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In the first moment man is astonished that I talk in this way, for he does not know what I wish to indicate thereby. You simply accepted it like so many things which have existed for centuries as customary. This fact cannot be altered, and no man can contradict such remarks if he wishes to remain honest with himself and honest about the actual happening! Above all, if he does not stay too indolent to ponder this thoroughly, and does not use empty catchwords obtained from others to excuse himself! To transform the Will of God into deeds on earth! Who seeks to serve God in his earthly activity?

Everyone only thinks of himself, and partly of those who are near to him on earth. Just think it over yourselves — where is there any real service to God in this? The other part, the interpretation of the Word written by human hands, can again only be looked upon as learning on the part of those who really exert themselves to obtain an understanding of it.

In Conversation With God: Volume 3, Weeks 1-12

The indifferent and superficial ones are of no importance anyway! Everything a person does on earth must have some meaning; he cannot misuse the language given to him as he pleases without causing himself harm.

That he acquired no knowledge about the power also inherent in the human word will not protect him from it. He is then subject to the effects of a wrong application of words, which becomes a hindrance rather than a help to him. This is what men never think about and therefore, to their detriment, never observe. Even in the smallest and most insignificant things it always has a corresponding effect. Many a person will now probably think that this is not at all possible without appearing too artificial and too obvious.

But this is not so! The more the true worship of God breaks through the more natural will man become in all he does, even in his most simple movements. Jubilant thanks, supreme bliss, should vibrate in every word for the Grace which God once bestowed upon mankind. The joyful swinging upward to the Luminous Heights is lacking!

There is no trace of jubilant gratitude! Even some pressure is frequently perceptible, originating in disappointment for which man has no explanation. Only one thing can be found everywhere, something which renders or characterises the nature of Divine Services in all confessions as if engraved with the sharpest chisel, or something which forces the nature of the Divine Services audibly to embody everything swinging therein — a woeful sound vibrating monotonously through all the voices of the preachers, which in its constant repetition produces a wearying effect and rests like a grey veil over souls falling asleep.

In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, Volume 3 (eBook)

Yet it sometimes also sounds like a hidden lamenting over something which is lost! Or over something which has never been found! Go there yourselves and listen! You will find this peculiar and striking characteristic everywhere!

In Conversation With God: Volume 3, Weeks

And herein lies truth! It happens without any intention on the part of the speaker, and plainly shows the nature in which the whole vibrates. There can be no question of a joyful upward swinging, nor of blazing fires bursting forth, but it is like a dull, subdued smouldering which cannot bring up the strength to penetrate freely upwards. In both cases the ardour of conviction is lacking, as well as the power of victorious knowledge, which wants to preach about it to all his fellow-men in jubilant exultation!

The power it could have is broken from the very outset by the employment of a false designation and no real and uniform swinging can arise, because through this designation another conception arose which is consequently not fulfilled. Go out and learn and you will soon recognise where you are offered the true bread of life! Select Store: International Shop shop-gral. Read More. Understanding your desires 3. Understanding your desires 2.


Understanding your desires 1. Forgetting and reaching forward. A meeting in the air. Settle only for the best. Be realistic about your abilities.

Three biblical rules for success 2. Three biblical rules for success 1. Live a balanced life. Read More.


Gentleness is an important quality to practice. It defuses conflict. It disarms critics. It communicates love. Most importantly, gentleness makes you more like Jesus. The reason we do this is because of mirror neurons in our … Continue reading Choose Gentleness, Not Defensiveness. Gentleness is persuasive.