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With such a Savior, what or who else would I ever need? I am going to come back to this song over and over again for the rest of my life. Follow us:. Toggle Navigation. Jesus, lover of my soul The music cannot be played on your browser. Text Piano Guitar. Comment Your Name. Your Comment. Cancel Comment. Apr 3 Mar 28 Mar 16 Joseph Ithai Meru, Kenya.

The Seat of the Soul Chakra

I can't stop singing it again and again. So touching and a genuine cry for help. Dec 1 Leave oh leave me not alone I listened to this song today and I know all these will one day be a testimony to me. Other refuge have I none, Hangs my helpless soul on Thee; Leave, oh, leave me not alone, Still support and comfort me. Nov 15 Ifeanyi Uhuegbu London, United Kingdom. Sep 25 Toyin Diyan London, United Kingdom. Sep 11 Aug 30 Such a blessing to sing this song aloud to myself and my children!

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Subcategory: Crying to the Lord. Key: E Major. Meter: 7. Hymn Code: Added to 76 users' list. Share with a friend. Add to your website. Relevant: New Tune. A shamanic practitioner may give you a healing story about the soul essence that is returning to you. It may be a strong creative force or a deep inner knowing that returns to you.

It may be an excited, vibrant, younger part of you returning to life. The shamanic practitioner will often work with you after the soul retrieval to realize the gifts returning to you and actions that will help ground the experience in your physical reality. A long-distance Soul Retrieval with Jewelie is a series of three spiritual healing sessions over the phone or Skype.

The initial session is a time to explain the process, for you to ask questions and to do an opening ceremony together. Usually, there are a few things that come up for you to do to prepare for your soul retrieval. The third session is a follow up session to help you continue integrating the soul essence and we do a closing ceremony.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Julie and learn Shamanism. During the time I stumbled across their website, I was dealing with anxiety, having the busy-doing attitude versus being in the flow. Now, twelve weeks later, my anxiety is basically gone, and I feel more in tune with myself, my intuition, and with Spirit. She truly is a gift to those who work with her.

I began working with Julie in Spring. I was in the middle of major life Transitions and healing from some serious surgery. And she guided me through an amazingly beautiful process to reconnect with parts of my soul and move from reactive emotions to energy emotions. She's a beautiful, beautiful Storyteller and guide. I am truly grateful for the work that I am doing with her and know that my life has been truly enhanced because of my connection. This course serves as a wonderful introduction to shamanism and for gaining experience with shamanic practices. Julie is a supportive, compassionate and insightful teacher.

She explains concepts in a clear and understandable way, and she provides guidance from a non-judgmental and growth-oriented perspective. Among many things I appreciated about Julie as a teacher was her availability to provide feedback via e-mail in the time between sessions. This really helped me to integrate what I learned from the sessions into my daily life.

I highly recommend working with Jewelie to anyone interested in getting deeper insights about their dreamworld! Julie did a great job explaining the process. I think the timing of everything was just right. The drumming was amazing… I like the sharing conversation afterwards as well. It's a good way to integrate the experience. There was great follow up, as well. My life is taking off in new and exciting directions. I think having this experience with you has been an integral part of this process.

Getting in touch with that energetic part of me, the child of joy and wonder, has helped motivate me into jumping off of new and exciting cliff. I have been working with Julie for the past several months and I would highly recommend her teachings.

She is a lovely shamanic teacher! Julie is an absolutely amazing teacher.

Soul Retrieval and Soul Loss

I've been working with her for over a year. In that year, she's taught me movement meditation and I'd previously been unable to meditate in any way. She's also helped me develop spiritually and find my path. Julie is very personable and doesn't judge. I highly recommend her! Her knowledge, experience, and deep awareness are as evident as her gentle and grounded strength, and she is a gifted practitioner who teaches from the heart.

The Seat of the Soul Chakra – Chakra Lessons

The space she creates to allow my own inner knowing to unfold feels safe, expansive, supportive, playful, loving, and wise. Over Phone, Internet and In Person. Back To Shamanism Library. Aloha Michelle: A soul retrieval is the shamanic method for retrieving lost soul parts. Aloha Azrael: From a shamanic perspective a fractured soul is the same as soul loss — a part of your essence is not with you, most likely due to past trauma.

In my experience, the more whole and connected we become, the more equipped we are to love all of our self. I believe she lost a big piece of herself when she lost her son and has never been the same. I see it mentally and physically. There has been evidence of her son being present but she refuses to see it. Could this help her heal?

Spiritual help while powerful needs to come directly from the person who needs it. You are reaching out with good intentions, but differences in the way people hold and work to the spirit make all the difference. I was told by a medium that the start of this new year my body and mind will continue but my soul will stay back and leave for a short time to rest. I was told this has to do with a new cycle in my life. Wondering if this is possible…. And, most of the time, it leaves to protect you from experiencing some type of trauma full on. My wife says she has broken heart over cancer loss of son more than 10 years ago.

Is that the same? Aloha Steve: Soul loss can occur during any traumatic event, including the loss of a child. From a shamanic perspective, a part of her essence may have left her when your son died. Originally, this may have occurred to help protect her from suffering and pain.


However, over time, she may sense that a crucial part of her self is missing. A broken heart is a bit different, but she may be experiencing this as well! And, they may be connected. It may be more challenging for her to balance her emotions and energy due to the missing essence. How does soul retrieval affect interpersonal relationships? Can you lose parts of your soul from being in toxic bond with person who only see themselves in the proces and dont care for deeper connection?

How can you help me find my own root, so l can heal from this illusion and projection that this person planted in me? Thanks and lots of healed souls! Aloha Roman: Yes, soul loss can occur from any trauma, including relationships. The shamanic method for addressing soul loss is to receive a soul retrieval from a trusted shamanic practitioner. Aloha Sanchi: A long-distance Soul Retrieval is a series of 3 spiritual healing sessions over the phone or Skype. Aloha Kitty: Thank you for your interest in a soul retrieval. A long-distance Soul Retrieval is a series of 3 spiritual healing sessions over the phone or Skype.

All of our cost information is located on our Payments page.

Jesus, lover of my soul

What is Soul? Healing the Soul A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Shamanic Introduction. More Articles. Let Us Help You. Shamanic Teachings - Articles. We will help you discover graceful solutions. Contact Us. Working with Soul Loss Soul loss is a helpful response in that it allows our essence to remove itself from suffering and pain.

Relationships and Soul Loss Many people experience soul loss in relationships. Here is what she shared: In the last 3 weeks I have made 2 new really great friends former acquaintances who approached me and befriended me!! Preventing Soul Loss Soul loss helps protect us in times of trauma. Soul Retrieval Soul loss can occur at any age, and a soul retrieval can be done whenever a person is ready for transformation.

Preparing for a Soul Retrieval As with most things in life, preparation can help the whole experience of spiritual healing go smoother. Shamanic Training. Become a Patron. Receiving a Soul Retrieval To conduct a soul retrieval, if it has been over three days since the soul loss occurred, modern shamanic practitioners are often required to do some detective work to find the lost soul.

Spiritual Healing. We offer Soul Retrievals at sliding scale rates, to be considered please fill out our Sliding Scale Form. Learning Shamanism. Read More Re-Balancing Personal Energy.

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