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Individualized Training

Depending on their main functions, these products are most useful at detecting sensitive data in motion and sensitive data in use. Vulnerability scanners, for example, usually have DLP plug-ins to detect sensitive data at rest, such as Social Security numbers. Unlike the convenience of having a standalone DLP product, security products with integrated DLP from different vendors do not share the same management consoles, policy management engines and data storage.

That means an organization's DLP capability may end up being scattered among several different types of security products. Quarantine functions, if they exist, are handled through different management interfaces as well. Any attempt to correlate DLP events will have to be handled through a security information management SIEM system or a separate data correlation engine. DLP tools are especially useful to organizations that have sensitive data with a long shelf life, such as financial data, health insurance data or intellectual property. Banks, retail, e-commerce and financial organizations certainly have much to lose as well.

While health insurance might seem to be the domain of medical and insurance organizations, any organization that self-administers company health insurance plans could also be a target. Sure, when DLP is mentioned, protecting credit card numbers comes to mind.

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While credit card numbers are in demand by cybercriminals, the shelf life for a credit card on underground websites is usually only a few days before its use has been detected, however. The average price for a stolen U. Cybercriminals target medical records because of their shelf life, and the theft of them may not be immediately detected.

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These records are sources of patient names, insurance policy numbers, diagnosis codes and personally identifiable information. Cybercriminals can use this data to buy medical equipment or prescription drugs that can then be resold. Additionally, they can create false identities to file false claims with health insurers. DLP tools often come with pre-defined policies to help detect sensitive data types, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information , protected health information , Social Security numbers and payment card information.

In practice, since each organization has different ways of expressing processing and storing information, a fair amount of customization is needed to accurately detect them and thus prevent data compromise. Given this level of complexity, cybersecurity staff charged with DLP system administration and analysis faces a significant curve in learning how to configure and employ DLP technology.

Formal DLP application training is beneficial and working knowledge of Regular Expression parsing is highly useful. Additionally, DLP staff should meet with business process owners to learn about each type of sensitive data and what forms and formats it might take.

Introduction to data loss prevention products

Before buying a standalone DLP product, organizations should assess currently owned cybersecurity products to see what DLP features are present and how they can be used either to supplement or replace a standalone DLP product. The price for a standalone DLP product, which is not insignificant, should be weighed against the labor and additional products required to transform an array of currently deployed security products with integrated DLP features into a coherent DLP protection suite.

DLP: Data Loss Prevention

Enterprise-level DLP products are usually priced with larger organizations in mind or companies with high risks and onerous compliance requirements. Smaller firms with lighter purses might want to consider the integrated DLP route, provided they have the critical mass of integrated DLP products already at hand. In either case, DLP projects can demand significant investment of resources, such as IT skills, hardware, storage resources and -- of course -- dollars. Part 2 of this series looks at the business case for data loss prevention products.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

Part 3 of this series examines usage scenarios for data loss prevention products. Part 4 of this series looks at the purchasing criteria for data loss prevention products.

Part 5 of this series offers insight on deploying the right DLP products for the right jobs. Experts debate the value and future of DLP tools. Learn how to use data loss prevention tools to stop data exfiltration. Please check the box if you want to proceed. UpGuard security researchers found publicly exposed Amazon S3 buckets from data management firm Attunity, which included company Jorge R.

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It contains a brand new terrorism chapter, along with coverage on background investigations, protection of sensitive information, internal threats, and considerations at select facilities nuclear, DoD, government and federal. Author Philip Purpura once again demonstrates why students and professionals alike rely on this best-selling text as a timely, reliable resource.

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  • This book is an ideal resource for criminal justice and security academic programs, physical security professionals, retail security professionals, security managers, security consultants, law enforcement professionals, investigations professionals, risk and contingency planning professionals. Philip P.