give up, or at best, make a half-hearted effort.

Your success is nothing more or less than what you envision it to be and your determination to act in a manner consistent with that picture. Your email address will not be published. If it was Picture A, the monkeys were supposed to look to the left; if Picture B, to the right.

When the monkeys looked in the correct direction, they were rewarded with a drop of juice. All the while the team recorded brain function.

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Thereafter, each success was processed more efficiently. That is, the monkey had learned. The monkey just tried, tried again.

Be Humble: Don't Let Success Go to Your Head

Miller says this means that on a neurological level, success is actually a lot more informative than failure. If you get a reward, the brain remembers what it did right.

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You need to pay more attention to failures and challenge why you fail. Understanding the complex brain functions used in business requires the ability to record activity in several regions of the brain simultaneously, and his team is being credited with pushing the technology further than any other research group.