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MYTH halcyon 2. DR [contrat] aleatory 3. MATH random 6. MUS aleatory. Alexandre [al ks d ] npr Alexandre le Grand Alexander the Great. Alexandrie [al ks d i] npr Alexandria. HIST Alexandrian 2. Alexandrin, e nm, f Alexandrian. BOT esparto grass 2. Alfred [alf d] npr Alfred le Grand Alfred the Great. Alger [al e] npr Algiers. Algonkin, Algonquin [alg k ] npr m Algonquin les Algonkins the Algonquin.

DR building line. EXPR les aligner tfam [payer] to cough up, to fork out. DR [obligation] maintenance modif. Allah [ala] npr Allah. GOLF fairway. NAUT barge, lighter. HIST allegiance 2. NAUT handicap. SPORT [des skis] lifting the weight off the skis. Va chercher du pain.

Go and get some bread ou Go get some bread US. He went and got some paint. RELIG covenant. DR relation by marriage 3. FIN rider 4. SPORT reach avoir une bonne allonge to have a long reach. LING lengthening. I forgot to turn off the radio! AUTO ignition distributor 3.

La formation des aidants familiaux - France Alzheimer

SPORT [club] mountaineering modif , mountain-climbing modif ; [ski] downhill. Alsace-Lorraine This eastern part of France was the underlying cause of the longstanding conflict between Germany and France. Alsacien, enne nm, f Alsatian les Alsaciens the people of Alsace. LING alternance vocalique vowel gradation 4. AGR to rotate. ZOOL amande de mer queen scallop. SPORT [non professionnel] amateur 2. ZOOL Amazon parrot. Amazone [amazon] npr f 1. MYTH Amazon 2. Amazonien, enne nm, f Amazonian. LING ambiguity. Ambroise [ b waz] npr saint Ambroise Saint Ambrose. SPORT [record, score] to better, to improve on.

AGR improvable 3. AGR [incorporation] fertilizing, enrichment ; [substance] fertilizer. AGR to fertilize 3. JEUX to throw 9. Amenez-moi votre lle, je souhaite lui parler. Bring your daughter to me, I want to talk to her ou Bring me your daughter, I want to talk to her. Take his glasses to him ou Take him his glasses. When humans are direct objects When the direct object is a human or a live animal, the verbs to choose are: l amener Generally speaking, amener corresponds to the idea of bringing.

I took my best friend to visit India with me. I took my car to the mechanic. As the exemple above shows, in modern French the di erence between amener et emmener is gradually becoming less marked. With inanimate objects When the direct object is inanimate, the verbs to choose are: l apporter Generally speaking, apporter corresponds to the idea of bringing.

He would only take books to a desert island. Je suis parti sans rien emporter. I left without taking anything. Take the leeks into the kitchen! Remember that in written French this should be avoided.

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Amman [aman] npr Amman. AGR leasing 2. MIN sub-leasing. ARM gunpowder container. FOOT faire un amorti to trap the ball 2. ART cupid. ZOOL courtship and mating. Amour [amu ] npr m 1. Amphitryon [ fit ij ] npr Amphitryon. In the 1st and 2nd person plural of the imperfect indicative and the present subjunctive, there is an i after the y. When the sender is a woman. When the sender is a man. Used to show more respect. The following table shows the main opening and closing formulas used in French correspondence.

Nowadays, the rules governing opening and closing formulas are far more relaxed than they used to be, permitting different combinations from those given below. Lots of love All my love With all our love Formules plus affectueuses. Yours All the best Best wishes Formules plus neutres. Note that in informal and personal correspondence, the name and address of the sender are not given at the top of the letter. The signature is placed several lines below the final line of text, either in the middle or on the right-hand side of the page. See table of closing formulas.

Paragraphs can either be indented or level with the left-hand margin, irrespective of whether they are typed or handwritten. Note that the opening formula is always followed by a comma. Model layout of a letter to a friend or relative As always, there were a lot of last-minute complications, but we are now in Oxford and both looking forward to starting our new jobs. I would have called you but the telephone has not been connected yet and I m having problems with my mobile! Drop us a line when you have time. Notez que le nom ne figure pas. Remarquez que, dans les lettres manuscrites, chaque nouveau paragraphe commence en retrait.

Salvatore J. The name and address of the addressee are placed on the right-hand side, below those of the sender and above the date. It is customary to insert a comma between the house number and the name of the street, but this is not compulsory. It is common to give a brief summary of the contents of the letter above the opening formula. The wording of the opening formula is always repeated in the closing formula. Note that you should mention the document s enclosed. Paragraphs can be indented or level with the left-hand margin.

Note that the name of the addressee is never used in the opening formula of a formal or business letter. The name and address of the sender are placed at the top left-hand side of the page. There will be a total of sixty-eight participants, most of whom will be arriving on the Saturday morning.


As I mentioned on the phone, we would like to have a light lunch provided and a four-course meal in the evening. In addition we would appreciate coffee, tea and biscuits mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If you need to discuss any details, please do not hesitate to contact me. I enclose a list of the participants for your information.


Thanking you in advance. On prononce toutefois June the fourth ou the fourth of June. Remarquez que, dans une lettre non manuscrite, les paragraphes ne sont pas en retrait. Each line begins with a capital letter. In formal and business correspondence it is usually placed on the front in the top left-hand corner of the envelope. French postcodes consist of five numbers written without any spaces. The postcode is written before the name of the town or village which should be written in capital letters.

In business correspondence abbreviations of titles M. Note that the first name is always given in full, even in business correspondence. Avenue, Road, Street, etc. Par ailleurs, les adresses comportent parfois des virgules et un point final. During the working day, a break in the morning for co ee usually is une pause. Beer-drinking is more of a Northern and Eastern French tradition. Restaurants close between lunch and dinner, but in brasseries food is served throughout the day. Eating a sandwich at the desk is not a favoured way of eating. Schoolchildren usually eat in the cantine school canteen.

Post o ces open Monday to Saturday 12 noon, and banks Monday to Saturday till 5 p. These hours may vary depending where you are in the country the hotter the climate the longer the afternoon closure. Most high street bank branches have cash dispensers on the street or in a secured room accessible at any time. O ce hours tend to be a little less exible than in those countries, generally 8 till France has no bank holidays in the British sense, but many days formerly important for religious observance now count as holidays and may, if they fall close to a weekend, encourage employers to grant workers a long weekend or pont.

For residents Residents may live in a maison or a pavillon house or an appartement at or studio bedsit. The description F1, F2, F3, etc. Now that those residing in France use a computerised card la carte Vitale for their health expenditure, reimbursement is automatic. For EU visitors to France, it is still necessary to pay, but the EU form allows them to claim their money back once home. Non-European visitors need private insurance. A dispensaire, publicly or privately funded, practises social medicine free or at low cost to the patients.

EMERGENCY In case of emergency, if anywhere but in a large city, call the pompiers the re brigade, phone number 18 , who will deal with medical issues and take patients to les urgences the accident and emergency department at the nearest hospital. A magnetic card system operates for regular users le passe Navigo. Occasional travellers can buy tickets by the unit or books of tickets un carnet de tickets. Some types of tickets can be printed at home, while others can be collected from a machine on the station concourse.

Many types of passes and concessions are available. Cependant ces lignes servent surtout au transport de marchandises. To check that you have dialled the right number. Est-ce que je peux lui transmettre un message? Je lui demande de vous rappeler? Merci beaucoup. Au revoir, madame. Je vous le passe. Souhaitez-vous patienter ou rappeler plus tard? Est-ce que je peux prendre un message? Au revoir. Can I give her a message? Could you tell her that Fred rang?

Shall I ask her to ring you back? Could I speak to Tom, please? I think you must have the wrong number. Could I have extension , please? Ou : Could you put me through to extension , please? Linda speaking. How may I help you? Would you like to hold? Would you like to continue holding or would you like to call back later? Thank you for calling.

Poids et mesures anglo-saxons Longueur 1 inch in. Certes, mais. My name is Robert Green Bonjour! Au revoir, Mike! Bonne nuit, dors bien! Je vous souhaite un bon retour! UK Salut! Comment oses-tu me parler sur ce ton! Attends un peu que je l attrape! What a fantastic goal! What do you advise me to do? What would you do in my place? Can you come to the party? Would it be possible for you to lend me 10 euros? Will she be able to keep the secret? I accept your apology, but. Will you take a cheque? Did she say yes to your offer?

I m going to get angry! How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice! That s the limit! Do you want to know what I think? How old are you? He s old enough to be my father! Has the boss given his blessing to the project? Don t you believe it! I m so happy I want to shout it from the rooftops!

I m terribly sorry, but. I don t want any excuses! Excuse me, can I get past? Do you approve of the proposal? This calls for a celebration! I d like to make a toast! Let s open a bottle of wine to celebrate! Three cheers for Louis! Are you sure it was him? Whose gloves are these? Who does this book belong to? Are they in possession of the necessary documents? When do you take possession of your new house?

It s a tedious business collecting signatures! Ironing s such a chore! That s fair enough, but don t you think that…? Are you feeling confident? Could you tell me if the meeting is taking place? Are you quite sure he hasn t left yet? I owe you 20 euros, right? Am I right in thinking you re German? That s right! I told you so! Why don t you add some cream, you ll see how much better it ll taste! Do you have any complaints about the company? Stop complaining all the time! I want to see the manager! I want my money back! What is she moaning about now?

Stop whingeing or whining! Let s say you re right; why then didn t he say anything? Chin up! You ve got some cheek! Congratulations on your new job! Three cheers for Sarah! Well done! Happy birthday! Does it require you to explain, to debate, to support or to oppose? Make sure that your plan see points 4 and 5 ts the requirement. Brainstorm: nd 3 or 4 key phrases in the set question and write down ideas associated with each phrase. Then draw a diagram or an image representing your thoughts. Readaroundyourtopic: read with pen and paper to make clear notes as you go.

Read with a purpose: to enrich the writing that you are about to do.

Wikipédia:Le Bistro/décembre 2006

First read for the gist of the argument, then if the reading ts your purpose, read it again for detail. Go from the arguments you least support to those you most support. Choose a type of discourse: depending on point 1, choose the language of description check tenses and adverbs of space or time , debate use adverbs of cause and consequence or persuasion use declarative and modal verbs.

Write your conclusion: writing at least a draft version of this before the dissertation helps to keep you focused on the question. Include a a recapitulation of the arguments; b your position; c a widening out of the topic for future research. The body of the dissertation: carry out point 6 d , with your notes from points 2 and 3 in front of you. The key stages for writing a dissertation are as follows. En introduction on annonce sa position. Boucler son essay. Then look up from the page and ask yourself what its 2 or 3 essential points are.

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Write these down. The look of the text on the page can help you to home in on its salient ideas. It may have headers, subheaders and captions. It may have di erent sections. It almost certainly has paragraphs. Milos Unplugged pop folk - Awakening - Nouvel Help me create an application to geotag artist studios near your home and around the world.

Help us finance this short-film! Give Gabriel confidence to pass his audition! Peinture et partage pour les enfants tunisiens. Les Marionnettes de la Vie. Yes we can!!! Juste avant la compagnie se lance dans une adaptation contemporaine de Macbeth de Shakespeare! Notre projet a besoin de vous! Par avance, merci Take part in the making of my first album "Sadtimes" in limited edition digipack which will be mixed and mastered by Wasaru, New Album. Modern adaptation , cruel and artistic of the tale of the Little Mermaid of Andersen. Kid'Smile : le Salon de l'enfance et de l'anima American Bastard, le spectacle.

Fashion taking its time. Share of societal transitions initiatives for common benefit and community work around the world, by bike, during Ma P'tite Folie. Nous avons besoin de vos dons! L'aventure Photographique de Camille Dudoubs. Doorsfall - Nouvel EP. A camera dives into our toilets. Help us produce a film about one of our last big taboos Soutenez un lieu de Wants to be Dope everywhere, everytimes? New Urban Street Wear! Convergences Festival. Equipage Mezcal - 4L Trophy I wanna be a photojournalist. Financement du site Internet d'Ah Oui Services.

BandstracK is a brand new type of professional recording studio, extremely versatile, movable, and accessible to anyo BandstracK Recordings. Le Printemps des Photographes. Board and card games. Table Tactile ABoireOu. Association Team Jump. Starminouch : un conte musical pour enfants ma Nouvelle composition pour hautbois solo. Un tableau sur le toit. One Minute of minute of Dance a Day will turn one years old in January Please help finance the series of proje Une minute de danse par jour.

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Album "Nakan" de Bachir Sanogo. And I didn't even have the bac A profession in which it is difficult to go back without studies and without diploma. He is counting on the school of the second chance to help him to see more clear in the possibilities that are offered to him.

I told my coach that at home I was mixing, and she said to me, " you could make her! He's at his third internship. Others resume studies to be able to rely on a recognized diploma, like Lionel, who apply to the infa National Institute of training and application to learn to be a sound technician. Christelle, she's going to integrate a cap hairstyle. Only a small proportion seeks directly to return to the labour market after school.

They are 35 farmers or alsatian peasants who have asked the question. The answer was simple Peasant initiatives to go beyond the great distribution have been multiplying lately. In the image of the 35 farmers of the grand-East who have gathered to buy a large surface in colmar, to sell their products directly from the producer to the consumer.

The Initiator of the project, which represents the collective of the 35 peasants is denis digel. This point of sale is a way to offer other products, to enhance the ancestral know-how of producers, those whose large distribution does not want "where everything is calibrated and standardized", says the vegetable. Himself Cultivates 35 kinds of tomatoes, "but supermarkets only take me two kinds".

Farmers are located less than 40 km from the store. Regarding the economic model of the store, there still the mode of operation is different from that of the great distribution. Producers are thus responsible for their products against consumers and they are the ones who set the prices. Peasants also hold hotlines, two half days a month minimum. A presence appreciated by consumers who see it thus a way to have total transparency on what they buy. Comment faire pour vendre sa production directement aux consommateurs? In two hours of darkness and silence, this supermarket helps its autistic customers.

What if we dived supermarkets in the dark? The idea may seem crazy but, in truth, it is simply awesome. At the super u of thourotte Oise , every Tuesday from 13 am to 15 pm, the lights of the store are gone and all noises are reduced to their minimum. Objective: to adapt to people with autism or cognitive disorders and allow them to do their races in the best possible conditions.

Light on a golden idea. The information is relayed by an article of the parisian dated June 4, David and Nadia Blaise, the managers of the supermarket, decided to take this new habit on the advice of an association called blue hatching. The idea is to bring the maximum of serenity to the users who need it. Of course, the refrigerated window displays are always lit. We're not in the complete dark, there's a lot of openings and natural light. Everyone wins, especially the parents of autistic children who now can finally make their family races rather than go separately.

And then, as the parisian highlights, even the non-concerned customers seem to find their account and appreciate " the more serene, more soothed atmosphere. Everything that is in sum of "harmful" gender stereotypes will now be forbidden. Banning harmful stereotypes This decision announced at the end of by the committee in charge of the practices in advertising the committees of advertising practice , equivalent to our higher council of the audiovisual CSA , has just come into force in the United Kingdom.

A ban that will affect everything that is about " harmful " gender stereotypes, due to their ability to " limit the potential of people ". This change is following a review of gender stereotypes in ads ordered by the advertising standards authority ASA , the organization that administers the UK advertising codes. It came out of this study that " harmful stereotypes can restrict the choices, aspirations and opportunities of children, teenagers and adults " and that these stereotypes can be " Reinforced by some ads, which play a role in the inequality of the Results between men and women.

No widespread censorship But that we are reassuring, it does not assume to make all the ads neutral. Ella Smillie, the committee's strategy expert who put this new regulations in place, said to the BBC: " nothing is opposed to what ads can present people playing gender roles. This is a problem on the other hand if, in this representation, it is suggested that such an activity can only be realized by one genre and not the other.

So, for example, if you show a woman in the process of cleaning up, we don't see any objection. But if advertising presents a man who puts the house sens on it then leaves his wife the care of cleaning behind him, suggesting clearly that she is the only person to know does that, there is a problem. For sure, advertising is going to have to dig more brain to offer spots that speak to everyone Monday's innovation: Zoessentiels, a boost for the zero waste shop " I don't have time how many times have you heard this affirmation when it comes to switching to zero waste?

This online shop would put at your disposal the essential alternatives to consume responsible for daily life: Box and kits zero waste turnkey, designed to facilitate The change. My life changed in at the birth of my first daughter. I'm turning my 31 years old, bride, 1 Child: a very classic pattern.

Following the reading of a personal development book that also treated ecology, I "open my eyes" on my way of consuming. I have been careful to pay attention to the waste we are working on, but also to the waste found on the roads and paths that we will make every day. Until then, I was passing in front of total indifference. And one shot, I started to see waste everywhere! I started my marathon on the internet to find alternatives to consume differently: make my household products, do my shopping, wash me, make me makeup, dress, etc Looking forward to nature, I took my time because I am convinced that this is the key to get there: move forward, to go towards a zero waste approach.

Seeing the time it took me, I thought you had to be extremely motivated to get there and that there was a way to facilitate things to allow people to have directly the right recipe and the right product. At the end of my maternity leave, so i left everything to get started in this new adventure. I had no precise idea for my project but I didn't see myself taking back my work and my life as before.

Something had changed in me and in my way of seeing life. When I started my approach, I was very soon annoyed to have to order on several different sites, I would have liked to find everything in the same place. Without knowing it at this time, zoessentiels was born. It means "life" in Greek. And "Essentials" brings together two ideas: to regroup on a site all the necessary products, and also refocus on the essential to live in a changing society.

The idea is to prove that it is possible to consume differently while living like everyone else. We represent a French Lambda family with two children in the low age. We are not perfect, we make "gaps", make mistakes but we move forward and try to do better every day. We are not forced to be perfect and to all arrive to "a jar of waste of household waste" per year. If we get to be, in France, millions of imperfect people who try to make the maximum every day, it will be enough.

From this observation comes my motto: "it's not because we can't do everything that we don't have to do anything". On Zoessentiels, you can find no less than references, and I'm constantly looking for new alternatives to save you time and money while consuming responsibly and ethical. Almost all of the products on the site are tested by all or part of the family before being online. In order to minimize my carbon footprint, I use cards and papers that I recover from merchants, I book by bike when it is possible, I use recyclable Kraft Paper and I will soon use vegetable ink.

I wish to show that consuming differently does not mean to exclude from society. It is simply refuse to refuse consumption by systematically reflecting before each purchase: do I need it? Can I find it as a second-hand? Where is it made? Is this object going to make me happy? And lots of other questions again. Voici ZoEssentiels.

The Women Rangers of Akashinga "the brave" in shona language are having their breakfast. Damien Mander, a former Australian soldier who founded in this exclusively feminine anti-poaching unit, informs them of the planned descents. The neighbourhood of humans and animals sometimes leads to conflicts, such as the one that has to deal with today vimbai kumire. The Ranger is spawning a path through an angry crowd. Ten injured men are slowly moving forward.

One has a bandage on the cheek; another one, the arm surrounded by blood-Stained Cotton. The other eight present scratches and perforations. They were agglutinate around her: according to them, a leopard attacked them. But responsible for the protection of nature have recovered the corpse of the animal and accused men of having committed wrongdoing, exacerbating the anger of the crowd.

Given the superficial character of the wounds, the ranger doubts the version of the injured.

Observing the Number of Children with EU-SILC: A Quantification of Biases

Killing Wild animals without permission is a crime. But the skin, teeth, claws and bones of the leopard - worth hundreds of euros on the black market - represent a month of salary in Zimbabwe, where the economy is exhausted. The Corpse of the leopard shelter and the events surrounding its duly recorded death, the work of the unit is now to remember its role: facilitate coexistence between inhabitants and fauna.

Women Rangers then embark on wounded men in their truck to drive them to the local clinic. Back to the camp for the meal. The whole unit follows a vegan diet, imposed by Damien Mander to avoid cruelty to animals and promote a sustainable diet. From the creation of akashinga, he appealed to Nicola kagoro - known as "Cheffe Cola" - in order to establish plant-based nutritious dishes. At Midnight, the unit still has to go to a man suspected of owning an non-declared rifle that used to kill wild animals and at the home of an alleged poacher trying to sell a leopard skin. Damien Mander if himself into a truck in the enclosure of the first suspect and brakes abruptly.

Rangers jump on the ground. The man let them enter home, where they discover dried skins of duiker, a species of small antelope. The suspect is handcuffed and loaded in the truck. The Rangers have been up for almost twenty-four hours, but the leopard skin seller is still on the loose. Before returning to their base, they will stop the man.

The next night, they were killing an alleged elephant killer. In the meanwhile, they will have removed poachers traps. These results tend to prove to Damien Mander that his intuition was the right one: " women like this can change everything. Au Zimbabwe, ces femmes s'unissent contre le braconnage. Money, a lot of money, for mental health, for poor children, for the prevention of family violence, for hospitals and for trains She then provoked admiration to have, less than a month later, has adopted a new legislation banning semi-automatic weapons in New Zealand.

Labour has once again created the event these days with its budget project, whose public television aging resumes large extracts. We are not only about the raw interior product, but also on the rise of the well-being of our people, to the protection of the environment and to the strengthening of our communities. The ditch between speeches and reality, those who have everything and those who have nothing, between the elites and the people, made the bed of populists all over the planet.