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They asked me about writing a book of ghost stories about haunted Manitou Springs. I prefer my style, because it makes the reader feel like they are present as the event unfolds. I think this being-present style makes reading spooky tales all the more fun. I have been a freelance writer for ten years and written five books and several articles for old Western-history magazines. In your new book you cover the Rockies in general; which stories are specifically about Colorado?

I wrote this book so that every story could be about a place in your own home state. That being said, all stories are about public places the reader can visit, including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona and Idaho, and there is one story about Bishop Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Do you have a favorite ghost story in the book? Hard question to answer, but my favorite funny story is the chapter about Truth or Consequences and the Spanish Fly. I laugh out loud at the silly tale, no matter how many times I read it.

My favorite true ghost story is verified by historical facts. It's now the "Fountain of Secrets," which is about this carpenter in Fountain who found a secret murder confession hidden inside the walls of his haunted mansion. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of the formerly haunted Hovena House, too.

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Is there another? As the introduction [to "Phantom of the Opera"] states, I really did get an emergency phone call from the Colorado Alarm Company, about an intrusion signal going off at the Tabor Opera House.

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This frantic message was left on my home landline number on August 8, I truly believe with all my heart that I was called upon to help set the story straight about the formerly haunted opera house. I would say without a doubt that the most haunted hot spot in Colorado has always been Manitou Springs, my home town, which lies on a paranormal ley line.

Of course, these magnetic anomalies were well known to the local natives, who revered Manitou Springs as their holy sanctuary. Serbian-American scientist Nikolas Tesla noted crazed birds swan-diving over Manitou that were like kamikaze pilots on a suicide mission, as they were crashing into trees and buildings. Of course, this magnetic problem lures ghosts to our town like bees to honey. What's the best way to scope out a place you think is haunted?

So the Rocky Mountains certainly have more than their fair share of ghosts. Did you know that Colorado has more independent ghost-hunting teams than any other state in the entire country?

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And we outnumber all the other states by at least half. Yes, we have a lot of crazed ghost hunters in Colorado, as the chapter "Ghost Riders of Loco Gulch" will clearly inform anyone with a lick of sense. How do you find your stories? I find true and historically accurate ghost stories from actual newspaper archives.

The Hotel Colorado is a Glenwood Springs icon. It opened for business in , just eight years after the town itself was incorporated, to attract the wealthy and elite to the wild frontier mining town that was Glenwood Springs. The hotel was styled after the luxurious resorts of Italy, complete with a European-style spa, tennis courts, a Victorian garden, a bird sanctuary, a foot fountain of water, and an indoor waterfall.

Some say that the Ute Indians, when they were displaced from the land in , put a curse on the land where the hotel now stands. Some say that the ghosts of guests who have died in the hotel over the years still roam the halls. In any case, the history of the hotel is filled with stories that defy a natural explanation. To enthusiasts of the supernatural, these stories are hardly surprising — the hotel is very old, and the basement even served as the morgue when the hotel was a naval hospital during World War II. In , a houseman named Dave was doing his nightly rounds in the basement when he saw an old woman peering into the basement window with her hands cupped around her face.

The window well was quite deep, and usually required a ladder to get into, so Dave was concerned that she might have fallen in and hurt herself. He walked across the room to turn on the light switch, but when he turned back to the window, she was gone. It's not a terrifying or huge event, though I do think it's worth posting. Sorry it's a bit short but here it is.

Haunted Places in Colorado

When my mother was around fifteen or sixteen, she went over to a frien My husband and I, along with our two youngest daughters, moved into our home about ten years ago. Our house is not very old and is a modular that we moved onto our land. I don't think what has happened has anything to do with the house but rather with the land. The stuff that happened was subtle at A quick background on this story: This takes place in the house I currently reside in. At this point in my life I was in my earlier teens and there was much pent-up negative energy in the household from constant fights with my family.

This was the hardest point in time for my family to date, and Here is my first story, hope you all enjoy! This is not my first encounter with the paranormal; however, it is my first sighting of an apparition. This story is true and there are several witnesses that can attest to this happening who were present during what took place. Gold Camp Road is not I lived with my father, sisters and brother for the time being.

The household only had 5 people. Mother was not there for the time being. Anyway, this house was a 2 bedroom but the 3rd bedroom used to be a garage but was converted. My roommate used to have a chocolate lab mix pitbull. It was one of the biggest, dumbest, fattest, loveable dogs I've ever seen or met. My friend grew up with this dog, so you can imagine his anguish when the dog started randomly going into seizures and urinating all over the house and back yard I was only 8 years old when my family and I had moved into lot number We had lived in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado, a true beauty at first glance.

It was not until one night that we had discovered the true evil that lay behind the beauty of the towering mountains and swaying pin Attached And Scared by FallenAngel I recently discovered that I'm Psychic Medium. I can see, talk, and feel the presence of ghosts. I don't quite understand everything just yet, so I'm not an expert. But it all freaks me out still, but I find it unique that I have this ability. I figured this all out after I've started to have dreams I am a religious man and I believe in demons and the like.

I believe that they are jealous of our physical bodies and wish to harm us in any way they can, such as tempting us to sin and in some cases possessing our bodies. This particular night I learned that they are able to express themselves so t Spirit In My Closet by brookethehook. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I always felt like someone was watching me whenever I was in my room. One night when I was up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep.

10 Creepy Stories And Urban Legends From Colorado

I look over to my closet which was in the corner of my room with the door open, it's also a walk-in closet by the way and I Haunted By Grandpa by tuckandroll. First off I've never really been one to believe in the supernatural or even the paranormal. All of it seemed a little immature to me.

My experience happened a few years back right after my grandfather passed away. It was around in the morning and I was asleep in my mom and step-dad's fifth Willing To Try Something New by 22aya. First things first, we bought our house and we love it.

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However, I think I've had enough of the small occurrences that keep continuing. The energy within our home overall feels tense, and I know things like buying a home or other daily things can produce stress, but this is different. We haven't don The Ghosts Of Skyline Lodge by alphamoon This story takes place in the tiny mountain village of Platoro, Colorado, in a three storey building called Skyline Lodge.

The lodge consists of a general store, a restaurant, and rooms for guests as well as employee housing. Which is what I was, an employee. I worked as a cook for 5 seasons Ma I'm a little confused right now. Let me back up first. About a month ago I was talking and relaxing with my husband. I was talking about how amazing the last year has been for us. He received another raise, we were about to buy our first house together, our daughter was about to turn one, I batt My Sister's Stories by elnoraemily.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy my father's accounts, so I figured I could keep with the theme. My sister has also had her share of experiences that are very interesting, at least to me. They are not as dramatic as my father's experiences, but they are fascinating. My sister is 27, a couple year When I was 12 and my small cousin was 4, we lived in St. Francis, Arkansas. I'm now 20 and just got into this site so now I was starting to just wonder about my experience when I was We used to sleep in the living room where we used to live because our house was so crowded.

One day really ear The Baseball And Mirror by Trilinkinn. This event occurred about 2 years ago. I was at a friend's party and his basement is haunted or at the time so he claimed it to be because, allegedly while the house was being worked on one of the workers had died. Here is how we proved that his house really was haunted. I was with my entire group o I never thought I had it until I started to think about the past and experiences we have been through. Now I can always feel a presence the minute I walk into a building or a room.

We each have a different stor It's been quite a long time since I've been on this website. My old username was aya22, which I deleted, but I tried creating another similar username and somehow all of my old stories came attached to my new one. Good, at least I haven't lost anything. I hope this doesn't offend people. I'm wr Guardian Angel In by Frances This is a story that my mother told me about a paranormal experience she had when she was a child. My mom and I are very close, so she's opened up to me about many painful secrets of the abuse she endured in her childhood.

Her environment was very dangerous during her early years And I always bel I just wanted to share a set of odd occurrences that still baffle me, and slightly creep me out. I am definitely open to any ideas of what this thing was. I would have been between the ages of at the time a time in my life when supernatural things started happening to me, but I really didn't Need Help? I've tried to post this twice now, all I need to know is what is this thing that is messing with my neighbors. I was the first one to see it, it looks exactly like Zack.

This happened months ago, when I was walking up the driveway, I looked into the kitchen window. I could have sworn that he was A Guardian Angel? I've been reading stories on this site for a little over a year and decided it was finally time to submit my own paranormal experiences. I will also share some of my family members' experiences a little later because I feel they should be shared with others. Before I tell my first few happenings, You're Forgiven Sergeant by vampira. I used to think nothing could ever shock me, I haven't used this account in years and since then I have grown so much and experienced so much more.

I learned the more I talked about them the more they showed up, I learned how to banish when necessary and bind them to me if I need to. Since I have la Our home resides at the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It was built in the 's but the property was once farmland that stretched many acres into our neighborhood. There are interesting characteristics to this property from the past; an old stone grill, a pit where the outhouse stood, My family moved around a few times when I was growing up.

When I was six, we left Michigan and bought a house in Tennessee. We ended up staying in Tennessee for sixteen years, and over time I had a few paranormal experiences in that neighborhood. The first experience happened around the time we move I lived in Denver, Colorado, as a child and the things I witnessed scarred me for life.

There was always a baby crying in the basement and the basement was filled with rocks of sand. To get to the basement you had to go through a closet and pull down the stairs.

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There was also a figure of a tall We moved into a very cool older 60's Spanish style home on a mountainside in June. We are renting from the son of the original owner who passed away in assisted living earlier this year.

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The house is beautiful and at one time was very well manicured on the outside as well. After being a rental So I had recently moved into a new house that my family and I thought might work more than our old house, I had always liked paranormal things so I got a ghost hunting app on my IPod.

I didn't know at the time that having it might bring some unwanted attention. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I wa I'm 14 years old. It was last year when I was thirteen. My grandma had just died and I really was angry with God about losing her. One day a couple months after my grandmas funeral I was in my room doing some homework and getting agitated with my math homework when I heard a voice.

I thought it was Me and my friends decided that we should go ghost hunting in my friend's garage, only to be scared out of our wits. We decided that we would split up in groups, and we would catch more things on tape and on the voice recorders. So me and my friend Dawson were in a group. We had just asked any sp I have been a girl scout since I was in the 1st grade. A few months ago, I was up at Tomahawk Ranch in Colorado. My troop was the troop that organized the whole thing.

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The camp lasted 3 days and two nights. About 60 younger girls attended, all ranging in the ages of On the first night, a g Caregiver and have a couples client who I spend overnight shifts with in their home twice a week. This is a calm peaceful home. The home is a ranch style with a partially finished basement. No one uses the basement anymore except for storage and maintenance on heating and plumbing issues That One Ski Condo My grandfather always told me, 'Don't medal with the dead.

We deal with their passing and then we move on As is our way. But sometimes a person can't help attracting them to our doorstep. Even if we are just in a momentary passing because it's like we carry a beacon of brightness This is a continuing story as it is still going on. I moved into this current apartment in February Upon moving in, I had a creepy feeling as if I was being watched. I also was 6 months pregnant at the time. Besides the creepy feeling everything seemed normal, every now and then I would get a We had just signed a one year lease on a four-story house in northern Colorado Springs.

Our second day in the house we m He had already lived there for some time, but he picked me up in Arizona to go live with him as I was having a hard time adjusting to the current life events that had taken place. I was sitting in t