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For all that, they maintain a fervent fan base, affection for their tight, harmony-flecked pop-punk crossing several continents. At the Barfly show, fans flew in from Argentina, America and Spain a lovely couple I met who planned their holiday around the event despite being unable to obtain tickets. So, happy birthday Jim. Well, he does have a bandana head start. And how difficult is to get time off from wives, girlfriends, work and the other distractions of adulthood?

But this year has been a busy year.

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We might even do five gigs. Favourite Boys song to play live? Brilliant crowds, and they knew every single song. We never sold any albums in Bratislava! Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Larry with other drunks Character Traits Larry is referred to as the ear bender. He rarely speaks, only speaking sometimes in a few episodes. He is one of the barflies along with Sam the barfly.

Larry (barfly)

He also mainly has a very dumb and drunk look about him. If you carry on being popular for a long time, somehow it always ends up being weird," says Neil.

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Why can't you get on with each other? As the coffee arrives, Neil reflects on other earlier ambitions. Saint Neil. For all its under-rehearsed nervousness, and perhaps even to some extent because of it, today has gone well. And to think that we didn't want to do it.

This evening, the Pet Shop Boys will be performing on a tiny stage in the upstairs room of this pub where they are currently trying to rehearse and sound check.

The Lost Boys Barfly

As well as playing live in public as just two people onstage for the first time since the very beginning of their career, they have spent five weeks reprogramming new and generally much sparer and more electronic versions of some of their most popular songs, and of songs they either have not played live for years or, in some cases, have never played. Right now, there's a problem. The computer has crashed. He leaves the stage. Chris returns and they run through "We're the Pet Shop Boys" without any hitches. They do that. They begin to run through it, but Neil comes in too early on his keyboard.

He looks down at his computer. I've never had so much control. I can sabotage the whole thing. As they rehearse, the metal sheets which will serve as the backdrop to tonight's show are still being put into place. They run through "It's a sin" then Chris suggests they call it a day As they step offstage they are offered towels by Andy, the production manager. Neil worries some more about the computers. He asks Pete Gleadall whether they need to ask the audience to turn their mobile phones off so that the signals don't interfere with the electronics and wireless signals.

Pete says that shouldn't be a problem.

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They have already got an agreement that all smoking will be banned in the building - primarily to protect Neil's voice but also, one suspects, because they so dislike it. Particularly Chris who keeps saying, triumphantly, "we have brought non-smoking to the Barfly". As they leave through the side door to go back to their respective homes for a while, they are surrounded by fans. Chris is quizzed about his hair. Everyone will think I'm copying him.

Gourmandizer: The Barfly Boys enjoy a delicious slice of nostalgia at Palermo Restaurant

Which I will be. Chris doesn't want to. He's clearly heard something.

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The fan who wants his shirt signed insists further but Chris won't do it. Eventually Chris agrees to sign his face. Neil walks into the dressing room for the night at 8. Chris appears a few minutes later. The tickets are both auctioned off and given away as part of a phone lottery where each call made raises money for charity. They are part of a short season of bands - The Cure played here yesterday, and The Darkness play soon.