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Prince of Wolves. Sarah Rees Brennan. Diana Gabaldon. Captain Isaac Wargate stood like a gloomy black rook of doom at the side of the hall. Coral thought he was an irritating man. It irked her that he ignored her constantly. But Captain Wargate is not interested in the trade of any human flesh, after all. Isaac just wante "You're so beautiful I am awe-struck. Isaac just wanted to round up his junior officers at her brothel.

Suddenly Jimmy Hyde appeared. He proposed a game of loo and the pot he offered was: "Why, gentlemen, we offer up Aphrodite herself! Aphrodite will serve the winner for seven full nights of bliss in any and every way he wishes! However, Captain Wargate is ready to "rescue" her.

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He wins the pot and the woman. Well, if you think they will hit the sheets instantly, then you're very wrong. Coral is hiding behind her gold mask and she doesn't seem to be a libertine and shameless woman at all. What Isaac didn't know was the fact that Coral didn't bring men to her rooms. Isaac is a very considerate man. He doesn't push her to have sex. That said, he chooses another approach to get closer to Coral.

They are playing draughts. If played skillfully, with an intelligent and fascinating opponent, it can become almost like a dance. One challenges and moves, the other teases and skips away, only to dart forward later and strike a telling blow. The plot is good and the dialogue is interesting, too. The Ice Princess certainly kept my interest, and I cared about the characters. The love scene is very lovely and tender and yet passionate and pretty hot at the same time.

Isaac definitely showed Coral his way of making love and gained her trust. View all 21 comments. Jul 12, Daniella rated it really liked it.

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In a nutshell: The Ice Princess really made me happy. It's been so long since I read something that gave me a warm, tingly feeling inside. The writing was brilliant, the pacing was just right, and the characters were lovable. It was obvious to me, the reader, that there couldn't be any other man more perfect for Coral than Isaac.

He was everything she needed. And it was such a joy seeing these two people find themselves in the world. What I didn't like was the crudeness of the language at times.

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I In a nutshell: The Ice Princess really made me happy. I understand that it was appropriate given the context and the setting, but that didn't make it more comfortable.

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I kept cringing every time I read the term "whore". I also would have liked it more if the story was longer; Coral and Isaac definitely deserved a longer and happier HEA. I would have wanted babies and a warm home for them. May 05, Wollstonecrafthomegirl rated it really liked it. Perhaps this came along at the right time for me. I wanted to read something competent and engaging and romantic with it. This ticked all of those boxes. And I've just slogged through a book, which is the opposite of all those things, so, Hoyt perhaps gets more credit here than she really should for this book.

It's very short. I liked the premise. The austere sea captain, wh Perhaps this came along at the right time for me. The austere sea captain, who doesn't want to like the Madam of the brothel, but, of course, he does like her really. And the Madam who isn't really a Madam. I mean, she is, but actually she's not whored for two years.

The very idea is repulsive to her now. She's been doing it for so long and has built up any number of walls and defensive mechanisms. Then the hero wins her for a week in a card game. And over that week, he gains her trust. It's a simple story. It all happens rather too quickly, but I was entirely willing to forgive that, because it meant getting to the sex more quickly and Hoyt writes amazing sex. The ending is abrupt and a little incongruous.

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This a quick, easy, solid read. Short, sweet, and involves the madam of a high class brothel. It's very sweet how Isaac doesn't treat Coral like a prostitute. Wish it'd been longer. They deserve their own shelf. Apr 06, Erika rated it it was amazing Recommended to Erika by: Rane. Shelves: historical , best-of-heroes , favorite-series , novella , favorites , recommendations-by-friends , ladies-of-quality. Powerful writing and strong-smart-but-flawed characters made something as short as a novella be so emotional, so beautiful, and just so good.

View all 5 comments. Shelves: desert-island-keepers , historical-romance , read The Ice Princess is a novella sequel to her fabulous Princes Trilogy that features Coral Smythe, a secondary character from that series, as the heroine. In a less talented author's hands, I probably would not have enjoyed The Ice Princess half as much. Because of the brevity of the story, the time frame in which the events occur would admittedly be rather unbelievable in real life, but Ms.

Hoyt has a tight writing style and a real knack for bringing out all the emotions of a difficult situation. She immediately drew me into the story and made me believe in the character's love for one another and the mental and emotional changes that Coral had to undergo in order to truly experience that love. Also, once again, the author mirrors the events of the main narrative with a fairy tale of the same title, excerpts of which begin each chapter, so it is almost like getting two stories in one.

I absolutely loved both the hero and heroine of The Ice Princess. Isaac was definitely a swoon-worthy hero. He shows his alpha-maleness in his leadership abilities as an accomplished sea captain, but at the same time is very sensitive and loving. He seems to intuitively know what Coral needs and how to tame her. At one point, the author very cleverly uses a game of checkers as a metaphor for Isaac's attempts to win Coral's trust and ultimately her love.

Rakes are usually a dime a dozen in historical romances, so a self-controlled hero like Isaac is quite endearing to me. In my opinion, he was exactly the type of man Coral needed to show her that not all men are cut from the same cloth. Coral had worked as both a street prostitute and a high-priced courtesan, and is now the anonymous madame of an infamous brothel who hides behind a golden mask and the name of Aphrodite. She has tried to avoid selling herself for two years, but having seen the worst men have to offer, all her life's experiences have left her rather jaded.

Isaac often comes to the brothel to collect his sailors but never partakes in the pleasures offered there. Coral loves to suggestively banter with him, but deep down she's both intrigued and disconcerted by him, and also very attracted to him. I would have loved to read a full-length novel about this couple, but somehow Ms.

Hoyt managed to squeeze everything that I would have hoped for them into twelve short chapters, leaving me feeling fully satisfied. The Ice Princess works fine as a stand-alone story, but readers will get a richer understanding of Coral's background and Aphrodite's Grotto, her brothel, by reading the Princes Trilogy first, particularly The Raven Prince. For me, The Ice Princess was another satisfying tale from Elizabeth Hoyt's talented pen, and in my opinion, not to be missed by fans of the Princes Trilogy. It is currently only available as a free online e-book at the author's website, so there's really nothing to loose either.

It was so good, I gladly would have been willing to pay for a copy and hope that perhaps it will be published in print someday. If it does become possible for me to own a permanent copy of The Ice Princess , it will certainly take its place on my keeper shelf right next to the other three books of the series.

View all 3 comments. Shelves: romance-series-must-read-in-order , tropes-scandalous-bargains , hr-georgian , september , hr-oh-so-steamy , tropes-stuffed-shirt-hero , romance-historical , tropes-courtesan-mistress. One very special man or ten complete strangers. Dark men, red men, yellow men, men you've only dreamed of in the black of night, lonely in your bed, snug under your covers.

Whatever you long for. Whatever you desire. Whatever you crave. You have only to ask me. Now I want to re-read The Raven Prince. I was even happier when I found it on Amazon for kindle, because frankly I'd forgotten about it.

Ice Princess

But I digress. This story was excellent. One of the things I love the most about historical romances is that deliciously sinful bargains and wagers abound. Who wouldn't want the man you've craved for years to win you in a card game????

Ice Princess

We get a little bit of history, a whole lot of tension, and a believable story of how two people can fall in love over the space of a week. All wrapped up with an awesome happily ever after, course. And with another beautifully done fairy tale opening every chapter. Mar 11, Aoi rated it it was amazing Shelves: hf-england. You're so beautiful I am awe-struck. I want to hold you in my arms and make you tremble I want to touch you until you forget yourself, forget where you are, forget the world. And THIS is how,dear authors, you write a novella! Coral Smythe is Aphrodite, the madam of an infamous brothel.

Captain Isaac Wargate is a regular visitor to the brothel, if only to shepherd his juniors away. He does not participate in the You're so beautiful I am awe-struck. He does not participate in the trade of human flesh, no matter how hard his baser instincts clamour at him. On one such night, Coral is forced into a bet by Jimmy, the majority owner of Aphrodite's Grotto.

Even though the Ice Princess does possess a weakness towards heat and fire, she can withstand it for a period of time if need be. Another common use of his Ice Powers is the Ice Princess' ability to fly. Unlike her father who uses his beard to fly she can actually fly because of the hair of Gunter she has inside of her. Penguins originally could fly and she got a hair from his wings, thus gaining that ability too. It is conformed that the Ice Princess' powers are far greater than her father's as shown when she almost created another Ice Age.

She learned in " Icy Blade " from Finn and Jake how to use fridjutsu and often uses it during combat, unlike Ice King. At the surface Ice Princess may seem like a cold hearted person just like her father, but she is quite the opposite. From the day of her creation she quickly discovered that her father was nuts, so she doesn't take him too seriously. Ice Princess is most open to her "mother" Gunter but enjoys the company of others too. She is good friends with Finn and Jake. However she has a better friendship with Princess Bubblegum, who secretly wants Ice Princess to take over the Ice Kingdom so Ice King would stop causing so many trouble.