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Laser chemical processing examples are presented for comparison only. Arvi Kruusing was born in in Tallinn, Estonia. He received his PhD in vacuum, plasma and semiconductor electronics in and Dr. He has contributed to lasers and photonic devices development, has studied water-assisted laser processing and is teaching laser processing at University of Oulu.

Handbook of Liquids-Assisted Laser Processing (Instant Digital Access Code Only)

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Authors: Arvi Kruusing. Hardcover ISBN: The primary aim of the book is to present the essentials of previous research tabulated data of experimental conditions and results , and help researchers develop new processing and diagnostics techniques presenting data of liquids and a review of physical phenomena associated with LALP.

Handbook of Liquids-Assisted Laser Processing

Engineers can use the research results and technological innovation information to plan their materials processing tasks. Laser processing in liquids has been applied to a number of different tasks in various fields such as mechanical engineering, microengineering, chemistry, optics, and bioscience. A comprehensive glossary with definitions of the terms and explanations has been added.

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The book contains material from literature sources originally acquired for the following research projects:Project s98 Estonian Ministry of Education , Projects and Estonian Science Foundation. The original figures were drawn by CorelDraw software licensed to the University of Oulu. Zharov, Tianqing Jia, and Dongsik Kim who provided me with original figures; to a number ofpublishers and authors who kindly permitted the use of their material in this book, and to the team ElsevierScience for their patience and good cooperation. Invaluable help in the manuscript preparation was provided by my son Aavo Kruusing and my daughterAiri Mnnamaa.

There are occasions where the workpiece at laser processing is in contact with liquids e.


Very often the liquid present is water as most abundant and safe see Fig. Figure 1. ISBN All rights reserved. Table 1. See also Fig. Liquid as photomask; Liquid conforms Light absorption Variousbackside etching with the surface in liquidof transparent of workpiecematerials. Photochemical Liquid serves as the Photoactivation Photochemicalprocesses source of chemical of liquid oxidation, etc. Removal of particles Lower risk of Vaporization No changesfrom surfaces surface damage of liquid only.

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  5. Subtractive processing Practically no debris Vaporization of both Vaporization cutting, drilling, redeposition in the workpiece and of liquidremoval of oxide work zone; lowerlayers, etc. Shock processing Shock pressures up to Vaporization and Plastic peening, forming, 10 times larger than ionization of deformationdensification in gas or in vacuum; liquid only. Besides water, about 70 other liquids are used in laser materials processing, mostly organic solvents.

    Inhigh-energy processing regarding the peening without exception water is used as the safest and cheapest liquid,in microprocessing micromachining, particle generation organic solvents are often the choice. Liquids metals e.