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January brings us this interesting story about Chris and Sue Haskins, accused of stealing a large sum of money from the post office they own. While meeting in primary school, Chris and Sue found themselves Master storyteller Lord Jeffrey Archer has chosen to please his fans with a new venture; a short story released each month.

While meeting in primary school, Chris and Sue found themselves in different circles and not showing much interest in one another. However, a few chance encounters paved the way to a wonderful relationship and eventual marriage. Working themselves to the bone, Chris and Sue sought to make more money than their modest fish and chip shop could produce.

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Working to purchase a busy post office, Chris and Sue continue to work hard and solidify strong relationships with their patrons. A letter from the Central Office governing post offices arrives with some less than pleasant news.

The Man Who Robbed His Own Post Office

Unsure what they will do, Chris and Sue begin to craft a plan that will work to benefit them and ensure they have a lovely nest egg. Thus begins a series of illegal events that will pad their bank accounts, as long as they are not caught. Justice Gray, baffled at the series of events that brought them to his court. I have long been a fan of Lord Archer and his writing.

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Commencing a short story collection not only allows Archer to continue honing his skills, but also gives readers something to enjoy when they have a little free time. In this piece, Archer focuses much of his attention on building up the backstory of Chris and Sue Haskins. Filling in just the right amount of backstory to provide context, Archer spins a story full of intrigue and fast-paced action.

That this upstanding couple could turn to a set of criminal acts almost seems justified in the way Archer depicts it. With three decent length chapters, Archer keeps the narrative flowing such that the reader cannot stop reading until they have reached the final page, where even then Archer gracefully lets the reader down easily. I am so pleased to have come across this collection and will review each storey based on its own merits, binging with the five before me to catch up, before awaiting each instalment on a monthly basis thereafter.

Kudos, Lord Archer, for a masterful new story collection. How you find so many effective ideas that produce high quality publications I will never know. A short story from the year of short stories by Jeffrey Archer that I really enjoyed. Brilliant storyline and would love to see this made into a much longer story as I was really sorry when I turned the last page. Really entertaining and I will be reading more from this author in the future.

View all 3 comments. Sep 08, Ankit Saxena rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , crime , short-stories , ebooks , , fiction. It has started steadily and ended the same. But there's a difference. Started with flash and ended disappointingly.

A Short Story - An Office Woman (एक लघु कहानी - कामकाजी महिला)

However, in-between its gripping. It holds me but the end was not quite as expected. I started reading Jefferey Archer with his short stories and find him having mastered in story-telling. This is one of his two short stories I read, the other one is The Wasted Hour. Both are Magical. It would have been 5. Jul 13, Shabana Mukhtar rated it liked it Shelves: english , crime-mystery-thriller , fav-author. The title says quite enough.

The story spans over several year. A married couple trying to avenge a decision by municipal corporation. It sounds a little bit like 'Not a penny more, not a penny less'; but obviously not as entertaining. Dec 28, Cheryl rated it really liked it. This is a 3. An interesting long short story and exceptionally well written, however it wasn't what I was expecting it to be. But just they start to plan how they will enjoy the fruits of their labour the Haskins fall victim to the unscrupulous directors at the Post Office headquarters.

Not an author I would usually read but I was out and about shopping with the family and CBA wandering around one particular shop so tried to access something to read through my phone. Not especially fancying any of the free bodice rippers on iBooks this seemed the most likely option for a story I might enjoy. And I did. We have a fairly straightforward narrative about a couple of kids, fairly oblivious to each other at school, reconnecting through National Service, starting a courtship - I think that's what they called it in the late 50s, marrying and embarking on a series of jobs, working hard and saving to improve their lot.

Our couple are of a different generation to today's - no need for instant gratification - work hard and save and go without in between, until the business loan is paid off and then have a holiday. These values serve them in good stead, as they graduate from bus conductor and fish and chip shop assistant, to owning the fish and chip shop, to running a profitable post office franchise. Their standing in the local community soars - prominent positions in the Rotary Club and the Mother's Union.

They have an adult daughter now and a dog and happily make plans for their future retirement. Until they get shafted by the decision makers at the post office, who having knowingly sold them the franchise for a class A post office, downgrade theirs to that of a lower ranking and leave them high and dry, with no hope for regaining their investment.

Our worm turns and the Haskins try and take back what they feel is theirs. Interesting story, not too many twists, but I enjoyed seeing how it was all going to play out. We have the court case fairly early on in the tale, where the Haskins are found guilty of robbery, so Archer then sets up how we arrived at this point with a subsequent update on the outcome for the Haskins.

Overall 4 from 5. I'm not rushing to read Archer again, but I wouldn't rule it out in a tight pinch with nothing else to hand. I may have read him about 30 years ago on a beach holiday, when similar circumstances dictated and I was scratching around for a book. Jeffrey Archer has written many bestsellers and has a somewhat colourful past as a prominent Conservative politician during the 70s and 80s.

Financial ruin, court cases, imprisoned for perjury, controversial charity work, Member of the House of Lords, successful writing career. Interesting man with a definite bounce-back factor. View 2 comments. Review at A Bookworm's Musing Enjoyed the story, though it doesn't have many twists, and is straightforward. I like these ten minute reads which are perfect to read between longer novels without having to pick up the larger collection of short stories. Feb 16, Chaitra Chowdhary rated it it was ok.

I think the more he increases the number of pages for his "short stories" the more technical it becomes.

See a Problem?

I'm not a fan of numbers or properties but I guess I feel why the older couple have the need to cheat everyone off for robbing their own post office anyway i didn't read the last 5 pages so I care a bit too less to have second thoughts about it. This story interested me the least and I didn't wanna go through the entire story to know why, what and how they did it. Jul 30, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebie. Jun 23, Sarah McNally rated it liked it. I was knackered and this seemed like an easy read. Nothing terribly bad with it. Nothing majorly amazing either.

A middle of the road sort of book. May 15, Samita rated it really liked it. I throughly enjoyed reading it.

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Read it on my kindle. It was an amazing short read. A clever and amusing tale. I wonder where Jeffery Archer gets his ideas from! Apr 24, Chris Payne rated it it was amazing. U don't do book reviews I don't do book reviews like you keep seeing, as I find that some give too much of the plot away and I personally hate that, as it makes the book not worth reading. I much prefer to take the authors back cover write up as a review as it can either intrigue you enough to read the book of provide you enough information to make you decide that the book is not for you.

My review rules are: The more stars, the more I liked it. If there are too many typos or errors the less U don't do book reviews If there are too many typos or errors the less stars I give If the storyline or plot is poor or contains too many errors, the characters are too weak, the ending lacking something, then the less stars I give. Simple, uncomplicated and to the point without giving anything away. Some of the books I read have been given to me by the author as a pre-release copy and this does not bias my reviews in any way The only thing described nicely was how Mr and Mrs.

Haskins get married Being a Jeffrey Archer fan I saved the food. I drove 1. When I was getting out of the car, I realized that I had no shoes on. I like to walk and drive with bare feet, and usually I have a pair of shoes in the car. But that day, I couldn't find any shoes in the car. I was working as a psychotherapist in a psychiatrist clinic and my first patient appointment was about to start. I had no choice but walked in to the packed waiting room. I pretended all was normal and called my first appointment patient's name. I smiled and shook hands with her and led her to my office.

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Here are your most embarrassing work stories - Business Insider

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