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A complete documentation on Marnie Weber's first feature film, a strange kind of carnival that emerges from the American cultural repressed. A second volume of essays by Thierry de Duve dedicated to the form of speech known as the address. A portrait of painter Max Schoendorff through a long-lenght interview, a collection of writings and paintings, and a sketchbook.

Éditions de l’Olivier

This book offers several thematic gateways to Alain Huck's work showing the persistence of the same autobiographic, environmental, historic and linguistic issues in a variety of mediums. Robert Lebel Sur Marcel Duchamp. A facsimile edition of the first ever monograph dedicated to Marcel Duchamp and originally published in A complete introduction to his works and personality as well as a reflection on the artist's role in modern society. Graphic design by Marcel Duchamp.

A facsimile edition of a surrealist poem by Robert Lebel and originally published in Illustrated with seven constructions by artist Isabelle Waldberg. The cinematic essay thought as a hybrid form between fiction and documentary, cinema and contemporary art: a cartography of the contemporary cinematic essay in 47 critical texts written by filmmakers, artists, historians and art theoreticians.

Peter Hutchinson Dissoudre les nuages. Representation of pain in the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Les Éditions de Minuit

Yvan Salomone Zoneblanche. Six hundred watercolors realized by Yvan Salomone during the first fifteen years of his career Arnauld Pierre Christian Floquet — Engager la peinture.

An overview of current research in the broader field of human sciences in Switzerland. The collection of "critical dreams" made and transcribed by the art critic and curator Jean-Max Colard between and , nocturnal side of his regular writing on art activity. The 5th issue of the art history magazine published by the Mamco, Geneva, is entirely dedicated to Philippe Thomas.

CYBERPUNK 2077 French Edition

A unique testimony to Duchamp's personality, to his relationship to his friends and to his works, and to the slow reception of his works in France and in the U. In this case the package properly displays characters in the French alphabet. To use this package add the next line to the preamble of your document:.

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  2. True Gravity and The Blueprint of The Universe: The Proof of Gravitys Cause.
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  • Un siècle d’implantation allemande en France dans l’édition musicale (1760-1860).
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