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The Chameleon Sting attack, when gained by the player once Sting Chameleon is destroyed, is effective against Storm Eagle.

In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X , he can fire a faster, yellow-colored Chameleon Sting from his mouth after a short charge, which is more difficult to dodge from the opposite side of the room due to the beams traveling in a slightly narrower spread, leaving less room to jump between. He will always come to the ground to do this move, however, so that gives the player two separate warnings grounding himself and charging.

However, his most lethal attack is hanging from the ceiling by his tongue and causing spikes to rain on the player. There is no safe spot during this attack, so to avoid this attack the player should keep dashing in between the spikes to avoid them, and wait for Sting Chameleon to halt the attack before blasting him. Using his tongue for quick attacks, along with his ability to blend into his surroundings, makes him a highly-skilled Hunter.

On the other hand, he goes too far in his mantra of "by any means necessary," and is called a coward for his sometimes sly, sneaky tricks. Bested by Sigma, he joins the rebellion, using his skills learned as a Ranger to be the first line of defense for the forest base.

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Chameleon Sting Emits high-level optical laser beams in 3 directions. Can also fire up and down at the same time. He'll be king when the new world is born. Treat him with respect! Sting Chameleon: Nyah hah ha! Some of us can't help it. Maybe there are hostages involved and there's nothing we can do Sting Chameleon: Whoo hoo! It's Vile I used to have nothing but respect for you, you know.

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He uses armed devices to control the animals of a forest, using them to cause havoc and call X's attention to capture him for Sigma. A city was already destroyed when X arrived at the forest. Zero meets X in the forest and says they need to burn the forest to stop the animals, but X urges him to find another way, by defeating the ones responsible for this and make the animals return to normal.

Zero agreed, saying he has until sunset to do so or he will burn the forest. Chameleon uses the animals to attack X, but somehow they returned to normal and Chameleon had to fight X himself. During the fight, X's buster was damaged by his tongue, but X also damaged his tongue using the Electric Spark.

X could not use his buster much because of this, but when it became dark, X fired his buster to cast light and reveal Chameleon's position. The sudden burst of light damaged Chameleon's camouflage system, allowing X to defeat him with a charged shot. Zero was already preparing a device to destroy the forest when X returned to him.

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Doppler as "Sting Chameleao L". Some of Sting Chameleon's changes include his green colors being changed to a dark blue, the four spikes pointed backwards of his head where replaced by two facing forward, different shoulders, and three spikes on his tail instead of two. He was defeated by Zero. Although Sting Chameleon himself does not appear in the crossover, due to the time period taking place long before the Mega Man X series, he was briefly alluded to in the Worlds Collide arc, where Sonic the Hedgehog mockingly suggested to name Espio Man such although he wasn't able to say the full name due to being cut off.

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