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The Numinous Factor

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Rudolf Otto and Gregory D. Knut A. Jacobsen Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, , — Jeffrey J.

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Andrew B. Newberg, Principles of Neurotheology Surrey, U. Lewis is documented in the introduction written by Lewis to his book The Problem of Pain London: Centenary Press, , in which he discusses the concept of the numinous at length. Gregory D. Thomas A. Idinopulos and Edward A.

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Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

This is another example of the convergence of physical scientific thought and metaphysical, spiritual, or religious thought, of the merging of rational and intuitive world views. The "Tetrahedron Model" represents a fundamental example and iteration of a 4x3 algorithmic hierarchy of fractal models, developed in the context and format of "General Systems". I will consider each of the 4 principles in turn. I have also formulated a somewhat more general characterization of the 4-part "Trinity" or tetrahedron diagram points as: 1 Energy; 2 Information; 3 Creativity; 4 Conservation.

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In which: Energy includes entropy as the intrinsic motions of light and time, and hence also dimensionality - space, history, and historic spacetime, and gravitation ; Information includes charge, the Periodic Table, DNA, and their productions; Creativity includes life as well as the creation of the Universe; Conservation pertains to energy, symmetry Noether's Theorem , charge, information, and all "given" physical constants, "natural laws", and principles, including among others velocity "c", the metric of spacetime, Einstein's "Interval", and causality.

Of course, it is a fool's errand to attempt to characterize a God whose first attribute is that it cannot be defined or known in terms available to human language. Nevertheless, I find the effort instructive, worthwhile, and humbling. I recommend the reader also consult the "preface" or "guide" to this paper, which may be found at "About the Papers: An Introduction" and the " Preface: The Sun Archetype ". The Conservation of Energy.

The principle of conservation is the cornerstone of both science and religion. Since conservation upholds reality itself, it is meaningless to speak of anything in its absence. The world of "Alice in Wonderland" is a literary example of a world without conservation laws. In such a place, anything can happen, nothing is predictable, it is a world of chaos "wild and rude". In its Christian religious connotation, conservation equates with the "Father" of the Trinity, the salvation of souls, the idea of a conserved personal identity which transcends the cycle of biological life and death, and of a "Heaven" which is the "eternal home" conservation domain of spirit, beyond the finite, transient, and relative dimensional parameters of space and time.

All religions refer to a spiritual reality which is a dimensionless source, counterpart, and permanent refuge from our temporal and ephemeral material experience of life. In science likewise, conservation is the great natural principle, "first among equals", whether it be conservation in terms of Raw Energy mass, momentum ; Symmetry charge conservation, inertia and gravitational forces - "Noether's Theorem" ; Entropy dimensionality, intrinsic motion, gravitation again ; or Causality cause and effect, information, historic spacetime, "karma".

All science and mathematics depends upon the principle of conservation for its predictive quality. Mathematics is useful in science precisely because we have fashioned it to be a symbolic or abstract system of quantitative conservation laws which we use to model and understand the energetically conserved natural system.

In monetary terms, the fact that the one hundred pennies pennies are the "quanta" of our monetary system in a dollar are not lost in the transformation of "making change" is a common and well understood example of the operation of a monetary and arithmetic conservation law. Inflation is an example of the weakening or relativity of the monetary conservation law not the arithmetic law , in which the quanta of the system do not retain their absolute value through time. Quantum mechanics, the transformation mechanism of the weak force IVBs, and the tangential connection between space and time, prevent any analogous inflation of charge units or symmetry debts in nature.

The breaking of the symmetric energy state of light, space, and virtual particle-antiparticle pairs by the weak force during the "Big Bang" gives rise to our familiar compound world of free energy light and space , plus bound energy mass-matter, charge, time, gravity. Spacetime is a compound dimensional conservation domain created by the "intrinsic" entropic motions of light, time, and gravity, in which both free and bound forms of electromagnetic energy can find all their conservation requirements satisfied.

Unless the context indicates otherwise, when I refer to "entropy" in these papers especially in such phrases as "space and spatial entropy" or "time and historical entropy" , I am referring to entropy in its most primordial or pure form, as the intrinsic motion of light "gauged" or regulated by "velocity c" in the case of "spatial entropy" , or as the intrinsic motion of time "gauged" or regulated by "velocity T" in the case of historical or "temporal entropy". Of course, time is also ultimately "gauged" or regulated by "velocity c", since time is defined as the duration measured by a clock required for light to travel a given distance measured by a meter stick.

The connection between the three primordial types of entropy and their "gauges", "drives" or "intrinsic motions" c, G, T the "intrinsic motions" of light, gravity, and time is as follows:. G Negative spatial entropy of bound electromagnetic energy or mass the drive of spatial contraction, the intrinsic motion of matter's gravitational field, as "gauged" or regulated by "velocity G" ; gravity converts light's spatial entropy drive into matter's historical entropy drive, via the annihilation of space and the extraction of a metrically equivalent temporal residue see: " The Conversion of Space to Time " ;.

T Positive historical entropy drive of bound energy forms the drive of historical expansion, the intrinsic motion of matter's time dimension, as "gauged" or regulated by "velocity T" - the spatial metric as modified by gravity. Time is an alternative form of light's spatial entropy drive, conserved in matter via the gravitational conversion of space to time. History is an alternative entropic form of space, in which local, asymmetric bits of information are causally connected in a temporal sequence; the sequence ages and becomes diluted by the march of time, the expansion of history, and the continuous multiplication, divarication, and concatenation of causally connected events.

The gravitational conversion of space to time is physically demonstrated by black holes, and mathematically formulated in the Bekenstein-Hawking theory relating the surface area of a black hole to its entropy content. Einstein's equations of the gravitational "warping" or "curvature" of space by mass were the first to quantify the conversion of space to time - as the changing rate of "acceleration" in four dimensions x, y, z, t.

In the physical system, entropy takes several forms, including the familiar principle which allows the transformation of energy to "work" by protecting energy conservation in all such transformations. Entropy will not allow the abuse or non-conservation of energy in transformations to work, for example, forbidding the "perpetual motion machine", or any device which creates net energy; hence it is entropy which permits energy to be used at all.

Entropy is conserved in the sense that it must never decrease in any isolated system, and when energy is transformed or transferred as from a spatial form light to a temporal form matter or vice versa , so too is the primordial entropy drive.

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Entropy, in its primordial forms, is transformed and conserved in metrically equivalent units by gravity from its primary form, the spatial entropy drive of free energy expressed as the intrinsic motion of light and the expansion and cooling of the spatial Universe , to its secondary or alternative form, the temporal entropy drive of bound energy expressed as the intrinsic motion of time and the aging and decay of matter and the expansion of history , in any process which transforms free into bound energy.

Mixed spatio-temporal or tertiary forms of entropy include "heat", thermal or "work" entropy Clausius , statistical entropy Boltzmann , and information or communication entropy Shannon. The role of the primary and secondary forms of entropy is to produce dimensional conservation domains space and history , in which energy can be simultaneously conserved, transformed, and used.

This is the connection between the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. It is the principle of entropy which makes energy available for our use by preventing us from breaking the conservation laws while we are using energy. Nature does not allow us to "cook the books" in energy transformations; this is the practical or utilitarian function of entropy.

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  • See: " Spatial vs Temporal Entropy ". It is essentially the "infinite" velocities of c and T which endow light and time with the entropic ability to protect energy transformations and their energy domains against abuse from causality violations via "time machine" or "rocket ship", or energy conservation violations via "perpetual motion" machines. Similarly, gravity protects spacetime against causality or energy conservation violations via "wormholes" through the closure of the spacetime metric at the "event horizon" and central "singularity" of black holes.

    The three entropy drives not only create dimensional conservation arenas of action where energy may be safely transformed and used, they proactively defend their conservation domains against violations or trespass.

    Finding God in the Quantum: A Spirituality of Oneness by John L. Walker

    The active principle of the gravitational "location" charge is time. Finally, in material systems, entropy and symmetry are related through statistical thermodynamics, since at any given temperature, the most symmetric random distributions have the greatest entropy. See: " Entropy, Gravitation, and Thermodynamics ".

    Massless light is non-local, a-temporal, and a-causal. Massive matter is local, temporal, and causal. See: " The Time Train ". The principle of symmetry corresponds to the spiritual principle of beauty, and to the "Son", or 2nd person of the Christian Trinity. The "Golden Rule" is an exact prescription for symmetric behavior in our social relations also: "judge not that ye be not judged" , and the notion of every person's equality before God is likewise a statement of symmetry regarding the spiritual status of the human soul. From this we deduce the connection between beauty and truth, surmised by Keats in his famous "Ode on a Grecian Urn", where beauty corresponds to symmetry and conservation corresponds to truth.

    Similarly, the connection between the beautiful and the good, and between beauty and Heaven, God, or the Spirit, has been made since classical times. Humanity's natural esthetic sense of beauty is our inborn guide to the good, to truth, and to spiritual conservation or "salvation" in every sense. The connection between beauty and truth in the sciences has been expressly stated by Einstein, Dirac, Schroedinger, and many other of the greatest scientists, who judge the validity and quality of their work by among other things the beauty of their equations.

    Perhaps the most important understanding gained from Noether's Theorem in terms of facilitating a conceptual solution toward the unity of forces or Unified Field Theory is this: the charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light. Charges are a temporally conserved form of symmetry, just as mass is a temporally conserved form of energy. Time is an alternative historical form of spatial entropy which makes possible the conversion of free energy to bound energy light to matter , by among other essential services the creation of the historic conservation domain of information matter's "causal matrix" or "karmic field".

    Charge and spin conservation makes possible symmetry-breaking in the "Big Bang", ensuring that the symmetry debts held as charges will be repaid in the new dimension expressly created for this purpose: time, history, and historical spacetime. If the Universe were not allowed to pay its symmetry debts through time, the Cosmos of matter could not exist - matter-antimatter annihilations would result instead. Time is created so symmetry debts can be created, held through history, and finally paid off.

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