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Keith Moul — What Home Leaves photo. Keith Moul is a poet of place, a photographer of the distinction light adds to place. Both his poems and photos are published widely. His photos are digital, striving for high contrast and saturation, which makes his vision colorful or weak, requiring enhancement. Martha Nance — In the Front Yard photo series. Martha Nance is a physician in Minnesota who lives on the bluffs over the Minnesota River, in an area of mixed fields and woods with a dragonfly-pond down the road.

She can spend many hours in the unmowed front field in the summer trying to collect more photographs than ticks. The residents out there, of whom there are many, need and want only for humans not to get in their way. She tries to oblige. Victoria Nordlund — At the Poetry Reading. Victoria Nordlund is an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut. You can read more of her work at www. Thomas Osatchoff is doing field-work for his debut collection of poetry. Thomas has resided in many places throughout the world where he has had opportunities to develop his perspective.

Ben Packer- Chattahoochee River.

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I wrote this when I was in Georgia for a spell. It was the first time I have ever been at the river.

Seeing it reminded me of how much I was missing living the city life. I currently live in New York. Seigar- Welcome to My Norway. Seigar is an English philologist, a high school teacher, and a curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons. He feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series.

He considers himself a travel and street photographer. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, to capture moments but trying to give them a new frame and perspective. Travelling is his inspiration. However, he tries to show more than mere postcards from his visits, creating a continuous conceptual line story from his trips. The details and subject matters come to his camera once and once again, almost becoming an obsession. Josephine Pino — Moss has no Compass. I am a biologist, an educator, and a poet and I love writing about nature.

It has endless potential to teach us, especially about ourselves. Rhonda Robb — I Am You. I am a year-old woman from Portland, OR. I currently work as a civil servant in Public Health. On my own time, when not writing poetry, I hike with my husband anywhere our dog can go; and once a year we broaden our minds by traveling abroad. Nadine Rodriguez — Somewhere, Elsewhere.

S degree in Journalism, a minor in Art, and a Queer Studies certificate. I am currently situated in Miami and working on my photography and creative writing. Growing up in South Florida has provided me with a surreal experience relating to nature and the environment. On one hand, I was always surrounded by humanity: overpopulation, concrete, hurricane-proof buildings, and people.

On the other, I was always a few miles away from nature. Beaches, secluded areas of swampy greens, sometimes even parks with towering trees and walkways dividing fields alive with an array of animals. Tonya Russell — If Only. Photographer of color, works forthcoming in numerous literary journals.

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BS degree in Sociology. Corey Ruzicano — Still. Carl and David Dower, and continues to write for HowlRound. She has managed the intern program at Second Stage Theater and fellowships and awards for New Dramatists and aids in making space for writers of all kinds and created community engagement programs for Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. She is the Executive Producer of Words on White, an art and conversation initiative.

With all her work, she seeks to empower voices and stories that encourage more empathic communities and a better understanding of one another. Tyler Saffell — Uneven and Inclined. There is nothing more fascinating than the splendor of space. I spend a lot of my time simply thinking about the cosmos and our place within it.

I enjoy telling stories through my poetry and more importantly, writing what I am passionate about. Nothing is more satisfying to me then when I am able to both tell a story through my poems while at the same time educating with real facts. My only hope is that when someone reads one of my poems that spark of awe and inspiration ignites the same fire within them that has kept me warm for the last fifteen years. Sandip Saha — Tune of nature. Sandip Saha is a chemical engineer and doctorate PhD in metallurgical engineering from India.

He has got three awards for his scientific work and 33 publications on his scientific research work including three patents. Amber Of Memory was chosen for the 50th Harvard reunion Dylan symposium. His wife tolerates his creative habits and occasionally enables his binges of writing and photography. Shoultz — The Snake. I am a poet, writer, philosopher, critic, and lay theologian, currently residing in Dallas, Texas.

Robert J. John Jay Speredakos — Nest of Echoes. He has appeared on and off-Broadway, in films, TV, commercials and radio dramas, and is a devoted daddy to his daughter, Calliope. More info, photos etc. Jed Stampleman — Ursa Minor and Major.

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Jed Stampleman is a member of the Connecticut Poetry Society. He has been writing poems for more than ten years but is just now his first making submissions. He is a retired advertising executive and lives with his wife Monique, who is also a writer. I like to write poems about nature because I believe it is all we have and it must be respected. My commitment to write, in and of itself, is a contribution to the spirit of the natural world. My poems come to me in the time between sleeping and waking.

And poetry is always in my head, so I have no choice but to love it. John L. A sea captain, he now resides with his family in California. Bio coming soon. Stuart Terman — July Lights; Hospital in my home city of Cleveland. Patricia lives with her poet husband in Northwestern Pennsylvania just outside of award-winning Cook Forest State Park. The beauty of these old-growth forests is a major influence on her work. Her latest book, titled Of Time and Seasons, is expected to be published in the fall of Her work appears regularly in The Watershed Journal, a regional literary magazine and on the website Dark Horse Appalachia.

Ahrend Torrey is a poet and painter. When he is not writing, or working in New Orleans, he enjoys the simpler things in life, like walking around City Park with his partner, Jonathan, and their two rat terriers Dichter and Dova. Helena Van Brande — No bedtime Story. Helena Van Brande is an undergraduate student at Princeton University, completing a degree in comparative literature with certificates in creative writing and environmental studies. In addition to writing poetry, she writes nonfiction essays and does translation from French, German, and Dutch.

She was born in Belgium, and moved to the United States with her family when she was a child. In her spare time, she enjoys running, climbing, cooking, and gardening. Erich is a poet from San Francisco, California. From there, he has established a YouTube channel, PoetryForce, to explore issues of social consciousness as well as matters of the human heart — its uses and misuses.

Six of these pieces were published by The Colorado Quarterly.

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  • a multimedia history of world war one.

Craig Weimer — Robed In Vines. My biographical statement could best be described as short. I grew up in the Suburbs of Morgantown, West Virginia, where one could be surrounded by civilization one moment and completely, totally alone the next, those two moments being separated by only a short walk. Lati Will — It Teaches. Infinitely passionate about her craft, she is on a lifelong mission to awaken people to the countless beauties this life has to offer. From writing in the first page of her diary as a teenager to channeling deeper meaning through the power of words as an adult, she feels called to create positive change that will continue impacting others for generations to come.

Currently, Lati serves as the Creatress — harnessing the wisdom she has cultivated throughout her spiritual journey, she answers spirituality-related questions and curates philosophical poetry and quotes that uplift, empower, and inspire. Russell E. My professional career began in engineering and moved to higher education teaching ethics and humanities, eventually serving as an administrator, ultimately as a Provost and later online education focusing on business education.

Most recently I have been concentrating on my writing. Much of my poetry uses the experiences and insights of the places and times I have lived after moving thirty times across the U. I have also published non-fiction in the areas of ethics focusing on ethics and technology ; science, technology, and religion; and American political history.

Michelle Wittensoldner — Owl photo. I am an amateur photographer from Ohio. I enjoy taking photos of the simple everyday beauties that the world offers us. My focus is mainly on Landscapes and animals. Here I present to you a close up, heavily cropped picture of a Great Horned Owl. I find him quite beautiful from his striking eyes to his cute little tongue! I also present to you a picture of a Foggy morning.

Driving down a country road the fog was so peaceful sitting on the hill behind that old barn. And lastly, I show you a picture I shot of a praying mantis eating a fly. He hung there and let me take his picture just eating his lunch! I very much enjoy these everyday beauties that we can find in nature. Libby Young — Fern Nature blues photo. I am a photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am working on a series of botanical and nature-related cyanotypes using contact negatives created from my original digital photographs. Some of the images I print on sheet music — the one attached in Amazing Grace.

Kevin is a writer and ecologist.

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  • Peter Plymleys Letters, and selected essays.

His work is the welcomed burden of flowing water, cold hands, conservator of natal streams. A life in the field is what he writes.

Spring Journal 12222

The bodies of he and his wife are lost now in a megalopolis, but their hearts and souls roam the hidden valleys of the Northern Rockies. He is working towards an Associates degree in Creative Writing and hopes to attend a four year school upon graduation from Metro. Russell lives in Rockland, Maine, and works as a line cook at a Mediterranean restaurant. He is at work on a full-length collection. Share this: Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading Brian Slusher, "Dr. Frances J. Daniel, "Hydrangeas".

Johnson, "Dionysus at Brookgreen". Sybil B. Elsie T. Starkey Flythe, "Katherine, locked in the bathroom". Katherine Williams, "Anagram: Epithalamion". Maria Martin, "Florence in the middle of the day". Kirby Knowlton, "my aunt on dauphine street". Cameron Messinides, "Story of a Carolina Monsoon".

Nick Bozanic, "Isaac" Helen C. Furtwangler, "Single House" Donald L. Stephen Rhodes, "Ghost Dance". Libby Bernardin, "And when the forest of your bearable life appears" Carol G. James, "Stephanie, a. Hyatt, "Genesis" Michael H. Riley, "Little Duckling". Daniel, "Elegy for the City" Debra A.