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It may look like a toy, but stick a few miniature bullets into the. At two inches 5. Making the parts and assembling the gun requires the skill of a master craftsman, all of which are trained at jewelry and Swiss watchmaking. Thus about only are handmade each year, with each order customized to the client's specifications, including the option for a special model made of 18k gold.

Adding the double-action. However, the fact that a firearm this tiny actually works makes gun regulators quite nervous. And being that it fits in the palm of your hand or inside your shoe, it's also highly concealable. But Erard has derided such fears surrounding the C1ST as simply irrational.

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  3. World's smallest gun is highly concealable, triggers fears!

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he pointed out that the gun packs only a tenth the firepower of some air guns. Why would criminals want my gun when you can go out and buy a Kalashnikov there already?

The Top 15 Most Concealable Semi-Automatic Handguns

A close analysis of the gun's mechanics shows that while concerns over the C1ST's ability to inflect physical harm might be a bit overblown, it isn't entirely unwarranted either. According to HowStuffWorks:. The SwissMiniGun's 2. Its bullets pack a punch of about 0. By contrast, the Remington Ultra Mag round carries 4, foot pounds of energy with it [source: Remington].

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On the other hand, according to the United Kingdom's House of Commons, it takes at least one foot pound of force to inflict a penetrating wound, like a gunshot injury. Anything less like the force delivered by SwissMiniGun cartridges "is incapable of penetrating even vulnerable parts of the body, such as the eye" [source: House of Commons]. But ballistic experts claim that even when fired at close range, a projectile with less than a foot pound of force can still penetrate the skin -- especially the eye.

A Dyson LePetit protector ring, a six shot.

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  • The Top 15 Most Concealable Semi-Automatic Handguns.
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