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After a while the London centre started to feel like my real family. I learned to — look people sincerely in the eyes embrace and kiss! It just kinda happened and it just kinda worked. Burton was certainly not sophisticated enough to think this through, although he seems to have had an intuitive knack for it. Otherwise the discussion tends to be mostly about a group that existed in the 70s, 80s and 90s but no longer really exists today.

If being open about my own thoughts and attitudes reveals something that is still a bit distorted i. And I trust that you and others on the blog will not hesitate to help me in this regard when and if I need it. At a certain time I was still living at the boy cottage. I was making arrangements to either find another place or move back into a tent. You can always go and get some sweet popcorn and wait till everybody is gone to stand in the podium and talk to the stars.

I did not wait when it was time for me to leave the Fellowship of Friends losing my job in the process, just before Christmas What are we waiting for?!! I agree with wildz. There may be reasons and forces beyond our understanding that have caused the petition to come into being at this particular time; along with, of course, a lot of effort by a few of those who have written and refined it and researched what to do with it. I say send it! Thanks, Jack, for making this effort to focus on a specific and possibly effective action.

And again, thanks. Two or more people are comrades when they are joined by a common aim or common enemy, which obliterates any differences between them, or rather renders these differences insignificant and irrelevant in the face of the greater purpose. Friends share an intellectual and emotional affinity, they respect each other, know about each other, feel trust and warmth for one another. They rely on each other for help and support, are able to be honest with each other.

They are affectionate with each other in a non-formulaic way. They care what happens to the other, and feel inspired to share their lives with one another. While friendships take commitment, time and energy to cultivate and nurture, comradeship is more easily in our reach. Instead, totalitarian societies encourage comradeship. No wonder that we, thrown off of the merry-go-round of the Fellowship of Friends, come spinning into the real world in various degrees of confusion about what friendship means. As the common aim recedes, comrades return to being strangers who lack friendship and have little in common.

No wonder that some, after 30 years of being comrades, and under the threat of losing the binding structure, desperately start grasping to maintain a shallow sea of warm yet noble-sounding fuzziness, possibly the only emotional connection they have known, with the only means familiar to them. They may not be aware of possibilities lying outside of this uniform primordial soup, because it is the model they had absorbed for so long. How quickly can you consider someone a friend? Are you going to be hugging all these people like you used to?

Am I feeling genuine affection and respect for someone, or am I just grasping once again for anyone who shows themselves willing to be my friend? Where are my boundaries? You cannot go from being a comrade to being a friend overnight. As a comrade, you are one of the pack, the flock, the hive — but to be a friend, you have to be someone first. An individual. Who are you, when no longer required to conform to anything? You are left to yourself to discover what is real. Thank you! When we see friends and family at Christmas we can encourage them to sign on.

I thought the petition will be also on line so we can sign it anytime and forward to anyone. With this format even people who were never in the fof but understand the issue could sign it as well. Maybe this petition is very different from what I am imagining, I am sure Jack will let us know. I do not see why we have to delay. Once it starts it can take a momentum of its own. Maybe I am underestimating the Holidays, but would like to go forward. Also, based on the Fellowship of Friends ideology: a photograph is a gift, friction is a gift and Influence C is a gift. The blog has been such a device.

The petition will also be. As with delivering a photograph, it is best delivered from a third force, neutral, place, without any particular expectation as to the result that will ensue. Just place it out there and put the rest in to the doings of Higher Forces. Concerning what help we can be to others: The correct triad, if you still use that idea, is for the person needing help to ask for it. Then it is best to act from a third force, if you still use that idea, place. Do not believe any false humility in the requester; proceed with caution. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

Neither can we call this a begging of misery, or a borrowing of misery, as though we were not miserable enough of ourselves, but must fetch in more from the next house, in taking upon us the misery of our neighbours. Truly it were an excusable covetousness if we did, for affliction is a treasure , and scarce any man hath enough of it. No man hath affliction enough that is not matured and ripened by it, and made fit for God by that affliction. If a man carry treasure in bullion, or in a wedge of gold, and have none coined into current money, his treasure will not defray him as he travels.

Tribulation is treasure in the nature of it, but it is not current money in the use of it, except we get nearer and nearer our home, heaven, by it. We need very strong ears to hear ourselves judged frankly, and because there are few who can endure frank criticism without being stung by it, those who venture to criticize us perform a remarkable act of friendship, for to undertake to wound or offend a man for his own good is to have a healthy love for him.

Its my Christmas gift! Self selection… yes I also think the stipulation of men having to wear jacket and tie and women skirt or dress was a pretty effective method of filtering the susceptible people. But once its up people can sign it at anytime. Yes it will be online and anyone can sign it at anytime there may be complete strangers who decide to, as i did when visiting the petitiononline site and saw some interesting causes.

Your edit request will be reviewed so that it complies with our terms and conditions. Note there are also many options on your petition that can be changed at any time during your campaign using your control panel. If you own a petition and want to edit your petition, some of your petition settings, or you want to close your petition, please login by clicking the login button in the top right hand corner of this page, then enter your email address and chosen password to access your petition control panel.

In relation to it staying in place until there is sufficient mass…Its a choice we take, we either send it once it has collected a symbolic amount such as a few hundred letting the recipients know that its just started and then resend it when it becomes a more significant amount, or wait til there are many before sending. Yes signatures can be gathered worldwide and there are many other possibilities of linking to other sites. Gopetition also has some interesting offers of advertising the petition on highly visited sites etc.

I think the last should be first …. Can I make you a deal? The idea of prosecution does not frighten me because there are no lies involved in it. Another reason is that one cant get blood from a stone …I am the stone in this case. I can just imagine the Fellowship trying to scare them off. Try to take a look at their terms if you get time, perhaps we need a lawyer to look at those. Get a headache for next year? People with specific knowledge of specific criminal activities or specific instances of private inurement of tax-exempt funds should report their knowledge to the appropriate law enforcement authority or investigative agency.

It is appropriate for law enforcement authorities to ignore petitions based on generalized allegations of wrongdoing. It is appropriate for law enforcement authorities to investigate first-hand information of illegal activities. Throughout life this submission is reinforced through the Teacher in Schools, the Captain and General, in the military and the Government in society.

I thought it would strengthen the individuals to the point that we would be able to assume responsibility for our community and our inner development directly as mature individuals instead of expecting or allowing an authority figure to have to take responsibility for our selves. The apparent lack of established external and obvious hierarchy within the Fellowship of Friends seemed to point to a community without specified boundaries in terms of role which invited to an open participation.

The lack of uniforms to define the roles and secure them promoted those in the inner circle to make tight and invisible connections in which only they participated, always using Robert Burton as the excuse they were trying to protect and emulate. In regular society the role of the inner circle in the Fellowship of Friends is assumed more strongly by the middle class who best adapts to the authoritarian structure.

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All that is presented in theory and probably still holds a great many people who have not been able to understand exactly how the Fellowship of Friends not only fails to meet this aims but deeply reinforces the patterns of unquestioned submission to authority in which the individual becomes weaker and weaker and gives up his will to idolatry. The question of: At what point does an individual working on himself develop enough trust in his own truth and understanding of the world, to hold it at no matter what personal cost above that of any other authority? The God, the divine man number eight, the unquestionable, replaced not only any human reference to reason but imposed a divine will that was not to be tackled with.

All this can only be understood in as much as one is willing to enhance the life of an individual in connection to the life of the community or society. Like any totalitarian society, in theory, the Fellowship of Friends functioned under the aim of the development of an Arc for the good of humanity in which the individual was to sacrifice himself for the good of the many.

The level of social negligence that the students of the Fellowship of Friends have reached is not far from the lack of human values in any other totalitarian society. Veronicapoe, in terms of your question, the structures are there in all of us to repeat, but we also have the option of developing enough inner freedom to not go with the current and continue to bend the human will. This is a genuinely perturbing process, but definitely necessary. There is a movement from having hundreds of comrades to having a small number of friends.

This means rediscovering who you are outside of the context of the Fellowship. From the highest angle I would say that I am nothing. Slowly some old friendships redefine themselves with no reference to the Fellowship, and new ones develop. Well, well, well, I thought the wall between church and state was higher in the old U. A lawyer for preacher Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International in suburban Atlanta had said Wednesday that the investigation should be referred to the IRS or the Senate panel should get a subpoena for the documents.

Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, sent lengthy questionnaires a month ago to six ministries so he could review whether pastors were complying with IRS rules that bar excessive personal gain through tax-exempt work. All the ministries preach a form of Word of Faith theology, known as prosperity gospel, which teaches that God wants believers to reap material rewards for their faith. However, several religious liberty watchdogs have said the scope of the inquiry is too broad and warned that it could be unconstitutional.

Refusals to turn over the information could lead to a court fight, giving a judge the authority to decide whether the committee is entitled to all the information it requested. Elena 39 Im sure someone will get the santa anagram, its just a joke. But its true and therefore I am led to wonder if there is any means whereby we can inform some of the receiving parties of the willingness of particular people perhaps designated by including their full address and a statement to that effect to be contacted for the purpose of obtaining further information.

He is not a student and never was. His address has been given several times. He is in the bay area and would probably be a very good choice to review the petition. The above quote is right on! Now I read about law suits and petitions and various forms of assault on FOF. Many of you left upwards of 2 decades ago…. That seems somehow really, really sad. Goodbye … Move on…. I am not familiar with this transference theory at all. So forgive me. Where we looking for a cult?

Is not life a cult? Especially watching TV we are influenced all the time? Who had an ideal upbringing? Yes many of the fof and exers where not so self assured? So what? Where we not all looking for love? A community, a sense for existence? Is not that a path which is? I just saw the movie : Gods grew tired of us. This movie was such an incredible understanding that there is nothing wrong with having friends a family a social network.

This is part what seems to me of being a human being. However, there was a certain breakdown of ideals that happened over time that led me to question my parents and in turn myself. I think the questions you have are quite valid and I agree with you. And those red flags and inconsistencies remained or became even bigger over time. When I left those inconsistencies and red flags were huge. So when I left in , I was ready. It had been building all those years. Leaving the Fellowship is like leaving your family behind, but that is the illusion. All part of the mind bending we create in ourselves to stay in the Fellowship.

I have been reading your blogs to educate myself on the FOF. I recently learned that a friend of mine has been a member for a very long time, which is such a tragedy. I am contemplating what to do. The truth will set you free! The more you expose him, his criminal activity, his ill gotten gain etc. Burton needs to be pushed off his little throne. Let me know if I can be of any help. After leaving FoF, I found myself confused and naive about friendship, never really having had a healthy model to observe. I grew up in a less than emotionally healthy family in which members had little respect for each other, cooperation was virtually unknown, and there was little permeability towards the outside world.

As an adult, I once had the good fortune of staying with another family for a short time. I remember the delight I experienced when one of their friends simply came over one afternoon, sat down at the table, they chatted for a while about nothing in particular, and when she felt it was time to go, she said good bye and left. It was a novel experience for me. No ceremony, no drama. Their friendship was not predicated on submitting to a higher will or cause together, on being obligated or feeling allegiance, did not depend on working together to solve some great problem of immense and universal importance.

About my friends from the FoF. I had 2, acquaintances. I longed to have deeper connections but was also afraid of them. So, having much surface area and little depth felt secure most of the time. I was closer with some of the acquaintances than others, but from my new perspective, it is hard to say that we were really friends. We tried to be friends, but the connection was generally tenuous and easily replaceable. Comradeship is made of common causes and common enemies.

We were suddenly friends read: comrades with everyone who had shared our traumatic experience. This is not to say that I think we should not associate. I certainly believe that friendship can grow among ex-members, we just have to be more intelligent about it than the first time.

Go and discover inside ourselves what it is we want, and where our needs are coming from. Not approach people with expectations, not try to win their allegiance in emotional bartering. Of course there is no such thing as ideal upbringing. None of this is about blaming our upbringing. It is something that happened, our parents did the best they knew how to do. Actually there are people who have posited that families are similar to cults. But you know, relativity and all that, some families are just more thoroughly messed up than others.

This is just the way things are. Or not. All, Thank you for the current discussion line. Veramente, Your voice is much clearer lately, it is a pleasure to see you expressing your self. I much enjoyed your longer post before this one also. I think the question for me is not so much about friendship which is a different note of its own but of citizenship.

It is about being able to go and get a cup of coffee in a restaurant and being served well because the person serving not only knows how to do his job but knows how to serve decently. That is love not in the sense of friendship although there is always the potential for that, but in the sense that the server is considerate enough to be there for the person he is serving. This is very common in the essence expression of almost all cultures and it is becoming more and more rare in most of them.

That is what I understand by the Fourth Way. People in essence seem to treat each other beautifully because they have not lost integrity within themselves. They have not been educated to look at each other through the lens of class, nationality or education. Alchemy in the Fellowship of Friends is the utmost expression of its superficiality. It fills life with insignificancies. There can be no integrity when one has to put all sorts of conditions to be able to appreciate another human being.

Well, it seems to me that we were just unaware of the depth and nature of the problem. So we would continue to seek authorities to tell us who we are and regard us as inferior human beings. Behavior that does not necessarily stop when people leave the FoF. A few words on the issue of friendship and whether it can continue or rather, resume after one leaves the Fellowship of Friends. This is connected to the stories related by Skeptical O. Friend was certainly a term abused in the Fellowship and many members have little clue what it means to experience it.

I sense that long-term members are often times looking more for forgiveness than immediate friendship, at least under the more usual terms. Either they are dumb or they are real weasels, or both. In fact many of them were victims too. It is a mystery why it takes some just a quick look to recognize the smell and walk away and give us a humoristic account of the encounter the Sheikh forever famous first post , and why it takes others 30 years to come around and out, dazed.

If it were just smarts or ethics, it would be simple, and easy to judge people on their length of stay. One hour: very smart; five years: no so smart; 15 years: plain dumb and a bit of a weasel; 30 years: forget it and please, do not come close to me. Very few come completely clean from such an experience.

It is fine to wish to bring down the Fellowship of Friends and its leader, Robert Burton. It is even better to help rehabilitate its members. And no, you do not to be friends for that, just forgiving. Beautifully stated Elena. I hope you do not mind I cut your sentence off. While I agree that social hierarchies and the conditions that they create can and do keep one from appreciating others and help to sustain the separation of people from each other, I think it is something even more essential in the nature of our ego that is the true villain.

Reshuffle the letters a few times and see what you come up with. It was just something Jack threw in for fun. Do you believe that there is no hope for someone who has been in FOF for 30 years or more? I am trying to comprehend all of this. What I do recommend as a gift they can give themselves for Christmas to those who still feel their soul is scattered around the Galleria gardens without finding a proper rose to land in, is to look for their childhood environment so that they can get their essence back into shape.

Medellin, the city where I grew up, has been planted with mango and guava trees in many areas and it is so wonderfully fresh. I walk the street taking pictures of birds and nativity scenes that people put out in their gardens, in parking lots, shops and parks. Little people invade the city. I think this is true, and a profound insight. Hold that thought because I think we can illuminate it, make it glow, by adding other things to the model. Anybody out there studied it? It looks at the family as the unit of study. There are degrees of cutoff.

There is overt cutoff, people who break off contact with family of origin. There is covert cutoff, people who maintain superficial contact but hide who they really are. I think the context for this is, at least to some degree, cutoff. In the context of a more gradual differentiation of self, we would have realized it. It is where tearing away or cutoff removes the actors from daily life, leaving intact the psychic structures derived from that particular family, that the vulnerability of unwittingly replacing those parental actors emerges. It would be good to give much thought, before you try to find words for something so lost, for those long childhood afternoons you knew that vanished so completely —and why?

And became as lonely as a sheperd and as overburdened by vast distances, and summoned and stirred as from far away, and slowly, like a long new thread, introduced into that picture-sequence where now having to go on bewilders us. I know really nothing about this issue but it seems important when I read the peitition.

Players are the problem - not umpires

He has many years of experience in this arena of cults, has great credibility, is gracious and is not at all expensive. You can locate his contact information on the internet. It serves the purpose of gaining a collective response. It IS a can of worms but so what? Another good reason to run it by an attorney.

It looks like Ford Greene is currently running for office in Marin county, but I have a number and address for his legal practice. There are a few more changes to the final? I can post it anytime here and to you as a word document. I sent an e-mail to Ford Greene a few months ago to explore the possibility of his assistance. I received no reply. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

I have recently been quite busy, but followed with interest the current discussion. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.

Veronicapoe, Across the River. Those who are, could perhaps preface their e-signature with the words prepared to give evidence. I could set it up in such a fashion in the signing instructions. How soon can it be run by a lawyer? It would only take a lawyer as long as it takes to read it to say whether it is libelous, if it was faxed to one they could reply over the phone.

Doesnt any one have a lawyer friend. Then I can stick it onto the website and the fun can begin. Just wanted to say that there has been a very encouraging response from other world wide sources about it, which would enhance the number of people signing over a longer term. Some people just dont want to see that as a possible solution, so they cant come up with anything. Christmas was stolen from the earlier pagan and druidic traditions who knew that it was a good idea to have a big party at that time of year.

Because of their great astronomical knowledge they were aware that people needed to let of steam. One of the ways they used to do this was to ingest large quantities of the Fly Agaric or Amanita muscaria mushroom you know the one that looks like santa when its uprooted, it has black boots white trousers with a little skirt and a red spotted jacket or to drink the urine of Reindeer who had eaten it, and then the party would begin.

The tribe would shake off the effects of all the meteor showers and Equinoxial re-allignments, symbolically die and be reborn……….. Ha ha ha, all the best to all jack Ps. Again, I would suggest that you run it by Graham Berry. Ford Greene does get very busy and does not always respond. Graham Berry has better time managment skills. His e-mail addy is: grahamberry ca.

The following stuck with me and I was wondering whether you wanted to expand on it? For myself, false personality, I mean, the strong ego of false personality, seems essential enough but fortunately it is just a makeup that we can eventually do without. This is very clear in the system and in any true teaching or psychology but it is very significant that the Fellowship of Friends never even mentioned it and condemned its students to nine lifetimes of horror without a chance of getting rid of the worm inside and told everyone that they were in their fifth to eighth lifetime if they were lucky.

With this kind of indoctrination, people lose hope and with the loss of hope, vision. They forget where they are going. The System is actually a very optimistic, positive practice but the Fellowship of Friends like the Catholic Church made it into the acceptance of martyrdom. It is made up of things that have been processed in this lifetime even if they come from other lifetimes and can be worked with, using things that are in this life. Easier to know than to do it, but I keep trying! It would be easier for all of us if we gave each other a chance to be.

Are you serious? It taught me to stop smoking when I was about sixteen through flies that could not walk over the bridge of my nose because I did not know how to breath! When I finally breathed as they wanted me to, it was heavenly like! They also taught me to take mushrooms and drugs seriously, their spirit came through very clear. Thank you for the information, this blog is good for all things! Just wished to say you should be applauded for all your work. You too, Across the River and x-ray, and anyone else who is doing the actual work on this. That in fact those attributes are perhaps exactly what it is not.

Thank you for reminding me that it is a delicate situation whenever we speak about what appear to be illusions. They make a lot of people sick and vomit for the whole trip. They need a cleansing and the whole red top cannot be eaten for it is poisonous. Off for the weekend to the land of the woman that brought me up with fourteen of her family.

Maybe I can let you be if I find another family to talk to! Good luck to you all. Maybe Unoanimo will be back by next week! One more thing. I have room for two more persons if anyone would like to come. Get a ticket to Cartagena and from Cartagena to Monteria on the same day. Bring a thousand dollars, that should be enough if you wish to stay for a month. Just posted the most final draft of the petition but it includes 2 website addresses so is stuck in moderation right now.

Also left a message for Ford Greene this morning re who, what and why and now wait for a response. When the entire draft clears moderation, anyone else willing and able ;- can also scare up an attorney to look it over. Though Peter Ouspensky was a conscious being he did not have a School and never conducted School work. Elena 69 Thanks Elena. I had wanted to ask you what your life in Colombia was like, and loved your description of December days in Medellin. Fools will be fools And wise will be wise But I will look this world Straight in the eyes.

Reality is sharp It cuts at me like a knife Everyone i know Is in the fight of their life. Dear jack, all the best to you! As soon as the petition is ready I have been asked to translate it into Italian…. So those promoting the petition should consider whether they believe that evidence documents, testimony from witnesses, etc. Especially from someone who has specific experience in the cult gig. Ford and Ross have experience with exactly this type of thing. They know what cannot be said, and how to say the same thing without liability.

Or should we take your word and throw the fucker out? It seems like common sense. You could be AG for all I know. By all means, second and third opinions are always nice. We can use all the help and angles we can get to be efficient and get the job done. Several people viewing the same thing can add a wider spectrum in the overview. As the petition itself has shown. Reading and contributing to this blog is can be useful as well as reconnecting with long-gone, but not forgotten friends. I left over 10 years ago and I had been painfully aware for at least 15 years. I have no excuses as to why it took me so long to remove myself from the support system of this man.

But I left before thing really got weird. Hearing stories of how totally warped RB and his teaching and life style have become since I left, leaves me incredulous that anyone would support the man in any form, financially or otherwise. There is a photograph made by Henri Cartier-Bresson in defeated Nazi Germany, , where a Gestapo informer is recognized at a checkpoint by a woman she had denounced. You will be recognized. Uno posted some useful info on slander and defamation on Res Ipsa Loquitur. Of particular interest is the part near the end that states what should be done if threatened with a defamation suit.

It might be useful, if Ford finds some problems with the petition, to ask if we can pay him to re-write the petition for us if necessary in a legal manner, with minimum exposure for liability, including the facts as we presented them in the draft that we send him. As Bruce suggested, if Ford re-writes the petition and he will ask for more, I could do another hundred, unless some one will help me out here. I imagine there will be a number of people who can kick in a bit of money. You need not commit to more than you have already.

Yesri my boy, how much ice cream do you eat? Anyway, I understand the Ben and Jerrys addiction. Across the River Please go ahead and send it to Ford. But It is looking very good! Well done. I look forward to seeing what is left after Ford. Rocky road was my addiction until I met, Death by chocolate mnmnmnm. I mean we cant have free ethneogens just growing in the ground, that give you a direct experience of something higher without having to pay the church or listen to their bullshit can we. The guy below proves it to be untrue. If you are using the sequence and the telephone rings, you may drop the sequence, but by no means drop presence.

You see it makes a difference if the phone ringing is a landline or a cell phone. In either case the sequence need not be dropped. Most landline phones have a number of holes in both receiving and sending parts of the handset. These holes can be counted and the sequence will still be kept intact. I need not tell you that the number of holes in the phone is no accident. Now, if it is a cell phone that is being answered there is probably only one small orifice each for the receiver and the sending apparatus. These are, of course, the long and short BE. People should think twice before discussing on this site what they want to ask Ford Greene, and how he responds.

If people want to hire Ford, someone should be his client, and that person can have confidential discussions with him. The client should be someone who has personally suffered harm that Ford believes can be addressed in a lawsuit. You're not pinning that on me. Unh uh. A blind man is walking down the street with his seeing-eye dog one day.

They come to a busy intersection, and the dog, ignoring the high volume of traffic zooming by on the street, leads the blind man right out into the thick of traffic. This is followed by the screech of tires and horns blaring as panicked drivers try desperately not to run the pair down. The blind man and the dog finally reach the safety of the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and the blind man pulls a cookie out of his coat pocket, which he offers to the dog.

A passer-by, having observed the near fatal incident, can't control his amazement and says to the blind man, "Why on earth are you rewarding your dog with a cookie? He nearly got you killed! The blind man turns partially in his direction and replies, "To find out where his head is, so I can kick his ass. One-way mission hugging the earth at supersonic. No matter what, someone's gonna die. That would be less likely if we had someone with testicles sitting in the oval office. Oh, wait isn't obama getting a dog?

You don't think the US would casually look the other way on Iraq? I do, but thats just MHO. I think the easiest route would be over Turkey anyway. I've flown over Turkey and Northern Iraq. Theres not much up there and there are a lot of mountains there to avoid radar in. There is an Iraqi Air Force if you can call it that. I was out on patrol one day and these two Iraqi military helicopters were shadowing us out in the desert off Route Tampa. That was the first, and last time I ever saw them.

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Infantry, 11B. I ran patrols in Southern Iraq for 5 months before rotating out to escort supply convoys around the country. I was on the road in gun trucks the whole time I was there. Well, he dropped the wrench on four this evening that were posting trash in the ben stein thread. Thompson shot down a German airplane. It was the first aerial victory by the U. Griffith launch United Artists. Cannell was born. Gigantic 45ft snake that could swallow a cow discovered by fossil hunters.

A killer snake that was longer than a bus, as heavy as a small car and which could swallow an animal the size of a cow, has been discovered by scientists. The 45ft long monster - named Titanoboa - was so big that it lived on a diet of crocodiles and giant turtles, squeezing them to death and devouring them whole. The size of the snake showed that conditions were around 10C hotter than today - around 30 to 34C on average. If it's Rosie o'Donnell's ancestor, then the words "cow" and "snake" have obviously been switched with each other. Ay, there's the rub. Here's some pics to ponder.

Your map backed up my Turkey theory. Its probably the safest route, and the fastest route to the Tehran. Iran's military is no joke though. When I mentioned to a visiting Army Officer that our little desert outpost was only 26 miles from Iran according to my GPS , he told me "You're not the only one who thinks about that.

If we get attacked, I recommend you try to get to Kuwait. To put things in perspective, load the map below. Find Basrah in the Southeast corner, then the little village of Zubayr next to it. Thats how close I was to Iran for five months. I chatted with a few of the local Iraqis from that village. They all said there were British Soldiers on the border watching the Iranian side. When you're 12 guys in the middle of the desert with only three humvees, "run away" is the only tactical option. Getting kinda crowded down there. More at The Swamp. Knock me over with a feather.

I deposited some money in my bank and received a free toaster. Now normally, that's well and fine, but this is a bank that has received TARP funds. To which of Obama's czars should I reported this misuse of public funds? The connection between Nazism and radical Islam has been buried.

We need more Vic Morrows, and fewer Matt Damons. Hey, I already give the old guy speech to some of my friends. Best line I ever used? I was running around playing silly bugger in the army, while you were still in diapers. Ah, Sean Penn. The man practically drips comedy. Although I admit his scenery-chewing saliva-slinging bug-eyed Spazzmoid stroke-acting is occasionally kinda funny, accidentally. I don't even like the Stooges -- to be fair, I've seen like two of their shorts, total -- but I'm going to say right now this completely ruins my non-memories of them.

Is it just me or is Sean Penn out-acted by Michael J. Fox here? NSFW due to language. Sean Penn is the prototypical 'red diaper baby' Leo Penn: [Link: en. The 2 known modern anacondas the Green and yellow have long been thought to have a giant relative either still living or recently extinct. The 3rd subspecies of anaconda Sucuri Giganticus has long been postulated and vertebrae from the New Titanoboa are built on the same lines. Anacondas are a Branch of the Boa Constrictor tree tho. A living Titanoboa? A drastic overexageration? Just your average fish Tale?

Kate and Edith, both were mine. I found out what they say is true, You can't have your Kate and Edith, too. When I was a younger man, every night, I kissed a strange girl I know that I shall never find, another girl with eyes like mine. The moral of the story's clear, think twice before you lend and ear. A giant snake pic taken by a Belgian pilot over the congo. From a lawhawk link in the spinoffs: Thousands protest global warming.

Just on the yards, though, none on the streets and sidewalks. Can you deliver it by Saturday? I don't want that nasty Philly snow. Clean, fresh, Canadian snow! Get your imports now before we pass Smoot Hawley again. British Council suspends work in Iran. The cultural arm of the British government said in a statement that it halted operations after "cases of intimidation of our local staff in Iran. The council said all 16 of its local staff had been summoned to a meeting at the Iranian president's office in December and told to resign.

I love boobies but This is sick. I'm not poor but I get to experience mosquitos. Exploding breasts. Where do people get the money to do crap like this? I assume her insurance didn't cover it. Police said they had no idea why someone would target Dr. Trent P.

Pierce, chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board. The explosive device placed on or near the car shattered the front of his white Lexus hybrid in a blast the police chief said could be heard a mile away. The woman walks into the room and all eyes turn. Swiftly, her partner in crime liberates cash and credit cards from the unsuspecting victims pockets Still trying to figure out who toched Gov. Palin's church and who sent that white powder and death threats to various Mormon churches in California A change of pace today.

I'm going to a workshop on incorporating technology into the classroom. One problem, of course, is that my school doesn't have some of the required equipment, but never mind Yeah, been there. If they handed them out before the presentation, I would read them and then if it was dark enough nap. Can anyone tell me what the limit ed on deposits in a bank that the federal govt. Credit unions using the NCUI are still limited to k unless that has changed recently.

FDIC insured banks are up to k until unless the protection is extended. Anyone who doubts evolution exists need look no further than the amazing morphing democrat party in the last years, and I doubt God wants any credit for this:. Given the results of the last election, my guess would be there is alot more than just someone.

About 53 million someones. Microsoft founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates released a glass full of mosquitoes at an elite technology conference to make a point about the deadly disease malaria. The mosquitoes did not have malaria but, there are people for whom mosquito bites are more than an itchy nuisance. I pointed that out to my students when they read a selection in the textbook from Silent Spring.

The market is mixed this morning with the futures close to flat, the Nikkei dropped slightly and the Hang Seng went up slightly. Overall, the market has begun to lose patience with the Messiah and his staff in their dithering over dealing with the banking situation. That means that share holder equity will be wiped out, which is why the banking stocks have been getting hammered for the past week.

If you own any bank stock, which most mutual funds have in their portfolio it has become nearly worthless now. It was determined that an individual can be protected from a P. I don't know really. I always thought vaccines were for viruses. Malaria is caused by a protozoan parasite. I hope the media got plenty of photos of President Obama reading to schoolkids while the banking system is in flames.

Fiddling while the banks are burning, so to speak. Something I remember from some biology class is that sickle-cell anemia patients are immune to malaria. I vaguely recall a discussion that the former is an evolutionary attempt to protect from the latter. It's far worse than AIDS. Malaria could be prevented by application of DDT, the insecticide we used to eradicate mosquitoes, and malaria, from this country. From what I recall, sickle-cell anemia is a genetic defect that is debilitating in high altitudes, yet it has been maintained in the gene pool in Africa because of the advantage it confers on those who are susceptible to Malaria infection.

IIRC the phenotype of the disorder is a "sickle" versus a round shaped blood cell, so that the oxygen carrying capacity is reduced, but so is the potential breeding space for the parasite. Paul Volcker has grown increasingly frustrated over delays in setting up the economic advisory group President Barack Obama picked the former Federal Reserve chairman to lead, people familiar with the matter said.

Using Brz and Scowcroft is a actually a good idea. Keep them busy on a problem for which there is obviously no solution. Meanwhile,the grownwups can focus on Oh, wait. I remember other mothers telling me that it was a good thing to give a teething baby to cut down on his crankiness and to make him sleep. No way. I wasn't gonna' dope him just to relieve the stress on me.

Heck, I am the most conservative person I know when it comes to meds for the both of us. I have to be almost paralyzed with a head ache before I'll take anything, and I don't pop him a pill just because he has the sniffles. So, giving him meds for his ADHD is gonna' be a challenge. Just the questionable money. Well that's just the usual liberal double standard. Not going to stop his nomination from going thru. The DDT ban is one of the main reasons I refer to the environmental movement as the "genocide lobby.

Off the wall speculation: Rahm Emmanuel may be behind that Note that Summer is also supposedly behind some of the de-greening of the Administrations stimulus package, eliminating things like mass transit items, etc. Obama has tried to get many well known names into the kitchen, so to speak, perhaps too many chefs, which means that quite a bit could spin out of political control real fast Having a prominent Republican taking a stronger hand in the Administrations economic guidance perhaps is thought to be too much to handle right now.

I've been working on all kinds of methods to avoid meds. We're going for all kinds of testing soon, including an I. His teacher suspects it's way up there. His facility with both language and mathematics is way out there. He along with Sen Lautenberg from NJ are in that nether nether land somewhere between life and death. WaPo has an oped by Barack Obama.

Tagline at the end: "The writer is President of the United States. Barack says he won. So do as he says. None yet. I know that whichever one we choose, it bars him from the military but, his future's gonna' be screwed if meds are indicated and I don't chose them. It's becoming more and more evident that the Messiah has no idea what to do, other than limiting compensation for CEO's. BHO oped Requires registration. As an American citizen you should feel pissed that we get stuck with the bottom feeders and mouth breathers we have running the country.

On my local news this morning I heard someone mention Gov. I was considering a purchase but now I'll wait to see if the tax credit goes through. I wonder if there are mothers who've actually put their kids on it just to keep them out of the military in the future? Republicans should demand rebuttal space, or BHO should be required to pay for the space he used. The "Anti-Rush Limbaugh" Bill? But if you don't tell the recruiter, it is most likely they won't find out. I hear they may give a tax credit to anyone who buys a new car. Or maybe those regected from real military service can join Obama's Civilian defence force.

ADHD is not an illness that the body can fight on its own and throw off, like a headache or cold or even strep throat antibiotics, of course, speed that up a great deal. Behavior therapy can be a big help, but it doesn't address the organic cause. If the Kid had diabetes, I'm sure you'd give him insulin.

While ADHD isn't life-threatening, it can interfere with a child's daily life, depending on how severe the case. I understand how difficult the decision is for you, but if you and your doctor feel that medicine is needed, please don't feel guilty about it,. I think it could be considered perjury to lie under that oath. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar yesterday canceled oil and gas leases on 77 parcels of federal land after opponents said the drilling would blight Utah's scenic southeastern corner.

I've done research on the supplement GABA as an alternative to the typical medicine but all I can find on it is published by those who are selling it. Do you know anything about it? Given the numbers of kids beings percribed ritalin,aderal, and other ADHD drugs I see that limitation being lifted soon. Actually I have to make a decision by next week. They have asked me officially to move to the Green Side. Not sure what I am going to tell them. Oh, yes, the guilt plays a part in my reluctance but, so do the long-term affects of amphetamines on a young brain.

Mothers looking for a way to settle their children down and Doctors receiving the nice checks from insurer's are drastically inflating the numbers IMHO. Believe me, if you spent a day with my son without his taking his medicine, you'd know the difference. Had I known that, I would have atomized it, and dumped it over the country. We'd be discussing President McCain.

WaPo editorial opposite The One's oped is a rather nice rebuke. Nothing MM. My 11 year old daughter has been on Concerta for over 4 years. We tried just about everything to avoid the drug route. Best move we made. Almost over night we saw a change. She went from getting very avg grades to being near the top of her class with in 6 months. She has become a very confident and socially is a little butterfly. And boy can she swim. Bambi is going to be pisssed. Waiting for the far left to start devouring their own when they realize that change is just "same ole same ole"..

I was actually diagnosed with ADD and was prescribed with Ritalin. I'd often forget to take my "daily pill", and the dose they initially prescribed me with was too strong, as I'd walk around like a zombie all day and would even lose my appetite I was already skin and bones. In high school I even stopped taking Ritalin just because I felt like I didn't even need it and was doing fine. Over time I learned to adjust to my "imbalance" and am now a normal functioning adult working on ships as a marine engineer. They saw that and pulled me aside and said I couldn't join.

I'm trying to find more about GABA 'cause it supposedly addresses hormonal levels and the like in order to regulate neurotransmitters. Hi Crux! How about this heat? I don't like airconditioning at all, but occasionally I would just love to have it here. At work the aircon is set on freezing, so I rug up - winter cardy, winter tights, a coat occasionally, and then at the end of the day I have to thaw out.

I spoke with midwestgak yesterday and she asked to be added to your prayer list, she was laid off last week. I didn't mean to single out just you Mandy, its just everyone's throwing around ADHD as if its the only disease and that the majority of children diagnosed only have ADD. Tax problems got ya down? We'll say that you are the most qualified person for the job, even if you have the brain electricity of a carp fish.

It helps me focus. Quite the gaffe wasn't it?

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My suspicion is that in Congress they aren't used to dealing with such small numbers anymore. If something doesn't have a number attached to it that isn't as large as a half billion it just doesn't get counted Al-Qaeda chiefs are raping young male converts to shame them into becoming suicide bombers, it emerged yesterday. The coroner's report was confirmed by another report of the Laboratory of Scientific police on the rumors about the practice of sodomy between members of the armed organization.

According to reliable source of Ennahar, the autopsy revealed a large tear in the anus of the terrorist, which confirms the sexual abuse he had [been subjected to]. In addition, semen analysis is underway to determine the perpetrator. He would have joined terrorist groups in March He was a candidate [for] a suicide operation in the region of Boumerdes. These young victims of sexual abuse themselves seek death for fear of remaining prey in the hands of terrorist leaders.

The US military discovered two years ago that al-Qaeda were dishonouring women in Iraq to turn them into suicide bombers. A terror leader would marry, then let another man rape his wife. It was also revealed yesterday how a year-old woman militant had recruited more than 80 women as suicide bombers. My son was involved in a serious accident a couple years ago. He was hospitalized for a month and needed some extensive therapy. He is talking to a recruiter now and the only concern the recruiter seems to have is about the chipped vertabrae.

And the metal rod in his leg, and the concern there is only if it is permanent. As for the comment about not telling the recruiter, that was based on my personal experience. When I reported for basic, the Drill Sergeants gathered us all in a room and asked us to tell them anything not told to the recruiter. All the ones that said something were brought into another room and dealt with accordingly. Most were kicked out, but a couple were allowed to stay.

During training a couple guys mentioned they never said anything and nothing came of it. Keep up the good fight. When my boy was little his mother tried to get him on medication for seizue disorders and asthma. I would not allow it and asked the doctor about diet changes, the kedogenic diet, and many other behavior modifications. I fought for and won custody and will be standing proud at his graduation when he marches acroos the parade field.

I get the strong feeling that th. Maybe someone should send her a slide rule and a calculator. But, she'd likely use the former as a back-scratcher and the latter as a paper weight. Sometimes meds are the only answer but, we've a while to go before then. However, if they are indicated after I've tried other avenues, I will give them to him. Whenever it tops 40C F like it did today my Father always calls and makes sure I take the appropriate precautions.

Relief is on the way - its only going to be 70'sF next week. As for my ADHD it does improve with age. I am now 38 and am much improved on what I was earlier in life. It really wasn't until I was in my 30's that I could manage and ameliorate the negative aspects social skills and behaviours. I tried various medications earlier on but to no avail.

Good Morning Lizards! Here's a real eye-opener: 38KKKs! Sure beats the heck outa them Double Ds! With President Obama reaching out to you, we'd like to take this opportunity to reach out as well. With Iran's nuclear program fast approaching critical mass, we write to offer our services as the world's premier consulting agency for the thoroughly modern tyrant.

Our clients are leading autocrats who understand that in today's world, the big bomb is no longer just a longed-for luxury, but a totalitarian must-have. Whether your aim is nuclear extortion or actual detonation, diplomacy or doomsday, the bomb is on the verge of becoming a staple item in the authoritarian arsenal. Who are we? Our team includes experts skilled in leveraging the biggest bang for the buck in one of the world's few remaining bull markets: Nuclear proliferation.

For years, we have been pooling our knowledge and talents to serve a sophisticated and select clientele including each other. Bank of America arguably saved Merrill from collapse in September when it quickly struck a merger agreement the same weekend Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. But Paulson and Bernanke on December 17 "forcefully urged Mr. Lewis not to walk away," the paper reported. They warned Lewis that if the deal collapsed, Merrill could be doomed and that their confidence in Bank of America would be "undercut.

Now, I know this story is from Reuters, so the journalistic accuracy is suspect. But this does fit with other versions I've heard. They did, a bit unwillingly, and then found out that Merrill had been sandbagging on their losses and now B of A had a major problem on it's hands. During the four weeks that followed, federal officials and Bank of America worked out a deal to preserve the Merrill deal. The bank's stock price has been hammered as shareholders, who were asked to approve the merger in December, complain they should have been warned about Merrill's woes earlier.

In doling out blame in all this, don't lose sight of the fact that B of A, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup were pushed into acquiring firms in the early days of this melt down by the government in the beginning stages of trying to save the financial system. This is another real good reason why there is so much fear in the market today.

You can do your due diligence, buy stock in a solid firm, do everything right, and still get wiped out cause of arm twisting and forced mergers. A lot of pension funds have been seriously damaged by this crap. Joe the 2nd grader must've asked him why he had to share his apple juice with Scott the "I drank mine on the way to school and Joe's got 2 juice boxes anyhow. I'm sure some of your past experiences were awful for you, and for your family, and you must be relieved that the worst is over.

My daughter is moving this weekend, and we're not looking forward to that! Should drop a few excess kgs for sure helping her A tanking economy and "smoke-and-mirrors" fiscal approach by former Gov. Quinn and the Legislature. His analysis put new pressure on lawmakers to fill the hole by postponing bills, raising taxes or cutting state services. Quinn and the four legislative leaders met for the first time Wednesday and discussed the budget meltdown. I know Dan Hynes and he is a straight shooter from everything I know, so these numbers are probably pretty accurate.

Illinois is so screwed. And yet our State Republican party will be too inept to make any hay out of this. Democrats are commies. Obama is not a nice person, and is not that smart, some one else is moving the shells around on the board, look for the hands. Reminds me of what Glen Beck was saying yesterday. That is not far from the truth. I took my eldest daughter now 24 out of public school in 3rd grade and started home schooling cause of something just like that.

We noticed she was famished when she got home from school everyday, even though we packed her a big sack lunch. We quickly found out that the teachers made the kids who had lunches "share" them with other kids who came to school with no lunch, even though they were getting subsidized lunches anyway, to "understand what it was like not to have enough to eat". I went up through the chain of command, got blown off and then went to the school board to formally protest. They called an executive session with their attorney, interviewed me my wife and daughter, and then threatened me with legal action if I did not immediately drop my formal protest.

By the way, she graduated from college Cum Laude after being home schooled all the way through high school. Man in Hallway: Think it'll be an early spring? Phil: Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream Is it fair to say that it was the naval shipbuilding boom just prior to and during WW2 that ended the Great Depression? Or was there a lot more to it? A few weeks ago I predicted that the UK would have to stop screwing around and cut their interest rates further.

Well, here we go:. UK slashes rates to record low 1 percent. The British central bank cut its base rate by 50 basis points to 1. In the meantime, they probably had several hundred billion pounds of further lost economic output damage done to their economy due to their dithering. Why, of why do these supposed geniuses take forever to do what is so obvious to even casual observers of the markets? But you watch, they will jack the rates back up quick when things look to be improving in a few months.

You should see the dollar jump in relative strength today as the interest rate differential is now much less between the two countries. Hey Lizards I am so lucky living in S. Africa atm. I do believe if you only watch and listen to him, you will be stocking food, guns and putting money in your mattress in 3 months; but he does come up with news, history or ideas from historical figures that no one else comes up with; so I listen on occasion.

And when our parents' generation couldn't answer that question, that's when the law started to change. Now, Glenn argues that the US lost being able to handle Al versus their kids when the left took over schools. Anyways, I thought reading and hearing this was important enough to pass it on. You might pass it on to other parents. Text and audio: [Link: www. Also, lots of out of work older men and women went to work in various war plants making munitions and such.

For example, my paternal Grandfather had not worked regularly for about 8 years, and quickly got a a job working all the hours he wanted in a war plant in Detroit. You also had protectionist trade polices dropped cause of the need to trade raw materials and finished goods. There was a lot of unused capacity, cheap labor and no legacy costs to deal with. Plus I think you had the added motivation of people realizing that this was the real deal now after Pearl Harbor with a world war, and we all had to pull together and deal with this instead of sitting back and waiting for FDR to do some WPA works program to fix the problems.

Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast just announced that there is NO religion that condones the killing of innocents. I guess he forgot to mention that particular book which defines infidels Two young children were left to roam the freezing Bridgeview courthouse's parking lot, and a third child was playing in a revolving door to the building, as their mother inquired Wednesday about her suspended driver's license, officials said. About p. Villasenor, who was in the nearby clerk's office, came out and told the deputies he was her son. She said her former husband had driven her and her three children to the courthouse.

As for the astrological readings, I am busy giving out information from The Secret Language of Birthdays, parceling it out if you will like I hold all of the secrets. Kind of fun to have all of the info for once. Men, not so much. I have a picture of this family in my head of not being educated and Loretta especially being prone to mysticism and the occult. And by occult, I mean the weird little churches that seem to pop up like purple loosestrife in the middle of nowhere all over this state.

Ok, but are you guys going to indulge your slow-witted friend or not? Must be something to just letting the insomnia take over. Not true insomnia, I seemed to have reverted back to being an infant with my days and nights backwards. Maybe I was born on the wrong side of the planet. Riley is 17 months old and just two weeks ago started saying more than mummm mummm mummm, which was a bit disarming considering she has two dads.

We finally figured out she was saying not mom but mmmm mmmm when she was hungry or wanted milk. First real word? Kate, you were at the reading where I explained that the first line of the novel should not be read for shock value, but as a genuine psychiatric confession.

At least twice in the book once with Dr. Scherring and once with Jacob she claims to be daydreaming, and is asked if she knows the Freudian interpretation of the habit.

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That can be gothic, it can be Tolstoy, it can be romance. But the inability to outgrow it creates an illness. I think I get that part. Rita, especially. The ending…I am assuming it is not a literal event, but a sacrifice she is making to surrender the past once and for all? Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world…. And I guess I am trying to tie up all the loose ends. This book has so many interconnecting themes….

Charlie was my first baby to say I love you too mom when I say I love you times a day, he did very early. Now its go way, sometimes shut up, all of which I blame on his siblings. He does say sorry mom. And its never mommy, or daddy, or Tommy. He calls his oldest brother Tom, and nobody does that. Just killing time here guys tell somebody spills the beans and helps a player out. What do Kate and have to do here? Rural Indiana is full of them. You become a third person observer to make it less traumatic. And he was practical. How many fathers would teach their daughter to be a crack shot? Ok, I guess this is my question.

As the author, did you have a specific timeline for the events? Do you, yourself, know precisely what is real, exactly what is true and what is false? Is that something we should bother to unravel? What happens if a child is in love with her father, is being traumatized so severely she is, as Jim points out, leaving her body to avoid the trauma, and she never outgrows the initial romance? The fear remains, the passion remains, and she reaches sexual maturity?

Caryl: I answered you off-blog. I cannot believe your kindness for the reading. And I thank you. Last summer I was in Savannah and went to a psychic for a palm reading. Maybe I will talk about it someday. Haven: Did I love Colt as a reader? I wanted to, but I instantly recognized him as one of those deeply bruised guys who are tough but ineffectual. Kids…these old bones are getting kinda tired. I am going to hang in here a while longer, but I am going to have to check out.

Ok, good, then that means that I am not just grasping at sand. That is my main issue. I am trying to piece together the meaning of the story by uncovering the facts, the actual events. The rest can come later. We should all retire, Blog Pups. Either way, the water is going the wrong way down the drain. Kate: you saw Johnny and June!!! Talk about a love. A big mess of crazy between two covers, is what. You know why you are such a great author, Haven Kimmel? Because you are a great person. You have my friendship. Well, that is what I thought…but people keep saying not to worry about it…!

Well, I could do a sequel called, Ironing John, just to sing the praises of what I can do with starch. Yes, Cupcake, there is a mystery to unravel and you hold all the clues — you have them all. Dad was a huge Cash fan. George, my head just fell back against the couch cushions, I laughed that sort of way. I was the puppet. Ok, will I be able to figure this out without a real working knowledge of archetype and Freud and Jung? I feel as if I saw it all, including the moment you were told. Yes, I remember your reaction. The novel itself is a working knowledge of Freud, Jung, Hillman, and archetypal interpretations of both psychology and literature.

If I did it right. Ah, but there truly is a reason for everything. See what I mean about the puppet thing? My big-ass head is too heavy for my skinny neck anyway. I looked that way as a child…practically like a lollipop. Then I grew a huge ass to balance it all out. When you were twelve I was on my bicycle, hellbent for leather, Josephine!

Where do you think I was? I had the wind in my hair and rusty nail holes in my bare feet! Matt in Nebraska, this is what you should be reading. The beauty is real. Can you see the difference? Nearly invisible: in the photo of his childhood with his head turned, in the lives of his family. Named after a model of gun. His beauty is real, his image a dream Trace is having. Beloved by the very person he most betrays. Rambling through his life like almost every man of that type, of that decade, in the great state of Indiana.

My own father put 10, miles a year on his Ford Ranger without ever going more than 75 miles from our house. Creating his children, then leaving them to struggle toward the light like hybrid aliens while he flies off to another planet. Just reading these comments is making me smarter. Intelligence is leaking through the cosmos courtesy of you folks. Jodi—if life were cream, your dad would have churned butter.

What a fabulous observation! My dad was a butter-churner of the first order. Really they are more like random neuron firings…. Jung believed that dreams had a compensatory function. They can bring us messages from the unconscious personal or collective about things we are missing or things we NEED in our waking life. If Candy, Billy, Cleonus, et al, showed up when Trace needed them, they could be thought of as archetypal figures, right? Ianthe tells Dr. Well, it is a good thing I am not working today because I just spent over an hour reading this thread.

Now I am exhausted and may need to go back to bed. I think Jodi was the only person to mention how much she was affected by Weeds. I was too. I could hardly sleep and would wake up in a cold sweat worried about him. And then at the end. Oh, my. So, I kept substituting Foster in my sadness for Weeds. But, Weeds made me happy too because I know what holding on to a dog for warmth means. Maybe more emotional warmth than physical warmth even.

It is and I have not even taken a shower yet and maybe for all you insomniacs that is ok but as for me, I usually take a shower when I get up at so now I am just feeling yucky. So, off to the shower and more reading, thinking and typing later. Could Trace really have managed to stay overnight in the public records office and re-invent herself as Ianthe Covington? Why would Colt and Trace stand at the graveside of a child named Ianthe Covington? If I offended you in any way, I apologize. That was not my intent. I was impressed by the observation and could see that truck driving in circles.

And your comment is spot-on about how my dad was!! Thanks for answering, Jodi.

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I feel so much better. She remains a dependent daughter, tending to accept the identity others project upon her. In doing so, she gives over to others her own strength as well as the responsibility for shaping her identity. Quite often she marries a rigidly authoritarian man and becomes the image of woman he wants. Often she looks and acts innocent, helpless, and passive. Or she may rebel, but in her rebellion remains the helpless victim caught in feelings of self-pity, depression, and inertia. In either case, she is not directing her own life. Quite often they feel men are afraid of them because they have achieved so much and are so competent.

Also they often compensate for weak fathers who were unable to achieve themselves. I suspect these women are often made into sons by fathers wishing to live vicariously their own unactualized potentialities. No idea if this helps or not, but do you know e. Here are the first few lines. Harun Omar and Master Hafiz keep your dead beautiful ladies.

Mine is a little lovelier than any of your ladies were. In her perfectest array my lady, moving in the day, is a little stranger thing than crisp Sheba with her king in the morning wandering. The concept of eros could be expressed in modern times as psychic relatedness, and that of logos as objective interest. According to Jung, men possess the anima in their unconscious, and this is a caricature of the feminine eros. It is a part of personal individuation for men to confront their anima, by accepting eros a trait pushed out of phalocratic society.

Also intrinsic to this is the ability to see beyond the projected ego and assimilate this into our conscious being. Hekate guards the limenoskopos the doorstep , for she is a goddess of liminality and transition. Of being on and crossing boundaries. This includes not only the boundary between life and death, but any boundaries, such as those between nature and civilization, waking and sleep, sanity and madness, the conscious and the subconscious minds.

Indeed, any transition can be said to be her domain. In ancient times these were believed to be special places where the veil between the worlds was thin and spirits gathered. Hekate is also the goddess of psychological transformation. Her Underworld is the dark recesses of the human subconscious as well at that of the Cosmos. Many have accused her of sending demons to haunt the thoughts of individuals. What they fail to understand is that the demons are not hers, but their own.

By the light of her twin torches Hekate only reveals what is already there. These are things which the person needs to see in order to heal and renew. However, if they are not prepared for the experience of confronting their Shadow then it can truly feel like they are being tormented. Hekate is not motivated by cruelty, nor is she seeking to harm. But her love can be tough love. She will prompt a person to face the things that they must, whether they like it or not. She lives within each of our inner worlds, and is there to guide us as we transition from inner to outer realms of consciousness.

When accepted, her blessings enrich our lives with vision, healing, inspiration, and magic. She brings light to the darkness and empowers us with creativity, confidence, and strength. However, when we deny her it manifests in our Shadow-Self. She holds the key to both the treasures and terrors of the unconscious mind. The Shadow Self is something often talked about in modern Witchcraft, but it is a concept that rose in the field of psychology a century ago thanks to the work of Dr. Carl Jung. It can be likened to a prison created within our unconscious mind where we banish those parts of ourselves that we repress, deny, or simply fail to develop.

These are often our feelings of fear, insecurity, hate, jealousy, desire, greed, etc… Anything that we try to pretend we do not possess is relegated to this deep pit inside our minds. Jodi, good lord, did you ever just describe my dad. My mom sat in one place for 25 years and my dad ran and ran and ran. And let us all give a big Hail Fellow to Amanda for doing my work for me while I finally slept. I just opened my copy of Iodine again this morning, and it looks like I went mad last night, the pages bent like I was frantically searching for something.

And this, the copy I was waiting for Haven to sign when I met her. Amanda, you are doing great work here and while I have nothing to add- I am still being very quiet-I might be catching on. Amanda, look at what Hillman says about Hekate. There is very little about her that is benevolent but she has enormous power. The guard kerberos follows the soul making the descent rather than preceding it because the guard serves as a marker for the spirit.

Persephone was followed by pigs, remember, meaning that at some point she was associated with them at the archetypal level, and at the opening of the Eleusian Mysteries a piglet was sacrificed. I am not being that quiet, am I? I thought I would lighten up the seriousness of the mood here with some of my low brow humor.

Thanks for giving me a piece. Caryl: Priceless! But that is funny! Thats it- after 13 years sober I feel hung over. And giddy. I have not heard back from George so I hope he was laughing too. Amanda- yes, thank you for looking up all those chapter titles. My daughter, the Latin queen, had been helping me with those when i finished the book several weeks ago but I did need more information. Very helpful. Hi folks…had a grand party last night. Invited the wolf and the fox, the pelicans and the stranger in the car who sits outside in the dark, smoking a cigarette, and we sat around visiting with each other until morning gave way.

My husband just left me to go on a solo canoe trip with only 2 loving but pretty goofy cocker spaniels for company, so who will I go to for interpretive solace but you all? Let me just say I will go out and buy it on my way home from work today…. Total anticipation. I savor it until the big bite, then I relive it as I chew, and afterward, not a bit of guilt, crumbs either.

Damn hammalamma, I love a Big Mac. But I almost never have one. There you have it: a portrait of restraint and self-governance. So me. Yes, not a bit of guilt about reading all weekend either instead of doing all the chaos reduction chores that need doing around the house! Am I the only one who thinks the final events of the novel — with Colt and Billy and Weeds — were true?

The black dog representative of the blackness of her youth. When she goes back to the farmhouse towards the end she finds Weeds there, limping along, skin and bones — nearly gone. I took her shooting him was a hopeful note — Trace letting go of her painful past and moving into a healthier future. Or is this all just way off base and far too simplistic? Reading all this brilliant comments makes me feel unbearably stoopid and rightly so. I need to do a re-read with all your comments and hints in mind. Will begin this evening. I would like to point out that the book is written in such a way that the events at the end could absolutely be true.

They may very well be the surest facts we are given. I picked up my Hillman, and here is what I read about daydreams. He quotes Mary Watkins observations of imagination in dreams, in fantasy, in madness etc. While imagining is going on, you are somewhat out of yourself,in another zone.

Sometimes the state is no moer than a daydream, a staring, an absence; sometimes the unfolding of an entire furture project;sometimes a hallucinatory terror at night; sometimes an ecstatic vision such as saints enjoyed. It feels all to real and important. And an ambulance and a fire rescue truck…they must be coming after my Jeep. Well this just bites it! Yay me! See everyone back here in 7 hours. Do I have to go to Bombay to retrieve my copy? I am not going to pretend that I have this figured out. You guys are causing me to question it all. Are you done traveling? My poor daughter, she knows not what awaits her.

SarahZ — Seattle is one of my absolute favorite places to read. Love the city, love the bookstore, love the audience. We have a good independent bookstore—Rainy Day Books on the Kansas side of town. Lord above I had an interesting cab driver last time I was there. He was a big, hulking, toothless, mountain of a man, and he produced these crazy Marxist pamphlets about the homeless. He himself was a veteran of homelessness. I liked him. Not a thing is near Aurora. Not a single thing.

Can we talk about moving to Missouri after 28 years in Minneapolis? Although now I currently work near Aurora… Illinois. Which is near Naperville, which I know for a fact you have been…. Um, yes, hi, Haven! Ack, what a strange concept The Internets are, that I can theoretically correspond with you?

Ahhh, makes me all eeeep, eeeep. Why not, you ask? Well, my relatives know that the fastest way to my heart is to give me a book of yours for Christmas, and I hate to co-opt their fun. I dropped not-too-subtle hints that she might wish to do the same for Iodine, and my husband assures me that she got the message. So, if you remember a blond woman in her early thirties who looks something like Reese Witherspoon at one of your Triangle area signings, asking you to sign a book to Kelley-with-an-E-Y because oh, gosh, she loves your work…then yep, that was my surrogate.

And thanks in advance. I know that reading Iodine will be magical, shift in tone or no. The sixth-graders in my class have goals for raising their grades this quarter. Kenan is one of these students, who looks just like young Forrest Gump. When Kenan gets excited or embarrassed he blushes a bright pink and hides behind his hands and giggles. I will raise my grade in language arts. I know I can do it.

I will pay more attention in class. I will keep my eyes on Mrs. Riebersal for the whole two periods. I will always study before a test or quiz. I will make sure I do. I signed there for more than two hours, it was stunning. I mean I read and answered questions for an hour and THEN signed for two more, and people were incredibly patient about standing in line. So thank your surrogate for me. And welcome — join in any time. This is an amazing bunch — I adore them. Amanda, my interest in your Iodine theories led me to click your blog link.

Thank you. Keep in mind he is exactly a young Forrest Gump, running with the braces breaking away from his legs. My trashcan is important to me. I got the trashcan for my twelth birthday party. That is my favorite item I have. Not to Kenan, but to some. Their names represented time: what was, what is, what shall be. Is it as easy as Juna, Loretta, and Trace? Next: Myka mica Holloway. Mica is a glittering mineral, easily separated into layers, resistent to heat and electricity.

Jodi, I think the finding of the poem might be one of the major clues to the KEY to the book. Specifically, the text of the poem. Jodi, they are the Horae, the Fates, the Graces, or the Seasons. In addition to any objective correlative in the book. Hi every one I wished I could have participated I have been violently sick with the flu not sure why I swear I was just trying to help that sheep over the fence.

I am just too sick to formulate a question or be part of a discussion right now. I hope I can have a rain check. Love to all of you Michael T.

In terms of what Hillman says about Hades being the realm of childhood: he is referring more to a therapeutic culture, in which everyone wants to believe that Hell is for Children, and therefore all the darkness of the Unconscious gets cast backward, into our pasts, where we can be ceaselessly victimized.

Beth can help me here, but as a person who has had both seizures and parasomnia, I can tell you that one theory in psychiatry is that parasomnia can have an organic component and can be a mask for trauma. At the time it was the worst for me, I was asked repeatedly about buried childhood trauma, of which I have none. I have written two books about my childhood; many of you have read them; they are as honest as I can be. Do you see what I mean? I should have been asked about the present. There was a group of people hanging around in the shop when I showed up, giving much deserved praise and giddy with their recollections of the night before.

Their faces all simultaneously sagged downward in palpable, collective pity when we realized my mistake. My college education suddenly feels sorely lacking! Michael T — you gave me a scare. Take care of yourself, drink lots of fluids. Now is probably not the time for a Big Mac, no matter what George says. Lindsay, that is tragic! I mean, seriously. It took me all day to shower. I really had to plan. Thanks, Haven, for the answers. All these pieces, interwoven … names, multiple philosophies, reality, hallucination. My dear, you are truly a wonder. At some point I heard you talk about the heat and discomfort of the studio that you endured while recording the book.

Could you share that again here? Because really, when you have to be at work at 5am, napping is a far more productive use of free time than showering. The microphone is so sensitive it picks up sounds virtually inaudible to the person sitting at the mike. You could never, ever imagine how many sounds your body is making at any given moment — your throat, your stomach. I had to learn to breathe differently, the way singers do, because you inhale away from the microphone and breathe out sentences without inhaling, if possible. Anything is available that way — whatever I want to learn, I learn.

I have to admit that I am PETRIFIED of children, and though I am not unkind, being in the presence of a child reduces me to a tongue tied state not unlike that which I experienced around cute boys as an awkward adolescent.

And honestly, pit bulls go insane not from inertia but from lack of human contact. Mixed-breed dogs can be very resilient about being left alone, the way some people can survive years in solitary confinement, but pit bulls can be destroyed by loneliness. Lindsay, children can be scaaaary little creatures. We must just endure. If the hair helps, hold on to that. I think I am still grappling with some unrealistic expectations about what I am going to become.

Each book has left me breathless in one way or another and longing for just one more chapter. I would probably pay to read your grocery lists. I just re-read Iodine today and am still a missing the significance of Rita along with her clothes, her fetus, her departure , b trying to figure out why Ianthe said she was one of three daughters truth or part of her fabricated back-story? The discussion on this thread has illuminated a few things and made others more mysterious. Have mercy. And that hat.

My recipe for happiness for them is: food, no heartworms, company. Amy, we need MBAs in Business Administration as much as we need farmers or dentists or any other profession that keeps the world running. Particularly for people like me, who go out in public in pajamas and That Hat. Dianne MADE the hat, by the way. Trace never means she is one of three literal sisters: think of the things categorized in threes.

Does that help? Dianne, I am so sorry about Boo. But my heart is with you for sure and always. Kate, I got the impression — well, because someone said it outright — that people would rather do my books while I can answer questions. But we can certainly do Mr. I read fast. Is that a Barenaked Ladies reference? Lindsay- I started college in and finished in And, that was just my undergraduate degree. And it was not in English either. I am learning more here than I did in college, well, or maybe ever before.

You are smart just to be here! Ok, I guess that makes me smart too. I can say that out loud because I am alone tonight with the dogs and cat. The kids are with their dad and my husband is in Philly visiting his parents. I am pretty sure the dogs think I am smart most of the time.