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I just try to do things honestly. I guess honesty is what you would call subjective: if you feel good about what you're doing, yourself, if you figure you're doing the right thing. In real life: Capable of anything , Bill Murray is living his best life. He's especially Bill Murray. But being famous, that's a hour job right there. Please let Morgan Freeman actually turn out to be God.

In film and TV roles: Same. Like, more or less exactly the same, whether the movie is a cynical, grotesque treatise against humanity Se7en , a superhero blockbuster The Dark Knight , or a goofball comedy RED.

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In real life: Formerly Reckless, suave, and charmingly irreverent. Robery Downey Jr. Shank from the sequel. Parodying Hilarious Outtakes Pixar included scenes at the end of some of their films where they had the animated characters behave as if they were real actors who portrayed the fictional characters of the film. Naturally it led to this as well: In the "outtakes" during the end credits of Monsters, Inc.

We also see that the dour, humorless character Roz is a real joker off-camera. And an outtake at the end of A Bug's Life has scary grasshopper Thumper anxiously asking the director about the quality of his Ax-Crazy performance of mere moments before. Similarly Hopper is a fairly sensitive guy out of character, at one point being exasperated to the point of tears and retreating to his trailer when Atta can't keep a straight face during the "do I look stupid to you? Hopper : voice audibly breaking "This is the fifteenth take. I cannot work like this.

I will be in my trailer. Films — Live-Action. Tugg Speedman from Tropic Thunder. Rocky tries to goad Thunderlips into a friendly fun match but that soon leads to Rocky being tossed around the ring like a ragdoll, suplexed, back nearly broken over a knee, and finally tossed clear out of the ring well into the audience.

After climbing back in the ring and delivering some bareknuckled damage of his own, the match is finally determined a draw and the after match interview reveals Thunderlips to be a pretty okay guy, congratulating Rocky on a good match and posing for pictures with his wife and kids, explaining his actions in the ring as "The name of the game. The Wrestler , being a movie about Professional Wrestling played on this, since both Faces and Heels were portrayed as friendly towards each other throughout.

One particularly impressive scene had the main character Randy, a Face discussing the "script" of his upcoming extreme rules match with his opponent, who was a polite and soft-spoken man real-life wrestler Dylan Keith Summers, whose ring name is Necro Butcher in real life too! The scene was threaded with scenes from said match; including once with the Heel stapling a five dollar note to his own forehead before going nuts on Randy with the staple gun.

Preceding question: "How do you feel about staples? During the climactic fight, he also shows concern for Randy's health and ends up trying to persuade Randy to just go for the pin. Randy refuses. Robert Englund's fictional counterpart in Wes Craven's New Nightmare is much like the real-life guy; talkative and jovial, and genuinely enjoys the villainous role he's playing. In Souls for Sale , the actress described as "the best-hated vampire " in movies is actually a "sweet lady" who helps the heroine to establish a career in Hollywood.

He's not really a terrorist leader, he's just pretending for the cameras.

That's How The Game Of Thrones Characters Should Really Look Like

In Black Swan , the monstrous Von Rothbart is so menacing he even appears in Nina's nightmares and hallucinations. However, on the premiere night of the ballet, the dancer playing him strolls past Nina with a friendly "hi", and is one of the first to ask if she's okay in the stage wings after a bad fall. The hero of The Alien Factor intentionally acts cold towards the townspeople in order to get them to leave him alone in his quest to kill the monsters rampaging through the town.

Turns out he too is an alien sent to kill the creatures and knows the townsfolk don't stand a chance against the monsters if they should run in to them.

The Mind and Mood: Method Acting

The titular character from Wayne's World is a pretty decent, if clueless and not particularly socially capable, person. His on-screen persona is an unabashed troll who doesn't hesitate to mock guests on his show and abuse his best friend Garth.

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Cloud Atlas : Hanks and Grant, for sure, but even Broadbent gets in touch with his inner bastard in a couple of his roles. The film adaptation of Cujo famously had issues with the St. Bernard actor playing the rabid menace who lends the film its name. The filmmakers, try as they might, couldn't get the Gentle Giant dog to behave aggressively towards the human actors in any convincing manner.

Tact and Poise: Classical Acting

He had to replace him with a cunningly disguised Rottweiler and a man in a dog suit for several crucial scenes. Lorenzo Gage of Breathing Room plays nothing but sadistic villains who hurt women on screen. In real life, he's still a bad boy, but is generally nice to women and children. Jasper Fforde 's Thursday Next series includes Emperor Zhark, the Big Bad of a series of deliberately bad but popular novels, an Evil Overlord who has destroyed planets and killed billions in his ruthless quest to conquer the galaxy.

Outside the novels, he's a good guy "with his own hopes and worries" and becomes a good friend to Thursday. He's even an informal member of the literature policing society those who keep order amongst the books from within, that is, not Moral Guardians. Deane Double Subverts this trope by pretending to be as villainous as his character as part of a plan to save the world of fiction from UltraWord. As a reward, The Squire of High Potternews is altered so that Deane's character is no longer villainous.

Played with in Flann O'Brien's modernist novel At Swim-Two-Birds , where the main character of the book the protagonist is writing , Dermot Trellis, is writing a moralistic novel where all the characters are awful and sinful. A metatextual conceit portrays the fictional characters of Trellis' novel as actors he has hired. We then see what they're doing when off-duty from their jobs as terrible people - mostly having dinner parties, discussing Irish poetry, and being very nice to each other.

They then start to rebel against Trellis forcing them to be evil, and as their tormenting their own creator gets more and more genuinely cruel, we start to see Trellis himself - ostensibly set up an unpleasant, self-righteous fool - become more and more sympathetic, pitiable and reasonable as the story mutates further, and we see that the protagonist is using him to portray a villain the same way he is portraying his own characters. Much of the point of this is focused on the narrator's complicated relationship with his uncle with whom he lives , and his gradual realization that people have more than one side to them.

In The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon I Mean Noel , Newton Pinckney, a television actor who always plays villains, kindly clears up a major confusion that drives the plot, though he was largely responsible for creating it. Hix, an Unseen University professor along these lines. Hix, despite his talent for dramatic summonings and unpleasant, divisive remarks , and his enjoyment of wearing skull motifs, is actually an affable nerd.

The Siboot personality model

This arrangement benefits Unseen University immensely, as they have someone who's "not really into the whole peeled skulls thing" and is on their side and can throw fireballs at unauthorized Post-Mortem Communicators. Live-Action TV.

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Parodied on The Chaser's War on Everything. In a send-up of a government TV campaign against domestic violence, which showed still images of men with voiceovers about how they are violent towards women, actors complain that they appeared in the ads and now everyone they meet in real life thinks they hit their wives. Print Media. Charlie Brooker 's persona is a pathetic, misanthropic, extremely self-deprecating Jerkass who is simultaneously extremely erudite and extremely immature. His Screen Wipe columns for The Guardian often had him point out that in real life he is fairly normal, but pointing it out in his usual persona , explaining his need to hide behind a fictional self-loathing persona as one of the reasons for his fictional self-loathing.

Tabletop Games. Going one further: Professional Wrestler characters can acquire "The Gift", which allows them to use Inspired abilities. These abilities require devotion to a higher power. Out of all the professional wrestlers in the book, the rudo is the only one with the Gift and the power "The Binding". He's literally a tool of God.

Schultz is the villain of our play, but off the stage he's meek as a lamb and wouldn't hurt a fly. Video Games. Super Mario Bros. Happens again in Mario Power Tennis alongside Wario and Waluigi when they laugh at mistakes being made during the blooper reel. Undertale sets the Player Character up as the "actor" in one scenario. Not only can you play the bad guy and keep your Pacifist Run going so long as you don't actually harm Mettaton, but gaining enough viewers lets you end the fight with minimal violence well, except to you, since this way requires you to get hit , so you're actually encouraged to play this way.

Visual Novels. Will Powers of Ace Attorney plays the Steel Samurai on-screen, but off-screen he's very gentle, and one of the most normal clients in the series. To his dismay, he has to hide his face around children, as his monster-like face might scare away kids. This is a very Informed Deformity , both because he's kind of craggy but not frightening to viewers by any stretch, and because in the second game he spends an entire awards ceremony around a little eight-year-old girl who doesn't appear to give a wet slap what he looks like.

Is this an informed deformity to us? Or does Mr. Powers actually think he's ugly? You decide. Zigzagged in Spirit Of Justice with Mr. The ones in the actual show are genuinely nice people, but Betty de Famme and the real Mr. Reus are the culprits of the case. Kile himself is so ashamed of the things his part requires him to say and do to his co-star Mika that he breaks character and runs off the set in tears during a particularly gruelling scene.

Behind the scenes, they're not so bad - we see Beelzebub and Battler playfully fighting over Ronove's baking early in Episode 4, and let's not get into them gushing and squeeing over cute little Sakutaro.