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If You're a Student Additional order info. Overview Features Contents Order Overview. NEW - New and revised exercises —In every chapter. Includes oral and written exposition, discussion, and research exercises. NEW - Suggested Readings updated. NEW - Illustrations, charts, maps, statistics, chronology. Provides up-to-date data and visuals. NEW - New sections —e. Offers updated coverage on topics of current relevance. Multidisciplinary perspective. Clear structure for course planning and student review. An objective, impartial interpretation —Supported with statistics, historical citations, and additional research methods.

Includes all major events. Contains a brief commentary on major literary figures, and includes excerpts from some of these writers. Provides a broad perspective and examines some writers in more depth. Arts —Introduces the new schools of architecture, sculpture, and painting, and considers theater, movies, popular art, books, and communication.

Covers both high and popular culture. Politics and religion —Explains the present-day parties, the events in Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, and Colombia, and the political attitudes of Latin Americans. Introduces Social Catholicism, Protestantism, and religious sects. Explains background of society and beliefs. Contemporary society and problems —e.

High-interest topics encourage students to engage in critical thinking. Vocabulary —Presents a rich and formal vocabulary, including new words recently incorporated into Spanish. Cultural glosses or footnotes, written in Spanish, provide explanations, if necessary. Allows students to improve their language skills. New to This Edition. New and revised exercises —In every chapter. Suggested Readings updated. Illustrations, charts, maps, statistics, chronology.

Woods, Richard Donovon. Reference materials on Latin America in English, the humanities. W89 RR. Bibliographic guide to Latin American studies. Issued in 3 vols. Boston: G. Hall, May 1. A very valuable guide to newly appearing monographs and serials. For earlier holdings of Benson collection, see the printed catalog at Z B58 RR. Delorme, Robert. Latin America : social science infomation sources, L3D35 RR.

Latin America, : a social science bibliography. L3D36 RR. Bibliographies and indexes in sociology, no. Essentially every Latin American country is represented by one or more multi-volume encyclopedias. In addition, there are some multi-volume encyclopedias for subnational regions, such as the Yucatan. The Cambridge encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean. C RR3, Gen, Harp. Latin America--Encyclopedias. Sections on physcial environment, economy, peoples, history, politics and society, culture, each with subdivisions.

Each section has brief bibliography. Subject index. Tenenbaum, Barbara A. Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture. New York London: C. Abad to Casa -- v. Casa Grande to Furtado -- v. Gabeira to Mesta -- v. Mestizo to Rutineros -- v. E RR. Hinds, Harold E. Handbook of Latin American popular culture. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, Popular culture--Latin America.

Saur, ? A RR. Rosa, editors. Part I indexed by 4 v. When the subject appears in more than one reference work, all biographies are included. Saur, Title also in German. A-D -- 2. E-L -- 3. M-Q -- 4. I RR.

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Adams, Jerome R. Notable Latin American women : twenty-nine leaders, rebels, poets, battlers, and spies, Jefferson, N. W edition 3, , RR; edition 3,, Gen. Latin America--Biography--Directories. Nickel, Jacqueline M. National directory of Latin Americanists : biographies of specialists.

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R RR. Latin America--Bibliography--Periodicals. Title from cover. R RR,Gen. A2B53 RR. Gropp, Arthur E. A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies published in periodicals. A2G87 RR. Bibliography--Bibliography--Latin America. A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies. Jones in the Hispanic Foundation of the Library of Congress. A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies : supplement.

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A1B63 Palau y Dulcet, Antonio. Barcelona: A. Palau, Palau Dulcet. Useful, comprehensive, alphabetic record, covering material published in Spain and Latin America from the beginning of printing to the midth century. Seven volume index to titles and subjects at Z P Index RR. RR Z First issue v. University of Texas at Austin.

Latin American Collection. Catalog of the Latin American collection. Also: supplements , 19 vv. T RR. Extremely valuable reference source. Reproduction in book form of the card catalog of the very extensive collection of books, serials, and government documents. Serials holdings records are included. T36 RR. New York Public Library. Reference Dept. Dictionary catalog of the history of the Americas.

Reproduction of , author, subject, and title references and other entries for a distinguished collection in North and South American history. Includes many references to articles in journals. Very useful for identifying earlier publications for Latin American history.

British Museum Dept. Short-title catalogues of Portuguese books and of Spanish-American books printed before now in the British museum. Picard, ]. Detached from Revue Hispanique, no. B86 Gen Z Newberry Library. Dictionary catalog of the Edward E. Plus first suppl. Reproduces subject, author, and title catalog cards of collection notably rich in early Americana, era of discovery, Indians of America, and Braziliana.

Hispanic Society of America Library. Catalogue of the library. Includes author, title, and subject catalog records for holdings. Includes books and pamphlets published after for Spain, Portugal and colonia Hispanic America. Civilization, Hispanic--Bibliography--Catalogs. Dictionary catalog of the Greenlee Collection. Reproduces author, subject, title catalog cards of collection of Portuguese history and literature, and the history of its colonies, notably Brazil.

There are many specialized serial bibliographies covering a specific discipline or a particular country. There exist many bibliographies, both current and older, monographic and serial, dealing with topical subjects and nations. Latin American periodicals--Indexes. Index to Latin American periodical literature.

P2 RR. Latin American Research Review Board. Latin American research review. Gen F Latin America. Birkos, Alexander S. Latin American studies. Academic writer's guide to periodicals, 1. Handbook of Latin American studies: a selective guide to the material published Subtitle varies. The principal serial bibliography of publications on Latin America. An annual annotated bibliography of about 5, entries, the work includes evaluative annotations prepared by scholars. Volumes alternate annually between the humanities and social sciences. It is estimated that about 60 percent of Handbook entries consists of monographic citations; about 40 percent refers to serial articles culled from about 1, journals published worldwide as well as chapters from books and papers from published conference proceedings.

Disciplines covered: anthropology including archaeology and ethnology ; art; economics; electronic resources beginning in ; geography; government and politics; international relations; literature; music; philosophy; and sociology. H25 RR print version. Covers books, articles, conferences, etc. B84 RR3. Indexed journals : a guide to Latin American serials.

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C68 RR. Cites articles published since in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish from more than scholarly journals worldwide. Journals indexed are selected by an international panel of librarians and scholars. Subject coverage: anthropology, archaeology, art, banking and finance, business and industry, commerce and trade, drama, drug trade, environmental issues, economic development, ethnography, folklore, geography, history, indigenous affairs, literature, philosophy, politics and government, public administration, religion, social movements, women's rights.

Updated annually. H67 RR print version. Latin America--periodicals--indexes. Index guide to Latin American journals. Periodical abstracts and indexes arranged by subject, with evaluations of their coverage of Latin American topics, followed by a list of journals and where they were indexed. W RR. Harvard University Library. Latin America and Latin American periodicals. Cambridge: Distributed by the Harvard University Press, H34 RR3. Levi, Nadia and Hemeroteca Universitaria Latinoamericana. Hemeroteca Universitaria Latinoamericana. S3L66 RR, Gen. Union list of Latin American newspapers in libraries in the United States.

Washington: Dept. Charno, Steven M. Ser Z Feuereisen, Fritz and Schmacke, Ernst. German and English. A1F42 RR. Latin American newspapers--Directories. Zimmerman, Irene. A guide to current Latin American periodicals: humanities and social sciences. Gainesville, Fla: Kallman Pub. Co, S8Z74 RR, Gen. Latin American periodicals--Bibliography. Walne, Peter.

Guide to sources for the history of Latin America. L35G92 RR3.

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Washington, D. C: National Archives and Records Administration, L37U RR. National Archives U. Nauman, Ann K. Detroit, Mich: Blaine Ethridge Books, English and Spanish. N RR3. Hanke, Lewis. Lateinamerikanische Forschungen, Bd. El gobierno virreinal en America durante la casa de Austria. H36 RR3. Spain Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. Medina Encina, P. Archivo General de Indias. Archivo general de indias. Archivo General de Simancas. Libraries and special collections on Latin America and the Caribbean : a directory of European resources.

Institute of Latin American Studies monographs, Latin America--Library resources--Europe--Directories. Archives nationales France. F For information on guides to the government documents of specific countries, see Covington, Latin America and the Caribbean: a Critical Guide to Sources. Latin American serial documents. Useful guides to government document serials of selected countries. Set includes: Argentina, RR Z M58; Bolivia, RR Z M58; Brazil, RR Z M58; Chile, R Z M58; Colombia, RR Z M58; Ecuador, RR Z M58; Mexico, RR Z M58; Paraguay, RR Z M58; Peru, RR Z Bibliographic guide to government publications-Foreign.

Holdings: , Serves as partial supplement to Library's Catalog of Government Publications in the the Research Libraries, listing additions to the Library's collections and additional entries from the Library of Congress. Government publications--Bibliography. Economic and Public Affairs Division. Catalog of government publications in the Research Libraries. Cataloging for very large collection of government publications, US and foreign countries. Useful in identifying Latin American official publications. Europa Publications Limited. South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Latin America--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

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  • Latin America and Caribbean contemporary record. Latin American weekly report. JRL Gen F Lombardi, Cathryn L. Lynn, and Conference on Latin American History. Latin American history, a teaching atlas. L84 RR3. The library owns almost all of the major statistical annuals of the Latin American countries, either in hard copy or microform. The library also attempts to acquire all national censuses of population.

    Goyer, Doreen S. Describes censuses of population taken in the covered area. Generally describes methods used and data items collected. G RR, Gen. Mitchell, B. International historical statistics : the Americas, Presents comparative statistics for all American countries, for topics such as population, labor, agriculture, trade, transport and communications, finance, prices, education. Minimal notes on sources. Data through early 's. M55 RR. International historical statistics : the Americas New York: Stockton Press, Mitchell, ; Australasia to be treated in a forthcoming update on Africa and Asia.

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    G7L2 RR. A Guide to Latin American and Caribbean census material : a bibliography and union list. Boston, MA: G. C3G General censuses and vital statistics in the Americas An annotated bibliography of the historical censuses and current vital statistics of the 21 American republics, the American sections of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the American colonies of Denmark, France, and the Netherlands, and the American territories and possessions of the United States. Washington: U. Off, At head of title: United States Dept. Jones, Secretary. Bureau of the Census, J. Capt, Director Means, Director.

    C3U49 RR, Gen. For more information on guides to printed sources for Latin America and to archival holdings, see Covington, Latin America and the Caribbean: a Critical Guide to Sources. For details on the library's holdings of original source material in microform, see Guide to Microform Sources for History and Political Science in the University of Chicago Library Z Includes 73 annotated citations for source materials for Latin America in microform, including materials from national and other archives, collections of personal papers and other manuscript collections, and collections of books, pamphlets, serials, newspapers, and official documents.

    Index of subjects, authors, and titles. Thomas, Jack Ray. Biographical dictionary of Latin American historians and historiography. A2T Bethell, Leslie. The Cambridge history of Latin America. Each chapter by a specialist, and each is provided with an extremely useful bibliographical essay, which emphasizes post-Griffin historiography.

    Volume 11 compiles the bibliographies into a single, organized work. C18 RR3. Latin America--History. Parry, J. New Iberian world : a documentary history of the discovery and settlement of Latin America to the early 17th century. The conquerors and the conquered -- v. The Caribbean -- v. Central America and Mexico -- v. The Andes -- v. Coastlines, rivers, and forests. Griffin, Charles C. Latin America: a guide to the historical literature.

    More than 7, listings of items published in or earlier. Includes sections on reference works and general works, period sections, and subdivisions. Despite its age, essential for its listing of archival and document guides. G84 RR3. Hanson, Carl A. Dissertations on Iberian and Latin American history. Troy, N. Y: Whitston Pub. Monteiro, John M. Summary in Spanish. M RR3. Latin America--History--To Bibliography. Welch, Thomas L. Travel accounts and descriptions of Latin America and the Caribbean, : a selected bibliography.

    Documentation and information series, no. D47W Latin America--Description and travel--Bibliography. LaFrance, David G. Latin American military history : an annotated bibliography. New York: Garland, Military history bibliographies Garland reference library of the humanities, vol. L Latin America--History, Military--Bibliography. Annual bibliography chiefly of periodical articles. I4 RR3.

    Originally published in three no. S RR3. Werlich, David P. Research tools for Latin American historians : a select, annotated bibliography. New York: Garland Pub, Classified, annotated bibliography of about reference works, compendia of source materials, and periodicals for Latin American history. RR3 Z Wauchope, Robert. Handbook of Middle American Indians. Austin: University of Texas Press, []. Natural environment and early cultures -- v. Archaeology of southern Mesoamerica -- v. Archaeological frontiers and external connections -- v. Linguistics -- v. Social anthropology -- v. Ethnology -- v.

    Physical anthropology -- v. Archaeology of northern Mesoamerica -- v. Guide to ethno-historical sources -- v. Sources cited and artifacts illustrated. H23 RR2 and Gen. Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians. H RR2. Handbook of South American Indians. The Marginal tribes. The Andean civilizations. The tropical forest tribes. The Circum-Caribbean tribes. The comparative ethnology of South American Indians. Physical anthropology, linguistics and cultural geography of South American Indians. RR2 F S Gen E U6 no. Indians of South America.

    A2A Comas, Juan. The Incas : a bibliography of books and periodical articles. I53W The Mayas : a bibliography of books and periodical articles. M4W Peck, David R. Pasadena, Calif: Salem Press, Magill bibliographies. E87P Boggs, Ralph Steele. Bibliography of Latin American folklore. New York: H. Wilson Co, L4B7 RR3. Chilcote, Ronald H.

    A guide to representative sources for Latin American Studies

    Revolution and structural change in Latin America; a bibliography on ideology, development, and the radical left Hoover Institution bibliographical series, Gen D L5 no. Rossi, Ernest E. Latin America : a political dictionary. Clio dictionaries in political science. R RR2. Atkins, G. Encyclopedia of the inter-American system. A79 RR2. Gross, Liza. Handbook of leftist guerrilla groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, G Alexander, Robert Jackson.

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    Compiled by Frank Conaway, Social Sciences Bibliographer, University of Chicago Library

    Washington: Pergamon-Brassey's, Gen JL R Latin American political movements. A45L Vanden, Harry E. Latin American Marxism : a bibliography. S67V Dahlin, Therrin C. The Catholic Left in Latin America : a comprehensive bibliography. Reference publication in Latin American studies. II: English and Spanish Vol. II has imprint: Boston, Mass. I lacks series statement. Law XXKG1. V Law--Latin America--Bibliography. Rosenberg, Jerry Martin.

    Economic panorama of Latin America. Description based on: Gen HC Latin America--Economic conditionsStatistics--Periodicals. Euromonitor PLC. Consumer Latin America. Nolan, James L. Mexico business : the portable encyclopedia for doing business with Mexico. M RRA. International business enterprises--Mexico. United Nations Dept. Economic survey of Latin America. Issued with United Nations publications sales numbers. Surveys for and combined in one issue.

    None published for ; issued in "provisional memeographed edition" only. Latin America--Economic conditionsPeriodicals. Latin American labor organizations. Gen HD Enderlyn, Allyn and Dziggel, Oliver C. Cracking Latin America : a country by country guide to doing business in the world's newest emerging markets. Chicago: Probus, Gen HF Z5E52 Walter Thompson Company. The Latin American markets, ; a descriptive and statistical survey of 30 markets made up of almost million people. New York: McGraw-Hill, []. Inter-American Development Bank. Economic and social progress in Latin America.

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    Elbow --