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Some of it is told out of time order, and I am usually skeptical of that. If the story isn't interesting when told in time order, I think the storyteller is using a crutch to tell a weak story. I think this story would be just as engaging if told in time order. I love it! Jan 31, Eden Church The Required Reading List rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , july-august-september-new , harper-collins. The Golden Hour is not a read you're going to want to miss.

I found that the book started a bit slow and disorienting, but by the time I reached the end I was flipping back wishing it had more pages. This book continues all of the things that we fans love from Beatriz Williams, but it has a fresh edge to it, a spark that sets her writing on fire. Well, this will be tough. The POV changes, the flashbacks, the large cast of characters, the historical detail AAR review to come.

May 24, Tisha IG: Bluestocking rated it it was amazing. I would also like to thank the amazing author Beatriz Williams for taking that vacation with your husband that led to you writing this delicious book. This book, although fiction, was based on actual events that took place in the Bahamas, London, etc. While our two protagonists are fictional women our supporting cast are comprised of actual beings and events: Duke and Duchess of Windsor, World Wars, Bahamian race divide, etc. While I try to read with no distracting electronic devices nearby I found this book encouraged it. There were historical events I needed a refresher on.

Sister Ann Rosary, in fifth grade, may have covered some of these events but the precise details have long since fled my memories. There were also some words I was unfamiliar with that I rather enjoyed looking up.

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Please allow yourself this luxury when you read this book. No, look up that event or word, then get right back to the book. The candy will wait. The flow of the book flip-flopped between our two protagonists: Lulu and Elfriede. These women lived lives, with some great similarities, however they were decades apart. I may have been confused at the very beginning but once I caught on I rather enjoyed this format. What I have not seen with some of the other historical fiction I have read was all the twists and turns and suspense. This book truly delivers that and then some. I enjoyed those quiet times because Beatriz paints a beautiful picture with her descriptive writing - so I wanted to visualize what I was reading.

The author is also kind enough to offer the readers some suggested readings on some of her subject matter. I will definitely be checking out some of these books. But the f-bomb was dropped a handful of times. It just felt to me out of place in this book. It felt gratuitous. I thought the first time I read it that I accidentally picked up Game of Thrones Was that you?

I truly loved this book and my introduction to the author. I cannot wait to devour another of Beatriz Williams books. Thanks again to the publishers for granting me this ARC which, I believe, will be found in the bookstores July View 2 comments. Apr 25, GoodlyWitch rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways.

If I could give this book more than five stars, I would do so. It is well-written with beautiful descriptions, but not too much, and interesting characters whom I felt like I knew personally. My favorite part of the book, however, is how Beatriz Williams skillfully weaves together two seemingly parallel plot lines that ultimately crossover in a beautifully satisfying ending. Pure literary genius. When I first read the synopsis, I assumed that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor would occupy the role of protagonists in the novel. Happily, I was wrong.

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While their presence is very much evident in the storyline, they are background characters who act as catalysts for setting certain events in motion. Lulu, Benedict, Elfriede, and Wilfred roam freely though the story in the light of their own making. You are loved. You are needed. The night will pass.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get lost in a good story. Historical Fiction and Historical Romance are two of my favorites book genres - I got more than few- but lately it have been difficult to find a Historical Fiction story that kept me interested and engaged from the first to the last page.

Well, folks , I found that book, my search is over. The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams is that book. Beatriz Williams weaves a captivating tale of interesting characters , drama and mystery. As the settings are based in real places, circumstances and people Historical Fiction and Historical Romance are two of my favorites book genres - I got more than few- but lately it have been difficult to find a Historical Fiction story that kept me interested and engaged from the first to the last page.

As the settings are based in real places, circumstances and people ; I kept researching as I read. The Windsors were a fascinating couple , as well as that period of our history. I enjoyed how rich and visually descriptive is this tale. Williams is a phenomenal storyteller. Thanks to the Publishing House and Netgalley for giving me an early copy for my unbiased review. Apr 13, Vicki rated it it was amazing. The story entwined within both these historical events gives you a feeling of the harshness of the times but also the beauty that came through those difficult days.

This is a story of one family, past and present, that endured these times and saw the best and worst in people they knew and how their lives revolved and evolved around them. The harshness of the realities of what war can do to a family and also shows beauty, love and hope that also shines through during this time. Though I tend to dislike stories that go back and forth through time periods and usually find it hard to follow along, that was not true of this book. In fact, I think it enhanced the story by intertwining the two time periods.

I truly enjoyed this book and loved the story! Beatriz Williams is an amazing author and writes some of the best historical fiction novels I have ever read. She is a master at using historical fact to tell a fictitious story while staying true to the historical events. I received an advanced copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway and above you will find my honest, unbiased review.

Jun 03, K rated it liked it.

Golden Hour ft. Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren & Ståle Sandbech

Williams' previous novels. This was no different but I persevered, and was pleasantly surprised as I became wrapped up in the dual stories of Lulu and Elfriede. I felt the heat of the Bahamas, and the chill of a war-torn London. But about two-thirds of the way, after denouement and denouement, I was exhausted, and wondering why I wasn't done. When the same thing keeps happening to the characters, it gets a little redundant.

I wanted to know what happened, but felt Williams took WAY too long to wrap things up. I also found some of the characters' actions to be unusual, in that they were a bit contrived. Lulu is sarcastic and flip, yet falls rapturously in love in the blink of an eye. What did I miss? It was as if Williams expected us to know more about her characters, as if I missed reading a prequel. It's a good story, just could've used some editing. And one last quibble - the use of the "f" word seemed contrived and out of place.

I love a good curse word, and don't mind reading them, but these "f" seemed only for shock value. Mar 21, Sharlene rated it it was amazing. I have read and enjoyed every book Beatriz Williams has written. This one kept me up until the wee hours of the night, made me shed tears, made we feel this is quite possibly her best and my new favorite, and will forever make me see the golden hour with memories of this beautiful book.

Definitely a 5 star read with memorable characters and fast paced story line. Review to come at AAR closer to pub date. Jul 01, Nicole R rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , pick-a-year-challenge , ner , , london , play-book-tag , historical-fiction , wwii , family. This is my favorite Beatriz Williams book in a while, but I still have my one same, lingering complaint.

But, first, the good stuff. Lulu arrives in Nassau in She is a writer and aspires to write about important events around the world, but for now she is writing a gossip column about the endlessly fascinating Duke and Duchess of Windsor who have been banished to The Bahamas to serve as governor of this remote territory. Lulu quickly integrates herself with Wallis Simpson through the Red C This is my favorite Beatriz Williams book in a while, but I still have my one same, lingering complaint. Lulu quickly integrates herself with Wallis Simpson through the Red Cross and strikes a bargain with her to write flattering pieces in exchange for Wallis's cooperation and insight.

Flash forward a few years we pick up Lulu's story in London after a pivotal event which is not a secret : her British secret agent husband has been captured by the Germans and is being held in a prisoner of war camp. Desperate to find him, she tracks down his older sister that she has never met which leads them both on a path of discovery into their family's past.

But, I am not done with the storylines! At the turn of the 19th century, Elfriede is in Switzerland at a home for the insane.

She clearly suffers from depression, most likely postpartum, in a time where her husband's solution was to pack her off to the clear mountain air to hopefully get better. The home is also a convalescent home for people with tuberculosis. And, because of this, she meets Wilfred. A charming, if very sick man, who she instantly connects with. So, here we are, with these three different storylines and in the midst we have government intrigue, spies, true love, fate, and betrayal. It really is quite the story! And, while it started a bit slow, it hit a nice pace for the majority of the book before the break-neck pace of the last pages that had me staying up way to late to finish!

Some of the storylines were a little too convenient. Some of the coincidences a little too coincidental. But, in general, I can overlook those things. I loved the setting of The Bahamas. This world that Williams tapped into that had race relations on the verge of breaking, the rich and famous strolling around on holiday, and oppressive heat that was enough to drive anyone mad. No one was quite who they seemed.

Which leads me to my oft-recurring complaint with Williams. I feel like she writes books that are interesting and right on the edge of what is happening, but that all of the action takes place off page. She takes the viewpoint of the passive spectator--in this case Lulu. Lulu was in the midst of the frivolity, but she didn't actually have a clue as to what the action was that was going on right under her nose.

It can leave the reader frustrated as the meat of what they really want is just out of reach. And, this review is already super long, but a few more points: -- This book involved some of the crossover characters from Along the Infinite Sea. I do love how Williams has created this universe of characters that tie all her books together! Did I just miss it? Overall, a great installment by Williams and I particularly loved the Bahamian setting and the central figures of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor I blame The Crown for my obsession , not to mention the real life events that anchored this book and made it even more interesting!

Thank you to William Morrow for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Jun 26, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , england. I've been hanging on to a Book of the Month credit for a while now and when I saw The Golden Hour as a June selection I immediately knew that credit was going to be used. The description immediately piqued my interest and I've been wanting to read a Williams novel for what seems like forever.

Then came the horrible act of having to wait for the book to show up so I could actually read it. Eventually it arrived and I dived right into it. I immediately liked the author's writing style. She made me I've been hanging on to a Book of the Month credit for a while now and when I saw The Golden Hour as a June selection I immediately knew that credit was going to be used. She made me feel as if I had been transported to the settings of the story whether it be the tropical Nassau or the more damp and dreary Switzerland. The pictures she painted with words made the story come alive in the pages of the story.

I also liked the characters and was intrigued by them. They were dimensional and I liked the fact that some of them were real-life people and not just fictional characters. However, with all that being said, as I kept reading the book I found that the story moved slowly and at times I felt it was bogged down with all the descriptions of the setting. Then there's the fact that the story is a dual timeline. Now, I like dual timeline stories but what I found frustrating with this one was some of the characters had very similar names and I found myself confused at times trying to keep the Thorpes straight in my mind.

At times it also seemed like the two storylines were too much of the same thing. Also, a bit confusing to me was the use of the "f" word. Now I'm no prude and don't really mind the word at all but it seemed out of place in this story. Why was it even in there? For shock value? I'm not sure but it wasn't really needed at all and I feel like the story would have been just as good without it. All in all, I enjoyed the story enough.

It kept my interest well enough. Even though I wouldn't rate this a four or five star read I liked it enough to give the author another try. View 1 comment. May 29, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: beach-books , royals , history-historical-fiction. This family saga tells the stories of Elfredie and Wilfred, as well as, Lulu and Benedict.

Each story begins as the women meet the Thorpe men for the first time. Elfredie and Wilfred meet in at a very unusual location. They are both essentially in an asylum being held for health issues. Wilfred is physically very sick, while Elfredie is being treated for physiological issues. Poor Elfredie.

She got married young, to a man she barely knew, had a baby right away and likely went through post pa This family saga tells the stories of Elfredie and Wilfred, as well as, Lulu and Benedict. She got married young, to a man she barely knew, had a baby right away and likely went through post partum issues.

No one would have known how to treat such issues back then, so after Elfredie considered killing herself, her husband put her in the hospital. She was there for a couple years before the day she met Wilfred. He was kind to her.

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Their path was never easy, it seemed rather bleak at times, but the author created a special character in Wilfred. You respect her. But you also live Wilfred and the good, devoted, romantic person he is. She writes for a magazine and is sent to the Bahamas to write about David, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. But their time in the Bahamas is tangled together. Both of them are part of the orbit of the Windsor family. Both couples have had to deal with wartimes as well as any regular relationship drama. I really loved the ending too. I just started to think it could never all be wrapped up, but it really was.

She mentioned that Johann was in both books. So now I need to skim that one again Jun 15, Maci rated it liked it Shelves: reads. This book was a rollercoaster for me. It took me about pages to understand what was going on, to form a connection with any characters, and to want to know more. The writing is terrific, if not exactly my preferred style.

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You jump back and forth between places, people, and times, and at first it can be kind of difficult to follow, but trust that it does come together quite nicely in the end. Overall, I did enjoy the read. Tips: - Swipe right-to-left to move between locations - Use volume buttons to change date. Reviews Review Policy.

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