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Lucky number 13 Lucky colour Orange Lucky day Tuesday. You are likely to adopt a casual approach towards your health, this week. Keep your stress levels under check. Those inclined spiritually should seek guidance. Resist any temptations that may come your way. At workplace, stay clear of gossip. Those currently in a job may come across an opportunity to pursue higher studies. It is good idea to research post studies work options. On the relationship front, some negative energies may trouble you and deter you from your goals.

Arguments with the near and dear ones are like to crop up. Watch out for any misunderstandings. Lucky number 5 Lucky colour White Lucky day Friday. It is best to stay grounded this week. For good health, make sure to get good rest and relax. Certain unavoidable factors may create stressful environment. Be gentle with yourself. Avoid anger and aggression.

Ease your frustration by expressing yourself. On the professional front, you will find stability. Those looking for a job change, must disconnect from their current engagement first. Results of an interview or a competitive examination will be positive.

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Any pending work needs to be completed now. Relationship wise, this is a highly emotional time. Situations can get heated or uncomfortable without a warning. Take a break if you need to. Lucky number 22 Lucky colour Yellow Lucky day Saturday. Health may be a cause of concern. Those awaiting test results, things are not as bad as you fear. You will experience a spiritual strength that will help you gain good health. Connect with joy within. Follow breathing exercises and meditate. On the career front, work can be either difficult or non-existent and you may feel stagnant.

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Those who wish to pursue higher studies and work simultaneously, can go ahead. Love life looks promising. Singles, a new and very positive, romance is on the cards. You need to keep your balance and perspective. Those in a committed relationship will enjoy a new level of understanding and bonding. Lucky number 17 Lucky colour Black Lucky day Saturday. In terms of your health, change is inevitable. You may suddenly seek some spiritual answers that have eluded you for some time. This week, you will experience high energy and self-confidence. A vacation and spending time amidst the natural surroundings is on the cards.

Someone new and exciting will enter your life. Be prepared for a surprise. Relax, as everything is under control. On the career front, you may push for a job change. Those in the field of arts may seek collaboration on a project that will give a great boost to their career. Good opportunities are coming your way, so, promote your ideas.

Make sure to seek intelligent advice before accepting an invitation. Romance will bloom this week. Extension in the family, birth of a child or news of conception is indicated. You need to manage your stress levels in order to stay in good health. Face your problems rather than run away from them. If you are into spiritual healing then it is important that you get enough rest.

Stay clear of temptations or any kind of addictions. On the career front, your dream job may come your way. You will get busier in a positive way. Your accomplishments will make you shine among competition. Be graceful. Some of you may attain a position of power. Keep your temper under check when dealing with subordinates. On the relationship front, conflict with a near and dear one is on the cards.

Stay calm and measure your words before reacting to a situation with your partner. Your perseverance and hard efforts on the health front will pay off. You will enjoy good health this week. Your self-confidence will attract people to you like a magnet.

An underlying, spiritual strength will help you sustain your well being. On the career front, good news is on the cards. This week you are likely to shine.

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You will use power of your position and leadership qualities for the benefit of others. Success in a project is also predicted. Those looking for a transfer or job change, should seek help of someone in authority. Doubts about a relationship may nag you and affect your love life. This is the time to be clear about what you want out of life and your relationships. Weigh your priorities.

New York , FNA. Elected: Section: Mathematical Sciences. Adimurthi, Prof. Adi Ph. Elected: Section: Physics. Agarwal, Prof Girish S Ph. Aggarwal, Prof. Agrawal, Dr Anurag Director, Ph. Delhi , FNA. Agrawal, Prof. Hari Om D. Holland , FNASc. Manindra Ph. Prahlad Chandra Ph. Mumbai , FNASc. Agrewala, Dr Javed Naim Ph. Elected: Section: Chemistry.

Ahluwalia, Prof. Jagdish Chander Ph. Purdue , FNA. Ahmad, Prof. Talat Ph. Ajayaghosh, Dr Ayyappanpillai Ph. Elected: Section: Animal Sciences. Ali, Dr Nahid Ph. Ali, Prof. Sher Ph. Amarjit Singh, Dr Ph. Harvard ,. Amritkar, Dr Ravindra Eknath Ph. Bangalore , FNASc. Anand, Prof. Anuranjan Ph. Gargeshwari Venkatasubbiah Ph. Anand, Dr Nitya Ph. Ananthakrishna, Prof.

Garani Ph. Texas, Austin , FNA. Ananthakrishnan, Prof. Subramaniam Ph. Anil, Dr Arga Chandrashekar Ph. Karnatak ,. Anil Kumar, Prof. Anil Kumar, Dr Ph. Antia, Prof. Hormazad Maneck Ph. Mumbai , FNA,. Anupama, Prof. Gadiyara Chakrapani Ph. Appaji Rao, Prof. Naropantul Ph. Rajasthan , FNA. Apte, Dr Shree Kumar Ph. Arakeri, Prof. Jaywant Hanumappa Ph. Caltech , FNAE. Vijay Hanumappa Ph. Caltech ,. Arankalle, Dr Vidya Avinash Ph. Bombay , FNA. Arora, Dr Baldev Raj Ph. Bombay , FNASc.

Arunachalam, Dr Vaidheeswara Ph. Arunachalam, Dr Vallampadugai Srinivasaraghavan Ph. Wales , F. Council Service: Arunan, Prof. Elangannan Ph. Ashraf, Prof. Mohammad Zahid Ph. Athreya, Prof. Krishna Balasundaram Ph. Stanford ,. Siva Ramachandran Ph. Washington ,. Babu, Dr Cherukuri Raghavendra D. Calcutta ,. Babu, Dr Padmanabhan Ph. Mumbai ,. Bachhawat, Dr Anand Kumar Ph.

Virat Kohli Unveils Indian Team's New Orange Jersey - Cricket World Cup 2019

Bag, Dr Amulya Kumar Ph. Bagchi, Prof. Bhaskar Ph. ISI, Calcutta ,. Biman Ph. Bajpai, Prof. Sunil Ph. Balaji, Prof. Kithiganahalli Naranayaswamy Ph. Vikraman Ph. Madras ,. Balakrishnan, Prof. Narayanaswamy Ph. Venkataraman Ph. Brandeis ,. Balaram, Prof. Hemalatha Ph. IISc ,. Padmanabhan Ph. Balasubramanian, Prof. Aiylam Subramania Ph. Kerala , FAMS. Balasubramanian, Dr Dorairajan Ph. Balasubramanian, Dr Kalpattu Kuppusamy Ph.

Madras , FNA. Kunissery Ananthasubramanian Ph. Ramachandran Ph.

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Sundaram Ph. Bambah, Prof. Ram Prakash Sc. Bandyopadhyay, Dr Uday Ph. Banerjee, Prof. Arindam Ph. Dipankar Ph. Banerjee, Dr Kalyan M. Banerjee, Dr Ranajit Kumar Ph. Soumitro Ph. Banerjee, Dr Srikumar Ph. Sunanda Ph. London , FNA. Bansal, Prof. Manju Ph. Bapat, Prof.

Ravindra Bhalchandra Ph. Illinois , FNA. Bapat, Dr Sharmila Avadhut Ph. Barma, Prof. Mustansir Ph. Barua, Dr Asok Kumar Ph. Calcutta , D. Basak, Prof. Amit Ph. Basavaiah, Prof. Deevi Ph. Banaras , FNA. Baskaran, Prof. Ganapathy Ph. Sundarababu Ph. IIT, Kanpur ,. Basu, Dr Anirban Ph. Basu, Dr Joyoti Ph. Basu, Dr Mukul Kumar Ph. Basu, Dr Sandip Kumar Ph. Batra, Prof. Janendra Kumar Ph. Delhi , FNASc. Beig, Dr Gufran-Ullah Ph. Bera, Prof. Jitendra Kumar Ph. Bhaduri, Dr Sumit Ph. Cambridge , FNA. Bhakuni, Dr Dewan Singh Ph. Bhalla, Prof.

Upinder Singh Ph. Bhan, Prof. Bhandari, Prof Narendra Ph. Bhandari, Dr Nita Ph. Madras , FNAE. Bharadwaj, Prof. Parimal Kanti Ph. Bhardwaj, Dr Anil Ph. Bhargava, Prof. Bhargava, Dr Purnima Ph. Banaras , FNASc. Bhat, Prof. Badekkila Venkataramana Rajarama Ph. ISI, Bangalore ,. Ganapati Shankar Ph. Subray Venkatraman Ph. Bhatia, Dr Chittranjan Ph. Bhatia, Prof. Rajendra Ph. Suresh Kumar Ph. Pennsylvania ,.

Bhatnagar, Prof. Rakesh Ph. Shalabh Ph. Bhatt, Prof. Subhashchandra Jayantilal Ph. Sardar Patel University ,. Bhattacharjee, Prof. Jayanta Kumar Ph. Maryland , FNASc. Somendra Mohan Ph. Carnegie Mellon , FNA. Bhattacharya, Prof. Alok Ph. IISc , Council Service: Samaresh Ph. Jadavpur ,. Samir Ph. Santanu Ph. Sourendra Kumar Ph. Gujarat , FNASc. Sudha Ph. Bhattacharyya, Prof. Aninda Jiban Ph. Jadavpur , FNASc. Archana Ph. Bhabatarak Ph. Gautam Ph. Kankan Ph. Sankar Prasad Ph. Bhattacharyya, Dr Suvendra Nath Ph. Bhattacharyya, prof. Tirthankar Ph.

ISI ,. Bhatwadekar, Prof. Shrikant Mahadeo Ph. Mumbai , FNA. Bhawalkar, Dr Dilip Devidas Ph. Bhisey, Dr Rajani Avinash Ph. Bhonsle, Prof. Rajaram Vishnu Ph. Gujarat ,. Bhosle, Prof. Ushadevi Narendra Ph. Bhowmik, Prof. Santanu Kumar Ph. Biswas, Prof. Indranil Ph. Borges, Prof. Renee M Ph. Miami , Council Service: ; Secretary: Borkar, Dr Vivek Shripad Ph. Bose, Prof. Arup Ph. Dwarka Nath Ph. Reading , FNASc. Indrani Ph. Calcutta , FNASc. Sujit Kumar D.

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Brahmachari, Dr Samir Kumar Ph. Budhani, Dr Ramesh Chandra Ph. Chaddah, Dr Praveen Ph. Chakrabarti, Prof. Bikas Kanta Ph. Calcutta , FNA. Partha Pratim Ph. Pinakpani Ph. Soumen Ph. Chakraborti, Prof. Asit Kumar Ph. Chakraborti, Dr Pradip K Ph. Chakraborty, Prof. Partha Sarathi Ph. Chakraborty, Dr Subhra Ph. Suman Ph. Tapas Ph. Chakraborty, Dr Tushar Kanti Ph. Chakravarty, Prof.

Akhil Ranjan Ph. Chakravorty, Prof. Animesh Ph. State Univ. Chander, Prof. Ramesh Ph. Columbia ,. Chandola-Saklani, Prof. Asha Ph. Banaras ,. Chandra, Prof. Amalendu Ph. Hombe Gowda Sharat Ph. Nagasuma Ph. Bristol ,. Chandrakumar, Prof. Narayanan Ph. Chandrasekaran, Prof. Srinivasan Ph. Chandrasekhar, Prof. Jayaraman Ph. Chandrasekhar, Dr Srivari Ph. Vadapalli Ph. Chandrashekar, Dr Tavarekere Kalliah Ph. Chandru, Prof. Vijay Ph. MIT ,. Chattaraj, Prof. Pratim Kumar Ph. Chattarji, Prof.

Sumantra Ph. Johns Hopkins ,. Chatterjee, Prof. Mitali MD Calcutta , Ph. Chatterji, Prof.

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Chattopadhyay, Dr Amitabha Ph. Chattopadhyay, Prof. Arun Ph. Chattopadhyay, Dr Debasis Ph. Chattopadhyay, Dr Dhrubajyoti Ph. Joydev Ph. Kamanio Ph. Nitin Ph. Chattopadhyay, Dr Samit Ph. Sudip Ph. Chaturvedi, Prof. Subhash D. Waikato , FNASc. Umesh Chandra M. Lucknow , FRC Path. Chaudhari, Prof. From playing with you in our Under days to now commentating with you. Have a great year ahead! This dolphin died of hunger due to the seal of the water bottle that was hanging on his snout. Happening to thousands of sea creatures daily.

How difficult it is not to throw plastic garbage near sea when you are on beach. He saved 57 calves, cruelly crammed in a truck being taken to slaughter House! Your brain need not deteriorate with age. With simple yogic practices, you can keep enhancing it. He helped India's U side to cricketworldcup glory in , and now Rahul Dravid is set to continue developing the talents of tomorrow as head of cricket at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. Do you know what is Referendum Swinging straight into more than 10 Million hearts.

Prabhas Saaho. Patient name : Vinay Kumar. Dengue patient. Emergency case it seems. Max cure hospital, hitech city.. City Trends. Show : Detail Hashtags Users Words. Dravid Academy. Analyse Visualise Alert Map. Dravid to take the lead at National Cricket Academy. All Top Links. Nagarjuna Akkineni. Baby Akkineni. Killerrrrr Rakulpreet.. Presenting to you one of my most fun characters.. Rahul Ravindran. But but Meet Avantika from Manmadhudu2 everyone: bit. Special teaser of Rakul from Manmadhudu 2 starring Nagarjuna Akkineni..

You will either love her or hate her! FAN of Techglares garu. Cricket World Cup. A few laughts before it gets serious tomorrow! The Hindu. Once upon a time there were two boys split by teams but fused by talent and a common adolescent worry about acne. Five hundreds so far in the World Cup for Rohit Sharma.

But will Trent Boult land a timely knockout punch in the semi-final at Old Trafford? Okay, who likes some tactics ahead of today? ContestAlert World Cup contest is here. Two winners per contest. He's always in a happy and jovial mood. We are all grateful to him for the way he has handled Indian cricket. Geetika Swami. TuesdayThoughts TuesdayMorning pic.

Professor Satish Kumar ,A Hyderabad based mechanical engineer, made petrol from plastic and is selling it to local industries for Rs. Shreyas Group. His bindaas attitude reflects well in his style mantra. When u can't find the Sunshine Thanjavoor Tamil Sangam. TuesdayThoughts TuesdayMorning. I am stronger because I had to be, I am smarter because of my mistakes, Happier because of the sadness I have known, And now wiser because I learned. You must tell Yourself No matter how Hard it is or how Hard it gets.

I'm going to MakeIt. Never forget yesterday, But always live for today Cuz you never know what tomorrow can bring, Or what it can take away TuesdayThoughts Tuesdaymorning TuesdayMotivation. TuesdayThoughts FaithStillIntact youtu. Inspiring Quotes - Be Positive. The influence of Western culture has deviated the aims and duties of the youth. In order to show them right path and make them the protector of Indian culture, TejaswiYuvaShivir is very important Find solace in the company that matters most: enjoy the relationship we have with ourselves.

Brahma Chellaney. Exactly three years ago, India killed a leading terrorist Burhan Wani , only to squander the gain by allowing a public funeral that helped to memorialize him as a martyr, besides triggering major riots.