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The first engages the decolonization debate in communication research by internationalizing the history of community radio to acknowledge the different origins of the practice and view the common roots of community radio. The second goal emphasises the diversity of practices through compiling a multitude of experiments advanced by a complex ecology of actors, policies, and processes that underpin the spread of community radio.

Unlike other histories of community media Lewis, ; Milan, ; Rennie, ; Rodriguez, , this timeline features stations, policies and regulations, as well as associational development, starting in the early s with the first attempts to establish radio broadcasting as a means of self-representation and liberation. The history of community broadcasting compiled here begins in the Experimental period from the s—s to position community radio as one of the original uses of radio broadcast technology Douglas, ; Kidd, This first period saw revolutionaries and social movements working locally to mobilize radio technology as a tool for grassroots political communication.

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In addition, this phase saw different types of development, including experiments that advanced radio technology, the building of community-accessible radio studios, and the creation of new funding models through listener donations, church or union support. This foundation was extended during the Wildfire period in which radio broadcasting by non-state, non-corporate, and social movement actors spread across several continents. During this period, radio became a necessary feature of national and regional liberation struggles and independence movements. Thus, radio as a weapon of resistance was a common feature in war zones, and unlicensed stations went on air by the hundreds.

These stations supported students and workers, and united other familiar networks like Indigenous and campesino communities. During the next period, community radio stations organized into networks, shared resources, and created advocacy bodies for the first time, making the ss the Solidarity period. In these two decades, community radio was supported by new funding initiatives and legislation.

An additional outcome of the Solidarity era was the internationalization of community media activism at the NWICO gatherings that enshrined communication as a human right and promoted the value of participatory media. These gains met new challenges during the Resurgence period that began in the s when neoliberal development agendas prioritised commercial media and the privatisation of communication infrastructure over the development of community radio.

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Despite this pushback, community media continued to spread at a fast pace to many countries for the first time. When countries such as South Africa and Hungary opened up community radio licensing, nearly community broadcasters went on air in just a few years.

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While the Resurgence period saw the increased accessibility of radio production and distribution technology due to developments in digital editing software and internet audio sharing portals, community radio stations still faced challenges due to local media regulations. After a global survey of community broadcasters conducted in , AMARC concluded that the continuing lack of supportive legislation was the most significant impediment to increasing the civic impact of community radio AMARC, , p.

In the face of these challenges, community radio advocacy increased during the Resurgence period, in part due to the mutual renaissance experienced by community radio and grassroots activism around the start of the twenty-first century. The story of community broadcasting compiled here and the current Resurgence reveal that the development of community radio as an institution has roots in the global South and among non-state, non-corporate and social movement actors everywhere who took to the FM dial to break through sound barriers created by capitalism and the State.

Such an effort can also reveal where community radio is under threat today, especially for those community broadcasters who face jail time, violence, and even death. History of Struggle Audio Recording. The recording was produced by Elizabeth Delaquess. Ala-Fossi, M. Future of Community Radio in the Digital Era. Paper at the Nordic Community Radio Conference.

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