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Overview This is a complete beginner to advanced course in modern hypnotherapy. In this book, you learn about the technology of hypnosis and how to use it effectively. You discover how hypnosis can help you accomplish goals in your business, social, spiritual, and personal life. You learn how hypnosis, when combined with other tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and traditional therapeutic models, is one of the most dynamic tools for change available today.

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Learning hypnosis is an adventure that will take you inside the mind to discover and awaken the highest potential of yourself and others. This is a complete guide for professionals and students of modern hypnosis. The technology of hypnosis has changed and expanded so rapidly in the past few decades that printed material can barely keep pace with new discoveries. This self-guided course has the latest and most powerful techniques and instruction.

It includes exercises, information, instructions for personalized inductions, modern deepeners, suggestibility personalized testing, complete programs including smoking, weight control, regression, working with children, self-hypnosis, post hypnotic suggestions, Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP , Ericksonian indirect hypnosis, Kappas' suggestibility personality categories, phobias, giving suggestions, handling problems, and much more.

The course includes a PDF ebook and eight mp3 audio files. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or above to listen to these embedded tracks.


This self-guided Professional Hypnosis Course is for you if you want to stand above the crowd and be proud of what you do. And, it is for you if you want to make a positive impact on your own life and the lives of others.

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How is this course better than others? Most hypnosis courses teach that only some people are hypnotizable. This training uses individual personality profiles to tailor each induction and suggestion program uniquely for each subject. Using a combination of traditional, Ericksonian, and NLP techniques and principles, you can become a skilled hypnosis professional.

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Do you know what was operating Drones: The Complete Collection: Three books in one. A comprehensive collection The 3 books contained What many also fail to appreciate is the fact that imagery has physiological consequences. Even thought the lemon is not real, your body generates real saliva in response to the thought.

Make Your Practice More Efficient and Effective After receiving Academy training in how best to use Interactive Guided Imagery sm , therapists, coaches, and counselors have discovered new ways to empower, educate, and introduce clients to their own inner wisdom and decision-making abilities through this work.

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Psychologists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals report that they can now engage their patients in dedicated self-care in a way they had never been able to do before, and coaches are able to motivate their clients when all else has failed. Teaching clients to use their own imagination in this interactive way results in a shorter but more effective overall treatment time without sacrificing the depth and emotion so central to therapeutic growth.

Since imagery is the dominant natural language of the unconscious, the clinical applications of imagery for unresolved psychological issues are boundless. We invite you to review the information on this website to see how Interactive Guided Imagery sm addresses most of the major issues confronted in clinical practice and how it can significantly add to your professional and personal satisfaction and success. A unique combination of convenient home-study modules along with 52 hours of small group supervised workshops assures thorough training with a high level of specific relevance to your practice.

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