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Teenage Volunteers Teach Technology To Senior Citizens

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An Inside Edition investigative producer, Joe Enoch, captured the chaos on his bike. During the ride, the hundreds of bikers veered onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, one of the busiest highways in America, and turned it into complete mayhem. Oh please.

Youth Research Centre Seminar Series 2018

The Cross Bronx Expressway is the most congested roadway in the U. Motorists die on the Cross Bronx, and they kill cyclists around its approaches. But why play up the positive angle? This volume constitutes a timely and unique addition to the literature on human development from a cultural-contextual perspective.

Teenage Global Citizens - More Than English

The eminent contributors reflect diverse cultural perspectives, transcending the Western emphasis of many previous works. This volume will be of interest to scholars and professionals interested in basic developmental processes, adolescent social psychology and the sociological and psychological dimensions of religion.

Jonathan Pitre: 2000-2018

Written in a friendly, conversational style, this book offers a hands-on approach to statistical mediation and moderation for both beginning researchers and those familiar with modeling. Starting with a gentle review of regression-based analysis, Paul Jose covers basic mediation and moderation techniques before moving on to advanced topics in multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and hybrid combinations, such as moderated mediation. User-friendly features include numerous graphs and carefully worked-through examples; "Helpful Suggestions" about procedures and pitfalls; "Knowledge Boxes" delving into special topics, such as dummy coding; and end-of-chapter exercises and problems with answers.

Layers of understanding are built by viewing the problem from a multitude of perspectives, including the current situation in which South African youth are growing up, perspectives from developmental psychology, the influences of race, class and gender, and of the media. In doing so, thoughtful suggestions are made for keeping an evidence-based perspective while necessarily adapting interventions for contexts other than that in which they were developed, and particularly for developing world contexts such as South Africa.


Luisa F. Koller Editora Artmed. Violence against children and adolescents is a problem for society, the law, education, and public health. This work unites studies developed in Brazil on violence against children and adolescents. Important researchers from several national universities contributed to this volume, which presents theoretical aspects, research results, and proposals for preventative and therapeutic intervention.

This volume examines violence at home and other contexts, such as schools, care institutions, entering job markets, and living on the streets.