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Das Ende des Alphabets Prototype for the Edition.

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To find out who Vettius Valens was, follow the links at the end of this post. The purpose of making this table was to have different translations side by side so that it is easy to compare them. That again providing the possibility to get a better understanding of the meaning behind the words, as reading a translation in different languages gives you a broader view of what the original text could have actually meant.

Sometimes the source text gives the possibility for several translations.

Meanings of the Planets in Traditional Astrology — Translations of Vettius Valens

That is the reason why you can find two English translations in the table, which differ slightly from each other at some points. The English and German translations are based on the original Ancient Greek text. As far as I know, there has been no Finnish translation yet there will hardly be one.

Some differences between those translations I have mentioned in brackets in the Finnish text. I am no professional translator but have been studying and speaking Finnish on a daily basis since Finnish has become my primary language since then. German is my mother tongue.

  1. διπλωμα οεεκ η δευτεροσ τιτλοσ σπουδων Ερυθρό Κρασί.
  2. Mass in C Minor, Op. 147: No. 2, Gloria.
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Even if I had three texts in modern languages as the foundation for my translation in Finnish, this work took me quite a while. It gave me some sense of how difficult it must have been to translate the original text of Valens which was written in Ancient Greek nobody speaks anymore. Getting a copy of Hellenistic Astrology: The study of Fate and Fortune is warmly recommended if you are interested any further in traditional Hellenistic astrology.

English 1: Brennan, Chris. Denver: Amor Fati Publications, English 2: Valens, Vettius. Translated by Mark Riley.

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German: Valens, Vettius. Subsidia Classica, Bd 7 St.

Katharinen: Scripta Mercaturae Verlag, Brennan, Chris. Accessed 9.