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I gave them worldwide rights in Spanish. They will translate the book to Spanish and I'll proofread the translation. I sent them the text file, covers, and illustrations 30 MB of files. Still discussing with the publisher in China. We're close. I expect to have an agreement by the end of July. Preparing the campaign to reach influencers.

I made a list of 54 influences in content marketing. I'll send an email to each one, along with a copy of the book. Guess which one got shut down? In a month, I'll have final KPIs.

A few minor errors in the text. These will be fixed and pushed out as a free upgrade to the digital book. Many bugs in the layout. This was fixed, along with a few layout issues. A new file was posted to Amazon, which was automatically pushed out to everyone. Cool, no? That was quick! The book reached the 2 spot at Amazon's Best Seller list. Updating the web pages.

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Added the interviews. All of these have tracking codes to track KPIs, incl. Constant flow of emails back and forth with team in Paris. Marianne McGlynn's site at Moxymarketing. Content freeze. No more changes to the book or cover, not even if we misspell the Dalia Lama's name. We're producing the layout files with inDesign and making tests at Amazon for both print and Kindle, plus Kobo, etc. The illustrations were finalized this morning. Minor tweaks and corrections. There is still strong debate around the cover. We have different versions in different colors. That will be decided in the next few days and we start print production.

Setting up email list MailChimp and marketing automation LoopFuse. Go ahead and sign up. Sign up for my free newsletter.

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Finished the second draft. Sent the document to editors for line edits. The deadline was noon today; Sent it at am. On time. Sprinted for the last seven days. Now a sandwich, a shower, and two meetings. Reviewers sent back manuscripts. This ranged from a few pages of notes to extensive edits and suggestions throughout the entire document.

Talked with people at large corps about their content marketing strategy. Finished the first draft. Sent it to 18 people for deep review and comments. When that comes back deadline: Feb 22 , I'll incorporate their comments and changes to finalize the second draft. It then goes March 15th to editing. Layout and production by March Editing will be done by students in editing at UC Berkeley Extension. Release on April 2nd, Here's a draft of the design for the cover. On Tuesday, I'll present a draft of the book to friends in marketing. Wednesday, another presentation to a startup.

On Thursday, I'm meeting with a friend who has a Ph. It's a very good question why Google hasn't figured this out. I'm also bringing an intern aboard to help with research. And I may have a publisher lined up for Europe. Busy week. If you deal with marketing and you're in Silicon Valley, talk with me.

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Finished the TOC. Preparing the first of the public presentations for January 8th. Over the last three weeks, I've presented pretty much every two or three days to friends who are at startups or companies. They give me feedback, which improves the presentations and my understanding of the content. Tracking and Metrics are the key issues. The companies most-likely-to-succeed are the companies that use data-driven decision making. Studies show these companies have higher revenues and profits. As investors realize this, they will move their focus to these companies. The days of " marketing is an mysterious art " are over.

Spent the last four days to test tracking across all channels, incl. This includes tracking of pages, links, clicks on a page events , registrations, leads, conversions, banner ads, PDFs, Powerpoints, press releases, emails, and so on. I can track traffic and results in all of these in analytics now. I'm building spreadsheets to tie metrics into an overview to display top-line and bottom-line KPIs. I'm realizing that the focus of the book is the opening, where I show how CM can bypass the current model of advertising, and the last two chapters on tracking and metrics.

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I had lunch with SinoMedia, a major publisher in China. They will publish the Chinese edition of the book. Made many changes to andreas. If the book will be about content marketing, perhaps I should actually use content marketing myself? I also looked at the websites for the books, the authors' site, and the authors' blogs and Twitter accounts. Oddly enough, very few of them use content marketing themselves. They wrote a book about it, but they don't use it for their own books. Lunch with a publisher to discuss another book.

Pehaps a book around social media or similar. I'll post updates at the Resources page, my blog. You can also subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter. Get a Free Kindle App How to read the digital book? Contact Email me at andreas andreas. About Me See more about Andreas. Manager, Solutions Product Marketing, Polycom "Looking for the what, how, and why of content marketing - or customer-centric marketing as the author would have it - then look no further. Web 1. Web 2. Content marketing is built on these changes. The Basics of Marketing : How content marketing fits into the larger framework of marketing.

To create good content, you first prepare the groundwork with business goals, branding, messaging, audience and the sales funnel. Creating Your Content : Content marketing is a collection of people, strategies, and tactics. We'll go through all of these to see how they are assembled together so you can choose the parts that work for you.

What is the relation between your website, the content, the distribution sites, and your audience? Let's look at hub-and-spoke and the content engine. What's wrong with the hub-and-spoke model? Where's your audience? This chapter outlines the use of content marketing for influencer marketing. The rise of Web 2. This means if you create very good content, it'll be distributed on its own. Advertising's Role in Content Marketing : Advertising has its place as a tactic in a content marketing strategy.

You can use advertising to rapidly create awareness and drive traffic to a new product or service. This chapter shows you how to use PPC as part of content marketing. Unbounce created a great infographic that sums up all kinds of online marketing in one neat chart. Image source: Unbounce. Okay, that said, what other digital marketing is there?

Here are the 4 big categories of digital offline marketing. This is a form of marketing that is entirely offline, but enhanced with electronic devices. For example, if your restaurant uses iPads for your customers to create their orders on, then the offline experience of say, eating Thai food, is enhanced with this electronic device. Image source: San Diego Tribune.

The next time you hear an annoying, over-enthusiastic car dealer shout every word of his or her commercial, thank Mr. TV ads have been around for more than half a century and since also in color, nationwide — Yes, there was a time before color TV. Finally, the biggest and fastest growing area of offline marketing, with admittedly also a lot of flops, busts and failures: phone marketing. Image source: Adweek. If you have a billboard at all, you win.

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But, in Times Square, attention is probably more valuable than anywhere else in the world. Over , people cross through it each day. Some of them are even interactive, showing live feeds of the people on the square or pictures of customers. Sounds expensive? Wait until you hear the prices for Super Bowl commercials.

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What do you see when you walk into an Apple Store these days? If you have any type of electronic product, any product demo is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. If you remember this, you can consider yourself an extremely lucky kid:. Image source: Emuparadise. It was the same with PC magazines.

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A little different than a demo, these are product samples in digital format. People still do this. Think of all the wannabe rappers or rockers in your hometown, handing out mix tapes and CDs and now probably USB sticks, to get you to listen to their music. Over years have passed since that original first live broadcast of the opera performance at the Met and guess what — radio is still here. And, even old school radio still matters. Some facts :. Recently, internet radio made a good move, doing what most podcasts do: advertise at the beginning of shows.

Since social media is the marketing darling these days, it should be fairly easy to find a local radio station , get on a show, be interviewed or negotiate a deal with them. In most cases, doing well on radio means being entertaining. Cadillac and Dairy Queen are two brands that come up with solid radio commercials on a consistent basis. You can listen to some examples here. Who wants to watch a crappy MTV show host review a game that they have no clue about, when they can join 40 million subscribers! So, why are TV commercials nearly worthless, when the average American still watches 4 hours of TV each day?

TV ads are unspecific. We record it and we fast forward through all of the commercials. You could see a hemorrhoid cream commercial, followed by an Oreo ad and a burger spot, all while being overweight, diabetic and 22 years old. Such a person would be a horrible target to be viewing these ads. Ho still sells a few of his de-compression belts , is TV advertising dead? Remember I mentioned that renting a billboard in Times Square, for a year, will set you back a million? Thanks to their cross-pollinating effect, the often viral and memorable commercials still pay for themselves.

Super Bowl commercials have the highest retention rate, as this infographic shows. TV, in the form as we know it, is going to die and will make way for the more custom-tailored experiences we are already getting used to. Mobile marketing is here , and, in , the amount spent on mobile ads will first exceed the amount spent on desktop ads.

In , there will be as much money spent on mobile ads as there is now spent on TV advertising. There are 2 apps that are grossly underestimated, yet they are on every phone, smart or not:. Cold calling is the act of calling a person with no prior contact and trying to sell them something. Online or offline, a text message is almost a guaranteed read.

While the MMS obviously tanked after the web became available and mobile data usage costs so little, texts are still a good way to reach people and bring value in characters or less. While you should definitely get permission first , for example, in the form of having your customers text a certain word to a phone number, there are several providers that offer text marketing at scale.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage text message marketing:.

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Image source: Tatango. Special deals, coupons and discounts are a great way for restaurants to get additional customers and turn walk-ins into regulars. You can see more examples of successful restaurant text messaging campaigns here. DVD rental service, Red Box, pulled off a successful campaign as well. Using text reminders as customer service can also enhance your mobile marketing, like Walmart does. They alert customers when their prescription is ready for pickup. Another option is to create a loyalty program, where your customers can trade points collected in an app or when paying via their phone.

Source: Facebook. However, there is one area of mobile marketing that you should probably avoid: QR codes. Sample QR code via Wikipedia.