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Excalibur Carmina Burana. I Can't Get No Satisfaction. Schedule: May to November and December to March. Schedule: August to December. Pond and stream fishing equipment included , cooking area barbecue , tour of a fish farm, hiking, bird-watching, exhibits on freshwater fish and monsters of the marsh, as well as ice fishing.

Schedule: Mid-May to mid-October. Winter: by reservation. These pioneers recount their stories, as well as the history of their municipality. Schedule: April 15 to December Birthplace and resting place of Louis Stephen St. Laurent, Prime Minister of Canada from to , the charming municipality of Compton emerged from a mix of Anglophone and Francophone backgrounds. This blending of cultures was carried over to the St. Its evening market, its orchards, and its gourmet festival Les Comptonales attract great crowds. Laurent National Historic Site features multimedia shows, the Xplorers activity, and audio guides.

Schedule: Late June to late September. Verger Le Gros Pierre. Schedule: Early July to mid-December. The enchanting setting of East Hereford and its proximity to the American border made this a popular crossing site for the Abenakis, the Loyalists, the French Canadians, and even the smugglers who forged its history. The charm of Waterville, founded in by families of British and American origin, stems from its New England influence. It also has a surprisingly dynamic industrial sector. Of note is the presence of the internationally renowned company, Waterville T.

The municipality features not only beautiful ancestral houses in the heart of town, but also a new, richly illustrated historical route, Waterville et son Patrimoine, enabling visitors to discover the soul and history of the village. Barnabas Church. The Camping du Pont Couvert campground nearby welcomes outdoor enthusiasts. The municipality of Saint-Venant-de-Paquette, nestled in a tiny valley in the heart of the Appalachians, looks towards New Hampshire. In addition to having the very first Caisse populaire Desjardins ever established in rural North America , this small village is proud of its church museum , which has retained its architecture and original interior finishings in varnished wood as well as its angelic acoustics, whose architecture and original interior finish in varnished wood have been preserved.

The Pioneer Trail stops here to pay tribute to Hermine Malouin-Lefebvre , a centenarian who was an early settler in this area. The region offers visitors mountains, lakes, outstanding rural landscapes, a rich built heritage, and an active cultural scene The quality of our terroir products and the fresh air of the great outdoors will delight food enthusiasts and those seeking calm and relaxation.

Located north-west of the Parc National du MontOrford, the small municipality of Bonsecours features a stunning view of its mountain range and surrounding farmland. A wonderful blend of breathtaking landscapes, local food delights, and quartz crystal exploration, Bonsecours will provide a treat for each of your senses. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hiking and observing the wildlife at the Kingsbury marsh. Created by the construction Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis. Schedule: July and August. Racine, founded in , took its name from the first bishop of the Diocese of Sherbrooke, Mgr.

A unique and welcoming small community, Racine stands out for its social innovations and numerous avant-garde cooperatives. Guided tour of the church and walking tour of the village. Schedule: June 21 to September 1. A tour of the old English neighbourhood features some 36 heritage buildings. By crossing the iron bridge, on the other side of the St. Temporary art exhibitions. Dramatic readings. Additional features: minibus and kayak routes. The municipality of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle was started when several families of Irish and Loyalist origins founded the parish of Sainte-Anne-de-Stukely in In , it became Sainte-Anne-de-laRochelle and has been recognized for numerous years as a pilgrimage destination with its church dedicated to Sainte-Anne, its grotto, a sanctuary, and a nearby roadside cross.

One-of-a-kind private experience 18 yrs and older. Group and family tours by reservation. Schedule: Year-round, by reservation only. The municipality of Stoke, located near Sherbrooke, celebrated its th anniversary in The Miellerie Lune de Miel, an agricultural tourism gem in the village, is a gourmet and educational stop for all families and youngsters interested in the world of insects.

The first American settlers arrived in Ulverton in Although it was not made official until , its name dates back to The number, quality, and diversity of its heritage buildings make this one of the most authentic and picturesque villages in Quebec, and the gateway to the Townships Trail. With its stillfunctioning machines and water turbine from the olden days, its interpreter-guides, and fall Festilaine wool festival , the last woollen mill in Quebec is sure to impress. The perfect place to enjoy life at a leisurely pace.

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Walking trails through the countryside. Animals in summer. Terraces, picnic area, boutique, restaurant. Family rates and season passes available. Sunday brunch and activities for children. The history of Valcourt began modestly in the 18th century, but with the invention of the snowmobile by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a young man from the village, the municipality experienced remarkable growth.

The family of the famed innovator settled here around , and in a factory began producing these vehicles that would transform winter travel and winter recreation. People come from all over to visit the great exhibition at the. Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier and the ultramodern Bombardier Recreational Products factory. Bombardier Cultural Centre has offered avant-garde visual arts programming.

Museum of ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier. Elevated to town status in , Windsor adopted its current name after Windsor Castle in England, in The site features a guide, a multimedia show, and hiking trails where several archaeological artefacts can be admired along the Watopeka River. Interactive exhibition, guided theatrical tours, and multi-sensory show. Year-round hiking trails.

COM valcourt J. Parcours alternatif Val-Joli Kingsbury Informationtourist touristique permanent information office Permanent saisonnier? Island Brook cheminBirchton Gosford S. Various summer camps for young musicians offered throughout the summer. Outdoor recreation site with several meeting rooms and accommodation options. Des Sources region With Mount Ham on the horizon, like a sentinel overlooking the calm and quiet lifestyle of this area, the Des Sources region is a vast playground where cycling, hiking, and observing nature create a perfect escape along roads steeped in history.

Magnificent Victorian homes and an American-style town square in the heart of town reflect the arrival of Loyalists from New England and make this a recommended stop on the Townships Trail. In this Village-Relais, the perfect destination for cultural, heritage, gourmet, and outdoor enthusiasts, time seems to stand still. Its gourmet stops,. The main town in the Des Sources MRC, Asbestos was founded in when mining began on a deposit of Chrysotile asbestos, a strange stone nicknamed white gold. For nearly years, mining shaped this town and left a deep hole two kilometres in diameter, from one of the largest open-pit mines in the world.

Today, an observatory from which visitors can view the crater and hear the wind coming from the depths of this giant funnel testifies to the mining history Photo credits: Sylvain Laroche; Mathieu Dupuis. Art lovers will enjoy the Symposium des Arts de Danville art festival.

Summer activities onsite. Cross-country skiing. Lookout on the banks of the pond. Nearby Danville:. Tastings, activities, and interpretation. Guided tour of a Cascades plant. Packages available. Self-guided and audio tours. Ham-Sud is located at the base of the majestic metre Mount Ham, featuring a regional park and known for its stunning degree views at the summit.

Founded by Loyalists, the municipality was the seat of Wolfe County in the early 19th century. This small village, focused on agriculture and forestry, is a must-stop site for travellers on the Summit Drive. The warm welcome of the La Mara country inn featuring regional products and restorative sleep has earned it the designation of a Bienvenue Randonneurs certified stop.

Outdoor activities for everyone, including hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, an outdoor adventure trail, and a disc golf course. Shelters, campground, bar, and food counter. The fascinating architecture of its rectory and church, built in , mark the heart of the village. Known for its innovative rural community initiatives, Saint-Camille, one of the first French-speaking villages in the Eastern Townships, was founded in At the heart of the village and on the Townships Trail, are buildings dating back to , such as the Sylvie grocery store with its loggia-style architecture, and the church with its rectory.

A cultural and community centre, this former general store is renowned throughout Quebec, not only for its famous performance hall, but also for its art gallery, its rural life interpretation centre, and its Friday pizza lunch! A dynamic place to live, SaintCamille now boasts a family trail and more than 4 km of walking trails for the enjoyment of nature lovers. Surrounded by a patchwork of vales and agricultural land, Wotton is proud of its French-Canadian origins and its pioneers who were the first landowners free from the seigniorial system of Lower Canada.

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Wotton was named in for a village in Surrey, England. Consult cantonsdelest. Information touristique permanent Seasonal tourist Information saisonnier information touristique office. Hailing from rural regions of England, the Scottish Isles, and the northern United States, the few families that settled in Bury beginning in left their mark on this community with a large proportion of Anglophones. The Pen-Y-Bryn golf course, one of the oldest in North America, built by the Pope family in and opened to the public in , welcomes golfers seeking a unique golfing experience in a country setting.

The town celebrates Canada Day in style with a colourful parade and many community activities. To reach the border community of Chartierville, take scenic Route South. Prior to its founding in by French-Canadian colonists from Saint-Hyacinthe, gold prospectors were already active on the Ditton River. After travelling another five kilometres towards the border, visitors will arrive at an interpretation kiosk to learn about and experience the magnetic hill phenomenon.

A little higher up on the road, a rest area provides an impressive view of the region. Parking, picnic tables, and dry toilets are available to visitors. Schedule: July to September. Dudswell is known for its exceptional natural environment and its pastoral settings. This location features attractions such as its hiking trails and beautiful Silver and Mirror lakes. Sought after by many for its tranquillity, the area has been preserved and its assets highlighted. Rich in expertise, here we find a dynamic and diverse cultural offering.

Shows, a heritage circuit, exhibitions, and events are among the gems to be discovered. Make sure you meet our many artists and artisans. This is a lively milieu with services and an engaging community nearby where one can live simply. Come visit us and we will introduce you to the authenticity of this unique rural village. A fascinating exhibition of miniature wooden sculptures. The municipality drew its name from Captain Jack Cook, the first colonist to acquire land here in Architectural gems remain and still reflect the significant economic boom that this area experienced.

This grand residence has been converted into a medical clinic in Cookshire. Located at the western end of the municipality, the Johnville Bog and Forest Park features boardwalk trails in an ecosystem that is remarkably diverse. East Angus Featuring 2, varieties of perennials, the Jardins Vivaces de Fernand are worth a stop. Why not plan a picnic here? In the heart of the village, the rest area next to the municipal park is a pleasant place to stop. The world-famous Guitabec factory manufactures top-of-the-line guitars, in high demand by musicians from Quebec and around the globe.

Concerts de la Gare presents free outdoor concerts every Thursday in July and August. Schedule: Year-round, closed Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and statutory holidays. Nestled at the foot of Mount Megantic, visitors are encouraged to experience its rich heritage through various activities such as enjoying the fare in a Scottish tea room, touring heritage houses and gardens, and visiting a countryside bistro that serves meals with Scottish flavours. Located between Sherbrooke and Thetford Mines, Weedon is a Village-relais blessed with a luxurious natural landscape, as well as lakes Aylmer and Louise and the Salmon and St.

Francis rivers. The Parc du Vieux Moulin has a picnic area and a walking trail with interpretation panels. Nine painted scenes on adjoining walls in the village, near the railroad tracks. Walking trails and park. Picnic area. Schedule: May to November. The Megantic region attracts visitors not only out of curiosity and a calling to return to personal heritage sites, but especially to enjoy its amazing setting. Authentic villages will welcome you after a not-to-bemissed stop at the only Quebec provincial park with an astronomical observatory open to the public.

Along Summit Drive is Lac-Drolet, a peaceful village with an impressive industrial zone, the site of 10 or so businesses in the wood, granite, clothing and boot manufacturing, steel structure, and welding sectors. In the centre of the village, Saint-Samuel Church , built using local granite, has been designated a historic monument, which is also the case for the old rectory. This interpretation centre is worth the stop for its activities, exceptional view, and trails, including one on Mount Morne that leads to an observation tower featuring a degree panoramic view.

The village centre perched on a high plateau at a metre altitude dominates the environs. All along the 4-km path ending near Mount Dostie, walkers are guided by the artwork and written words of children from the Audet school. The Parc riverain Sachs-Mercier features a boat launch for easy access to the lake. Frontenac is fortunate to also have another large body of water, Spider Lake, where swimming and nautical activities are permitted. A magnificent golf course facing the Hautes-Appalaches observation tower is strategically located where visitors can take in the view.

The discovery in of fluted spear points typical of the late Paleoindian period thrust Frontenac to the forefront of Quebec archaeology. Digs have confirmed that Aboriginal hunters from the western United States were in the region at the end of the last glacial period, more than 10, years ago. The Baie-des-Sables recreation and tourism complex features, in addition to its beach and water sports, a tree-to-tree aerial course near its campsites.

The many restaurants, boutiques, and accommodation establishments will enhance your stay. The abundance of snow in winter makes this area ideal for cross-country skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Aerial adventure park with 68 different obstacles. One course specifically designed for children aged 7 and up, and three courses for teenagers and adults. Onsite: Garden sculptures, walking trails, panoramic views, souvenir shop.

  1. By Daniel Lesueur & Dominic Durand.
  2. Dresser Son Chien (tout seul) ! (French Edition);
  3. Attirez largent grâce à la loi de lattraction (French Edition)?
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  6. Gerard Margeon.
  7. Guillaume de Machaut, The Boethian Poems: Le Confort d'Ami!

Schedule: Early June to Thanksgiving. Greeters plan personalized tours, for individuals and groups of six maximum. For bus groups or visitors keen on a walking tour. Interpretation of the tragic train crash of July 6, Station touristique Baie-des-Sables. In the winter: Downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

In , a great fire destroyed the first church, rectory, convent, and 32 homes in the village. Saint-Vital Church, a majestic cathedral-style temple built between and , as well as the former rectory, which now houses a tourist office and an art gallery, sit proudly in the centre of the village with a spectacular view of Lake St. Francis below. The nearby Parc National de Frontenac and the lakeside municipal park are ideal locations for outdoor activities, water sports, cultural activities, and camping, and offer tourist accommodations.

An interpretation area focuses on the Summit Drive. Guided tours available. Schedule: June 24 to Labour Day. At an altitude of metres, Notre-Dame-des-Bois is one of the highest villages in Quebec. Discover these mountains as you come up close and personal with them on the breathtaking Sentiers frontaliers trails along the border. Take this opportunity to extend your stay in one of the numerous inns, tourist cottages, or campgrounds. Then, follow one of the most beautiful parts of Summit Drive and stop at the lookout to admire the breathtaking scenery. Victoria Bay has a marina to welcome boaters.

Reservations required. Schedule: MidMay to mid-October.

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A charming little waterfront village, Piopolis, which has Coeur villageois designation, was founded in on the western shore of Lake Megantic by Papal Zouaves as a reward for their loyalty to the papacy. The breathtaking vistas are worth the detour on Rang des Grenier and Des Pionniers roads. A network of hiking trails winding through forests and along the river provides additional activity options. Association touristique et culturelle de Piopolis. Schedule: June 20 to Septembre 2.

Founded circa in the push for Francophone colonization, Saint-Augustin-de-Woburn is located south of Lake Megantic at the base of Mount Gosford, the highest summit in southern Quebec at m in altitude. A forestry village near the U. The Sentiers frontaliers, a km-long walking trail network, part of which runs along the U. The Summit Drive rest stop at the crossroads of routes and is worth a stop with its intriguing horizontal sundial.

Subsequent to its settlement by Beauce colonists in , the municipality of Saint-Robert-Bellarmin was renamed in after Italian bishop Robert Bellarmino. Located at the far limits of the Estrie region, a wind farm with 40 wind turbines metres in height has been in operation since September Crossed by the Summit Drive, the small village of Saint-Romain is known for its Maison Familiale Rurale, with its unique work-study co-op approach for high school students extending outside the walls of the classroom.

Francis, and the Saint-Romain controlled harvesting zone, the municipality is an outdoor activity destination that is expanding with its fishing, hunting, and hiking activities. Teepee and cabin accommodations await vacationers. This is the provincial and national granite capital, as evidenced by the neoclassical church built in and the presence of its industries well integrated into the landscape. Stornoway, whose church steeple can be seen at the top of a hill, is well-situated at the crossroads of routes and , a natural junction now designated a Village-Relais designation that the town or village provides essential roadside services as well as a safe and attractive place to stop.

Its name was chosen by its Scottish founders for the main town on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Three cemeteries serve as the final resting places of the first pioneers and a monument that faces the church recalls the history of the founding families. On Route , along the banks of the Legendre River, a former flour mill is a tangible sign of the arrival of French Canadians. Stratford was founded in on fertile land featuring five lakes and Mount Aylmer. It was named after renowned English playwright William Shakespeare.

Visitors may enjoy various watersports on the lakes, including sailing and kayaking among. A visit would not be complete without a visit to one of the local market garden producers. In , during their first land-clearing efforts, the settlers built a sanctuary on the peak of Mount Saint-Joseph, at an altitude of 1, m, to ask for protection against the harsh climate that prevailed in the region. The chapel, overlooking the Appalachian Mountains, offers a panoramic view of the bordering mountains and Lake Megantic.

A blend of music, great food, and the outdoors to give spring in Sherbrooke a musical air. More than free musical performances. More than 75 agricultural, wine, and cider artisanal producers and processors will greet you in the heart of the village during this festival highlighting local products. New talent will emerge at the Printanier de Bromont! Location: Sherbrooke University.

Jazz Week presents concerts every night of the week with guest artists and our adult students. Consult our website for the program. June , C June 8, Fishing Festival. Activities for the entire family. Activities: flea market, trade show, aircraft exhibition, talks. June , Bromont International Driving.

Arts tour in Sherbrooke: Artists welcome you into their studios and exhibition spaces. Group exhibition at the Centre Culturel Pierre-Gobeil. Vernissage on June 27, 5 to 7 p. Everyone welcome. The biggest extreme triathlon in North America! Three Ironman competitions in a wilderness setting. Its rich artistic program features more than 70 events throughout the summer. July , C A variety of themes.

July , Soif de Musique. More than 30 blues and folk performances, most of which are free, presented in downtown Sherbrooke on Wellington St. A carnival-like festival featuring musicians, acrobats, burlesque performers, skateboarders, wrestlers, and dancers. Free admission for children. Camping onsite. Celebration of astronomy in Quebec: stargazing through a 1.

The perfect opportunity to chat with winemakers. Orford Musique Festival. July , Symposium de peinture de Lambton. This free event welcomes more than visitors every year. A great cultural experience! Featuring 30 musical performances, artists from Quebec and the international scene, and activities for the entire family. Consult our website for more details.

July , Festival Country de Wotton. Free parking no services with purchase of a package. July and July 31 to August 4, B Giant flea market and auction of antique cars. July 26 to August 4, Couleurs Urbaines— the most colourful event in Granby! August dates to be confirmed B August , Coaticook Valley Fair. International Bromont.

August , B August , By reservation. Location: OTJ park. Visit this festive world village to discover the splendours of every continent through music, dance, food, and arts and crafts. Performances, readings, opportunities to meet the authors, activities, exhibitions. Letterwriting area. A celebration for everyone. The Stanstead County Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the country. Experience the appeal of this agricultural exhibition. Animal judging, demonstrations, shows, various exhibitors, music, dancing, and midway.

August , C Satiate your taste buds at the Place de la gourmandise. August , Music Festival at the Summits. An astronomy evening for the public: star gazing from the peak of Mont Hereford m. Onsite: observation with the naked eye, activities, and shuttle service. August 30 to September 2, Expo Brome Fair. Fourth year of the Music Festival at the Summits. Free admission. Saturday, from 10 a.

Connie-Dion Arena. Sample wines and local products, pick grapes with a winemaker, and take part in winetasting workshops. Danville Arts Symposium. Tour of five art galleries featuring professional artists, introductory workshops, street entertainment, free musical performances, and more. Hikers and rolling hills enthusiasts are invited to celebrate the summits over five consecutive weekends.

A celebration of local wine and other products on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. Gourmet presentations, musical performances, wine-tasting workshops, and lots more on offer. Traveling magicians, classes, shows, a film, and a gala are on the program of the Coaticook Magic Festival. Orford grandecoulee. Microbreweries, outdoor performances, and activities at the summit. September 13 to October 6, B Fall foliage event celebrating autumn colours! The natural and unique backdrop inspires a slew of activities that combine culture and seasonal pleasures.

September , Circuit Saveurs et Savoir-faire des Sources. A route leading visitors to free tours of local agribusinesses and arts and crafts studios in the Des Sources region, from 10 a. September Fun for the whole family. September , Activities for one and all: chairlift rides, guided hikes, activities for the whole family, and more. Chair lift to the summit, activities, and entertainment.

Mountain and music event where climbing the mountain ends with a musical break. From midSeptember to mid-October Activities, workshops, talks, exhibitors whose works feature migratory birds, nature, and Burbank Pond. October , Artists, entertainment, and activities for people of all ages! Pumpkin picking, pumpkin-decorating workshops under a tent, giant apple pie, pulled taffy. Visit our witch Orise and her pumpkins. October , La balade des clochers. The seven chosen sites offer various activities. Every Saturday. Shop for your holiday gifts in our tented village. Tastings, music, and shows.

Sherbrooke marchedelagare. The activities take place every weekend in December. December Brome Lake Festival of Lights. Relive Christmases of yesteryear at the Christmas markets. Original gifts, carolling, crafts, home cooking, magical encounters! Weekends only. Several departures. This event never fails to impress with its beauty and magic, charming children and adults alike.

Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre. Huge family celebration at Merry Point. A variety of activities for people of all ages. Activities on site for the whole family. Late February or early March Activities and entertainment for people of all ages. March Richmond St. Patrick is celebrated throughout the month of March! Join the party and soak up some of that traditional Irish spirit. April dates to be confirmed Sherbrooke Cinema Festival. Three days of intense competitions at the legendary Yvon-Duhamel track. Shows, activities, and festivities for the whole family. Experience movie-going differently through a diversified program of some films from near and far, along with 20 or so activities in various Sherbrooke locations.

Charming performance venue with seats and a varied program featuring well-known artists, tribute bands, and comedians. Reception hall packages available. Le Vieux Clocher de Magog. A summer theatre featuring unique plays, comedy, and musical performances! Dinner and accommodation packages available online or by phone. Consult our website or our Facebook page for information regarding our annual cultural program. A variety of events every week. Comedy, music, and variety shows. Visit our website for more information about our program. Granby Maison de la culture de Waterloo.

La Maison de la culture de Waterloo, the ultimate destination for your entertainment in the region. PHoto credit: Sarah Arseneault-Dumais. Small- and large-scale events, vintage setting, high-quality soundproofing, rental of lounges and halls. Shows, banquets, lectures, weddings, screenings, fashion shows, and more. Up to 1, places available, including banquet-style.

This intimate formula fosters close contact with the reading guide and professional performers. Program on our website. Schedule: Year-round, closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A wide selection of gifts, antiques, furniture, glassware, and dishware. As an artist and teacher, she can be found working onsite offering painting workshops as part of an unforgettable art-focused vacation.

Monday to Wednesday: by reservation. Pottery studio-boutique. Contemporary ceramics. High-quality decorative and functional pieces. Specialties: Raku and gas kiln. Granite garden sculptures by Michel Bornais. November to May, by reservation. Located in the heart of Stanstead, this art gallery overlooks the beautiful Tomifobia River.

The old blacksmith shop, restored into a seasonal gallery, features works by local and international artists. Schedule: June 14 to September 2, Thursday to Sunday. Built in , the Mansonville Round Barn is located in the heart of the village. This designated historic monument is currently under renovation and will soon be used to promote heritage and hold exhibitions.

Schedule: Reopening hoped to be in Summer Happiness through art. This gallery strives to present high-quality artwork by painters and sculptors from the local and international scene. Our mission is to spark emotion and a sense of wonder while revitalizing interest in the visual arts. Orford Musique. A sculpture garden and pavilions with evocative architecture are also featured on this enchanting site. An exceptional showcase of the artistic vitality of local professional artists.

Guided tours for groups. Minibus cultural tours describing the world of slate. Schedule: June 16 to September 7. Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre, Valcourt. Each year, 5 to 9 exhibitions are presented, providing a beautiful showcase of the visual arts. Free entry. Schedule: Year-round, closed Mondays in winter. Schedule: June 20 to September 2.

Approximately 15 professional shows per year. Eight exhibitions per year at the Espace Hortense art gallery. Schedule: April to December. Guided moonlit kayaking excursions, by reservation for groups of 10 or more people. Safe excursions of 12 or 15 km ideal for landscape lovers. Photo credit:. Explore the Missisquoi River Via its three flat-water routes. Guided moonlit excursions.

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  • Group packages. Shuttle service and boat rental. Camping available onsite, by reservation. Sherbrooke Corridor bleu. A pleasant way to be introduced to water sports and to discover the city from a unique vantage point! Francis River. Boat rentals, group packages, picnic area, two- to four-hour excursions by reservation. Plein air Sutton - MTB. Located in a century-old forest, the network includes 26 km of cross-country type trails, varying from family to difficult runs in double or single tracks. Parking, box office, skills park, rentals, and departure at Mount Sutton.

    We take care of lodging, coaching on the best circuits, and meals after excursions to offer you a memorable cycling experience. Bike rental available. Sale and rental: standard and electric bikes, equipment, clothing, and accessories. Tune-up, repair, adjustment, and restoration services.

    Coffee and food counter. Introductory course required. Durations of 30 min. Private cruise option also available. Bring your own snacks and drinks. A delightful excursion! Bring your own snacks and beverages. Maximum 12 passengers. Experience a luxury trip aboard the Grand Cru, cruising on the majestic waters of Lake Memphremagog in enjoyment, thanks to the impressive service, delicious culinary delights, and breathtaking landscapes.

    Boat rental available onsite. The abundance of speckled trout makes this an ideal setting for sport fishing. Pond fishing with equipment provided. BBQ onsite to cook your trout. Fishing licence not required. Guide onsite. Introduction to fly fishing in the river by reservation. A veritable hub of outdoor activities. Expansive green space with activities and services offered year round. Picnic areas, playgrounds for children, two beach volleyball courts.

    Boat launch and beach on site. Open year round. Marina Daniel Langlois Inc. Vie de Plein Air is an all-season outdoor activities centre specialized in sports equipment rental kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats, bicycles, etc. Located right next to the Cherry River and the cycling trail in the heart of Magog. Water sports equipment rental centre located on the MacPherson pier close to the observation tower Parc de le Pointe-Merry on Lake Memphremagog. A range of equipment available, such as kayaks, pedal boats for 2 or 4.

    Vie de Plein air. Motor sale and repair: Mercury, Mercruiser. Storage also available. Open 6 days a week. Closed on Mondays. Seasonal and daily rentals available. La Source. Come visit and you will be charmed by the site. Open from May to September. Lessons for sailing dinghy, catamaran, and windsurfing group or individual. Storage service available for catamarans, sailing dinghies, windsurf boards, canoes, and kayaks.

    Backbone Boulder offers sq. It features a bar with espressos, smoothies, and local microbrewery beers, as well as a terrace, a slackline park, and much more. Schedule: Consult the website. Located on the western side of Mount Brome, in the heart of the picturesque town of Bromont. Riding lessons, horse boarding and training, breaking services, pony club, group reservations.

    Aerial hebertism for adults and children. Courses are composed of game ropes, a climbing wall, zip lines, as well as a free fall simulator. Big thrills and fun experiences for everyone! Schedule: Mid-May to late October. Each pedal stroke will take you through the treetops, along a ravine, a small waterfall, and a cliff. Our approach is to work with the horse rather than to dominate it. We teach riders to communicate with their horse through body language. Summer camp for children ages 6 to Riding lessons. Schedule: May to October, by reservation.

    Baldwin Mount Pinacle and sentier des Moulins. A country spa with a talented team devoted to your every need. We specialize in massage and beauty treatment experiences. Facilities: indoor pool, Finnish sauna, outdoor hot tub. Seasonal fine dining and extensive wine list.

    Turkish baths, saunas, Nordic experience, Kneipp baths. Spa Confort. Massage therapy, hot stones, exfoliation, wraps, lymphatic drainage, paraffin treatments for hands and feet. Rejuvenating, moisturizing, and soothing facial treatments. Hydrating, purifying, and mineralizing body treatments, exfoliation, and body wraps. La Brume spa, Lac-Brome. Take a swim in the river at the foot of the waterfalls and enjoy riverside massages summer and winter under outdoor tents and in individual yurts.

    Open all year round. SPA Eastman. Under a sunshade or tent, professionals provide expert massages to individuals or couples using Bleu Lavande products. Massage therapy and body treatments. Spa Nordique Villegia Manoir des Sables. Healthy cuisine, accommodations, activities yoga, meditation, boot camp, conferences, cooking workshops, and more , outdoor hot tubs, saunas and hammam, Igloo shower, polar baths, pools, 15 km of trails, gym.

    Spa Nordic Station. Spa for the whole family, parents and children welcome! Body and beauty treatments; thermotherapy, orthotherapy, biorhythm balancing, organic lifts. Sauna, outdoor and indoor whirlpool baths, and pool. Thermotherapy centre featuring whirlpools, polar bath, and Finnish sauna. Massage therapy, body and beauty treatments, hair styling, tanning beds, bistro, and more. Massage, beauty treatments, bistro, and events. Its rustic architecture gives it a unique and welcoming character. Spa Nordic Station offers a wide variety of facilities over its numerous natural terraces.

    Its Russian banya, an Eastern Townships exclusivity, its steam crypt, Californian baths, Finnish saunas, cold plunges, secure river accesses and fireplaces lounges will provide you with the escape you desire. Discover its Nordic tradition, massages and body treatments; live a unique and authentic spa experience. It offers all-inclusive personalized packages. Located on a acre estate offering an amazing view of Mount-Orford, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, the site acts as a veritable vacation village.

    State of the art thermotherapy installations and a daily program of activities and workshops on wellbeing complete a large choice of massage therapy, body and beauty treatments. Its colorful, delicious, energizing menus are designed to please the most discerning palate. A true non-guilty pleasure! Throughout your stay, let yourself be carried away by the natural and endless symphony of the falls.

    Since 17 years, the Spa Bolton has been offering a warm atmosphere of simplicity. Feel at ease, like home. What to do? Thermal experience in complete nature with the polar baths, swimming in the river at the foot of the falls, outdoor thermal baths, Finnish dry saunas, eucalyptus steam bath, heated outdoor pool, hammocks by the river and relaxation area in heated yurts. What not to miss? Massage along the river in small individual yurts or under a tent in summer.

    Complement your stay with beauty cares and lodging packages at the Villa du Spa. The spa is open days a year and no need to book for spa access! Its cutting edge architecture and breathtaking site make it an outstanding destination.

    Eastern Townships Tourist Guide - by TourismeCantonsdelest - Issuu

    BALNEA cultivates the art of relaxation by inviting its guests to luxuriate in a one-of-kind experience: lose yourself to the masterful hands of our therapists. Beauty rituals and massages inspired from the four corners of the world, eclectic seating areas, Mediterranean-inspired Club beach, fine seasonal cuisine and extensive wine list, mountain hiking, yoga by a private lake; BALNEA reinvents the art of relaxation and well-being.

    Everything you need for a great winter day in Sherbrooke. Enjoy the wooded trails in a country setting while horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or on a sleigh ride. Two ecolodges and one rustic cabin are available for a most relaxing stay. Located in the heart of the City of Sherbrooke, Parc du Mont-Bellevue offers snow tubing with a lift. Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis. Ice skate, fatbike, snow scooter, snowshoeski, and snowshoe rentals.

    Guided tours by reservation. All-season sports equipment rental centre located on the ice trail and bike path fatbike. Go ice fishing in an enchanting setting. Charming wood-heated cabins accommodating 2 to 12 people with fishing equipment provided.