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Including all that backstory wasn't an easy decision. But if we started it later, the story didn't make sense. We didn't want it to be like some Lifetime movie.

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They also struggled to find a method for presenting the story. Kelley had already written a version from her point of view for the Times ; Tom had felt from the early days in the NICU that he wanted to write a book. But when it came to writing a book, "Tom was at a total disadvantage," Kelley says, "because in the series I had written all of what I thought were the most powerful scenes. Their processes and voices as writers are very different, but both found that working on the book brought back traumatic experiences.

Kelley found that she had to report the story "as if it were someone else's. They thought long and hard, she says, about revealing the donor's role in detail. She was not just gestated in an artificial womb, she was conceived in a petri dish. How do you bond with a baby in a plastic box?

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  5. And one of the big questions is, how am I her mother? It was easier to talk about, she says, because "our families have fused. It's just one of the most beautiful things in the book. With Juniper being published on Tuesday, its authors are bracing for the response.

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    Their daughter's story has already been out in the world, in Kelley's series and in a popular documentary by Radiolab. She says that at first, "I didn't let photos of her go out on the Net. Those are my baby pictures. I don't want to see one of those on an anti-abortion billboard.

    Tom says, "We never, never want it to be that. That's not what it's about. Stories played a huge part in their family's survival of the ordeal, Tom says. While Juniper was in her incubator, they played music for her, especially songs by Bruce Springsteen, a master storyteller.

    And Tom sat beside her through the quiet hours of the night, reading out loud all the books of J.

    ‘Through the Gates’ podcast, episode three: Pulitzer Prize-winning IU professor Tom French

    Rowling's Harry Potter series. Juniper is now an irrepressible 5-year-old who does gymnastics, rides horses and just started kindergarten. Kelley says their book about her "is journalism. It's for a mass audience. But underneath it's just a love letter to my little girl. How do two writers, a husband and wife, take something so traumatic, so deeply personal, and put it into words?

    Painfully, and painstakingly. Kelley and Thomas French take a selfie with their daughter, Juniper.

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    This Monday edition includes links to articles, columns, podcasts and more. Plain-text HTML. Subscribe Unsubscribe. Pulitzer Prize winner speaks about his life in journalism Alumnus reflects on personal writing style, storytelling craft. By Anne Keshner Published Oct 24, am. French said he feels this is the only way a person can understand how others deal with life. French is working on a first person serial narrative about his family.

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