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Whether your cat wants to sleep, scratch, or play the Vesper Cat Condo Tower makes it happen. This cat tree also features a hanging cat toy and its sturdy design makes it ideal for multi-cat households. Pros : Made from premium materials, elegant and modern design, three levels of elevation, enclosed cat condo, soft memory foam cushions, hanging cat toy, posts wrapped in sisal rope, sturdy construction. Cons : Wood surfaces may not withstand heavy scratching, somewhat expensive. This cat tree stands a whopping 72 inches tall, so it takes up a good deal of space, but it also offers your cat five levels of elevation with two cat condos and four platforms.

Durably constructed, this sturdy cat tower is ideal for multi-cat homes and it is surprisingly affordable for the size. All vertical posts are wrapped in sisal rope to encourage scratching and the other surfaces are covered in a plus carpeted material for comfort. Pros : Stands 72 inches tall, five levels of elevation, two cat condos, four platforms, durable and sturdy construction, hanging rope toys, posts wrapped in sisal, great for multiple cats. Cons : Takes up a significant amount of space, carpeted surfaces may not withstand heavy scratching.

Cats are notoriously fickle. They often get more enjoyment out of the box their new toy came in than from the toy itself. As a cat owner, this can be very frustrating, but you find a way to deal with it.

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Keep reading to learn more about the different types of cat tree and what to look for when shopping for a cat tree. A cat tree is not actually a tree, though some of them look like it. It is a piece of furniture that consists of climbing stacks, hideaways, scratching surfaces, and other options for enrichment for your cat. A cat tree provides your cat with a place to perch, a place to sleep, and a place to play. One of the main benefits of a cat tree is that it encourages your cat to be more active which helps keep him at a healthy weight.

Obesity is a very real health concern as much for cats as it is for people, so keeping your cat active is very important. Climbing, scratching, and playing with toys are great ways for your cat to burn calories on a daily basis. Another benefit of having a cat tree is that it can help keep the peace in a multi-cat home. Having a cat tree can also provide your cat with a place to hide or a quiet place to rest that is entirely his own. Cat trees are as unique as cats. Before you head out to the pet store or go online to start shopping for cat trees, you should know a little bit about what to expect.

Here are some of the different types of cat trees you might encounter:. Cat Condos — A cat condo is a tall, multi-level structure with multiple enclosures for cats to rest — it is a great option for households with multiple cats.

The best budget cat tree

Cat Posts — This type of cat tree consists of a platform elevated off the ground — your cat can climb the post for a better view or your can place his bed on top of it. Themed Cat Trees — Some cat trees are designed with a fun theme such as a castle. When shopping for a cat tree, you need to think about both the functional and practical aspects. Not only should you know about the different types of cat trees but know that there are also different features that come with them. These features are what make each cat tree unique, so think about what you think your cat would like when making your decision.

Here is a list of the different features you might see on a cat tree:. Multiple Levels — Having multiple levels gives your cat more opportunities to move and stay active — it can also provide places for different cats to claim their own territory. In addition to considering the features a cat tree has to offer, there are some other factors to consider. Think about these things when shopping for a cat tree:. If you have a dog in the home, chances are your cat will also like having a cat tree as a space to get up and away from the canine.

As they are natural climbers, most cats will appreciate having a cat tree to climb regardless if there are other pets in the home. A cat tree should provide your pet with multiple levels to climb and perch from, plenty of scratching surface, and even a fun toy to swat at.

A cat tree is a piece of furniture that allows cats to climb and perch upon it. Like anything new, your cat may be hesitant to approach or accept their new cat tree. But, with a little patience, and a lot of treats, you can teach her to love her new plaything. The cat tree should be placed in an area your feline spends most of its time. There are so many different types of cat trees available today, everything from modern to tall to small, and even those that look like real trees.

There are even cat trees that can be used outdoors! Which one you choose for your pet will depend on a few factors. First, consider how much space you have for a cat tree, and how many cats you have in the home.

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Sometimes, cats like to change up their sleeping spot. Other times, they might be put off by a new smell in the condo such as from a new cat. Some people find that if they can warm the area below the bed or somehow get their smell into the cat condo, that the cat will be more inclined to sleep there. We looked at 20 other cat trees. With plenty of hammocks, hidey holes, and ledges to perch from, this cat tree will keep your feline off your furniture. Thanks to its unique shape, this cat tree is perfect for tucking into a corner to provide your pet with their own space, without taking up a ton of yours.

This cat tree boast luxurious fabrics sure to please even the pickiest of felines. There are 2 cushioned platform beds, 2 spacious hideaway houses, and a cozy hammock for resting.

10 Best Cat Trees in 12222

This cat tree offers a multi-level playground for felines, and features plush fabric padding for added comfort. SmartCat Cat Climber. Perfect for those who are tight on space, this over-the-door option provides felines with a selection of 5 carpeted levels to climb and perch on. Armarkat Cat Tree. This cat tree is suitable for use in multi-cat homes as it features a lb weight capacity, and provides plenty of space for your feline to relax.

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This cat condo features 2 spacious hideaway houses, with a plush, padded bed on top, to provide your feline companion with ample cozy space to rest. Suitable for single- or multi-cat homes, this cat condo offers two hidey holes as well as a plush elevated bed for lounging. They also allow your cat to perch up high and view their territory.

In my case kitten and cat chase each other up and down trees and then they like to sit and watch the birds outside. I know cat trees cat be pricey and sometimes you cannot find the exact tree you are looking for. If you are a bit of a DIY clutz as am I then our best cat trees list might be better. Published : Online Kindle Store. This book contains 10 cat tree plans plus 2 plans for making an upright cat scratcher and a floor cat scratcher.

This includes all the sizes and types of wood required.

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The book does advise you to cut the wood before you start any construction. Plus you get a full list of other materials required such as carpet and sisal. All of the cat trees have step by step instructions together with a full color photo for each step. Overall there are between 20 to 80 color photographs for each plan.

It is often easier to view a photo to see exactly how a step is completed before moving on. There are also some very good carpeting tips. For example, the best types of carpet to use and how to cut and fix these carpet pieces to your new tree. It also tells you which tools are best to use to affix your carpet.