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After losing his papers, a young Egyptian DJ gets stranded in a country he has never heard of before: the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. On board a space mission in the near future, an astronaut is forced to make a difficult decision. When city police find a murder victim who was somehow forced to die of overeating, it puts veteran Detective William Somerset and his new, talented but still green partner, Detective D.

Experience 6 short films with varied subjects and meet their directors at this cinematic evening at Kinepolis Kirchberg. The self-portrait of a generation striving to tell its own story from inside the Syrian war. A boy gives up his dream of tightrope walking to take care of his lion taming father. A cab is driving through the vibrant and colourful streets of Teheran.

An intelligent commentary on Israeli-Palestinian relations set against the backdrop of a fictional TV soap opera. A love story which verges on madness, focusing on an elderly couple trying to grow old together. Two Mexican cleaning ladies clean a Manhattan office building. New to this country, city, and job, Alejandra is lead around by Paola. When John returns home to his father after serving time in prison, he is looking forward to start his life afresh. However, in the local community, his crime is neither forgotten nor forgiven.

Can democracy survive when persuading voters is more important than protecting them? The consequences of the financial crisis on an honest woman who will do anything to protect her family. A shattering voyage into the jungle of human nature. Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. A man dying of cancer in a poor Siberian village risks everything for a last-ditch cure. An East German school class take a small stand against oppression in the middle of the Cold War.

The military annulled the election results. Powerful drama about the culture of silence and shame left behind by sex crimes. Not far from Timbuktu, now ruled by religious fundamentalists, Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima, his daughter Toya, and Issan, their twelve-year-old shepherd. Eight short stories in which two eccentric bugs invent new ways of using objects abandoned by humans.

What happens when we discover that we can get more from life than our parents have to offer? Fifteen years ago, Una ran away with Ray, an older man, a crime for which he was arrested and imprisoned. Every day a woman goes to the park to speak to her husband but a wall seperates the two. Everything else is false, even if the statements were made by me.

Three nature-packed animated shorts for children from Belarus and the United Kingdom. The story of an unusual friendship at the height of the European "refugee crisis". A sophisticated white sausage wants to enjoy her bottle of Chardonnay on the beach. But her plans are ruined by the raunchy and noisy meat around her. A program consisting of 4 short movies, all about the carrot, conceived for a very young audience. A little girl and a wandering minstrel lead the people against a tyrannical king. On his search for intelligent life in outer space, a ufologist overlooks the fact that intelligence is standing right by him: his young son Luis.

On an extraordinary journey, Ben and his sister must unlock the magical secrets of their ancestry in order to find their way home. The little hare Johan and his father have lived at sea since he was three and his mother disappeared.

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Johan likes the ship. It has a greenhouse where they grow carrots, and it has fishing nets. Selkirk, a pirate who fears neither God nor man, sails the seas in quest of treasures. Lea is up for a summer full of adventures after facing a dare by the local gang of boys. Brothers Junpei and Kanta live with their family on the Japanese island of Shikotan. Two young best friends in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands find their bond put to the supreme test in a bittersweet ode to lost innocence. A stubborn city girl hunts for a cure for her asthma in the South Tyrolean Alps. When the 9-year-old Kurdish boy Rauf wants to quit school, his father sends him to a carpenter to become an apprentice.

Veysel, a year-old immigrant, and his family have a difficult time dealing with their everyday life in Austria. From her childhood bedroom in the Chicago suburbs, an American teenage girl uses social media to run the revolution in Syria. A provoking documentary about racism, religion, fanaticism and the cost of remaining silent. With: Erfan Rashid. Drawing Workshop. A highly colourful workshop that combines artistic craftsmanship with technical challenge. Skip to main content. Press Pro. Contact Ticketing Job Offers Downloads.

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  8. Official selection - Non Competition. A whirlwind of jealousy, passion and danger. Official Competition. Documentary competition. The true story of an incarcerated English boxer who fought to earn his freedom. A Real Vermeer Een echte Vermeer. Inspired by the true story of the greatest art forger of all time.

    The nightmarish life of an unpaid housekeeper. Young Audiences. An ant decides to do things his own way. A large-scale look at how humans are causing permanent planetary change. A surreal black comedy, an exercise in cynical absurdism. A couple head deep into the forest in their 4x4. A passionate appeal for accepting those who are different. An unsettling journey into the puzzling world of motherly love. A collection of short films inspired by, and made for, refugee children. A true story about art and the art of deception. A family crime saga set in the Colombian marijuana boom of the s.

    Outside the walls. Bye bye Germany Es war einmal in Deutschland Ce qu'il reste de toi. A personal portrait of contemporary China. An act of balance between stark realism and an unsettling sense of the absurd. A traumatised child takes refuge in an imaginary friend. Young Audiences Movies. A nail-biting and claustrophobic survival film. A bored suburban America obsessed with and plagued by gun violence. Lynn is about 30 years old and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders.

    A young Senegalese fisher finds a Belgian passport. An emotional roller coaster of a movie, by turns hilarious and devastating. The whole world knows the Holocaust happened. Now she needs to prove it. Opening film and in Official Competition. Berlin Film Festival A look at teenage love, sexuality and hormones. Dora or the sexual neuroses of our parents. The hopes and disillusions of four Lusophone immigrants in Luxembourg. A tale of exploration, vividly reimagined from the indigenous point of view.

    Three estranged siblings reunite to divide a family inheritance. Short films evening. An animated feature based on the masterpiece by Edgar Allan Poe. Fanny's Journey Le voyage de Fanny. Inspired by the true story of Fanny Ben-Ami. An audacious feminist coming-of-age drama. An all-female South African western adventure. An arranged marriage threatens the secret relationship of two young lovers.

    An absurd crime story, a Chinese tragicomedy. The story behind the greatest free solo climbing feat ever captured on film. Chaos and paranoia rule in Alper's vision of Istanbul. The story of one family taken in the storm of the Khmer Rouge revolution. Sometimes the most terrifying ghosts are our own. Going to School Villads fra Valby.

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    Goodnight Mommy Ich seh, ich seh. A surreal village noir, an erotic crime thriller. Heaven will wait Le ciel attendra. Two young French women drawn to Jihadism. A tale about power, the financial world, hell and its dragons. Prone to fits of mania, narcissism and power failure. A speculative essay on the contemporary world.

    A promising female footballer faces her biggest struggles off the field.

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    House of Others Skhvisi Sakhli. Families uprooted and disoriented by war. Hurricane, A Wind Odyssey 3D. In the presence of director Jacqueline Farmer. I am not Madame Bovary Wo bu shi pan jinlian. A coming-of-age tale about a boy who saves the day — against all odds. An intimate portrait of what it means to be a teenager growing up online. A young girl must put her newly gained superhero skills to the test. A personal and hopeful story of the fight against cancer. A camel, a duck and a cockroach meet. Sounds like a joke? Kawaki The World of Kanako. Land of mine Under Sandet.

    Le miroir des apparences. Les sauteurs - Those Who Jump. What if your social media followers controlled your life? A family fleeing armed conflict arrives on an island populated by ghosts. Three old school friends reminisce about the past and what they have become. Journey through the nightmarish bowels of the textile industry.

    Masterclass Production Design. Maurizio Cattelan: Be right back. The art world's most celebrated prankster has his way with the big screen. Heavyweight documentarian Herzog meets political heavyweight, Gorbachev. A fantastic, almost hitchcockian social drama. Mich, a homeless guy, wanders the streets in search of his lost bag. Zero impunity - Sexual violence in armed conflict. A little boy does all he can to take his pet giraffe to school. Johnny is a charming and eloquent but relentlessly vicious drifter.

    One night, one murder - A forbidden passion and a big family secret. A battle for freedom of speech and music in Iran. A portrait of a woman, orphaned in her mind but not in reality. A cat comes up with a creative solution to make friends. A re-imagining of the classic Peter Pan story. A group of friends risk death to make their mark on the world.

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    Two lovers haunted by the memories of a night frozen in time. An old disillusioned portrait painter decides to to jump off a bridge. Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. Jane Austen's classic tale is faced with an army of zombies. A moving portrayal of a family struggling in the wake of parental separation. A mother and son on the run from an abusive husband.

    A friendship blossoms on the rooftops of Brussels. A look at adolescence, class, state depotism and male friendship. Three happy ingenious buddies living in a colourful adventurous world. Sonita, the feminist Afghan rapper fighting against child marriage. Spot and Splodge Plottspotting. Short film programme for every child's first movie theater experience.

    A young buck suffers a major case of antler-envy. A little boy defies a storm to fish for shooting stars.

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    A woman faces a moral dilemma whilst travelling alone at sea. A tale of mystery and murder in pre-war Budapest. A farming family torn apart by tragedy on the eve of the First World War. An Australian outback western where justice itself is put on trial. A tiny hero uses his curiosity and wit to save the lake where he lives. The age of Shadows Mil-Jeong. The Caterpillar and the Hen Il bruco et la gallina. The Challenge Al tahaddi. A touching story about the friendship between small cloud and big whale. The Commune Kollektivet. A dead Soviet dictator and a regime in chaos.

    Below us the dead world hangs in space, its mantle loose and wrinkled like dusty grey skin. We fire probes, watch as they arc towards the planet in long loops of light. The probes have laser cutters and diamond drills and they burrow deep into the planet core. We collect samples from the surface and test them. This had once been a lush world, a garden in a droplet of water, trembling in the void. Now it is dead, the atmosphere a noxious soup, and we can feel only its past in the rocks that remain.

    We play cards while the probes do their work. You always win. Remember how Father would drift above us—a short man, even for a human, pudgy, bald and smiling, some kind of Buddha in a wetsuit—teaching us how to play? How he would laugh as we pincered the oversized polymer cards between jet-black mandibles. Now the cards are slick with the residue of our feeling for him. We play for a long time. Days, weeks, months—it is easy to forget that time moves differently for us, faster than it does for Father and the other humans.

    Besides, you are the mercurial one. The stronger one. A prolific teacher, Kelly has taught at most of the major science-fiction writing workshops, including Clarion, Clarion West, Viable Paradise, and Odyssey. Since , he has served on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts; he chaired the council in She has been part of the podcasting community since , hosting and producing her own podcast through She currently works for KWSS independent radio in Phoenix as their midday announcer, and also organizes a technology conference each year for Phoenix residents to connect with others in the podcast, video, and online community.

    A month after I broke up with Jonathan, or Mr. She found it on eBay, paid the Buy It Now price and had it shipped to me the next day. My mother never asked advice or permission. I dreaded finding the heavy, flat box that UPS left propped against my front door. We all want something. I muscled it into the foyer. There was no manual. The assembly instructions were in twelve pictographs printed on either side of a glossy sheet of paper. They showed a stick figure woman with a black circle for a head building the machine.

    Black was just how I felt as I attached the arms and headlights, fit the wheels and drawers into place.

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    It stood five feet, eleven and three quarter inches tall; I measured. I had to give Mom credit; she knew quality when she saw it. It smelled like the inside of a new car. I realized too late that I should have assembled it closer to the wall, I had to plug the charger into an extension cord. The power light flashed red; the last pictograph showed the stick figure woman staring at a twenty-four hour clock, impatience squiggles leaping from her round, black head. I had a nightmare about the dishwasher overflowing and then I was dancing with the vacuum cleaner in a warm flood of soapy water.

    When I came home from work the next day the machine was fully charged and was puttering about the apartment with my dusting wand, which I never used. It had loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and run it. There were vacuum tracks on the living room rug. I found the packing materials it had come with bundled into the trash; it had broken down its cardboard box for recycling.

    At dinner time, it settled at the other end of the kitchen table, dimmed its headlights and waited while I ate my Weight Watchers Chicken Mesquite microwave dinner. Later we watched The Big Bang Theory together. I thought it wanted to follow me into the bedroom when I was ready to go to sleep, but I turned at the door and pointed at the hall closet. It flashed its brights and rolled obediently away. She can be contacted at kaitlynradel mail.

    Manual of steel construction 8th edition

    After two years of long distance communication, Enoch had traveled from Earth to be with me, only to later decide it was a mistake. When I was spent of energy and tears, Boris lifted me into his arms, like steel support beams, and carried me to the bathroom. He undressed and washed me. He kissed my tearful eyes. He rubbed my skin with oil. With Boris I finally felt warm and safe.

    Other books by Octavia E. Amanda Ching is a freelance editor and writer. She tweets cerebralcutlass and blogs at amandaching. I live in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most beautiful places anywhere. My day job is at the local public library. I started writing quite young, and submitted my first story to a magazine when I was 14 years old.

    Nowadays I write poems, stories, novels, and a little non-fiction. Write regularly every day is good. Read constantly. Get a job. Bill started voice acting on the Metamor City Podcast, and has wanted to do more ever since. He spends his days working at a library, where he is in charge of all things with plugs and troubleshooting the people who use them.

    He spends his nights with his wife, two active children, and two overly active canines and all that goes with that. Bill last read for us on EP Canterbury Hollow. I resolved to use the term when I was quite young. Another thing I remember about the moon: I used to put my finger over it to make it disappear. Kids crave that kind of power. They want to rule the world. You get a call from some nerds.

    Space cadets. They want to reclassify the moon.

    You think this has to be some kind of joke. But no. They are dead serious. They have money to pay for your legal work. Seven hundred and eighty-six dollars. And thirty-two cents. They collected it by passing a hat. You are amused. You take the case. Why not? No point in being who you are unless you can have some fun once in a while, right? Mollene was the richest person ever, a complete recluse, a widower, and dedicated to three things above all else: stopping global warming, halting disease, and making the moon disappear.

    He had already accomplished the first with his innovative solar cell technology, had made real progress on the second with his universal vaccine, and now, with the pepper mill in orbit around the moon for the past twenty years, he was well on his way to achieving the third. A lot of people said they understood Richard Mollene and his pepper mill. Alice Creighton did not. She asked for an interview with Mollene to get more information. To her surprise, he said yes.

    Alice would get face time with the man who set the pepper mill grinding and seasoning the moon from lunar orbit almost twenty years ago. A lot of people said its mission was impossible. But they were wrong. Andrea Phillips is an award-winning transmedia writer, game designer and author. Andrea cheats at solitaire a victimless crime and Words With Friends which is less forgivable. Consider yourself warned.

    The video stutters at the eighteen-second mark. Yakova knows by heart precisely when it happens. As she watches, she mouths the words along with Autumn. And here is where it happens: Autumn elbows her and knocks her glasses off. Yakova knows she should edit it out, those few seconds of skewed and jarring footage as her glasses skitter across the lunch table.

    Instead, she studies each frame carefully. Jad is there, nearly off-frame and out of focus, light gleaming off the angled planes of his cheekbones, dark hair curled over his eyes. He starts from his recline, and he looks at her looks at her! His hand reaches up, and —. She cuts it off here, before she has to hear her own brassy laugh, before she can hear herself telling Autumn to be more careful.

    It must be concern. But is it the aloof concern of a bystander, or a more significant concern, floating atop a deep ocean of unspoken feeling? The video panel winks out. Not anymore, not at her age. The last two years have seen her friends blossoming into adulthood — one by one peripherals have fallen away, leaving their eyes clear, their faces open and unguarded. Yakova is left behind with a goggle-eyed wall between her and her newly coltish, beautiful peers. Rachael K.