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Dragnet: Brick-Bat Slayer / Tom Laval / Second-Hand Killer

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The events around the elections provide the framework for the story of Anatoly, once the second man of the NBP led by Eduard Limonov. Step by step he withdraws into religion, while the church leaders are hand in glove with the NBP and his sons build political careers Political cinema as never seen before — searching, lost human beings instead of cardboard characters, excellently filmed images instead of slogans. Disconcerting, radical and never simple.

Auf alte Pappen, Radkappen, auf alles, was er findet. Die Grenzen des Dokumentarischen beginnen dort, wo es um die Innenwelten der Protagonisten geht. Oder wie er es sieht zumindest. So etwas kann nur der Film, klar. Aber man hatte es schon fast vergessen. A man sits in the streets of Tehran and paints — stylised bodies and nightmarish faces with huge eyes and mouths.

He paints on old cardboard, hubcaps, everything he can lay his hands on. Again and again he is chased away by the police or insulted by passers-by, because art — everyone agrees — happens in different, academic circles. Mentally impaired since childhood, a traditional career was closed to him — until at last luck in the person of a gallery owner and a young Frenchwoman seemes to enter his life.

Jamshid dreams of recognition, money and requited love, but all the while things are going the way they usually do — wrong. Life, as it could also be. Only film can do this, we know. But we had almost forgotten. Keine technische Reproduktion, sondern handwerkliche. In , a small, sleazy gallery in the New York SoHo district organised an exhibition of skilfully forged paintings covering a wide span of art history.

The forger was a Czech painter called Pavel Novak, and he must have been the best, by far, that the art market had ever seen. After all, a private collector and a number of renowned museums see themselves faced with some uncomfortable questions regarding the exhibition which make many of the rituals and conventions of the art market appear highly dubious. A few days after it opened, the exhibition was closed down by the police, and the artist Pavel Novak was never heard of again, until almost 30 years later, when Belgian filmmaker Simon Backes set out to get to the bottom of the story — or possibly re-invent it in line with his own preferences.

Novak, the story has it, was a student at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, an art guerrillero. A man who applied the issues that Pop Art addressed on a theoretical level to his own existence as an artist. And once it was released, he himself, the forger who became the new original artist, or rather the author behind the works, had to vanish again. A witty cinematic investigation of the art of forgery and the aspect of deception in documentary film. Filmauswahl: Welcome in Utopia , The Investigation Ein schlichter Befund. Die Frau wurde sediert. Jetzt ist sie ruhig. A simple diagnosis: a woman hears voices, sees strange things and talks to her television set.

She writes down page after page of the most outlandish thoughts and is aggressive. The woman was sedated.

Dialect in Regional German Detective Novels

We are in the psychiatric ward of the Parc Tauli hospital in Sabadell, a suburb of Barcelona. The film follows the stories of five patients whose paths cross here and who are all suffering from the same illness: acute schizophrenia. The director follows the course of the disorder by facing up to a double challenge: making the spectator experience the mechanisms and functionalities of the human mind through the actual experience of his protagonists, and describing the disruption between their interior world and the outside as a permanent battle with no cease-fire.

Daniel ist noch ein kleiner Junge, wie ein Zwerg verschwindet er zwischen den Trommeln, denen er eben dieses Neue, Eigene entlockt. Standstill and silence in a big city? If you listen closely to this milling mass, maybe a rhythm will grow and merge within you that fuses all this unrest into fireworks, something new, something you own. Daniel is still a little boy, dwarfed by the drums from which he coaxes this new something of his own.

He wanders through Budapest, observing, listening, taking in the sounds of the city, following up isolated strains of rhythm in order to recreate them on his drum kit later. This film follows Daniel on his explorations of the multitude of sounds of a city from morning to midnight, capturing everyday rhythms from unusual angles in an optical drum roll, culminating in the concert Daniel gives together with experienced professionals.

A little boy among the tall musicians, he is all there, focused and natural. Nicht in diesem Film. Nicht einmal im Traum. A childhood in the s — boring? Not in this film. With lots of irony and sometimes fragile visual humour, the filmmaker links memories of her s childhood to found footage from home movies and other archives. Again and again, her images let us glimpse a deeper dimension of the narrative, sometimes explaining, sometimes playfully elaborating or dreamily reflective.

Nothing is straightforward; everything has a meta-level, invites associations, dreams, lateral thinking — or sticking to the fable of the well-adjusted child who wants to break out but is afraid of becoming an outcast. She wants to belong, wants people to be proud of her. Not even in dreams. Kandel ist auch ein Pionier auf dem Gebiet der bildgebenden Verfahren in den Naturwissenschaften. He always has bananas, fish and yoghurt. Kandel is convinced, and the film beautifully demonstrates this, that his later fondness for studying the human mind, the way people behave, how unpredictable their motives and how permanent their memories are, harkens back to the last year he spent in Vienna as a child.

He discovered the protein that plays a key role in transferring events from short-term to long-term memory, which earned him the Nobel Prize for medicine in Kandel also did pioneering work in the field of scientific imaging procedures, which are used in this film to let the audience observe directly how the brain changes when a new memory is generated. Seit arbeitet sie auch als Kamerafrau und stellt ihre Filme in der eigenen Produktionsfirma fertig. Wegen des unmoralischen Inhalts, argumentiert die Regierung, vermutlich aber vor allem wegen der unzensierten Nachrichten aus aller Welt. Trotzdem boomt die Branche.

Selbst auf dem Land gibt es inzwischen Parabolantennen. In illegalen Studios werden diese synchronisiert oder mit Untertiteln versehen und zensiert. Satellite television is prohibited in Iran. Because of its immoral content, the government argues, more likely because of the uncensored news from all over the world it broadcasts. Every now and again the police mount operations to dismantle satellite dishes. Still the industry is booming. The roofs of Tehran and its suburbs are full of dishes. Parabolic aerials are starting to appear even in the rural regions.

A teacher is riding on his motorcycle through the mountains to set up a dish for a nomadic tribe and earn a little extra money. Satellite dishes are produced in a cooking pan factory hidden behind great gates. A woman is waiting for her husband to come home, in constant fear of his arrest, because he too installs and repairs the forbidden aerials. Others have the films delivered to their homes on pirated DVDs in packs of ten. They are dubbed or subtitled, as well as censored, in illegal studios. An elderly man demands that the people who watch satellite television be punished and sent into exile.

How many houses in Iran would still be inhabited then? Oder zumindest versuchen sie, immer unterwegs, den Jack Pot zu knacken. Zu schade eigentlich. The two are in what has been the most sustained cultural achievement Eastern Europe adopted from the West: buizinesss. Or at least they are trying, always about to hit the jackpot. As we all know, one is more likely to be struck by lightning — and so their winnings are meagre or sometimes nonexistent.

The profit from an adventurous plan in the course of which Lali pawns his car and takes a puppy to Cairo which they then sell to a German shepherd fancier vanishes into the thin air of a night club. A shame, really. Zemplenyi war zum Beispiel Manager der ungarischen Schwimmer-Nationalmannschaft, welche er um 10 Millionen Dollar Sponsorengelder betrogen hat. At private occasions, he shone with insider knowledge about the future of the art market, passing on this knowledge generously but always under wraps.

Soon many people wanted to belong to the inner circle around this urbane and pious man. So the clergyman was finally entrusted with a lot of money for certain art transactions, and only on 9 July , when 15 people who had never met before found themselves at the door of their good friend and investment advisor to collect their returns did they realize that they had been duped by a clever fraudster.

The fake Vatican employee had vanished with several million kronas of their savings. No one knows for certain where this artful conman, known to Interpol as Z, is operating right now. Ein kleiner Junge steht am Meer und spielt Dirigent. Alles ist gezeichnet, im Off die Stimme von Chuck Jones — Coyote, sowie vor allem Duffy Duck und Bugs Bunny. A little boy is playing orchestra conductor by the sea.

At his signal, seabirds soar up, the surf withdraws and surges back in a single wave. This animated documentary is based on one of the last interviews with Jones, in which he talked about his childhood in Los Angeles during the s — the source of his creativity and inspiration: there was the hole in the fence of the Chaplin Studios which were only two blocks from his home. His mother turned potatoes into sailing ships so the Spanish Armada could set sail.

Coyote and above all Duffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. The drawings created during the interview become animated and illustrate his memories, mixed with old photos and film sequences. Digibeta, Farbe, 26 min. Filmauswahl: Stubborn Hope , Stephanie Vater und Mutter sind inzwischen gestorben.

Bei ihm hatte Renate wohl gefunden, was sie suchte — auch sie brauchte diese Freiheit. Doch dann begann das Streiten. Heute finden wir die Freunde von damals einsam in ihrer jeweiligen kleinen Freiheit.

Der eine hat sich angepasst, der andere besteht konsequent auf seinen Idealen. Und eine wundersame Liebesgeschichte. She stays in India, marries him, has children with him and finally returns to Germany.

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Their adult son, commuting between India and Germany, traces this unusual relationship. His father and mother are dead, but their companions provide more than an outside view of marriage. Many who had looked for enlightenment gathered around Baba and completely accepted Renate who they called Parvati, the wife of divine Shiva according to the legend. But then they started arguing. Today we find their former friends lonely in their respective little freedoms.

One has conformed to the outside world, the other insists on his ideals. A bridge between hippie dreams, spirituality and resignation emerges, as does a beautiful love story. Krishna Saraswati wurde im indischen Teil des Himalaya geboren und verbrachte dort die ersten Jahre seiner Kindheit. Filmauswahl: Left My Baby Schon die Kleinsten stehen daneben und fideln mit einem Ast auf ihrem Arm. Niemand sieht ihnen an, was sie schon hinter sich haben, wie ihnen der Alltag zusetzt. Various Gipsy musicians flock to a funeral in the formerly Hungarian and now Romanian county of Transylvania in order to pay their last respects to their great master.

Gathered around the grave, they play their merry yet melancholic music. Even the tiniest children are standing there, with a piece of wood for a bow and their arm for a fiddle. When they play, their faces are happy and awake; they radiate power and joy of life. No one sees what they have lived through, how their daily life wears them down. Women, alcohol, and poverty — everyone has their story and none of them feature wealth and fame. They talk openly about their lives, of the blows of fate that marked them and the alcohol which killed many of them.

Er ist Mitglied der European Fim Academy. A cylinder with cut-outs, rotating around a light bulb and, by means of stroboscopic effects, stimulating certain areas of the brain of a person sitting in front of it with eyes closed. For its inventor Brion Gysin it was a chance to change human perception forever, for the Beat Generation it was a chance to spiritually expand their consciousness or simply get high without drugs. The filmmaker Nik Sheehan built such a machine and took it to see former companions of Gysin, like Kenneth Anger or Marianne Faithful, as well as writers, scientists and art experts.

He paints the portrait of a dazzling but tragic artistic personality who kept experimenting with identities and in the process invented things that made others famous. With a wealth of archive material, he creates a living picture of the New York Village culture and its protagonists. Filmauswahl: Symposium. Wie werden Stereotype konstruiert? Und inwiefern kommt der Kunst und den Schauspielern Verantwortung zu? Intelligent, mutig und informativ — ein Film also mit Seltenheitswert. Arbo Tammiksaar explores the phenomenon of the concept of the enemy in a macabre, spooky setting into which he ingeniously inserts interviews and film clips.

It was something they did with mixed feelings but readily, since they regarded the Germans as such as cultured people — not to mention money and celebrity. An aesthetic practice with disastrous political consequences: Until today, Baltic people tend to be represented as sympathising with fascism — and the Greater Russian media are particularly prone to do this.

How are stereotypes constructed? What does it mean to be the personification of the enemy? And what is the responsibility of art and the actors in this? Is there a difference between executing a stage direction and a command? Intelligent, courageous, informative — which makes this a film a rare commodity. Fuera de liga Dreaming in Blue Am Januar um On 12 January at 8. Because this film about Cuban baseball also featured players who had left Cuba to try their luck in the Major League. You can change your wife or your political views, we hear once, but you never change your team.

Protest in Cuba is rarely straightforward, but it works — sooner or later. HansDieter Grabe hatte dies fest vor. Denn ihm lag die elementare Erfahrung des Regisseurs und vieler seiner wichtigsten Protagonisten zugrunde, dass es Sicherheit nur geben kann, wenn man zu essen hat. Can a documentary filmmaker really retire to live the life of a pensioner?

In , on the occasion of his 70th birthday, DOK Leipzig dedicated a tribute programme to the grand old man of German documentary filmmaking which included selected works from the oeuvre of this gentle observer of human lives.

A History of Austrian Literature 1918 2000 Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Cultur

Hans-Dieter Grabe opened his archive for this film, interweaving scenes from former films with an autobiographical sketch. The result is a deeply moving reflection on basic human needs and a tribute to his protagonists. Grabe condensed the narrative into a collective century of experience of war, Holocaust and destruction and still leaves us with the realization that humankind has the strength to survive and to preserve its dignity.

Alfred Jahn Doch als Erstgeborener einer schweizerisch-nigerianischen Ehe den in Nigeria verstorbenen Vater zu beerdigen, ist eine ganz andere Geschichte. Es warten auch die vielen Verwandten, die in erster Linie kein Geld haben. Oder war es eine Ziege? Was sind da schon Euro Schulden? Whichever way you look at it, bereavement is first and foremost a lot of stress: with the bereaved ones, the insurance, the undertaker — anything.

But being the first-born son of a Swiss-Nigerian marriage and burying your father who died in Nigeria is a different story. So he finds himself suddenly whisked from his Californian dream and deposited in the Nigerian town of Enugu, where the weather is unbearably hot, drinking water must be boiled and his father has been waiting for his last journey in a badly air-conditioned morgue for the last three months.

His numerous relatives whose prime characteristic is lack of money have also been waiting. From now on, events are dominated by persistent attacks on his purse, superstitions, traditional rites and arbitrariness. Or was it a goat? Anyway, at the end of the day the body is buried, the clans are satisfied and Jarreth has gained a family. Zur Zeit lebt Kevin Merz in Lugano. Aufgrund seines antisemitischen Inhalts ist der Film heute nur noch mit Kommentar und unter Auflagen zu sehen.

Als einziger Regisseur wurde Harlan nach dem II. Weltkrieg wegen Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit angeklagt und — freigesprochen. Mehr als Millionen Menschen in ganz Europa sahen seine Filme. Because of its anti-Semitic content, the film may be shown only with a commentary and under certain conditions today. Harlan was the only filmmaker who was tried for crimes against humanity after WWII — and acquitted. Still, the most famous filmmaker of the Third Reich continued to make films, apparently unperturbed, well after the end of the war, until he died on Capri in More than million people across Europe saw his films.

This documentary approaches Veit Harlan and his work through numerous film excerpts and interviews with his children and grandchildren. They talk about their father or grandfather, reflect on his heydays as a filmmaker and his influence on their own lives. The different viewpoints of the second and third generation give the spectator a fresh perspective on a personal approach to history and distinguish this film from established historic documentary formats.

Zugleich geschieht auch immer wieder ein unfassbares Wunder, dass sich unserer Ratio entzieht. In diesem Spannungsfeld bewegt sich Constantin Wulff mit seinem bewegenden Dokumentarfilm, in dem er den Alltag einer Geburtsstation in Wien beobachtet. Childbirth is hard work — for the mother, the baby and all helpers. At the same time, it is an intangible miracle that reason cannot grasp.

What he is interested in is the system, the parallels of dramatic births and the banal procedures of a hospital that must do one thing first and foremost — function. Using a Direct Cinema approach in the tradition of the great American documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, he draws a precise and detailed portrait of an institution and yet produces an emotional roller coaster ride that is hard to evade.

Filmauswahl: Spaziergang nach Syrakus , Heldenplatz, Februar Mariam, eine von ihnen, ist Hochzeitsfotografin. Sie leiden darunter, aber machen der ersten Frau auch das Leben schwer. Ein System, unter dem alle leiden, aber aus dem niemand ausbricht. Approximately forty percent of the Bedouin women in the Negev desert in Israel live in polygamous marriages.

The film takes the examples of three women to give us an insight into this closed society. Miriam, one of them, is a wedding photographer. She lives in constant fear that her husband might start to look for a second wife. The other two women had no choice: Since one of them is divorced, the other, at the age of 29, too old, they had to marry men who were already married.

They suffer, but they also make life hard for the first wives. The women portrayed in this film are confident and well-educated and do not approve of the system. But social constraints are so strong that they support it by cooperating. Everyone suffers under the system, but no one breaks free. Und was ist mit der lustigen Plastikfigur, die da aus der CornflakesSchachtel purzelt?

Gar nicht zu reden von der geplanten Reise. Not to mention the planned trip. Finnland 35 mm, Farbe, 90 min. Dort aber ist man unbeeindruckt und wird es bleiben bis zuletzt. The end of a lottery stall that has to make way for an underground line and the dawn of a new era: The construction crane looms majestically, acting like a threatening Goliath. When its arm swivels, rattling its chain, this menacing gesture is directed against little David, the lottery stall at the edge of the building pit.

The people there are unimpressed, though, and will remain so to the end. The friendly couple who owns the stall always have an open ear for their customers, even when the latter tell their stories for the umpteenth time — for example the story of the lost coupon with which the elderly gentleman would have hit the jackpot once again, or the story of the most reliable kidney-stone cure of all, which is to drink only beer and eat nothing for three months.

Melancholic warmth spreads in the viewer who gets to share the decelerated existence of these people for a few months. When this corrugated iron stall will be gone, the city may not have lost any valuable architectural substance, but a piece of everyday culture will have vanished. Soon, hurried passers-by will be served coffee-togo. But: no one will feel invited to linger a little. Morawskiego 5 p. Filmauswahl: The Teethmen , The Crew Wie begegnet man dem Tod? Wie lebt man weiter? Und was ist letztendlich wirklich wichtig? Sie kann heilen oder helfen, das Unausweichliche anzunehmen.

Shock, profound fear — everything will be different. How do you face up to death? How do you continue to live? And what is really important in the end? Filmmaker Razvan Georgescu was given three years at most by his doctors — a gift of life and at the same time a countdown. The filmmaker set out to visit important artists for whom their own near death is omnipresent.

At the end of his journey we know: art can resist death. It can heal or help accept the inevitable. The artist lives on in his work. He leaves traces — like Razvan Georgescu who creates a hymn to life in the face of death, miraculously giving us comfort, strength and hope. Filmauswahl: Das H. As a young film student in , Kasim Abid left an Iraq ruled by the secret police and state terrorism. He returned just after the fall of Bagdad as a film director, which was the starting point of this moving film about his family, who survived the dictatorship, the war and the sanctions, welcoming the fall of Saddam Hussein with hope because no one knew what the future had in store for them.

Mit der Mutter eines Mordopfers und mit Neonazis. His personal, painful journey on the trail of anti-Semitism took him across Europe and America and from hidden prejudice to blatant racial hatred. The media that readily report pro or con, fuelling new hatred. He talks to Jews who deny their identity, and to non-Jews who wear a yarmulke and learn Hebrew; to the mother of a murder victim and to neo-Nazis. He goes as far as a walk through the Berlin Holocaust Memorial with Mahler, who dribbles brown propaganda. His concept is the deliberate staging of confrontations: he contrasts abstract attitudes with the concrete presence of his person and history.

He acts in a macabre play whose reins are sometimes seized by his opponents. His questions and comments on the events and his own Jewish identity are pleasantly self-mocking. And he leaves us with the question where anti-Semitism begins with us. Philippe Petit ist ein Besessener. Philippe Petit is an obsessed man.

After having conquered the towers of Notre Dame in Paris, he follows only one goal James Marsh cleverly interweaves spectacular archive material and intelligently re-enacted scenes, building a stage for the tightrope walker from which he can tell his breathtaking story of courage, adventure and love. James Marsh returns them to us in all their grandeur. Filmauswahl: The Animator of Prague , Troubleman. Buthina Canaan Khoury aber fragt nach. Die tragische Geschichte eines Mannes, der beschuldigt wird, die Ehre einer Frau verletzt zu haben, nimmt kafkaeske Dimensionen an.

Auch, weil er uns westlichen Betrachtern zeigt, wie pauschal unser Urteil ist und wie wenig wir wissen. Maria, who was killed in the name of honour, is never mentioned in the Christian community of Ramallah. Buthina Canaan Khoury, however, asks questions. In contrast to the established view of Western media who basically regard the phenomenon of honour killings as an intrinsic part of Islam, she investigates it in all its cultural and political complexity.

It demonstrates with terrifying clarity, though, how powerless the Palestinian police and judiciary are against this tribal tradition dating back thousands of years, how they covertly respect it and what a devastating part the Israeli occupation forces play in this. A tribal judge explains how many camels or dinars compensate for a rape and why honour killings are no crime and must not be punished.

Muslim and Christian women make similar statements, which Khoury contrasts with a young female rapper who risks her life by publicly speaking out against honour killings. It takes a lot of courage to make such a film, not least because it shows us Western audiences how superficial our judgement is and how little we know. Expeditions take us into the big wide world out there, educational journeys into our inexhaustible interior. Great travel writers like Bruce Chatwin, Cees Noteboom or Heinrich Heine found the most perfect expression of their art when they managed to effortlessly combine the two specific types of journeys.

Swiss writer Nicolas Bouvier is also one of their species. He later travelled on to Sri Lanka from where he returned to Geneva. Inspired and drawn in by a nomadic family, his journey ultimately lasted two years instead of the planned six months. Seit dem Studienabschluss ist er als Filmemacher und Journalist in verschiedenen Regionen der Welt unterwegs.

Aber es ist wahr. Die sie in die Luft schleudern, wenn ihnen ein Tor gelingt. Die sie rhythmisch aneinander schlagen, um sich auf den Gegner einzustimmen. The field players have only one leg, but two arms. They need them for the crutches on which they run like mad across the pitch, dribbling, passing and throwing themselves into tackles. They throw them up in the air when they score a goal, bang them together in order to prepare for an opponent.

The depressing fate of crippled outcasts awaited them in the camps. But they shared a common passion, which opened their way back into society — soccer. And so they founded a team, trained like hell and organised matches against other victims of the war in order to spread their message: No more war! Sergi Agusti, in Barcelona geboren, arbeitet seit mehreren Jahren als Fotograf und seit auch als Dokumentarfilmer und Produzent.

Eigentlich sind das hier zwei Filme in einem, sie wechseln sich ab und kommunizieren miteinander, werfen sich ironische Blicke zu, wenn sie sich begegnen, und gehen dann wieder ihrer Wege. Ehrlich gesagt: So anders geht es in der Tierwelt auch nicht zu. Jedenfalls zeigt das der Film mit einem Augenzwinkern. This is really two films in one, alternating and communicating with each other, giving each other ironic glances when they meet before they each go their own way again. Frankly speaking, things are not that different in the animal world.

Paraguay fue noticia Paraguay in the Headlines 1. Die Bilanz: Tote, 9 Vermisste und Verwundete. Es folgen jahrelange Gerichtsverhandlungen auf der Suche nach den Schuldigen. Ebenso wie die Antwort auf die Frage, ob es sich um Mord aus Profitgier handelte. It is the biggest disaster in recent history. The outcome: killed, 9 missing, and injured. Survivors talk of their desperation looking for exits in the burning building.

Some find a way out, but the doors are barred, presumably to prevent looting. As a result, many are unable to escape the fire. The owner of the department store chain, and his son, the manager of this supermarket, are arrested. Years in court follow to determine who is responsible for the incident. The film looks at the winners and losers of the trials on different levels, while the boundaries between the parts of victim and criminal occasionally blur. As well as the question whether it was murder for reasons of greed is not really answered.

Keine leichte Aufgabe mit dem alles kontrollierenden Harold im Haus. Aber die alte, geheime Liebesgeschichte beginnt erneut. Family pictures, animated scenes, interviews and old home movies are combined to tell a dense and entertaining story in which the gentrified suburban facade of this American-Jewish middle-class marriage is peeled off layer by layer. She also talks about the love of her life and how she gave him up after five years of leading a double life in her still fresh marriage.

The two daughters then arrange a reunion between their mother and her former lover: not an easy task with control freak Harold in the house. But the old secret love story is revived. A drama full of exciting twists, acted out by contradictory characters. Seit Mitte der er Jahre lehrt sie unter anderem an Institutionen in Boston und New York und ist mit ihren Arbeiten erfolgreich auf renommierten Festivals vertreten.

Anstelle des Gewehrs sind sie mit Stift und Notizbuch oder mit der Kamera bewaffnet. Und alle eint der Blick gen Himmel. Ist es eine B. Warm hats, long coats, collars turned up. The wine served in plastic glasses from the trunk of the car, the tea from a thermos, accompanied by homemade sandwiches and crackers. They are armed with pencils and notebooks or a camera instead of guns. And they all are united by their upturned eyes. Is this B. Neben eigenen Filmprojekten dreht er seither vor allem Werbefilme. Danach arbeitete er als Kameramann. Wenn Krieg zum Normalzustand geworden ist, kann Frieden nur ein Traum sein.

Gini Retickers Film wird von kraftvollem Enthusiasmus angetrieben. When war becomes normality, peace can only be a dream. In Liberia, the West African country that has been suffering continuous violent civil wars since , even this dream seems to have become an impossibility. Charles Taylor, the Christian president from to , who kept an army of 20, child soldiers and was a notorious blood diamonds and arms dealer, is facing trial before the war crimes tribunal in The Hague now.

The self-styled preacher said about himself that he was able to pray the devil out of hell. Their goal was not to set up another frontline, but to soften existing frontlines and to assert by pacifist means vital needs against economical, ethnic and religious interests. The women presented in the film also played an important role in the elections when Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected the first female president of an African state. HD, Farbe, 72 min. Wenn man sie wegnimmt, bleiben Bilder. Menschen, die tanzen, singen, ins Theater gehen oder zur Schule kommen. All we know of Soviet life in the s and 60s is an endless series of patriotic feats of heroism in the service of communism — an impression cleverly created in all the documents of the time by means of pathetic voice-overs and gladiatorial music.

If these are taken away, images remain. They may seem familiar to us today, but the act of rededication is spectacular. Separated from any ideological subtext, everything is turned upside down and becomes what it is: the ordinary everyday lives of ordinary people. At work in the ironworks or on construction sites, harvesting, operating machines or working in the newsroom. People who dance, sing, go to the theatre or come to school.

Who also vote, praise Khrushchev and are warned of bourgeois behaviour. A life of hardship and joy, full of propaganda and faith in the future. In a way, Sergey Loznitsa returns their lives to these people, freed from political instrumentalisation. Was sollen sie besichtigen? Welcome to China! The introduction: A giant excavator pushes carefully but powerfully through a narrow residential alley. Another traditional quarter of Beijing is to be torn down — in the name of progress and for the Olympiad.

What should they visit? High rises? Where are the state and the party who ought to protect the people? They are forced to watch, powerless. This extremely precise and vivid film brings home a well-known phenomenon: how the interests of the capital destroy the life of autonomous communities. Seit lebt Olivier Meys in China. Sdrawstwui, solnyschko! Good Morning, My Sun! Sie kann nicht sehen, aber reden und dichten umso besser. Danach wird gefegt, alles ist sauber und ordentlich.

Seit vier Jahren ist sie blind, doch man glaubt es ihr kaum. She may be blind, but her smock is a riot of cheerful colours. She lives alone, but the animals are well taken care of and the flowers in the garden are blooming. She milks the goats before she does some baking, using the eggs from the chicken coop. Then she sweeps until everything is clean and orderly. But she is old, maybe too old to live this life alone.

Still, she will pack her bags and move in with her daughter in her city flat. And only this makes her shed a few tears. Die Tiefgarage eines aufgegebenen Einkaufzentrums in Tel Aviv. Das Aufflackern einer Kerze. Die Glut einer Zigarette. Schemenhaft sind die Umrisse von Menschen zu erkennen.

The underground car park of an abandoned shopping mall in Tel Aviv. A candle flickers. A cigarette glows. Welcome to hell. Jamal is one of them, the protagonist of this unusual view of Israeli-Palestinian reality. He endures all this only because he needs money to marry Nisrin, the love of his life, who is waiting for him in the Salem refugee camp in the West Bank to finish the roof of their future home. Filmauswahl: Breaking Walls Sie werfen sich Stichworte aus ihrem Leben zu. Lieblingslieder, erste Schallplatten, Radiohits.

Bill trug, als sein Idol Sinatra verstorben war, eine schwarze Krawatte. Ihre Unterhaltungen, in denen sie immer wieder zum Singen ansetzen, sind voll englischen Humors. Two friends, Stevie and John, a married couple, Bill and Mary, and sprightly old Joan with her daughter Lynn sit in pairs in front of the camera and talk about music.

They toss catchwords from their lives back and forth. Favourite songs, first records, radio hits. Bill wore a black tie when his idol Frank Sinatra died. Joan remembers that everyone had to keep quiet when her favourite singer was played on the radio. Their conversations, interrupted by the occasional burst of singing, are full of British humour. At last they perform songs until they run out of lines. One would just love to sit down and sing with them. Aber Sonbol ist alleinstehend, geschieden, ohne Kinder und wohnt bei ihren Eltern. Sonbol Fatemi, 35 years old, is a dentist who has her own surgery.

Society expects her to be married, have two children by now, work less and take care of her family, for she lives in Mashad, a city in the Islamic Republic of Iran. But Sonbol is single, divorced and childless and lives with her parents. In her spare time she competes in car rallies and loves to tell dirty jokes. The film portrays a woman who wants to be herself and fights for it — with God on her side, every day.

Filmauswahl: Genova citta aperta , Prime Time , Pake In dieser Umgebung ist der Starchirurg aus England mehr als sonst mit der Angst vor dem Scheitern seiner Kunst konfrontiert. The little man with the big glasses who looks as if he stepped out of a Woody Allen film cycles to work every day, potters about in his garden, has a glass of red wine in front of his fireplace at night — and treads the line between life and death every day.

In the Ukraine, too, where he has been treating and operating patients for the past 15 years with his friend Igor, he has helped, through the transfer of know how and medical equipment, to bring a rather medieval surgery practice up to date. In this environment, the star surgeon from England is confronted even more than usual with the fear of failure. The cleverly plotted suspense culminates in a brain tumour operation during which the patient must remain conscious because there is no modern monitoring equipment. This is set against the story of a girl whom he was unable to help.

An impressive film about human solidarity and the potential failure that accompanies all our actions. Smith lebt seit mehreren Jahren in London. Aber Kim sitzt im Rollstuhl. Doch Tanz kann mehr, als man denkt. So entstehen vor unseren Augen Tanzbilder, die Behinderungen vergessen lassen. Kim war sieben Jahre, als die Roten Khmer ihre Familie trennte und das Kind in ein entferntes Dorf verschleppten. Tanzen hat sie zuerst von den Propaganda-Shows jener Zeit gelernt. Kim and Kate are both rehearsing for a dance theatre in Phnom Penh.

But Kim is wheelchair-bound. Years ago, she told Kate that she would never be able to dance again. Together they created a technique that fuses tradition and modernity, disability and mobility and enables them to express themselves by dancing together. It is based on a clear body image, intimacy and the synthesis of Eastern and Western dance traditions, creating images of dancing which let us forget any disability.

Kim was seven years old when the Khmer Rouge separated her family and carried off the child to a distant village. She first learned to dance for the propaganda shows of that time. Both women were only too familiar with fighting against the odds. Thus the film, which is neither a dance film nor a film about handicapped people, skilfully combines quite diverse subjects in a single story — of a friendship.

Hill Kamera, Produktion: Sven O. Ihre bisherigen Kurzfilme wurden auf internationalen Festivals gezeigt. Sven O. If it were technically feasible, the filmmakers would even have added the smell of sweat. So how can our society simply go on as if nothing had happened?

The film follows Morris on his missions to the interior of the country where no other journalist ever goes. But how long can anyone bear to fight against those powers? Trzech Kumpli Three Buddies Am 7. Alle drei verstanden sich als undogmatische Rebellen. Seit einigen Monaten war jedoch das Gift des Misstrauens in ihre Beziehung gesickert: Maleszka war vom polnischen Geheimdienst als Informant rekrutiert worden, und der gewandte Intellektuelle entwickelte einen unerwarteten Ehrgeiz, sich in dieser Position zu profilieren.

The official version was that he had broken his neck as he fell down the stairs. All three saw themselves as undogmatic rebels. But the poison of suspicion had seeped into their relationship in the past few months: Maleszka had been recruited as an informer by the Polish secret service, and the shrewd intellectual developed an unexpected ambition to distinguish himself in this position. The film by Ewa Stankiewicz and Anna Ferens tries to cut open gaps into the thickets that surround the story and its protagonists until today, to enable a better understanding and a clearer view. The two directors do not act out a retroactive court trial but trace the imponderability of biographies.

They embody two extreme variations of individuals taking a stance between loyalty and treason. Between them lies a wide field of different shades of grey, unfathomable and terrifyingly normal. Es ist immer wieder ein kleines Wunder, wenn die Figuren im Kasperletheater auftauchen, sich bewegen und zu sprechen beginnen. Ein Meister der Illusion war Wladislaw Starewicz — Doch, wie so oft im Leben, gehorchten die Protagonisten nicht dem ambitionierten Regisseur. The illusion is stronger than the mind — we want to be seduced and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world.

Wladislaw Starewicz — was a master of illusion. Film had barely been invented when the animal lover, who had grown up in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, began to film bugs. So Starewicz began to fix wires to the legs of dead bugs and re-enact the fights between them by means of single frame exposures.

His path led first to Moscow and then to Paris, where he created unique fairy tales on film. Trotzdem wollen sie nicht weg aus dem heimatlichen Umfeld, auch wenn dieses einem Ende zutreibt wie sie selbst. Und gelegentlich mit der Babuschka einen Walzer zu tanzen. An ancient patched road, trees full of bright autumn colours and a lonely cyclist laboriously pedalling through the landscape.

In the village he knocks on the doors of lopsided cottages, creaky doors open and old women with headscarves welcome the doctor. He listens to their stories, hands out the most essential medicines, gives a shot for the heart — what else can he do? The old people live alone in the country; some of them are the last inhabitants of their villages, no infrastructure, no protection against their own infirmity — or robbery and arson. And yet they refuse to leave their familiar surroundings, even if these are as decrepit as they themselves are. To be there. And occasionally dance a waltz with Babushka.

A small, but great film. Die bislang entstandenen Kurz- und Dokumentarfilme wurden ausnahmslos auf internationalen Festivals gezeigt und mit zahlreichen renommierten Preisen, unter anderem auch in Leipzig, ausgezeichnet. Alles ist Schicksal, sagen die unter dem Baum, auch, dass die Sowjetmacht ihren Kindern den Glauben nahm. Und wer soll jetzt Priester werden? In , the Nekrasov Cossacks returned to the country of their ancestors as acclaimed new Soviet citizens, after more than years of enforced exile in Turkey. They brought their faith and their religious practice which stems back to the times of Catherine II, and their traditions.

That had given them something to hold on to, say the old women gathered for evening gossip and songs under the wide canopy of a tree. Traditions like the enforced marriage which brought Elena and Ivan together four decades ago and to which they adhered without love — as custom demands. Everything is fate, the women under the tree say, even the fact that the Soviet powers took their faith away from their children.

Thin and fragile. Their strengths as farmers and stockbreeders are undisputed. Tamil priest Sri Paskaran has found a new home and vocation in HammUentrop. Aided by firm faith and a healthy dose of pragmatism, he built the biggest Tamil Hindu temple in Europe in the midst of warehouses and sausage factories. Filmauswahl: Linie 19 — Eine Alltagsreise , Nihad Deutschland hat sich seit von einem Auswanderungs- zu einem Einwanderungsland gewandelt.

In der DDR wurden zwischen und ca. Since , Germany has been developing from an emigration to an immigration country. Even in imperial Germany foreigners were employed. Under the Nazi regime there was exile and forced migration as well as waves of displaced persons, who, along with refugees, also shaped the post-war era.

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A total of 18 films reflect the different positions of refugees, resettlers, and guest- and contract-workers, as they were respectively called in the terminology of the two political systems. What the German Democratic Republic regulated by employing — often by means of labour agreements — foreigners from the socialist sister states, the Federal Republic of Germany organised in comparable form when it started to recruit guest-workers in the s.

Between and , public authorities and private companies recruited millions of foreign workers from the various Mediterranean countries. Recruiting foreign workers also played a role — though far less prominently than in the FRG — in the migration history of the GDR, especially after Between and about half a million workers from Vietnam, Poland, Mozambique and other states were recruited. Von bis zum Mauerbau waren ca. Dieses politisch brisante Sujet wurde offensichtlich mehr in Fernsehdokumentationen behandelt. Auf der Biennale in Venedig erhielt der Film einen Sonderpreis.

Der Einsatz in deutschen Kinos erwies sich jedoch als ungeahnt schwierig. The GDR also saw itself as a place of exile for anyone who was persecuted for political reasons in their home country. The migration of large parts of the population to the West, combined with lower productivity, led to a labour shortage. From until the Berlin Wall was built in , around 2. Unfortunately, there are hardly any documentary films for the cinema on this subject in the Federal Archive. It seems as if this politically explosive issue was more of a subject for television documentaries. The situation of the refugees is addressed, too; they are clearly worse off than the locals.

Its subject is escape from the Soviet Occupation Zone to the British Zone and the admission procedures there. An introductory English text provides some historical background, representing the Germans as victims, but also originators of huge migration movements. This information is followed by images illustrating the poverty and misery of the refugees very vividly. After a test screening in , the film was unanimously praised for its factual and yet gripping report.

Versions in three different languages were successfully presented in a number of countries — including prints in the United States alone. The film was awarded a special prize at the Venice Biennial. Distributing it in German cinemas, however, turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Kein Kino will ihn spielen, kein Publikum [ihn] sehen. Die Retrospektive holt ihn und weitere zu Unrecht vergessene oder selten gezeigte Filme wieder ins Licht der Projektion. No cinema wants to screen it, no audience see it.

The retrospective brings this and other unjustly forgotten or rarely screened films back into the light of the projection lamps. Nur sind es Deutsche, die nach dem Krieg Einlass in die britische Besatzungszone begehren. They come by the thousands, all wanting to live in the land of plenty — just like today.

Civic-mindedness and personal initiative in a small town in post-war Germany help refugees settle in. Ein Klassiker. A classic. Language problems, material shortages and assembly work. Otherness has many faces in post-reunified East Germany. Portraits of different people, loosely linked in a meditative essay.

A visually stunning avant-garde epic of the Europeanisation of Brazil, Academy Award nominee in Chilean children in the GDR and their newspaper. The everyday life and dreams of a Spanish girl living in Schleswig-Holstein in the early s. Polish women are apprenticed in a large agricultural farm, not without conflicts and misunderstandings. Besides, a candid look at the day-to-day working life of the GDR. Dennoch eine seltsam traurige Veranstaltung.