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He is also the author of the literary novel All The Fields.

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Christopher resides in Minnesota and Arizona with his Colombian-born wife, Martha. To learn more visit his website at www. Skip to main content. Advanced Search. By Christopher Valen. Add to Wish List. Regional Fiction. Three years later, after a blizzard hits the town, a husband and wife are found murdered in a farmhouse. The farmhouse is where Tash McBain had lived at the time of her disappearance. Joe and ex-cop Vincent Ruiz persuade the police to reopen the investigation into the disappearance of the two girls.

The book skips back and forth between the current investigation and the thoughts of Piper Hadley still being held captive. The Black Minute , the second Santana book, was even more exciting than the first book. John Santana was born in Colombia.

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Santana hopes someday to locate her. He knows that his sister could be dead but his dreams and his senses tell him that she is still alive. The car is full of blood and some dirt and an orchid are on the floorboard of the car. Although the vehicle was empty, the police felt that someone had died in that car and that the body had been moved.

Blackwood tells the detectives that although the twins are identical their personalities are very different. Teresa is head of an adoption agency. Maria is a part time musician and mystery writer with a history of some drug problems. The twins were adopted in Colombia. As Santana delves deeper into the case, he finds suspects at every turn.

Teresa lived with Steven Larson, a man who was cheating on her. No one wants Santana to make this trip since he has enemies in Colombia that would like to see him dead. Santana feels that in order to solve his current case as well as face his demons and hopefully find his sister he must make the trip.

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The trip does prove to be a dangerous move and readers will be shocked at the facts that Santana discovers in Colombia. The case is finally solved but there are no end of surprises and no way to predict the final outcome. An excellent book that will keep the reader on edge until the last page. It is not necessary to read the first two books in the series to enjoy the current book. Djuan has only been out of jail for about six months and now he is back in jail on a murder charge.

Rachel has never owned a wheel chair and has no need of one. When Djuan went to the equipment store to complain, he found a dead man behind the desk. Frightened that he would be accused of murder because of his prison history, he ran. A witness spotted Djuan leaving the scene of the crime and the police immediately charged him with murder. Besides trying to assist Sid in the murder investigation Jaz was also dealing with a problem of her own.

There was no basis for the accusation, but the fact that it had been made brought about a lot of bad publicity for Jaz and her company. Before Sid can prove that Djuan did not commit murder, Jaz finds that she is in trouble with the police. As the two work together to clear both Djuan and the false accusations against Jaz, it becomes obvious to Sid that there is a professional hit man in town and it would appear the hit man has decided that Sid will be his next victim. This is a great addition to the Sid Chance series.

David Lowell is not your run of the mill detective.

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  • David is an astrological detective and is very good at his job. David has studied astrology and has become such an expert that he has used his knowledge of to buy and sell in the stock market and is now a wealthy man.

    Bone Shadows: A John Santana Novel

    Johnny proves to be loud-mouthed and a rather rough person on the exterior but further investigation proves that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. When Johnny is attacked in the jail Melinda talks her father into posting bail and letting Johnny stay in his townhouse. Lowell is not too pleased with this arrangement but tends to do most anything his daughter asks.

    Lowell is helped in the investigation by his assistant Sarah as well as Mort, a talented computer hacker. It seems that Judge Winston had big plans for her future and, as Lowell finds out, that certain people did not want her plans to become a reality. This first book in the Starlight Detective Agency series is a good one and shows that astrology can be used in many ways. The last place you would expect to find a Minneapolis Police Detective on leave is working aboard a sailing ship but that is exactly what Brie Beaumont is doing.

    Brie and John are very attracted to each other but Brie is still uncertain what the future holds for her and is unwilling to make a commitment to John on a personal level or to the ship as a permanent job. Amanda Whitcombe is an artist, a prominent member of the Sentinel Island community and a good friend of Ben, the owner of the lighthouse.

    Amanda has disappeared and when Brie finds her cottage unlocked she investigates and some clues lead Brie to believe that Amanda did not leave voluntarily. Ben inherited the lighthouse when the previous owner died after an accident at the lighthouse. When John and Brie accidentally discover an old journal hidden in the lighthouse, belonging to the previous owner, the two decide there are mysterious happenings on the island that might bring danger to Ben as well as Brie, John and the crew of The Maine Wind. Danger Sector is a good mystery. The descriptions of the scenery around Sentinel Island and the food served by the cook on The Maine Wind makes the reader want to experience a trip by sailing ship although life aboard the ship is anything but easy.

    This is the second book in The Windjammer Mystery series. Rigged for Murder is the first in the series and both are recommended. Meet Detective John Santana of the St. Paul Police Department.

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    He is not a man you will soon forget. Santana is a native of Colombia. He left under a cloud and to this day fears that assassins will eventually find him even as far away as Minnesota. Life was not easy on Santana when he arrived in the United States but he survived to become a respected detective in St. Julio Perez is found shot to death in his home.

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    Perez is the owner of El Dia, a monthly Hispanic newspaper in Stipule. His rolodex was open to the name of Rafael Mendoza, an immigration attorney.

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    After leaving the Perez residence, Santana and his partner pay a visit to Mendoza but they are too late. The two arrive at the loft just as Rafael Mendoza falls to his death from his balcony. The man who is shot and killed turns out to be an employee of El Dia.

    A sexually explicit photo of two unidentified men is also found hidden in the loft.

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    • Santana begins to try to fit the puzzle together and figure out if the three deaths are connected. Before Santana gets too deep into the investigation he is pulled from the case by his superior and James Kehoe is put in charge of the murder investigations. Santana has little respect for Kehoe and his investigative abilities and at the risk of his job, he continues trying to put the pieces together on his own. He even travels to Mexico at his own expense and without the knowledge of the department. As the connections between the victims are established, the picture becomes clearer and clearer.

      This reader was very surprised when the whole story was finally revealed. The outcome of this investigation touched many lives. The book is a great read and Santana is destined to become one of my favorite detectives. Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid, March Like this: Like Loading Reid, February Reviewed by Ted Feit, November Reid, August Reid, October Reid, November Reid, September