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I like how it's very linear and it presents itself as that very early so that one wouldn't get confused by exploring other areas when stuck only think i would've liked is more ways to interact with the world and characters, basically more dialog when you interact with someone, not just the previous text- more ways to get to know this beautiful game!! Then, will there be a second part? I think the game deserves a revisit which is something I plan to do. There is a lot of loose ends that I think could be tied up with an update, but I would rather get a whole team together to make a much larger sequel or remake preferably something the unreal engine or unity.

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There were so many things I wanted to add but simply couldn't since I was the only one actively working on the project. Originally there was supposed to be 13 floors to the elevator but I quickly realized how much of a task that would be for 1 person. Welcome home is about a man named Colin Heights who is in a coma having a vivid dream. One of them named DOG is manipulating his anxieties and fears to keep him asleep.

DOG knows it will die along with everyone else in the dream if Colin wakes up. Colin is slowly becoming aware this is happening, wondering around several memories, some of which have been manufactured.

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He eventually finds a memory that makes him realize who he is and wakes up before he is trapped there forever. I completely understand why the ending feels confusing and disappointing as its very abrupt and not expected. The intent was to feel like you woke up from a dream. Often when waking from an intense dream it can feel like you got pulled out right in the middle of a story. This was an artistic choice and I think I could have explained this better. Like I said, this is something I'm going to revisit with a team and a lot more resources In the near future.

So, the boss in the comic is Dog? I cant get passed the "It needs a fuse" part i cant find it it wont let me do anything except pick up the shovel. There was enough meat in this game to sate me for a good week or two. I loved it. Keep the flesh coming, man. I don't normally write reviews, but I absolutely loved this game and can't wait to see what becomes of it further down the road!

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The mechanics are interesting and the powers remind me of Yume Nikki. This game is a perfect mix of comedy and horror, and I love the references to other horror series like Scary Stories and NightMind. Gotta love ya boi Nick Nocturne. I really see this game in the future being really amazing, if it is as great as it is now. I really liked the mechanics of the eye, making things that you couldnt see with the naked eye possable.

I also liked the npcs and how unique the characters are. Demo was awesome, has a lot going for it. I really like the idea of having an item that changes your perception of the world at any time. I think you should really build off this in the other areas. Beautiful stuff, and contrasts some of the more horrific settings. The art style is creepy, jagged, and pixelated enough to leave a lot to the imagination. Pretty cool. Dodge rolling. Though then again, I'm totally okay with the focus not being on combat at all in this game, seems like the creepy dialogue and settings are the real strong point of the demo.

Finished the demo, and I loved it. We don't nickel and dime our clients—we're trustworthy and honest. You'll notice the difference.

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