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Groups are starting to form arguing that we need to have a long, hard think about whether or not this is something we actually want. Some writers have questioned what the rights of robots will be in the future. For example, will robots and humans be able to marry?

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As their name suggests, the group wants to ban robots built to serve humans sexually and to halt their development. Their opposition is based on how they think sex-bots are likely to impact upon human society and existing power balances.

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They think that sex robots will only further objectify women, further reinforcing gender inequalities. This argument is obviously premised on the assumption that the majority of action will be taking place between male humans and female robots. Opposition groups argue that we need to assume human-robot sex will follow the patterns of the sex industry in which the majority of transactional sex workers are female and punters, male.

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It is kind of striking that True Companion is already turning out it female models but still working on its male release, Rocky. Buyers are offered a selection of personalities to choose from for their True Companion robot and these are pretty telling. At the same time though, companies market their sex-bots by claiming sex is juts a small part of their offering. Buyers of Roxxxy are expected to spend time socialising with the dolls.

Some writers have argued that men having sex with robots is the mere equivalent of women using vibrators.

But the thing is, as far as I know, no-one is attempting to socialise with their rabbit. Amarnath Yatra has caused trouble in daily lives of locals: Mehbooba Mufti.

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Daniel Vettori: New Zealand have no time to waste in semi-final against India. Now get mobile connection, open bank account without Aadhaar as Rajya Sabha passes Bill.

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