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A retrospective of sorts, focusing on our direction and what we can do better.

Under the Sicilian Sun

The conversations varied over the course of 2—3 hours and touched on a number of topics:. This was an opportunity to put forward new ideas and debate company related topics to a holistic TrueLayer audience. Not only was the stage appropriately set for open, honest discussion , but so too was the pace and tone set for a slower more thorough consideration of points raised. This was clearly the influence of our slower Sicilian way of life and we made sure to put it to good use.

All were primed to offer their thoughts, without the worry of time-scoped meetings and agenda points. Now, our Italian counterparts have spent a great deal of time and effort convincing us of the quality and the taste of their food, all within in the relative safety of Central London where no true sources can be found and tasted.

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Their aim was to impress and impress they did. We were treated to a plethora of regional pastas, vegetable bakes, fresh fish and side dishes, alongside some wonderful desserts and wines. The food stands the test of its towering hype; happy faces could be seen in every direction and a gentle sigh of relief could be heard across the table.

After the wonderful meal, some of us decided to taste test a variety of bottles of Amaro, a quintessential Italian digestif. After which, we gladly accepted a glorious traditional breakfast and discussed the day ahead, and perhaps more importantly, the need for accessible yoga classes incorporated into our TrueLayer life going forward.

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An excellent conclusion if you ask me. Much of that time was spent by the pool, flying drones, exploring the grounds and testing the onsite hammam and sauna. The first stop was to the famed Bam Bar, where we enjoyed a variety of refreshing rainbow-hued granitas along with their signature brioche pairings.

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Once the delicious treats had been savoured, we headed to the ancient Teatro Greco, built in the third century BCE. The expansive theatre is still used today for plays, operas, film festivals and concerts. As the theater was closing, we headed down the cacti-laden hill to La Baronessa Restaurant, where we enjoyed a fabulous multi-course menu on a stunning waterfront terrace. Between the incredible view, amazing food and wonderful company, we were feeling truly happy and lucky to be a part of this intelligent, hilarious team.

Drinking wine, gazing out onto the Ionian Sea wrapped in a cozy blanket, surrounded by an incredible group of multi-talented people telling stories, planning our next steps, and creating lasting memories was a truly unforgettable experience.

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Happy and full, we headed down the charming ancient vicolo to Club Morgana, where we felt like celebrities as we seamlessly bypassed the long queue, walking straight into the club. Seated on plush emerald cushions, our bottle service soon arrived, and everyone was ready to commence the celebration with drinks and dancing. Cheers, indeed! Its unique terrain will enchant you as you continually view ancient rubble lying in untouched states. There is definitely a more vacation oriented vibe here with the mountains, sun, and blue waters it relaxes you. The food is also unique compared to the other parts of Italy and our group was able to enjoy local eats including fish, sweet tomatoes, and canoli!

There were in total 49 of us on the trip, including 3 of the best JFRC faculty I could have asked for. We flew into Palermo and worked our way across the island leaving out of Catania. All three days involved touring ancient sites to which our history professor could speak for tremendously. September 18, Roger Morris. Donnafugata provides modern face to traditional winemaking region.

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