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But arguably was the best year we ever had. They do this every year.

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They apparently want to test our resilience and see how we react to unforeseen situations. They have been doing this for more than years I am told. Who are they? Frankly I don't know but they appear to be of a superior intelligence and they have been studying us for a long time well at least by our own standards.

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That Hillary Clinton would have been murdered by a Christian crusader, the surprise killing resulting in triggering the largest civil unrest ever seen in the streets of the US. If you don't believe me that's fine.

Its up to you. After all Gorillas have funerals too. This article evoked in me a very sweet memory of a story I saw just recently about a dying female Gorilla in captivity She was very depressed and in terrible pain as she lay dying.

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She was not responding to anyone caring for her until a former trainer of hers which she had formed a very close loving bond with had been brought in to comfort her. The moment she heard his gentle voice she lifted her head to face him She reached for him and held his head to her chest She died peacefully Just telling that story brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Gerald Hecht for drawing my attention to this buzz Another masterpiece for you Pascal Derrien ;-.

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The Gospel of John is different from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke: they are first generation gospels which tell the story of Jesus in order to bring people to faith and to guide discipleship. John is a second-generation Another Look at Revelation.

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