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MR talks about what it is that led him to the water, and what it is that keeps him coming back. Tags: topnews , video , MR create Alert from these tags. The winter solstice has come and gone and the daylight is very gradually starting to grow with each day — but winter it remains. Login or Signup. A new round of Easterly swell could see good to great conditions across the NSW coast next week. Welcome to our first installment on meteorology basics: Swell is generated by wind and wind is the result of air pressure. Coastalwatch's chief swell forecaster, Ben Macartney, scratches beneath the sea surface looking at wave period.

Mark Richards 1978 Retro Surfboard Overview with Mark Richards

The backhand barrel master at his very best only a week or so ago near home on the Gold Coast. Understanding why we're out there, could lead to better, more fulfilling surfing. Bury it, get yelled at, then quickly dig it up — is this any way to treat a mammal? Brett has surfed all around the world, but his favourite place to surf is still around home. Video: Imperfect weather but allegedly endless beers thanks to loaded President along for the ride. Sunny days, offshore winds, no crowds and fresh swells in November?

Welcome to Samoa…. Australia's no. Check the surf anywhere, anytime with over live streaming Australian Surf Cams. Download from iTunes. Surfstitch Surf Check - the official Coastalwatch Android app for Australian surfing and coastal conditions.

How to choose the right software architecture: The top 5 patterns

The official Coastalwatch Skill for Alexa enabled devices allows you to use your voice to get the latest conditions and forecasts. Use the flexibility of Coastalwatch SMS service to check the daily surf report or live wind conditiosn around Australia anytime of the day.

All rights reserved. Wind, tides, UV ratings, air temps and outlook provided by Coastalwatch are based on data and radar images provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. If you are already a Coastalwatch Plus Member, Log in here. Goodbye Olympics?


Weekend Surf Forecast 5 - 7 July The winter solstice has come and gone and the daylight is very gradually starting to grow with each day — but winter it remains. Save your favourites. Featured Manly - Fairy Bower Sydney. Favourite Views Save your favourite wave tracker views Login or Signup. Weekend Surf Forecast 28 - 30 June Get your ducks in a row this weekend.

Weekend Surf Forecast 21 - 23 June Winter keeps on keeping on this weekend. Weekend Surf Forecast 14 - 16 June, Bring on winter. Victoria is about to light up under a heavy SW groundswell and icy offshore winds. Forecasting Tutorial: Reading Wave Models Gain a deeper understanding into how wave models work and how to read them.

Surf Forecast Glossary Keep up to date with the Forecasting lingo.

A Q&A with Lisa McInerney and her editor Mark Richards

To some people it is impossible to prove an ingredient is safe. To those people I ask, why use cosmetics at all? If people are really afraid of getting sick from cosmetics, they should not use them. They are not a requirement for a healthy life. Fortunately for cosmetic chemists, many people think they are a requirement for a happy life. Formulating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a cosmetic chemist.

Mark Richards Interview – Podcast 014

The following 6 steps will help you take your ideas and convert them into functioning cosmetic products. Before you get started, you need to think about what you are going to make. Figure out what functions you want your product to achieve. Is it a cleansing product, a moisturizer, a coloring product, or maybe a combination of factors?

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Also think about the aesthetic characteristics like color, thickness, clarity, etc. It is always helpful to have a target product with characteristics that you are trying to match. Be sure to get a sample to look at and feel. Next you need to figure out a good starting formula. Starting formulas can be found from a variety of sources. You can look at some of the most useful cosmetic science books. You can also look at online formularies like the one from Happi.

Raw material suppliers like Croda and Rhodia also have formularies that you can use.

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Another useful source is patents. Mark Richards, author of the Fellranger series and avid beer drinker.

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