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See The Most Dazzling Photos Of January's Super Blood Wolf Moon

The sight all begins p. The entire transformation will take about 3. By p. The full eclipse will be visible in the Americas, Greenland, and Iceland, while those in western Europe and eastern Africa will be able to see just a partial eclipse. This is the year's only total lunar eclipse, and another won't be viewable from the U.

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Unlike a solar eclipse, you don't need eye protection to view a lunar eclipse, which is good news for the president. The Super Blood Wolf Moon designation comes, in part, from Native American tradition, as January's full moon was traditionally referred to as a Full Wolf Moon, referring to the howling of hungry wolves, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

The Almanac also points out that, as the eclipse begins at , you will be able to see the moon take unusual shapes different from those in the typical lunar cycle. Around p. Though the red-orange color is expected, there's a chance the total lunar eclipse won't emit a drastically vibrant hue at all. The color depends partially on what's going on down on Earth. Things like a recent volcano eruptions or other earthly atmospheric conditions can impact the color.

Check out more on that below. Let us know. Marielle Mondon PhillyVoice Contributor.

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Healthy Eating. Practically speaking, perigee is hard to detect with the naked eye. The "wolf" part of this month's moon moniker is simply a reference to the month of January. According to the Farmers' Almanac, each month's full moon has a name , supposedly cobbled together from traditional Native American or old Anglo-Saxon names.

No one knows the precise origin of "wolf moon," but that's the name typically assigned to January.

America's eclipse

The rest of the name is all about planetary geometry. This month, as the moon swings closest to Earth, the moon will also undergo a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen when Earth is between the sun and the moon, and the moon passes into Earth's shadow.

What is a Super Blood Wolf Moon? January 2019

Despite the moon's position in this deep shadow, it won't entirely vanish from Earthlings' sight. A little bit of sunlight sneaks through Earth's atmosphere, bent and scattered by the thin sheen of gases blanketing our planet.

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Red wavelengths of light pass through, creating an eerie vermilion hue on the moon's face for viewers on Earth. From the moon, it would look as if Earth were surrounded by an orange ring of fire.

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Because of the color, lunar eclipses are also known as "blood moons. The total eclipse of the moon will last an hour and 2 minutes, according to NASA , with the partial phase stretching out over 2 hours and 17 minutes. The show starts subtly at p.

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EST p. PST with a penumbral eclipse, when the outer edge of Earth's shadow will very slightly darken the moon's face. Things will get a little more interesting around p. This marks the start of the partial lunar eclipse. At p.

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At this point, the moon will be entirely within the umbra, and the whole surface should appear dusky red. The total eclipse will last until a. PST , and the partial eclipse will end at a.