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Master in International Public Management

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Crossing borders: Global civil society and the reconfiguration of transnational political space

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The Global Ocean Grab: A Primer | Transnational Institute

It aims more generally at training policy makers with the capacity to operate in a variety of cultural contexts in addressing issues of international range. The program provides students with a variety of tools for policy analysis essential to becoming key players in the decision-making process at the international and global level.

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  4. Security, migration, health and so many other fields of our globalized world need first-class and highly trained managers with an intrinsic spirit of leadership. Depending on their career aspirations and in relation to the type of institution in which they aspire to work — local and national administrations, notably the diplomatic corps, intergovernmental and governmental organisations or transnational firms — students have the possibility to chart a personalised course of study in the IPM programme. Students may choose to concentrate on one global issue or else study several contemporary global issues in which State sovereignty and multilateralism are both seen as struggling to find an appropriate policy response.

    How To Get An Agent/Manager - PART 1!

    In order to contextualise the interplay of actors students also have the choice to focus on the study of established and emerging non-State players or on the dynamics of interactions at the international and global levels through the study of leadership, the sociology of international relations or intercultural management.

    Europe as a key regional player is not forgotten. Lastly, students may acquire and develop operational, concrete skills in a number of domains: analysis and evaluation of public policy, information systems, legal writing, crisis communication and advocacy, and diplomatic practices. Scientific Advisor.