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Carp, who vanished in In a secret basement room, Hellboy uncovers the remains of the doctor's experiments and the source of the haunting. Thurnley Abbey. Alastair Colvin relates to the narrator, whilst travelling to the Orient by train and mail boat, a terrifying spectral encounter he had at the country home of his friend John Broughton, the eponymous Thurnley Abbey, that has left him afraid to sleep alone.

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Matthies call in exorcist Mr. Waite to clear their new home of its ghostly inhabitant who has caused the deaths of several previous residents, but his motives are not as clear as they at first appear to be. Anthony finds his life cursed by a magical tattoo that continues to grow to cover his entire body after he skips out of the tattoo parlour without paying his bill and runs down the tattooist, Cheng Lee, as he flees. A skeptical young boy, who dismisses The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings because he does not believe in ghosts, is given a guided tour of the local haunted house by a mysterious stranger in white.

Editor Scott Allie conducts an in-depth interview with Larry L.

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After a spectral encounter with Larry, a deceased classmate known for his bad smell, a young boy growing up in s America is forced to question the nature of life and death. A group of neighbourhood dogs summon the Wise Dog to help their friend Jack exorcise the spirit of a dead dog named Trixie from his haunted doghouse, but they must call in the help of the cat called the Orphan before they can finally proclaim that this doghouse is clean.

The Troll Witch. Hellboy travels to Norway in to seek the assistance of the legendary troll witch, who in her youth had ridden into the trolls ' den on the back of a goat armed only with a wooden spoon and defeated them, but now the trolls have returned and are hunting and killing once again. But the repulsive hag uses her potions to seduce him. Charles de Marlborough, son of a wealthy planter in Louisiana , is challenged by an accomplished duellist and turns to a witch for help.

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But he spurns her offer of a gris-gris , which he later comes to regret. A young boy in Leviticus, Mississippi in purchases a guitar that once belonged to the reviled Bill Penny. He finds that, while it only plays blue notes, it can still entice the people of the town to abandon the church and its reverend. Editor Scott Allie conducts an in-depth interview with H. The infamous witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts in are sparked when the slave girl Tituba is visited by the ghost of Mary Sibley who instructs her to bake a witch cake that indicates devilry afoot in the town. The Unfamiliar.

Backwoodsman Jebediah Kyle is hunting in the woods, pursued by the revenant remains of the undead, when he stumbles across a party of illegal fur trappers working the remote areas where the authorities will not pursue them. The Ghoul. Hellboy and fellow B. The narrator travels with Doc. Blaine to visit Jim Garfield, an old frontiersman who claims to be immortal after receiving a heart from Lipan medicine man Ghost Man after a battle with the Comanche in A truck driver reassesses his careless lifestyle and his relationship with his father after accidentally running over a dog, which falls into a roadside ditch, and driving on without stopping to see if it was either injured or dead.

A teen Goth wakes up in hospital after an alleged suicide attempt goes wrong and finds Death has passed on his powers to him, meaning anyone he touches skin-to-skin will die. Charles Oates, a member of the Wallace expedition to cross the Arctic , records the tragic events after he encounters an unnatural tree growing in the frozen waste and the members of the expedition start to be mysteriously murdered. A young zombie slayer leaves his island retreat when he sees the signs and portents of the oncoming apocalypse, but he is too late as the zombies have already laid waste to the world and he must learn why his ancient Order failed to prevent it.

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Sort order. Mar 10, C. Muller rated it it was amazing. My first encounter with Mr. My reasons then for not purchasing the beautiful hardback were both financial as much as I love Tartarus Press, my limited income keeps the rate of their acquisition to a minimum and the fact that I had never heard of the author before. So, regrettably, I passed. The following night, as I researched the book online, I discovered that it also existed as an e-book a practice w My first encounter with Mr.

The following night, as I researched the book online, I discovered that it also existed as an e-book a practice which Tartarus has undertaken as of late, and for which I am entirely grateful. While I am most definitely a book lover in the physical, typeset, printed-and-bound sense , I always jump at the opportunity to get my hands on the words of an author, no matter the format.

I wish that my word alone held sufficient authority to encourage you to purchase "Black Horse", but alas that is not how it works. Then again, I in no way wish to explain away even one of the tales, for that would deprive you of a series of fine experiences indeed. Suffice it to say, each of the tales contained within are uniquely original gems told in a masterful voice.

Like Robert Aickman, Mr. This is not to say that the author is concerned even remotely with pastiche. No, Mr. Wyckoff is a complete original.

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This may be the first collection which I have read wherein each succeeding story seems to outdo its predecessor. This is not to say that the first tale is mere ordinary fare, while the last exceeds all powers of storytelling. It only feels that way, which just goes to show how well the collection is arranged. Perhaps, too, it has something to do with the masterful variety of viewpoints housed within.

Black Horse and Other Strange Stories

Additionally, there is a wonderful sense of ambiguity relayed at the end of many of the tales — allowing us to chew on the bit, as it were. Wyckoff will bestow upon us. Sep 04, John Hepple rated it it was amazing.