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See how I did it. Some ingenuity and creativity are needed to compose the flower petal pie crust. Simply, we used the bottom side of the center of a bundt pan; you know those funny-looking pans for cakes with a hole in the center. The Bundt pan needs to be of good quality, heavy gauge and non-stick. Butter the heck out of it where the pie dough will go. My pan has a closed opening in the center which is what we want to make our flower petal pie. Chill the pan in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. You must use an all-butter pie crust or all-shortening pie crust; most other pie crust recipes will stick to the pan.

Cherry Pie

A seven inch circle worked great for my pan. You might need to experiment to see what works for your pan. Make sure to leave enough hanging out of the center to cut out your flower petals. After pushing and smoothing the pie dough in the center of the bundt pan, refrigerate the dough for another 30 minutes. This will make the next step easier. With the dough chilled hard cut out your petals. DO NOT use a metal knife; it might damage the non-stick coating.

I prefer to use a good plastic knife or use the edge of a clean credit card. Cut out five petals, almost like a five pointed star around the top edge of the pan. A five petal flower looks more pleasing than a four petal flower. Chill the pie dough again for 15 minutes. Remove if from the refrigerator and place pie weights in the center. I like to use foil first. Remove the pie weights.

Remove the flower pie dish from the oven and let it cool to room temperature. Using the parchment paper as handles, give the pie crust a gentle twist. Once it moves freely, lift it out of the pan. Sweet cherries: like the famous Bing or Rainer are best eaten out of hand or used to top ice cream. Once they are cooked their texture is compromised, and their flavor is weakened.

Some sweet cherry pie recipes use another sour ingredient to offset the sweet cherries like cranberries or a dose of fresh lemon juice. Sour cherries are mostly from in Michigan and hard to find elsewhere. A common sour cherry is the Morello. Morellos are identified by their very dark skin, flesh, and juice.

Use leftover dough to reroll as necessary and cut additional hearts, for a total of 30 hearts. Place 15 hearts on prepared cookie sheets, spacing a least 2 inches apart. Brush the edges of each heart with the egg mixture. Strain cherry pie filling until most of the liquid is removed and discard liquid. Spoon about 1 heaping tablespoon pie filling on top of each heart.

Place a second heart on top and use a fork to seal the edges. Using pink icing color, tint glaze to desired shade.

Pipe or spoon onto tops of pies. Top with sprinkles, if desired. Serve warm or at room temperature. Note: to make the sprinkle mix used in the photo, combine Wilton rainbow nonpareils and rainbow jimmes with white Pearl Dust. Add hearts from Flowerful Medley 6-Mix Sprinkles. In Stock ships in business days.

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Cherry Pie

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Have Fun, Be Bold. Texturra Performance Non-Stick Bakeware. Character Shop. If you want to weigh them before pitting them or when buying them in the store, then you need about 2 pounds. If you are using canned cherries you say to drain them. Hi Claudia, detailed info can be found in the recipe instructions. You just need to mix the ingredients without using the stove.

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I made this pie recipe yesterday and it was amazing!!! I have never made a pie before so this was my first attempt. This recipe was really easy! No cooking the pie filling on the stove or anything like that. Just toss the pie filling in the pie crust and bake!

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Very easy! Hi Linda, I recommend freezing the dough and filling separately. You can roll out the pie dough, place in the pan, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. Then make the filling, place in an airtight container and freeze. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before using. If using frozen cherries, which do you prefer..

I am unable to find fresh cherries only frozen.

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So my first question is can I use frozen and I am assuming that I need to thaw them out completely and drain all the excess liquid? Next I found frozen mixed sweet and tart cherries…. If you want the pie warm do you still let it cook for 4 hours and then reheat or can you just serve it from the oven? If reheat then what temperature etc? Hi Elaine, let the pie cool completely first so it will set, then reheat it right before serving. You can reheat individual slices in the microwave for several seconds.

Wow this pie looks amazing! Yum I cannot wait! Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes. Excited to try this recipe out! Cherry pie is my aunts absolute favorite and I only just found out! My question is regarding the frozen cherries. Hi Brittani! I hope you enjoy it! I have this pie cooking as we speak. I made it for Easter and the family loved it, so adding it to my pie choices this Thanksgiving also. I am in Denver and I will be making this with your homemade pie crust for Thanksgiving!

Does any of the recipe change for high altitude? I got all-purpose flour…. Roni I am in Denver too and made this recipe as is and it came out great! I made this for Thanksgiving yesterday. I used frozen cherries. Hi Josh, I like to prebake the crust for single crust pies. Thank you Shiran! There were no surprises, and even this novice turned out a perfect pie which looked like the pictures here and tasted amazing. We are all sitting here chocka-block with cherry pie.

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  • Made this pie yesterday, but the inside was very liquid after it was cooked, even after letting it set for several hours. I used fresh cherries. Were they just too juicy? I cooked it according to the recipe. Hi Theqom, even if the cherries were juicy, the cornstarch should thicken it, so make sure to measure it correctly or add another tablespoon next time, and chill it overnight in the fridge.