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Make plans together and talk them out leading up to the events. Try talking about something fun, new or interesting first thing in the morning. The first conversation you have will set the tone for the day. Rather than asking "Did you remember to pay the gas bill? Change up your hair and clothes sometimes. This goes for woman and men! Sometimes adding spice is as easy as switching out the same old jacket for something bright and new, or wearing your hair in a different style every once in a while.

Your partner will love seeing you trying something new. Wear a new shade of lipstick, get bangs, shave your beard, buy new shoes, put away that old t-shirt you wear every weekend - the possibilities are endless. For added fun, dress completely differently for a day, and act totally charming. For example, if you're a jeans kind of guy, put on dress pants and a button-down shirt with some cologne.

Kiss your spouse on the neck and tell her how much you love her. You could also agree as a couple to dress as strangers - lots of couples do it! Plan on wearing interesting, sexy clothes and go separately to the same bar or hotel. When you see each other, pretend like you're meeting each other for the first time. Surprise your spouse every once in a while. When was the last time you gave your husband or wife a sweet, surprising gift?


Maybe you both have everything you need, but it's nice to get a thoughtful gift every once in a while. It doesn't have to be expensive; just a little something to show your spouse you've been thinking of him or her and you're thankful to be married. Here are a few ideas for thoughtful gifts: Cook your spouse's favorite dinner, and serve it with a nice bottle of wine.

Buy your spouse something you've seen him or her eyeing online for awhile, or something he or she admired in a shop window. Flowers and chocolate are classic thoughtful gifts that everyone can appreciate. Surprise your spouse by doing his or her regular chores sometime. Clean up the bedroom, buy a few new throw pillows, and light some candles one evening when you're both staying in. Plant your spouse's favorite flowers in front of the house. Throw a dinner party and invite your spouse's family and friends.

Take good care of each other. Are you taking your spouse for granted in any way? Do you know what worries he or she has, or what needs aren't always being met?

16 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life - How to Have Better Sex

Go out of your way to ease your spouse's mind and make life a little easier for him or her. Try to get more in tune with how you can be a better husband or wife. This will strengthen your marriage and help it feel more satisfying. Divide the household chores evenly. Don't be lazy and let your spouse do all the work. Are you doing your fair share? Take care of your spouse when he or she is sick or tired. Help him or her feel better in any way you can. Spend time discussing your spouse's worries. Is there any way you can help to solve the problems? You'll feel closer to one another if you can find a solution together.

Compliment each other more. A few compliments can go a long way toward spicing up a marriage. Just make sure they're genuine! What do you truly appreciate about your spouse? Do you ever make a point of telling him or her? Now's the time to start expressing your appreciation and letting your spouse know you think he or she is the most wonderful person in the world. The number of compliments and positive things you say to your spouse should greatly exceed the number of negative things you say.

You don't have the right to cut your spouse down, and you should never insult him or her. Be accepting, and if it's necessary to say something negative, be gentle.

Hi, friend!

Compliment your spouse in front of other people. Your spouse will feel great, and others will be impressed at how happy and sweet your marriage is. Never, ever criticize your spouse in front of other people; this can cause long-term damage. Don't keep score. Tallying up how many times you took the kids to school this week, made dinner, did the dishes, and so on is a recipe for resentment. You and your spouse aren't opponents - you're a team! You're in this together, and you need to remind yourself of that sometimes. Don't get bogged down in keeping track of who does what chore.

Perform your responsibilities with a spirit of cheerfulness and generosity, rather than frowning and complaining all the time. Encourage your spouse to do the same. You'll find your days together become more fun that way. If the division of chores and other responsibilities in your marriage is truly unequal, that's a different story. If your spouse isn't doing any work at all, and you feel like you're running the household on your own, you might need marriage counseling. Get in the mood. After several years of marriage, maybe you find yourself saying "I'm not in the mood" more often than not.

Next time, stop yourself before you say that, and think about why you aren't. Is it because you're tired? Then get more rest so you'll be in the mood! Are you kids asleep in the next room? You're going to have to get over it for the sake of your marriage. Find ways to get in the mood, because having regular sex is important in a marriage, and it certainly spices things up. Think of sex as a form of stress relief. A lot of people don't feel like having sex because they have too many things to worry about.

Having sex with your partner is one of the best ways to free your mind of worries for a little while. You'll feel closer and happier afterward, and you'll start turning to your partner for relief more often!

Spice Up Your Marriage: A 28-Day Adventure

Fatigue is another big reason why people aren't in the mood to have sex on any given night. Have sex anyway. It can be calm, slow, sleepy sex, but you should still do it. Try new things in bed. You've probably heard this one before, but that's because it works for so many people. Spicing up your sex life can be as easy as trying a different sexual position, wearing sexy lingerie when you normally don't, having sex in a different place not always in your bed , or changing things in your bedroom to make it feel more sexy.

Try tantric sex , a sensual, slow form of sex that encourages deep intimacy. Role-playing in the bedroom can be an exciting way to change things up. Talking dirty is an easy way to inject lots of spice into your sex life. Schedule a date night.


It's great when sex can be spontaneous, but sometimes life gets in the way. Hold hands while walking the dog, cuddle on the couch while watching TV, or play footsie under the table while eating dinner--all of these are an easy way to let your partner know you love him.

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Be Romantic at Home Romantic isn't usually a word used to describe a simple meal in, but creating a date-night atmosphere in your own home isn't hard to do. Plan a night at home to have a dinner for two try a new recipe! Dim the lights, light some candles, get dressed up, and enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Have Sex Let's be honest--sex is essential to staying connected to your partner, but we don't always make time for it. Keep the spark alive by making sex a priority. No matter how busy your schedule is, we guarantee you can find the time. And while you're at it, be bold and try something new in the bedroom. Changing up your usual routine is a sure-fire way to reignite the spark. Do Something Just Because Don't wait for a special occasion to cook your husband his favorite meal or to buy your wife a gift--do it "just because.

Little gestures can go a long way in showing how much you care. Pretend You Just Met Treat your spouse the way you did when you first met. Go to the movies, try new restaurants, go bowling--in other words, make an effort to plan dates and have fun like you used to. Pick one night every month, so the good intentions turn into reality.

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  4. Just because you're married doesn't mean you can't still have fun together like the good old days. Feel Good About Yourself It's hard to feel attractive around others when you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. Eating healthy and exercising will not only keep you looking great, you'll feel great too. When you feel good about yourself, your confidence will shine and your partner will notice. Get Dressed Up We know--your spouse didn't fall in love with you on your looks alone, and sometimes your schedule just doesn't allow time to primp and groom.

    10 tips to regain your newlywed bliss

    But it is nice to look extra nice for your partner once in a while. Do your hair, put some makeup on, put on your favorite outfit, and remind your better half of what a good-looking pair you make. Compliment Your Spouse Who doesn't love getting a compliment? Think of all the good qualities your partner has, and make an effort to compliment her at least once a day.

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    8. It's a nice way to let her know you appreciate her, and it will make her think about the things she likes about you, too. Know Yourself Do you know exactly what turns you on, and what makes you feel special? Everyone is unique, so spend a little time thinking about it, and then let your partner know. You'll both learn something new about each other, which can be exciting in itself, and in turn, your love life will take off as well. Communicate And we're not talking about your usual day-to-day communication about schedules, diaper duty, and meal times.

      Communicate about what you want from your partner in your romantic relationship.